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September 07, 2011



After you read the above SOBS, now read some truth:


MUST read. A sinner is saved.


"Only a simpleton would ask for more dough with that track record." - Monica Crowley

Or a genius who realizes the simpletons in the audience CLEARLY REALIZE that what was spent WAS NOT ENOUGH TO TURN THINGS AROUND.


But of course, keep telling us the sky is down and the earth is up.


Actually, there IS one instance when the sky actually IS down and the earth actually IS up.

Ask Marie Antoinette.


Revolutions suck. So does their aftermath.

Will you fascist aristocrats PLEASE STOP TRYING TO BRING ONE ON?


gringoNOTE: Dont know if Princess has covered this yet on Fox (I don't watch the tube): While the Obamarxies are dragging the US deeper and deeper into the socialized medicine bog with Obamanationcare etc, Europe is moving in the opposite direction. A private German firm may take over some of the socialized health care that is collapsing in the UK.

/////A German company has been in talks to take over NHS hospitals, the first tangible evidence that foreign multinationals will be able to run state-owned acute services, a market worth £8bn, the Guardian can reveal.



Obama hits all-time lows, according to NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll
President 'is no longer the favorite to win re-election,'
Democratic pollster says

gringoNOTE: Maybe Club Gooper can save Obama's bacon yet. eg. Run Mitt Romneycare, the perfect Corporate Charley foil for Chicago/Hoffa "we'll get those sonsofbitches union thugs."


by Traul Aslimesky


Oh looky here! The peaceful fun loving moooslimes are planning to disrupt the 9-11 ceremonies:


Posted by: DJ | September 06, 2011 at 10:22 PM

They should be arrested if they do. Shouldn't be allowed anywhere near WTC during the 911 ceremonies.



A LIEberal with an iota of sense? A miracle has occurred!!

A regular miracle, I say!



RogerJStoneJr Roger Stone
Obama talking about creating jobs is like gays talking about "-----"--they don't know anything about it.
31 Aug

gringoNOTE: Yes, Roger, but what about what they do know? They just proved that they know how to get into military showers, and New York Marriage. Now they even plan to get into schools and teach kids what they do know, in the name of "sex education." Heh. Roger, they're reaching out.


Every wonder why Barry, tutored by socialists all his life, had Winston Churchill's bust removed from the White House?

////A major preoccupation of Winston Chuchill's tenure in the War Office was the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War. Churchill was a staunch advocate of foreign intervention, declaring that Bolshevism must be "strangled in its cradle".[

J BOOBUS MARXOTROLL: Hey, my Obama was right. Churchill was a baby killer wannabe. See? There is the proof. Yuk-yuk. Shows you what a conservative that limey aristocrat was. You go, my Obama! Socialism is coming, like it or not. Take it from me and my creepy comrade in the Jesus robe. He tell you. If you don't suck up to socialism, you can go to hell. Scummy will point the way. Yuk-yuk.



Originally Posted by gsavage77
What is a troll and how do you feed it? I don't want to get in trouble for doing something I didn't even know was wrong. Thanks.

All of your questions can be answered here --->http://forums.hannity.com/showpost.p...50&postcount=1

Which is a post out of this thread ------------>http://forums.hannity.com/showthread.php?t=3629

Wise words to live by!!

BTW, "Feeding a troll", would be responding to, aka, bumping a known or suspected troll post. When in doubt, report a suspected troll post here--->http://forums.hannity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=11 and let the Mods decide.

Good luck and Happy Posting!
MARXELLA X. TROLLSCUM. Sean Hannity. Another Catholic! Another heretic! Not a real Christian like I am. Wait till that Chinese-engineered tsunami gets him, to punish the fascists and capitalists. More dessert for Satan, after the chosen ones like me in my Jesus robe get our reward.

J. BOOBUS PROGTROLL What that reward gonna be, Scummy?

MARXELLA X. TROLLSCUM Boobus, I'm begging you, go play with your little Kopy Kat. Shut up and troll.



gringoNOTE: Even while ACORN thugs guard polling booths, Union Boss Hoffa screams that his "Army" is ready to get "the sonsofbitches" (with Obama silent approval)and Obama plays footsie with Wall Street billionaires and corporate cronies, ideologues will still claim that socialism and fascism are different, you know. Others maintain that fascism is clearly a variation, a derivative of socialism, and in fact joined at the hip.

As for the Godfather of Fascism, Benito Mussolini, the record shows his deep roots in socialism and Marxism.

In Laura Fermi's biography, 'Mussolini,' the father Alessandro named his first son Benito Amilcare Andrea; for Benito Juarez, the Mexican revolutionary; Amilcare and Andrea were two heroes of socialism in Italy.

