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August 03, 2011



RogerJStoneJr Roger Stone
RT @MonicaCrowley: will be back on "The Five" on @FoxNews next Wed and Thurs. Get psyched now! Don't miss this. Monica tells it like it is

gringoNOTE: Hey, here's an idea. Maybe Roger Stone would volunteer to monitor troll trash at Monicamemo.


George Soros is a troll hero here. Seems he's not that to Trumpster and Monica fan Roger Stone/////////

RogerJStoneJr Roger Stone
RT @KhalMojo: @daveweigel Soros is a currency manipulating International criminal and profiteer


Thaddeus McCotter is running for pres. The cat is smart. He could easily run circles around the Bamster in a debate. He's not only extremely smart, he has a keen sense of humor. But be aware, at first he may come across as an intellectual snob. But after listening him for awhile, that impression will soon dissipate. Moreover, he's a conservative in the same vein as Bachmann and Palin etc.

Dave Posh

Great "The Five" today, expecially about the mosque. Maybe it should be called "The Four -vs- Beckel".


gringoNOTE: Hey, here's an idea. Maybe Roger Stone would volunteer to monitor troll trash at Monicamemo.

Posted by: gringoman | August 03, 2011 at 11:09 AM


Ed Rollins (Michelle Bachmann's campaign manager) on Roger Stone:

"Ed Rollins, who served as President Reagan’s first political director, said,“Roger was a fringe player around town. He always had this reputation of being a
guy who exaggerated things, who pretended he did things. Roger was never on Nixon’s staff, was never on the White House staff. I don’t think you’ll find
anyone in the business who trusts him. Roger was always a little rat.”

The quote is from a New Yorker article that Stone himself prominently features on his own website stonezone.com

Chief Joe

My mother will not talk to a foreign person on the telephone. She hangs up. She tells them to cancel everything. she has no problem with the telephone company though - 100% people from USA.

Chief Joe

It is hard to understand why Apple is doing so well. If you compare Apple with something like GE, their past performance is actually quite similar. could it be that changing your product every few months leads to large gains?


China Syndrome - America's neurosis in recession

Extensive Chinese hacking of US businesses and government agencies, including the
UN, shows that China is the wild, aggressive party in the world that will not be tamed. They clearly are aiming at the destruction of US businesses through the theft of intellectual property.

While they are doing that, Hilary Clinton is cajoling US governors to meet with the Chinese to induce them to invest in their states. This is on the heels of plans to bring potentially millions of Chinese to the US, to work in "developmental zones".

What is going on here? Are we crazy? How do we stop what Clinton is trying to do - Apparently to reduce the US to European status! Instead of cajoling he Chinese to buy our corporations, using tax dollars as incentives, we ought to punish China for targeting our companies. We ought to compell them to develop foreign markets, rather than aiming at destroying our commercial capability. If they are truly innovative, let them develop products for Indonesia and Africa.


Hillary's attraction to China - is like her attraction to her husband - unreasonably and mysteriously present beyond any sensibility.


The Ron Paul blackout continues on Fox News. The Gang of Five mentioned EVERY CANDIDATE and NON-CANDIDATE except Ron Paul.

Where are THOSE emails, Rupert?

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