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November 23, 2011



"Michele Bachmann: She was dynamite on that stage. A member of the House Intelligence Committee, she knows her stuff and isn't afraid to show it. She showed particular finesse on the questions about Pakistan, Iran and terrorism. She knows far more about national security issues than Hillary Clinton knew when she ran."



Michele Bachmann is by far the best candidate. Too bad the MSM is so successful at painting a negative image of her in the minds of the gullible "conservative" voters.


27 Reasons Why Newt Gingrich Would Be A Really, Really Bad President



There is no CREDIBLE GOP candidate. Bachmann...please...


Forget the media theatrics and rhetoric. No, you can't, but let's, for a moment. With the arguable exception of Romney, the only one on that stage who has totally proved he can run anything is Rick Perry, Texas Governor for ten years.

But a gringo equation shows why a Texas Governor for ten years, who's flown C-130 Transports around the world for the Air Force, is so limp in the polls.

Divide his competence by his Boob Tube Quiz Show cum "Debate" performance. That tells it all. He's got either the highest or the lowest rating, according to how you compute it. No in-between.

There's a good reason why Perry often has that "What am I doing here?" look on his face. He senses exactly what we sensed in the 'Nam. The Vietnam we knew and what they knew back in Boob Tube America were only vaguely similar.

Perry is facing the eery truth. The pack around him on the stage, especially Romney, have adapted to Boob Tube America in a way that Perry only grudgingly even wants to.

Conclusion: My fellow Americanos, it's beginning to look like you'll get what your rulers are serving: RINO Captain Flip-Flop. (Newt's campaign will be no match for the big well-oiled Romney Machine, not to mention its deadly oppo. And that very same machine will never go for the Obama jugular the way it will for any GOP "rival." If it even tries, the Progworld knives and the Great Obamasuck will come out in ways that tee-totaller Mitt never saw before.


You can't teach an old dogma new tricks. DOROTHY PARKER

gringoNOTE: ....except in the case of socialist Mussolini. He called the old socialist dog's new trick fascism.


There is no CREDIBLE GOP candidate.

Posted by: Rafe | November 23, 2011 at

True, but any of them is miles ahead of Obama...


I am still of the belief that these days you cannot outrun a cop...........with the technology & the number of road patrols, we really, really need a 1600 mile long fence to patrol our southern border? sounds like bureaucratic bullsh*t at its' finest & Perry knows it.......he also knows it is the commander in chiefs' responsibility to secure that border & not the states governors, but that does beg the question, when they try to protect their citizens, in comes fedzilla with catch & release........you better believe I want a commander in chief who will act & NOT TALK.............



The national debt has increased by $4 TRILLION under Obama---so far...

It increases by $4 billion PER DAY...

Something has to give.


Yes, spending cuts should continue to be a priority but additional tax revenue is vital to sustain this economy.

GOP - Stop obstructing and stop caring for only the wealthy. They are not being job creators, they are being greedy, job killers.


Michele Bachmann ate Perry's lunch in an exchange over the issue of sending aid to Pakistan. She mopped the floor with him whilst kicking his butt at the same time.

See here:

Rep. Bachmann: Perry’s Take On Pakistan ‘Highly Naive,’ Nation ‘Too Nuclear To Fail’



"[a]dditional tax revenue is vital to sustain this economy."


How and why?


When you have corporations sitting on trillions of dollars in profits and hardly paying their taxes, that kind of sheds some light on how unbalanced things are, no?

You have a group of millionares begging for a higher tax rate. What makes you think you are smarter than they are?

And what is your alternative? Just cut spending? No investments other than securing the wealthy stay...wealthy, while the rest of the country suffers? Common sense doesn't register to you guys, huh?


Glenn Beck's opinion of Bachmann:

“There is somebody I think that is exceptional and truly comes the closest to embodying the spirit of Lincoln or Washington in this field,” Beck said. “And I believe that it is Michele Bachmann. If I had to vote for someone in the primary – I’m not a Republican so I can’t vote – but if I (had) to vote for one, if I had to trust one person, it would be Michele Bachmann.”

“We have to trust somebody,” Beck continued. “That’s not to say that there aren’t good candidates elsewhere. The others, many of them are good, decent men. But this woman is exceptional and I would ask that you would take a look at the character and the true life of Michele Bachmann. I believe she means what she says and says what she means.”


