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August 30, 2011



Martin Bashir to GOP Rep: Are You Skipping Obama's Speech 'Because He's Black?'
Friday, September 02, 2011 4:57 PM EDT


one last true statement............TBSH is one illiterate douchebag........


Posted by: thebuckstopshere | September 05, 2011 at 09:57 PM


"WHY DON'T THESE GOVERNMENT HELP PROGRAMS WORK? you little commie toadie answer it.... why do the majority of US get up & slug it out everyday & these entitleds never get out of a program?" - The Buck Stops Here

They do. Overwhelmingly and indisputably. When you look at the research NOT done by fascists and their whores. The REAL research. Of course every program is going to have its leaches, but they are far, far overestimated and over reported by the fascists and their whores and the hateful and the racist.

Agree! learned months ago that having discussions with conservatives is like having discussions with Neo-Nazis. They BOTH have their closed little worlds, Life is this way and don't you dare tell me otherwise. For, I will not believe it. Except those on the memo are Amatuers!

They feel that only liberals steal.That the rich buys products from the poor. So, they BOTH benefit.

Problem is, what could a poor person have that the rich could want?
Unless the ,"poor" are small business owners! LOL!


one last true statement............TBSH is one illiterate douchebag........


Posted by: thebuckstopshere | September 05, 2011 at 09:57 PM

Posted by: Jay | September 06, 2011 at 02:16 AM

Since you claim I said something I didn't. Thought I'd return the favor!


"Martin Bashir to GOP Rep: Are You Skipping Obama's Speech 'Because He's Black?'" - Gringwhore

Joe Walsh's Answer: "No, I'm skipping Obama's speech because, not only am I a racist Nazi big business whore, I'm also one of the single most negative and obnoxious assholes on the face of the earth."

And anyone who's seen him would confirm this, no matter their politics.

And why Gringowhore didn't want to print his name... everyone would slap their foreheads in remembrance and say "Oh, THAT asshole."


Don't get me wrong. There are assholes in BOTH parties. But the Party with NO empathy, the party of sociopaths and psychopaths, the TP/GOP, just attracts more assholes 30 to 1 over the Democrats, the party with some semblance of empathy and public service.

The TP/GOP attracts assholes just like the Catholic Church attracts closeted self-hating homosexuals and pedos to its priesthoods and orders. Same exact reason.

Warped values; how it treats people.


August becomes the deadliest month ever for US troops in Afghanistan.



We can all thank our feckless media and the demonRAT party for the relentless drumbeat in favor of insanely restrictive RULES OF ENGAGEMENT which require that our troops stop shooting as soon as terrorists take refuge behind or among "civilians". And the Bama instituted a policy requiring 24h notice before a house search.

Stands to reason that the enemy is making gains and killing our troops when they are hampered in their fighting ability in this manner.




FYI: The X-lax OWNS the Mark of Cain.



So, y'all wanna back a Texan for pres, do ya? Well then why not back Ron Paul? He was one of the first of a few congressmen that backed Reagan. Paul backed Reagan whilst the male cheerleader, Perry, was a DEMONRAT. To make things worse, the male cheerleader, Perry, backed Madman Al Gore's bid to become pres. Amazing! Red flags and warning signs all over the Perry record.




Dubya was male cheerleader too.


Oh, and lest we never forget, The X-lax OWNS the Mark of Cain.


Ten Reasons Why Rick Perry is Bad on Immigration


How good a candidate is Gov. Perry on [immigration] issues? He stinks. He is the worst of the Republicans and here are 10 reasons why:

1. Open Borders: Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, in a devastating article that appeared in Politico on August 11, 2011, notes that Gov. Perry gave a 2001 speech in Mexico, no less, saying he supported completely open borders, in which he called for the “free flow of individuals between these two countries who want to work and want to be an asset to our country and to Mexico.” Apparently, there can never be too much immigration from Mexico for Gov. Perry.

