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February 28, 2012




Here's something that will make any Patriotic American sick:


Wait till we vote this traitor out of office if you want to see his presidential pardons list.

A taste of things to come..



Again, the facts are that people depending on food stamps increased under Bush Jr. These fact-fearing conservatives continue to criticize a fictional version of our President Obama.


Here's the FACTS for you, filthy lying POS lib:


A leading expert on welfare reform says President Obama's massive increases in every form of welfare spending are designed to be a "foot in the door" for a permanent policy to "spread the wealth and tax future generations to provide larger welfare today."



You do bring up some good points though. But I ask you this, why do you think those investments are being done? We do need to reduce spending, granted, but we also need to make investments to secure a better tomorrow for the economy. Thank Bush for the tax cuts and the two wars he got us into...

Posted by: Rafe | February 28, 2012 at 10:17 PM


Rafie's comment there shows us he has no idea what kind of a fiscal and monetary mess we are acually in, nor does he understand that adding 1.3 trillion per annum to the debt is not an "investment to secure a better economic future." On the contrary, it's a road to economic ruin.

To answer your question, those "investments" are being done to prop up the false prosperity the USA has been enjoying for the last 30 plus years.

Now try to think about how the mounting Federal debt concomitant with a devalued dollar undermines our economic future, Rafie! But can Rafie think? er....oh well....never mind....... carry on....



WRT foods stamps, I posted this a couple weeks ago. Clearly, Barry IS without a doubt the Food Stamp President. Libs are allergic to the truth.



Libs are allergic to the truth.


Posted by: DJ | February 29, 2012 at 09:31 AM


Libs are innumerate too!



If OWFF can't even beat Mitt or Santorum in the primaries/caucuses, why do you think he can beat Obama in the general?

Sure Axlerod will attack Willard with class warfare tactics but what will Axlerod attack Newt with if the super-flawed, baggage-laden, Newt somehow weasels his way into becoming the nominee? Shall we count the hundreds of ways? HOLY TOLEDO! Axlerod and crew would have a banquet feasting on the many ways available to take down the Newtster. It'd be just too easy for them. An orgy. A slaughter. Analogous to the Harlem Globetrotters vs the Washington Generals. LOL!

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