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July 26, 2011



Assuming that Anders Behring Breivik in Norway did act independently of Islamic extremists, and in fact was anti-Islamic, there are still many indicators of 'Blond Jihadi' in this case.

Was he not strongly influenced, if not "inspired" by Islamic Terror modus operandi? What about the following, which are not---repeat---not typical of lone nut violence but are seen in muslim extremists?

1. Combining a bombing and a shooting. Typical lone nuts will go on shooting sprees, but don't precede it with a bombing spree at another location.

2. Like many Islamic extremists, Breivik is from a well-to-do- background, not the progressive Marxist Class War stereotype of the "underprivileged."

3. Police reports say he used dum-dum bullets to cause maximum damage to his victims. Maximizing the pain and destruction is similar to jihadi tactics, as when a victim's head is sawed off to show who really means business.

4. His writings, in addition to politically correct police stereotyping him as a "Christian fundamentalist," and the 'Teutonic Knights' business, indicate that he sees himself as a "holy warrior." The jihadi counterpart is obvious.

5. His buying a farm. amassing ferilizer for bomb-making etc are eerily reminscent of well-to-do Islamic extremists and their cold, methodical long-term planning.

6. His hatred of Western "progressives" is eerily similar to how Islamic extremists see the "degenerate infidels" and their homosexuality.(This despite fact that he reportedly is pro-homosexual, besides anti-muslim.)

7. He did not gun down muslims. He killed progressives or their children, members of the elite ruling class.


This from BELMONT CLUB, on the same theme, Breivik and the Jihadis. (BELMONT CLUB, BTW, is a site for serious, in-depth discussion---no place for trolls, screaming screwballs and their "calm" dronebot admirers.)....

BC/////To me, the most interesting aspect of Anders Behring Breivik is how he self-identifies himself as a “crusader”. Think about it. Al-Qaeda has barked the label “Crusader” constantly against westerners for the last fifteen years. And now, this man self-identifies himself the way Islamists identify him.

His tactics are a refinement of the tactics of Islamists, for he apparently uses more precision than is usually evident from Islamists. He may call himself a Christian. He may call himself a Crusader. Yet, his self-identification is not indigenous. His self-identification is more of a mirror image of Islam and specifically al-Qaeda than an identification arising from his own heritage.

If this attack were a “false flag” production, it could not have been executed more effectively. It plays into the desired worldview of al-Qaeda and identifies itself the way al-Qaeda wants. Moreover, he seeks to use this massacre as a podium to express his views, in imitation of al-Qaeda’s propensity to murder people and then give harsh lectures to the relatives of the dead.

This attack is classic “propaganda of the deed” – he is using this event to proselytize the same way al-Qaeda used the September 11 attacks to proselytize. One thing Anders Behring Breivik does seem to understand is that if one can always start a war if one massacres enough people.


White liberals' quest to turn Norway into Muslim hellhole (all done in the name of compassion and tolerance of course) drove Breivik into utter madness. His fight against the disease of liberalism caused him to acquire a disease ALMOST as virulent and destructive as liberalism itself.

BTW, how can someone be a Christian and unabashedly pro-homosexual at the same time? The answer quite is obvious: one can't.


Who is telling La Raza that he is dancing alone? Not people on the Right. Will people buy into AB being a follower of the Koran? Not likely, but one could ask why he did not attack a Mosque. The right will distance themselves from this bloodshed, but the issues of national identity, following our laws, and concern about foreign infiltration will doubtlessly continue.

I give the Tea Party high grades for staying the course. We are seeing the black devil now. I applaud holding the line, even if they have to go with a temporary solution. If that, then they need a plan for reorganization so cost cutting can take place prior to dropping the debt limit again. They ight also compromise by allowing some taxes on corporations that outsource, if they are matched by cuts - double down.


Will Jerusalem be forfeited by the UN today? Will fighting break out?


"[b}ut one could ask why he did not attack a Mosque."


He attacked the very people that made Mosques in Norway possible. In other words: he went straight to the root of the problem.


Wow, the bullshit in here is thicker than on Brillo's show.

So thick you need a cruiseliner to wade through it.

The truth by his own words?



Anders Behrink Breivik was a rightwing pro-Israel jihadist against Islam racist nationalist absolute doppleganger of at least four regular posters on here:


If you look in their records, you'll find the same exact rhetoric, over and over and over again. Just switch America for where Breivik used Norway and Europe.

And of course, you can read Mein Kampf and read the same exact idiotic bullshit poison. Merely substitute America for "the fatherland".

Don't take my word for it; LOOK FOR YOURSELF.


Monica, you are off your rocker...There is nothing but crap and lies that are coming out of your mouth. You are doing nothing but splitting up this country even deeper for your party that you love so much.Instead of making news why don't you just report the news...Your station is not fair and balanced as you say..It is just a GOP megaphone...SHAME ON YOU...YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE DOWN THE ROAD...

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