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November 29, 2011



Will Monica and/or Bill do Barney Frank? Here's something from BlogWorld.

MOONBATTERY/////There could be no lower life form than Barney Frank, a disgusting left-wing degenerate who played a major roll in causing the 2008 collapse through his corrupt involvement with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


gringoNOTE: Does everyone agree? No lower life form than Barney Frank? Not even a toilet-mouth troll who struts behind a Jesus avatar?....Will any of the leftwinger trolls hump on over to that site and set the rightwingers straight like they do here? Show their stuff where there's no mommy to shelter them? Maybe the progasites here would like to show the Moonbattery site what real progs are made of?


Talks of my toughness are exaggerated. I never killed an actor, for instance. JOHN HUSTON


Barney Frank steps down-- arrest him, cuff him, try him, jail him. Responsible for millions losing their homes #barney #byebye


A woman isn't complete without a man, but where do you find a man--I mean a real man--these days? LAUREN BACALL


A Charitable Appeal: PLEASE Help the Needy This Holiday Season…



Winston Smith says:
November 28, 2011 at 10:09 am
Great News- that fat puss bag crook Barney Frank is retiring. Now he need to be Occupy a Prison cell for this criminal acts with Fannie and Freddie.


No doubt this retirement has something to do with Barneys supply of teenage boys drying up after the US House announced back in August it was ending the House Page program. He can alway move to Thailand. Thais – hide your young boys if you see his name on a passenger list inbound.




Posted by: Ummahgummah | November 28, 2011 at 01:07 PM

Barney Frank retiring for "family reasons"? Or is there an offer from Penn State he can't resist? Would he invite the little Jerry Sandusky trolls who grope Monicamemo 24/7? They say Sandusky registered Republican. The bipartisan possibilities....


What would heaven be, if a toilet mouth behind a Jesus avatar could get into it?


Gringohomo is clearly obsessed with me.

Good. Maybe there is a soul inside there, shrieking to get out.

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