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September 06, 2011



LOL, you keep judging me as if you know me. I think that is the problem with everyone here. LISTEN to each other and stop judging. Including myself.


"This is all part and parcel of the ongoing genocide of an entire race of people." - DJ

No, what will eventually happen is the forceful genocide of all racists and racism period once the human race has had enough and unites against evil.

Then the rest of us can intermarry into one tan human race, hopefully with hazel eyes and brown wavy hair so dumbasses can't resurrect racism based on eye color and/or hair color.

Get with the program. Or get lost.


"LOL, you keep judging me as if you know me." - rafemaster_76

Your detente won't last long. I want to build a border wall. I don't like Obama, although he is (BARELY) the lesser evil.

No matter. I am and will forever be the enemy.

I swear these guys work for Obama.

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