"[a]dditional tax revenue is vital to sustain this economy."


Only a tard would believe raising taxes in order to feed an already bloated wasteful government spurs economic growth in the private sector.


I think Newt's statement on immigration was a risky stroke of genius, which, if I have read it correctly, will propel him on to the the nomination (this is not an endorsement). In one bold stroke, he has forced Romney to take a hard stand that may dissuade prominent politicians with strong Latino support from endorsing him (Romney) while, at the same time, signaling perhaps to his (Gingrich's) strongest future running mate, Marco Rubio, that he has a vested interest in the Latino community. This will be of substantial help to him in the Florida primary. Florida is sure to be a key state in both the Republican nominating process and the general election.


regarding the eating of lunch, here's a tidbit........


No I am not a Bachmann fan, mostly because I think her NOT serving from her seat is well frankly a tad self serving............



regarding additional tax revenues, get people back to work........bring back our manufacturing base



Rick Perry's "stroke of genius" vis-a-vis his Hispandering is what knocked him out of front runner status. Now he's his support has sunk to single digits in all the polls. That's what happens when you flip the middle finger to the anti-amnesty base. 70% of the American people are against granting amnesty to illegals. That percentage is even higher amongst likely Republican voters. Hence, Newt's proclamation he is pro-amnesty isn't exactly a smart strategy for winning the primary let alone winning in the general.


Funny that a little libpunk WITHOUT AVATAR should comment on other people's avatars.



And, it's funny that after I post this comment you posted the next one. Conservatives are so predictable!

This is where UG waits until no one is posting comments. Then, he starts posting his.

So, UG, it's all yours!

Posted by: jay | November 23, 2011 at 01:10 AM

Posted by: Ummahgummah | November 23, 2011 at 06:02 AM

Speaking of avatars. You sure love the photo of you in a muslim outfit!


like DeMint and Susan Myrick and John Bolton in their ranks.


Posted by: Ummahgummah | November 23, 2011 at 06:28 AM

Who voted AGAINST the bill that would help more vets get jobs. That's why he's an idol among conservatives!


how could Romney and Newt be the two front runners in the GOP primary ---DJ who needs an 88 after his username How's this DJ? (DJ88)

The 2 front runners are Cain and Newt. It's because they are MORE concerned with selling their books than talking to the people.
That's what Conservatives love!


I can think another part of the anatomy where the progasite trolls can shove those halal Butterball turkeys.

Posted by: DJ | November 23, 2011 at 10:10 AM

DJ should know! he's been on the receiving END many a time!

We still want to know where you got that stock photo for your Avatar?

You have gone from you wearing DORKYSHORTS, to your idol, Castro. Then, your dog, Castro. Another dog, now this one.
It can't be you, since the guy is holding a gun.

Chief Joe

Penn State reveals the nature of the monolithic academic culture. It is amazing, that the corridors of American careerism, is populated often by foreign nationals of unknown national affiliations. From these hallways come the new generation of scientists, engineers, and future humanitarians. How well are the decisions made, that decide who our future leaders will be?

The cult at Penn State consists of faculty, working for the faculty and its interests. What we see is academic liberty, with a cover-up mentality, bred into the dean system. So we find Michael Mann happy at Penn State, who is doing nothing abnormal according to Penn State administrators, by developing his career through manipulation of data, advising people to commit fraud, and spreading propaganda in the hope of getting a John Kerry award and other considerations. Perhaps he can be Obama's next science adviser.

This sort of faculty administrational system pepper sprays innocuous students, helps to hide child molesters like the Catholic church, is blind to faculty misconduct, and often defends the indefensible - things like falsifying grants, misspending grant money, and abuse of students. The
more these administrators cover-up, the higher their salaries and benefits increase.

What we need is more outside administrative supervision, integrating parts of the state into these institutions, to hold them more accountable. This is the only way to obtain acceptability of pro-American republicans in the academic system.



Michele Bachmann is by far the best candidate. Too bad the MSM is so successful at painting a negative image of her in the minds of the gullible "conservative" voters.---DJ

Yup! She will solve the problem of why the country is running out of rich people! The biggest problem our country faces. Has taken stimulus money over a dozen times.