2. Border Fence: If you’re for open borders, you don’t want a border fence. The AP reported that in the same 2001 speech in Mexico, Gov. Perry says, “But the idea that you’re going to build a 1,200 mile wall … is idiocy. It absolutely would not work.”

3. An Arizona-style Immigration Law for Texas: Gov. Perry is against interior enforcement of our immigration laws. During the debate over Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration SB 1070, he opposed enacting something similar in his state, saying, “It would not be the right direction for Texas.”

4. Amnesty: Gov. Perry said Congress didn’t have the “maturity” to reform our immigration laws, by which he meant granting amnesty. The “Washington Watcher” at Vdare.com notes Gov. Perry has called for a “guest worker program that takes undocumented workers off the black market and legitimizes their economic contributions without providing them with citizenship status.” In other words, at a time when a record number of Americans are out of work, Gov. Perry’s job-creation plan is to make it easier for foreigners to take more of our jobs.

5. Birthright Citizenship: An article at Youth for Western Civilization’s blog notes that Gov. Perry “supports granting citizenship to children of illegal aliens, and opposes legislation to change the current policy which grants citizenship to any child of an illegal alien.” According to the Washington Post, he has said any change of our current birthright citizenship policies would be “unconstitutional.”

For generations, politicians were afraid to touch the question of birthright citizenship, but thanks to Tea Party groups, that is starting to change. By means of a deliberate misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, any pregnant woman who manages “to fly, crawl or flop across our borders” as Jared Taylor once put it, can give birth to an American citizen. Professor Lino Graglia of the University of Texas has ably refuted this absurd view of the 14th Amendment.

As Mr. Perry’s views become better known among conservative Republicans, they could turn against him. Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann have both spoken out against birthright citizenship.

6. E-Verify: E-Verify is a federal program that lets employers make sure their workers are here legally. Vdare’s “Washington Watcher” notes that when Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson challenged Gov. Perry for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2010, she called for E-Verify for all Texas state employees. Even that was too much for Gov. Rick Perry, who stated: “E-Verify would not make a hill of beans difference when it comes to what’s happening in America today.”

Illegal immigrants who are secretly working for Al Queda or MS-13 could get jobs as state employees, but Gov. Perry is opposed to even the most basic effort to weed them out. Apparently, it doesn’t make a “hill of beans difference” to him.

7. Illegal Aliens as “Undocumented”: The same Youth for Western Civilization article reports that in a talk about his big ideas for Texas school students, he said, “And that vision must include the children of undocumented workers.” (Emphasis added). “Undocumented” is the pro-Amnesty Left’s favorite code word for illegal aliens. Needless to say, that “vision” includes college education, jobs, and everything else. It is easy to foresee a Republican-promoted amnesty of the “undocumented” under a Perry administration, just like the one the last Bush administration served up.

8. In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens: In 2001, Gov. Perry supported and signed the Texas “DREAM Act,” which lets children of illegal aliens pay in-state tuition at Texas universities. It you live in neighboring Arizona, no in-state rates for you; but if your family sneaked illegally into Texas, Gov. Perry wants to give you tuition breaks.

Even the voters of liberal Maryland managed to upend the liberal elites’ goal of passing a “DREAM Act” in that state. So unpopular was the law there, that after a successful petition drive, Maryland voters can now decide its fate themselves in 2012.

9. Bragged About it in Mexico: After he signed the Texas DREAM Act, Gov. Perry went to Mexico to brag about it. According to the Washington Times, he said in Spanish: “Educacion es el futuro, y si se puede.” (Education is the future, and yes we can). Gov. Rick Perry, a supposedly conservative governor from the conservative state of Texas, brags in Mexico about transferring more Texas gringo money to more illegal aliens.

In 2009, Mr. Perry received the “Defender of Jerusalem” award, which is given to public figures who show a commitment to defending Israel and Jerusalem as its capital. “I have long supported the right of a Jewish state to exist in the Middle East,” said the grateful Mr. Perry. He is obviously unconcerned about the rights of a Texan state.

