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September 28, 2011




The way I see it, the reason most people are confused about fascism and view it as a right-wing ideology/philosophy rather than the left-wing ideology/philosophy that it is is this: Fascism rejects communist style collectivism whilst, instead, utilizes the mechanisms of corporate capitalism as a means to create wealth and prosperity. Of course this whole process is closely supervised and directed within a central command and control government.Hence it's clearly on the far left side of the political spectrum.

Both Fascism and it's sibling, National Socialism, clearly are left-wing economic systems/philosophies.


Hobbits for Cain

Posted by: M/M | September 28, 2011 at 08:38 PM



Good one, M/M!


Dave Gibson

These corporate execs need to start being jailed.The worst of it is now people are tainted to solar power, which is the energy source we need to invest.There are many better companies out there that would do well with that money. I don't understand why they don't give stimulus direct to consumers,ie,pay down mortgages,install solar on homes,etc. Stimulus would still get to corps that way,but directly relieve consumers and provide jobs(installations) and free consumer to buy other products.


"A description of Mussolini, Godfather of Fascism, by an American who interviewed him." - Gringowhore

Pardon me, but FU*CK Hemingway.

Judge fascism by what MUSSOLINI HIMSELF said it was, not Hemingway.

And it was a long Goddamn time between 1922 and 1938. Mussolini could have well started out a "socialist" and ended up a card-carrying fascist.

You know. The way Rick Perry did.

You know. The way America started out a Democratic Republic and ended up a fascist plutocracy.


"Both Fascism and it's sibling, National Socialism, clearly are left-wing economic systems/philosophies." - DJ

Yes, and black is white and white is black, except white is superior to black. - DJ


When the leader wears a military uniform, IT'S RIGHT WING MORONS.


"But here's Wall Street's strange little irony -- studies show the stock market performs better and tends to be less volatile when Democrats are in power." Jay

The answer is appallingly simple.

Conservatives/GOPPERS are Nazis and the Tea Party are their Stormtroopers and Hausfraus and volk in lederhosen. Pro-outsourcing. Pro-fascist. Pro-Big Business WITHOUT RESTRAINTS, ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, OR LIABILITY.

Democrats are Democrats. Patriots. Americans. Anti-fascist. Anti-totalitarian. Pro Big Business WITH ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBLITY. Pro-union. PRO-MIDDLE CLASS.


Jack Daspit

Green Jobs? An implication that employees might be required to work? I though that the federal government had already exported all of those jobs to China? The US is the designated welfare state of the future. Millions of our children are only sufficiently educated to fill out the application at the welfare office. Why do insist on old fashioned ideas like a "work ethnic?"

Jill Kielas

More brillant moves by this adminstration.

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