Benito's father ,Alessandro Mussolini, was a sometime blacksmith who preferred Karl Marx and worker rallies to wielding a hammer. Benito's mother Rosa, a devout Catholic and schoolteacher, who married beneath her middle class, let her atheist husband give the child socialist names, but she insisted on having him baptized in the Church. As a respected Catholic woman, she loved her husband and tolerated his atheist politics.

J BOOBUS PROGTROLL Comrade Scummy, I need your brain. What is this Benudie Macaroni? Wasn't he a faschiss?

MARXELLA X TROLLSCUM Of course he was. Benito Mussolini was not a socialist, well, not a real socialist. Didn't you read it in the Daily Worker For Dummies?

J BOOBUS PROGTROLL His father a big socialiss? His father making speeches to the Eyetalian proletariat in their little fly-over town? What happened to little Benudie the faschiss? Didn't he come out of a Marxiss father, just like our Obama come oit of a Marxiss father? But our Obama had him a atheist mother too, unlike the Eyetalian. So what happened to Benudie Macaroni, Comrade Trollscum?

MARXELLA x TROLLSCUM Fruit can rot, Boobus, fruit can rot.


Yo DJ, you posted something that suggested Perry might chicken out of debate tonight and be a no-show. Got any more from that source?

It sounded to me more like a Karl Rove/Obama wet dream than anything else, but the crystal gringoBall isn't 100% right, right? The gringoBALL predicts that Perry will show and give a good account of himself. Any update?

If by the remotest chance Perry does not show up, I'd lose interest in following the debate. I'd leave it to SLIME and Obamasuck Media.


"Yo DJ, you posted something that suggested Perry might chicken out of debate tonight and be a no-show. Got any more from that source?"



I see you don't read ALL my comments. I posted this yesterday to clear things up regarding that matter:


BTW, Gringoman, did you see the piece AWD wrote about RINO Rick? If not see here:



G-man you may have missed this one too:

Ten Reasons Why Rick Perry is Bad on Immigration


How good a candidate is Gov. Perry on [immigration] issues? He stinks. He is the worst of the Republicans and here are 10 reasons why:

1. Open Borders: Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, in a devastating article that appeared in Politico on August 11, 2011, notes that Gov. Perry gave a 2001 speech in Mexico, no less, saying he supported completely open borders, in which he called for the “free flow of individuals between these two countries who want to work and want to be an asset to our country and to Mexico.” Apparently, there can never be too much immigration from Mexico for Gov. Perry.

2. Border Fence: If you’re for open borders, you don’t want a border fence. The AP reported that in the same 2001 speech in Mexico, Gov. Perry says, “But the idea that you’re going to build a 1,200 mile wall … is idiocy. It absolutely would not work.”

3. An Arizona-style Immigration Law for Texas: Gov. Perry is against interior enforcement of our immigration laws. During the debate over Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration SB 1070, he opposed enacting something similar in his state, saying, “It would not be the right direction for Texas.”

4. Amnesty: Gov. Perry said Congress didn’t have the “maturity” to reform our immigration laws, by which he meant granting amnesty. The “Washington Watcher” at Vdare.com notes Gov. Perry has called for a “guest worker program that takes undocumented workers off the black market and legitimizes their economic contributions without providing them with citizenship status.” In other words, at a time when a record number of Americans are out of work, Gov. Perry’s job-creation plan is to make it easier for foreigners to take more of our jobs.

5. Birthright Citizenship: An article at Youth for Western Civilization’s blog notes that Gov. Perry “supports granting citizenship to children of illegal aliens, and opposes legislation to change the current policy which grants citizenship to any child of an illegal alien.” According to the Washington Post, he has said any change of our current birthright citizenship policies would be “unconstitutional.”

For generations, politicians were afraid to touch the question of birthright citizenship, but thanks to Tea Party groups, that is starting to change. By means of a deliberate misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, any pregnant woman who manages “to fly, crawl or flop across our borders” as Jared Taylor once put it, can give birth to an American citizen. Professor Lino Graglia of the University of Texas has ably refuted this absurd view of the 14th Amendment.

As Mr. Perry’s views become better known among conservative Republicans, they could turn against him. Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann have both spoken out against birthright citizenship.

6. E-Verify: E-Verify is a federal program that lets employers make sure their workers are here legally. Vdare’s “Washington Watcher” notes that when Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson challenged Gov. Perry for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2010, she called for E-Verify for all Texas state employees. Even that was too much for Gov. Rick Perry, who stated: “E-Verify would not make a hill of beans difference when it comes to what’s happening in America today.”

