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September 07, 2011



"So you and Gringo are normal?" - rafemasters_76

OF COURSE psychopaths and sociopaths only see each other as normal.

Goes with the territory.

Just like the GOP thinking "everyone" is against Obama, when "everyone" is clearly, NOT.



Where does the X-lax and its fill-in sidekick GAY find all that time to spam the Memo with their libberish?




"Payola...." = UG

No UG, we're not a whore like you.


DJ, do you believe what you see? I do & that is why I have taken my hobby to West Texas.....you see there is descretionary income here & I got me some today.....

as for the unemployment stats of Texas refer to once again posting of political math & the debunking of that....



Posted by: thebuckstopshere | September 07, 2011 at 07:50 PM


Once again, Buck, I don't take much stock in anecdotal evidence. If I relied solely on anecdotal evidence to inform my opinion, then I'd have to conclude the area of the Detroit Metropolitan region I reside in is experiencing unprecedented prosperity. E.g., everytime I go to Costco, the parking lot is so full I can barely find a parking spot. The checkout lines are all backed up into the aisles with shoppers carts filled to the brim with everything from flat screen TVs to computers to kitchenware to high end food items such as lobster and prime-rib. From my vantage point, there's plenty of discretionary income here in the Detroit area. Also, the local fish wraps' classified sections are loaded with an abundance of help wanted advertisements. Everything from sales to truck drivers to engineers to the medical field to landscapers. Again, my point is that anecdotal evidence in-and-of-itself does not paint a clear picture of the entire Detroit metropolitan area. A more broader view of the region reflects a very different picture. For instance, Detroit Proper is a complete basket case; and the term "basket case" does NOT even come close to describing the real condition most parts of that once great city have devolved down to. Whereas if cross the border of Detroit into the Grosse Points, you'd think you've entered an entirely different country. Talk about culture shock! I can literally tee up and hit a golf ball with my 9 iron from one of the most affluent areas of the WORLD [Grosse Point] and have it land in one of the most dangerous ghettos. Seriously! (For the reacord, I don't live in any of the Grosse Points.) Anyway, I hope you get my point.



I watched the debate and the most salient lesson we could learn from it is just how slimy the SLIME (Socialist Liberal Media) really are. The overall theme of the debate was the media testing the degree of obedience and compliance each individual candidate has to the rules of political correctness. Typical SLIME behavior.

Perry conducted himself very well. His demeanor is very appealing. Romney came off as extremely polished, as usual. The rest of the candidates, particularly Michele Bachmann, received scant attention. That was by design on the part of the SLIME, IMO. Obviously, they've picked their favorite candidates. Those being Romney and Perry.



Who is this AWD? That sight looks pretty slickly turned out, and not an El Cheapo. I'm not saying that Trial Lawyer swag is behind it, but do you know who is behind?

It looks like right-wing sirloin, the slick kind you would expect some clever lawyer types to support who have a Stop Perry agenda.

I went fairly quickly thru this guy's bashing of Perry over Perry's opposition to The Fence. I found it quite stupid, in a slick way that's obviously designed to appeal to the Red Meat crowd. It got so ridculous it even tried to mock Perry by referring to prison walls. like, hey, if they build walls in a prison, why not on our 15oo mile border yadda yadda?
Who is this dude writing for? Gulling the Goobers, Inc? Is it for anybody with IQ? Or just somebody who knows enough grammar to say "Perry is for Open Borders"?

Posted by: gringoman | September 07, 2011 at 05:24 PM



AWD's main purpose is to entertain by proving his readers will very humorous politically incorrect rants. He's pretty good at what he does.

Of course AWD is not the best source for deep political analysis, not even close. However,my point in posting his link was to point out Perry doesn't have universal support on the right ... or even with the very centrist Tea Party. Immigration issues is the area in which Rick Perry becomes very unpopular with a whole lotta people.

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(from Laura Fermi's biography 'Mussolini'

Little Benito's father, Alessandro, imbued his son with Socialist theory and emotion. To the future Godfather of Fascism he held forth, as with "Do not believe the priest and bourgeois when they say that Socialists are visionaries who want to steal the possessions of others and should be put in jail or hung...."

J BOOBUS PROGRTROLL Comrade, help me. What is shortypants saying? The inventor of fascism is from socialism? His Marxiss father wanted to re-dsitribute income?

MARXELLA X TROLLSCUM. Boobus, we know what they're like. They'll say anything about us progressives, since we're against the capitalist warmongers.

J BOOBUS PROGTROLL That's it, Scummy! Why didn't I think of that? Shortypants nyaa nyaa! Shortypants nyaa nyaa! Shortypants nyaa nyaa!

MARXELLA X TROLLSCUM. That's our Booby. Now go play with your little Kopy Kat, will you? And turn your pin head away. I have to put on my robe. It should be dry by now, after that accident at the bathhouse.


PAJAMAS MEDIA////It goes without saying too that Paul won the Internet polls immediately after the debate. What Internet poll has Paul not won? (Who will win the US Open? Ron Paul 88%, Novak Djokovic 12%.) Meanwhile, it turns out good old cranky uncle Ron is actually a pretty mean-spirited guy who goes for the political jugular. He was after Perry for some obscure letter the governor wrote in mild support of the idea of Hillarycare long before any specific program even existed. He is also first out of the gate with an attack ad and, while I was watching the debate, filled my inbox with a non-stop fusillade of unwanted emails attacking Perry. (Can’t this at least wait for the Iowa caucus?)

But enough about Dr. Ron. One bad word about him on here and I’ll be attacked as if I were accusing Mother Teresa of child molestation.

MARXELLA X TROLLSCUM You see? Not one word from these fascists that Perry is the Antichrist.


RULES FOR RADICAL TROLL TRASH (dedicated to Beelzebub by Traul Aslimesky)


Perry just got me with the definition of JUSTICE. He's right about how our approach should be against crimes, especially when it involves murder. Snap, crackle and pop Justice is what I call it, and so be it.

Posted by: RafeMasters_76 | September 07, 2011 at 09:46 PM

I had the same reaction and emotion to Perry's reply when the Obamasuck Media tried to trip him up on the question of capital punishment in Texas. The toadies used typical progressive smarm, attempting to guilt-trip opponents. Did Perry lose sleep over whether any of the more than 200 that Texas has executed under Perry were innocent? Perry blew them away with his calm, reasoned, deeply felt answer about executing murderers of men,women and children. The Obamasuck libs seemed stunned that the studio audience broke out in spontaneous applause for Perry's response. They probably still don't get what that said to the national audience about the farm boy/Air Force pilot from Texas---or more likely, they don't want to get it. That's all right for them. Now pricey consultants can roll the Democrats, instructing them how to go after Perry for daring to use the "P" word about Social Security, PONZI SCHEME, something that Romney and Monica's Bush and Cheney would never dare to do.


NORTH FACE COUPONS is a spammer.


Folks. When it comes to Mussolini, believe what the man himself wrote about Fascism, and not imaginary conversations some dubious biographer concocted out of her own head.

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