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January 11, 2012



No thanks. You might start slobbering for Romney.



Monica Crowley fan.

I'll watch. Even though it will be the shortest 7 minutes of my day.


Haha longrifle above was completely right about the Romney pitch.

Crowley stated that the Occupy movement was organized in a way to give Obama something to campaign with, income inequality. But you fail to consider that adbusters.org, the organization that began the occupy movement, is a openly disappointed and upset with Obama, calling him a failure.

In fact, a movement insider explicitly stated they wanted nothing to do with the party system, for fear of being absorbed and forgotten like the Tea Party movement.

Obama may strike the topic of income inequality during his campaign, but the real concern of Americans lies with the debt crisis we face, for they care deeply about America, and their status in the world. We do not want to be subordinate to China, the lurching giant, and for this reason the republican party nominee will win the 2012 election.

Perhaps doing some research would be a good idea before giving a profession analysis. But I suppose that's not needed when most viewers of Fox suck up every little aspect of the info presented without questioning the opinions, so long as their from republicans.

I prefer having individual liberty over being in the upper or even elite class. Ron Paul 2012.




The GOP doesn't care (either do Dems) about freedom; they just want to beat Obama...that's how we keep electing the same old bought-and-paid-for candidates.
Ron Paul represents the only real alternative to the Status Quo. he is gaining moentum across the nation.

RON PAUL/ 2012.


You did a great job last night on the Factor Monica , and i agree that this years staged " Occupy Wall Street " performance was a sort of recon mission for this coming summer's main event . Produced by George Soros , the European Union and a few silver dollars out of the middle east ... Directed of course by Obama and Staff with a cast of Big Boss union thugs posted nationwide setting up camp akin to that of the year of violence , turbulence and civil unrest back in 1968 at the democrat convention , amplified . Saul Alinsky's " rules for radicals " among a few other such books need to be revistited for the very blueprints behind all of it and garner a solution . quit worrying about the unseating of Obama , i remind you yet again that you could stand a 7 foot desert cactus out of Arizona at the podium across from him and win , the question begs , " then what "? Someone needs to offer up a few plans on how to respond to the aftermath , it aint gone be perrdy .



David Walker

This years election is like a bad Star Trek movie.
The Bama-borgs have a strong foothold in the Federation, trying to assimilate everyone to be equal.
Same healthcare, standard of living, ect. all controlled from one central command. Spewing "resistance is futile". Are the Romneyians our best hope or Jon-Luke Perry, The Gingrich newts, or The Santorium Leader? All jockying for command of the Enterprise. Who ever gets to be Captian has a large role to fill, and will be defeated by the Bama-borgs if they don't get ALL the non Bama-borgs to fight assimilation together!

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