Illegal immigrants who are secretly working for Al Queda or MS-13 could get jobs as state employees, but Gov. Perry is opposed to even the most basic effort to weed them out. Apparently, it doesn’t make a “hill of beans difference” to him.

7. Illegal Aliens as “Undocumented”: The same Youth for Western Civilization article reports that in a talk about his big ideas for Texas school students, he said, “And that vision must include the children of undocumented workers.” (Emphasis added). “Undocumented” is the pro-Amnesty Left’s favorite code word for illegal aliens. Needless to say, that “vision” includes college education, jobs, and everything else. It is easy to foresee a Republican-promoted amnesty of the “undocumented” under a Perry administration, just like the one the last Bush administration served up.

8. In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens: In 2001, Gov. Perry supported and signed the Texas “DREAM Act,” which lets children of illegal aliens pay in-state tuition at Texas universities. It you live in neighboring Arizona, no in-state rates for you; but if your family sneaked illegally into Texas, Gov. Perry wants to give you tuition breaks.

Even the voters of liberal Maryland managed to upend the liberal elites’ goal of passing a “DREAM Act” in that state. So unpopular was the law there, that after a successful petition drive, Maryland voters can now decide its fate themselves in 2012.

9. Bragged About it in Mexico: After he signed the Texas DREAM Act, Gov. Perry went to Mexico to brag about it. According to the Washington Times, he said in Spanish: “Educacion es el futuro, y si se puede.” (Education is the future, and yes we can). Gov. Rick Perry, a supposedly conservative governor from the conservative state of Texas, brags in Mexico about transferring more Texas gringo money to more illegal aliens.

In 2009, Mr. Perry received the “Defender of Jerusalem” award, which is given to public figures who show a commitment to defending Israel and Jerusalem as its capital. “I have long supported the right of a Jewish state to exist in the Middle East,” said the grateful Mr. Perry. He is obviously unconcerned about the rights of a Texan state.

10. Giuliani for President in 2008: There were many conservatives running for the 2008 Republican nomination. Gov. Perry could have backed Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA), former Sen. Fred Thompson (TN), or fellow Texan Rep. Ron Paul. Instead, he supported fellow open-borders advocate, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

He said he supported Mr. Giuliani for national security reasons, but somehow failed to see how securing our borders is a matter of national security. Perhaps in his heart, and despite his conservative rhetoric, he feels closer to Mr. Giuliani’s worldview.

Gov. Perry has made unusual endorsements before. In 1988, when he was still a Democrat, he endorsed Al Gore for president. According to the Houston Chronicle, he even served as Mr. Gore’s Texas presidential campaign chairman. It is true that other prominent conservatives were once Democrats, and that Mr. Perry claims he has seen the error of his Democratic ways. Obviously he has not seen all his errors.



Posted by: DJ | September 06, 2011 at 09:29 AM


Red flags, Gringoman, red flags!


“That said, right out of the chute, of cause for deep concern is an apparently close relationship Perry has fostered over the years with a Muslim leader know as “His Highness” Prince Shah Karim Al-Husayni, the Aga Khan IV.”

Rick Perry’s dangerous Muslim compromise



speaking of the illegal problem & DJ voting for the won vs Perry..........




abuse of power by Savage




should have stated presidential abuse of power spoken about by Savage.............







Everyone knows it is just a short time before the muslims convert to democracy and western style governing, in just a short time. Either that or they will go Chinese, combining religion and governing, leaving the Soviet style behind ;)


What is the story with Chinese banking?

Eastern tradition is akin to the old West. There is the confluence of religion and statecraft, and human manifestations of the diety. To maintain this tradition, the peons basically die periodically subjected to wind, rain, famine, locusts and disease.

At the confluence of liberty and tyranny, at the interface betwixt West and East, is a great uneasiness. Actual interactions are sporadic, often sharp, and kowtowing to the Chinese is frequent. What is the possibility that these political systems will fall, because they are backward? About zero, because we are heavily subsidizing their success. What are we doing that? Why, to promote servile slavery and destroy the profit motive, of course. The factories in China are arrayed for slaves.

We should ask ourselves, if that is what we really want, because that is what we will get. No one believed the West would dip back into slavery. That was going backwards. They set the system up so it would not do that, being antithetical to slavery. We were for freedom. That is why we destroyed the old South, rather than have it destroy western advances in the country. What is the way for progress? How can we maintain the freedom to work as we chose, for the good of all?
The crux of all this? It comes down to how the banks are operated. Whether they politically control and determine the economy, or if they are free - approachable by individuals looking for their own startup, rather than serving a state function.