Cain and Fig Newton are too busy selling their books.


Perry is brain dead concerning what deptartments he would eliminate.(But, so was Bush and he got elected)


As always, Cabin boy Gay, dressed in his Alice Bowie tutu, takes his break from his bathhouse duties in order to annoy the adults at the Memo.


But a gringo equation shows why a Texas Governor for ten years, who's flown C-130 Transports around the world for the Air Force, is so limp in the polls.--GREENIE

Yeah, Bush flew planes, too.
Both brain dead.
Bush with his favorite Fool me once, shame on you speach.


And what is your alternative? Just cut spending? No investments other than securing the wealthy stay...wealthy, while the rest of the country suffers? Common sense doesn't register to you guys, huh?

Posted by: Rafe | November 23, 2011 at 11:31 AM

Conservatives have a nasty habit of cutting taxes, Then, raising taxes elsewhere and borrowing from China.

Reagan raised taxes several times and Bush loved China !


One thing you seem to have missed, Monica, is that only Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman showed a genuine respect for the Constitution and American values. Interesting that Ronald Reagan and John Winthrop with their ideas of America as a shining city on a hill have now become enemies. No matter how people try to twist things Ron Paul is neither isolationalist nor against strong American influence. He just stands with the founders in opposing unwise foreign meddling and recognizes we can't supply a big enough world police force to impose our ideas on the whole world.

Perry actually didn't oppose the fence. He was happy to see that government spending and to claim he created the jobs. Much of the fence has been built and Border Patrol finds it useful in urban areas. There was supposed to be a virtual fence in isolated areas that would not destroy the livelihood of ranchers and farmers by cutting off their access to water. That was removed, allegedly because the technology didn't work. Huh?? We can peer into every little outhouse in back country Afghanistan and we don't have technology to see someone coming across our border? Not to suggest, God forbid, we should have Perry as President.

Newt makes sense when he talks about having a new energy policy. He may not understand economic production of American oil passed the peak years ago. However, if we could break the political control of the oil lords that makes us dependent on petroleum, we could be independent with biodiesel and other types in a very short time.


As always, Cabin boy Gay, dressed in his Alice Bowie tutu, takes his break from his bathhouse duties in order to annoy the adults at the Memo.

Posted by: DJ | November 23, 2011 at 12:42 PM

Notice DJ88 and his love of bath houses?
also, how conservatives can't handle discussions. Over their head, and all.
So, they respond with,

"Well, huh-er. Then, you're gay, so there!"

Does the country really want these people running the country?"

The GOP president and the leader of India have a discussion. GOP prez gets upset and starts calling the guy Gay.

The conservatives will turn political discussions into what's found on grade school playgrounds.


The conservatives use those same tactics in campaigns. Tossing out the gay card. they used it in Maine and Iowa in the last Tuseday elections.

Steve Morgan

As always, Cabin boy Gay, dressed in his Alice Bowie tutu, takes his break from his bathhouse duties in order to annoy the adults at the Memo.


Yes @ 10:28 fellow Penn State attendee and Sandusky heart-throb weighed in with a narrative of why Perry is going nowhere anytime soon. It isn't Perry you see; no not at all. Instead it is all about cunning: Perry understands that to be the nominee requires the flickering tongue of the cunning linguist. Gringomen are definitely not into cunning linguists!

Our own resident Orientalist dispenses this sage advice: "There's a good reason why Perry often has that "What am I doing here?" look on his face. He senses exactly what we sensed in the 'Nam."

Yup. We're gonna lose.

Do you think he can catch flies with his chopsticks?


Notice how the bathouse boys always talk about their brilliant arguments against conservatives, but the problem is they never present any.

The only thing they are capable of is name calling. Which, of course, tells us all we need to know about their debased character. Infantile character in the case of Jay.

Steve Morgan

The world is a dangerous place. We need someone who actually believes in and practices American exceptionalism.


And casting about for the next General Custer is the answer?

Pretty sick.


Finally, the end of Newt and his abolition of child labor laws and love of illegals so he can put Hispanic kids to work in factories that he and his have already INSURED are in foreign countries and will stay there, forever, with even MORE to follow them. The putz lost even immigration-concerned independents with that little piece of work.

