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April 10, 2012



If there is to be a future of "conservatism", it will be outside the confines of the "two-party" system. More particularly, outside the G.O.P.

POSTED BY: DJ | APRIL 10, 2012 AT 09:46 AM


I agree 100 Percent!

These lackluster Goopers can't even get their gander up to defeat the WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY BY FAR, and by golly, the list includes Jimmy Carter!


Goopers SUCK!!




Goopers SUCK!!



Posted by: Ummahgummah | April 10, 2012 at 12:20 PM


And I agree with you 100 percent!

One thing we can always count on: when the going gets tough the Goopers invariably rise to the level of mediocrity. They never fail to disappoint.

A viable well funded conservative third party could and would relegate the G.O.P to a peripheral party made up mainly of the 1 percenters. The Democratic Party would become the food stamp party -- that's about 30% of the electorate. The rest of the electorate would vote for a genuinely conservative third party. They'd win in a landslide. Ross Perot almost pulled it off in 92, but he got cold feet and sabotaged his own campaign...and that was during a time when "conservatism" was synonymous with the Republican Party!

Since then, more and more people have caught on to just how similar the Goopers are to the DemonRATS -- when the Goopers are in power that is.

Of course the MSM plays a big part in coercively influencing the behavior of the Goopers. The MSM makes sure the Goopers toe the liberal line; if they don't they run the inevitable risk of the MSM smearing them to perverbial death.


Another sign of what I've been warning about for months....

Even Don Imus, upper west side cowboy who says he's backing Romney, is reporting coolness in the heartland. He said plenty of voters in Texas who would normally vote GOP are telling him, "We don't like Obama or Romney."

I'm 90% sure that GOP Central's Fatal Attraction Romney will turn off more GOP voters than even McCain did. McCain at least had the saving grace of a war record. Most voters respect that more than they do a wealthy corporate raider who never risked his life for anything. Yes, Romney's "business expertise" should be a trump card, but the Marxelrod Billion Dollar socialist supremacists and Obamasuck Media can "neutralize" that with Class War cliches.

But Goopers are invited to prove me wrong.


AH, how perfect.

The quintessential weigh-in from the Obama boiler room.

Keep up the good work, kids.


Princess? Can you PLEASE do WHATEVER it takes to get back onto a real show on MSNBC or McLaughlin?

Surely you can do that AND keep up the pretense on Fox.



DJ, Umma, etc. - If you have a "Conservatives Only" party you will see any candidate become a modern day Goldwater and be demonized as Goldwater was in 1964. Can you take another Lyndon Johnson and what he did to the country? Perot hated the Bush family (rivals in Texas) and ran primarily to hurt GHW Bush, never expecting to actually become POTUS (good thing - look what he did to GM). The Dems urged him on, knowing it was the only way Clinton could win (he never got 50% of the votes). Be careful what you wish for, you could get Bomba again. Or Billary.

The irregulars on the memo, love their bath houses!

If, Monica COULD get off Fox, she would no longer contribute to the dumbing of America.




The Dems urged him on, knowing it was the only way Clinton could win (he never got 50% of the votes). Be careful what you wish for, you could get Bomba again. Or Billary.

Posted by: P.Peon | April 10, 2012 at 06:27 PM



Of course it's too late for a viable third party candidate to enter the race this time around so I'll vote for Romney. However, should Romney fail, it is a MUST that the "two party" scam be broken up and a viable third party be formed prior to the 2016 general. Hopefully the TEA Party folks will come to their senses and abandon the G.O.P. ... then help form a genuinely conservative third party; one that speaks to the needs of the working middle-class. The TEA PArty folks need to understand the G.O.P. cannot be reformed from within. To try to reform the G.O.P. is, indeed, a fool's errand!



Posted by: M/M | April 11, 2012 at 07:46 AM

Imus calld Al Sharpton a "fat phony."

I heard it with my own ears recently and was shocked. Is Imus trying to get that testicle back from Sharpton's lock box?

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