The typical doofus Americano will say: "As long as the hoards of immigrants come here and dispossess us legally it's okay. It's the ILLEGAL dispossession of Americans that we object to."


America is so f'ing screwed!

Plato once stated: "The masses are incurably ignorant."

Right you are, Plato!


"Everyone knows it is just a short time before the muslims convert to democracy and western style governing, in just a short time. Either that or they will go Chinese, combining religion and governing, leaving the Soviet style behind" - Truther

And therein you hit the nail on the head exactly why America keeps bombing them back to the stone age and only strengthening their resolve to maintain their stone-age religion.

So what if they eventually set off a nuke in the middle of Manhattan. Isn't that what insurance is for? So what if a couple of million peons die.

And think of the rebuilding contract money to be made, eh?

American capitalism at its finest; coming and going, destroying, remaking, and destroying yet again.


DJ, I am fully awake & want an electable winning candidate PERIOD....I know you can wipe your a$$ with my observations but a whole lot of something is working in Texas very well......... I am not a Bachmann supporter & have stated previously why....I think for the good of country & party she should run her mouth from the seat she presently holds....I am of the opinion the country is NOT ready for another historic first...



While we are courting slavery, what do we do with all the displaced workers? Are they going to live 40 years on welfare, watching TV?


"It's the ILLEGAL dispossession of Americans that we object to."- UG

I say build a wall. A nice big one. Open it up for a month or two once a decade.

Solves ALL of America's problems, including the asinine desire for overseas conquests. Can't deploy an army when they're up there guarding the wall the way they should be. And the Navy the ports.

Protecting America begins at home. Fighting terrorism begins at home.



"Are they going to live 40 years on welfare, watching TV?" - Truther

If we had any brains, they'd be building a wall. And then hundreds of millions of homes in the new safe cities lining the wall with the Army overhead in the ramparts.

That would solve all the countries problems. Of course, we're not anywhere near as smart as the fricking pre-medieval Chinese.

Nor the Romans at the end of THEIR Empire.


....I am of the opinion the country is NOT ready for another historic first...


Posted by: thebuckstopshere | September 07, 2011 at 01:00 PM


A historic first would be to get a real conservative the White House. It's never been tried before. Even Reagan was controlled by progressives such a GHW Bush. Perry is a typical Republican in the same vein as The House of Bush, Dole, McCain, Rockefeller, Nixon etc. etc.



hiring signs everywhere here, & I will state emphatically if you are white & can read, you're going get the job............



"PUKE!!!" - DJ

My my, the free-for-all in here is just delightful. Like a catfight in a whorehouse.

Oh wait. It IS a catfight, IN a whorehosue.


look this is fun but what is more fun for me is EARNING money.........

but a true conservative, that kinda sounds like father & son Paul..............



Noticed that NONE of the Regulars commented on my post about 7 white teenagers running over 47 year old black man. Because they wanted to harass a black man. But, the black on white crimes mentioned here. Get spoke of for weeks!


Ron Paul may be a conservative, but son Rand is a brainless Nazi.

Just as stupid as he was in college. Actually, more so, because he thinks he's not.


The "stimulus" a job creator? Not at all. Monica

Monica should be on comedy central! Many of the GOP politicians that oppose the stimulus bill. Welcomed the money and took credit for it in their own districts.
Monica and those GOP politicians

Won the Lou Christie,"2 faces have I" award!


Forget about Ron Paul. America is NEVER going to elect drunk on his as*s Peter O' Toole, hanging from the ceiling lamps.

Not happening. Besides, the man holds blasphemous mainstream so-called "christian" beliefs that throws his libertarian leanings right out the window when it comes to chasing down young girls in alleys with coat hangers.

Not happening on SO many levels.


A few days ago. Posted the link from the CBO that stimulus created between 1 and 2.9 million jobs.


"Monica should be on comedy central!" - Jay

She already is. Comedy Central 2, aka FOX "News" Channel.

What? You didn't know the entire thing was a put on and parody?

It is as far as Warrior Princess is concerned. But don't tell the faithful, they'll start getting out the pitchforks and torches again.


The "stimulus" a job creator? Not at all. Monica

Monica should be on comedy central

Many GOP politicians while attacked the stimulus bill. Welcome the money and took credit for the jobs created in their districts.
Monica and those GOP politicians:

Won the Lou Christie,"2 faces have I award!