Personally? I'm sure Obama would MUCH rather face Newt than Romney. As the absolute worst of a very bad bunch (the one with SOME semblance of intelligence) he would quickly be dispatched in the general. His pandering to Hispanics won't earn him a single vote, they see right through him. It truly was a suicide move.

However, I want Hillary as veep, so I'm hoping Romney wins it, as he is the only one sane (i.e., liberal) enough to win a general against Obama WITHOUT Hillary.

Obama could run with Michelle against Newt and win.


" Michele Bachmann is by far the best candidate." - DJ

YOU just want young girls ripped apart with coat hangers in back alleys.

We've ALL had YOUR number for years now.


"Alice Bowie tutu" - DJ

Good grief, you're older than even Gringohomo.

Talk about a geezer dating himself.


Ron Paul is like the uncle your family never likes to have around. Not because he's "funny", merely because he's "weird".


"And casting about for the next General Custer is the answer?

Pretty sick." - Steve Morgan

Custer, only with nukes.

The genius of the right wing is that there will never be any geniuses in the right wing.


The right wing, exactly like the America and world they've made via Free Trade, is a RACE TO THE BOTTOM.


"American exceptionalism indeed!" - DJ

"American exceptionalism" is the insane and ultimately suicidal belief that EVERYTHING UTTERLY WRONG with America is SOMEHOW what is right about it.


OMG what is wrong with trying to get the Hispanic vote???? If we take even part of it we will win. I thought Gingrich did awesome. And sadly Gov Perry is getting a bum rap he is the true job creater and conservative on that stage What he has done here in Texas is unbelievable but he's no debater so that just knocks him out this is first time I'm sick of the do called GOP establishment and commentators like you Monica it's all Romney and he is the biggest flip flopper on that stage, it was comical to hear him on immigration earlier on Fox they played an old video welcoming immigrants from Mexico what a joke. Wait till someone plays that in an ad. Just so sick of the far right of party always wanting to throw out immigrants that have been here working productively for years. We will never win Hispanic vote this way, I say let them come run a state as big as Texas with almost dominate Hispanics. Obama is smart he goes after that vote and he will win again.


Police of Party of "saving" "babies" reaches another milestone




"If we take even part of it we will win." - Esther

Guess what? You could put up an ILLEGAL MEXICAN for your candidate, complete in serape, handlebar mustache, and Frito Bandito hat AND STILL NOT RECEIVE A SINGLE HISPANIC VOTE.

Yeah, that's right. THIS GUY:


Hispanics are onto the hateful racist White Wing, and thank the Tea Party for that.


That's the problem with white racists. They actually BELIEVE, with all their hearts and souls, that Hispanics are THAT STUPID.


"Notice how the bathouse boys" - DJ

The ONLY bathhouse boys here are you and Gringohomo who keep mentioning them every ten posts or so.

Everybody else? Never or not so much.


Forgive me, I just realized my Mexican post didn't have the mustache and therefore wasn't Mexican enough.

Here you go, GOP: Your next candidate:


That'll get you the Hispanic vote.



Notice the very muddy shoes. HYSTERICAL.


You can't see the back of the costume, but rest assured there's a very big permanent "wet" stain on the serape. A real conversation-starter.


"The only thing they are capable of is name calling." - DJ

And calling them "bathhouse boys" in the sentence just preceding the above was what, descriptive prose?

Just give it up, man, you can even LOSE for LOSING.


Someone needs to tell Mr. Newt Gingrinch that no matter HOW many illegals he lets in, THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY FACTORIES FOR THEIR CHILDREN TO SLAVE LABOR IN.

Perhaps Mr. Gingrinch is salivating at the idea of all of them on the streets, selling their bodies with packets of Chicklets gum.

Or indentured as his upstairs maids and "body-servants".


After all, the only way someone famous like Mr. Gingrinch can take advantage of all the young wonders the streets of Tijuana have to offer, is by making them common in every city in the USA until no one would notice him or any of his 1% cronies and their activities on those very streets and conditions they strove so very hard to create.


Ah, the wonderful days of Charles Dickens....


Rahm Emmanuel was wrong. The GOP primary is a CIRCUS FREAK SIDESHOW.

Except for Romney, and even he's pushing it to win over the circus geeks.

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