10. Giuliani for President in 2008: There were many conservatives running for the 2008 Republican nomination. Gov. Perry could have backed Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA), former Sen. Fred Thompson (TN), or fellow Texan Rep. Ron Paul. Instead, he supported fellow open-borders advocate, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

He said he supported Mr. Giuliani for national security reasons, but somehow failed to see how securing our borders is a matter of national security. Perhaps in his heart, and despite his conservative rhetoric, he feels closer to Mr. Giuliani’s worldview.

Gov. Perry has made unusual endorsements before. In 1988, when he was still a Democrat, he endorsed Al Gore for president. According to the Houston Chronicle, he even served as Mr. Gore’s Texas presidential campaign chairman. It is true that other prominent conservatives were once Democrats, and that Mr. Perry claims he has seen the error of his Democratic ways. Obviously he has not seen all his errors.





posted by AWD 6:18 PM Saturday, September 3, 2011


Does the R in Rick also stand for RINO? Right on! The RINOsity of Perry emerges more each day. Today in the form of his amor with illegal aliens! Perry has jumped to the forefront of Republican presidential candidates by taking credit for the strong economic performance of Texas that he had little to do with. If Perry is going to take credit for the good in Texas, he must also answer for nearly doubling the size and cost of government! Like George Bush, Perry talks a big conservative game but, in reality, is a moderate, big-government loving RINO. Ask most tea party members in Texas and they will tell you Perry is all hat, no cattle.

Read more>>



Was Rick Perry Scared Out Of South Carolina By Possible Immigration Confrontation?

by Patrick Cleburne at 2:33 am, September 6, 2011

In a peculiar move, having spent the morning at a low-stress event in Conway, South Carolina, Governor Rick Perry skipped the 3PM confrontation with his rivals for the GOP Presidential nomination and returned to Texas for a photo-op session back dropped by the wildfires there. (Perry to skip DeMint forum Shawna Shepherd CNN Politics September 5th 2011)

If it was so important for Perry to be in Texas, why did he stay for the first event? Would a few hours more have made such a difference?

The likely reason is that Perry’s handlers thought The New Republic was right: Has the Tea Party Set a Trap for Rick Perry in South Carolina? Ed Kilgore September 1, 2011:

Read more>>



long read but does debunk much of the Perry criticism....




once again the political math for Perry's state of Texas....




breaking teaparty news!




"FYI: The X-lax OWNS the Mark of Cain." - UG

The "x-lax" was born under the Mark of Cain just as all other caucasians were.

Even you. But just barely, as far as the good folks on Ellis Island were concerned, with either your Jewish and/or Italian ancestors.


"Oh, and lest we never forget, The X-lax OWNS the Mark of Cain." - DJ

Can you even VOTE, Aussie?

See above post.


Adam and Eve were black. Get over it.

You've all PROVED you're descended from Neanderthals.


Perry on immigration


long reads, must be a thoughtful man, hmmmmmmmmmm



There is no hiding the fact that Perry is abysmal on the immigration issues. Once the masses catch-on just how bad he is, he'll be toast. No way, no how, will I even consider voteing for that open-borders creep. He definitely earned his place in the treason lobby, along with George "BOO HOO KANYE CALLED ME A RACIST" BUSH and Juan "McAnus" McCain.


Makes no sense for one to promote the enemy to ur own family.
Alan combs!
U can't be serious. Not only is he always,always wrong but he is plane stupid and fugly.
Shame on u!
I cannot respect such a dumbass.
Didn't u think about ur family at all?
And ur sister is pathetic enough to marry such a baffoon.
U are now under foot. Good luck


"No way, no how, will I even consider voteing for that open-borders creep." - DJ

Haven't you heard? Aussies can't vote in US elections.

Here's an idea... why don't you run for President!!??!!?!?


"And ur sister is pathetic enough to marry such a baffoon." - roguedictator

Wait until get a load of who SHE eventually marries...

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