Congressional Budget Office states that Tax Cuts, Wars, account for nearly half of Public Debt by 2019

G. Dorkyshorts,"you can't say that! Makes us look bad. Only we can post stats, figures!"


Texas unemployment rate almost doubled in the last 4 years. It was 4.4% in 2007. It now stands at 8.4% and trending upward. The National unemployment rate is 9.1%. That's only .7% more than Texas. Thus I fail to see why Texas is being described as a wellspring of job opportunities.


Why Conservatives flunk Economics and Capitalism:

From the father of modern day economics and Capitalism:


"To hear the Republicans tell it, even more than paying down the national debt, the key to solving our current economic woes is to make way for the "job creators," a motley crew of Americans who appear to share no more in common than their membership in the top tax bracket.

The reasoning is relatively straightforward and was summed up recently by Texas Governor Rick Perry: "America is not going to move forward until we remove restrictions of over-taxation, over-regulation and over-litigation on the job creators and free them so the jobs can be created." This is a familiar refrain, one that makes progressives shake their heads at a seeming indifference to hard choices and economic history. Still, by now it should be clear that the refrain is far more than convenient rhetoric. It is founded on a bedrock belief about the free market, one that answers What makes capitalism work? by addressing a different question: Who? For that is what is at stake in the term "job creators," a vision of capitalism's essential players, one very different from the original account provided by Adam Smith. His account of who makes capitalism work is at odds with the one we are used to. The essential players are found at the base, not the apex, of the economic pyramid.

Near the beginning of "The Wealth of Nations", Smith calls our attention to what, for him, is one of the fundamental qualities of human experience: helplessness. "[M]an has almost constant need for the help of his brethren," he says, for unlike animals, we cannot tend to even our most basic needs on our own. How exactly do we gain the help of others? The answer, says Smith, lies somewhere between the fawning cocker spaniel and the commands of an all-powerful king."

So, it's not the top that makes it work It's the base.

As, NOTHING can stand without proper support. Neither can capitalism.
It's not the top 2 % that made this country great. It's the people that do the day by day jobs that this country needs to continue!

G.Dorkyshorts," Why he say that? That mean that I've been lied to all these years? I have no brain. need people to tell me things"


"Thus I fail to see why Texas is being described as a wellspring of job opportunities."
- DJ

Because Perry is THE AntiChrist. Get used to the lies.


Very good article by Pat Buchanan:



GOP takes credit for stimulus bill:

So GOP and Monica: This song's for YOU!
(Monica also gets the award for attacking Obama for wanting to try the Christmas Bomber in Civilian court. When, Bush wanted to try the shoe bomber in the SAME court)

Ready? a one and a two!



"Very good article by Pat Buchanan:" - DJ

Very good article. Yes globalism has killed the US. But the answer is simple. Outlaw all lobbying, outlaw all political contributions from organizations, companies, and corporations, and THEN tax outsourcing and foreign imports at 50%. And leave it there or raise it; NEVER lower it.

Just WATCH factories spring back up. And many millions employed virtually overnight.

But first things first. You're not going to get that corporate tax without destroying the GOP, and you're not going to destroy the GOP until you cut off their johns' money.

And watch the little piggies squeal, all the way home....


And then there's this one for next November... best Four Seasons chorus ever recorded.



VERY good atricle by XBJLLB on the Republicans.
the regulars won't read it. Truth is so painful!

And, globalism killing the US? Try to go back to the 1800s when most people didn't travel farther than 15-30 miles.


Since the father of modern day capitalism views it's the base and NOT the Apex that makes it work.
Using a pryamid as a model. Tomake things easier for the regulars. The base will be the employees and the top will be the bosses.
The left sees that pryamid as right side up. The right sees it as upside down. Which is why their viewpoint of the world is really screwed!


There is a GOP candidate think his name his Buddy Roemer. That wants to get rid of Big money,etc. That ALL contribution doners must be on record, etc. No Hidden money.



Roemer says Americans deserve a president who is "free to lead." By that he means a president who isn't beholden to special interests. Roemer is pledging that he'll take no money from political action committees and no donation more than $100.

Roemer was Louisiana's governor from 1988 to 1992. Before that, he served four terms in Congress (as a Democrat). He switched parties in 1991 while he was governor and lost his re-election bid when he came in third in the primary, behind Democrat Edwin Edwards and Republican David Duke.

Political strategist Mark McKinnon, who has worked for George W. Bush and John McCain, is chastising the news media for relegating Roemer to "improbable, long-shot, third-tier, comic book" status in a column for The Daily Beast.

But McKinnon, whose first successful campaign as a political professional was Roemer's 1987 race, says his ex-boss shouldn't be written off.

"Roemer has an important message about the corrupt influence of money in politics," McKinnon wrote. "Because of his message, he isn't being heard. Because of his message, he deserves to be."

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