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June 07, 2011



Repugnant display of anti-white genocial racism # 3,786,798,123 since 1954:

***A leading leftist’s goal for the white race
Larry T. writes***:

"There’s a profile of the demented Jane Fonda in May 9 issue of The New Yorker (not online). You’ll be happy to know that after a lifetime of being victimized by powerful men, she has found herself, is loved, and is content with her life. [LA replies: Once every five or ten years Fonda emerges with a new book and a bunch of TV interviews informing the world that she has just now finally found herself and is happy.]

There’s an anecdote about the wedding of the son of Fonda and her second husband, Tom Hayden.

As the evening progressed, the parents of both the bride and groom made speeches. Speaking off the cuff, Garity’s father, the political activist and politician Tom Hayden, who was Fonda’s second husband (neither parent want Troy to bear the weight of a famous last name), said that he was especially happy about his son’s union with Bent, who is black, because, among other things, it was “another step in a long-term goal of mine: the peaceful, nonviolent disappearance of the white race.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at 03:41 PM



DJ- I fervently wish I could time warp you to the time in the future where everyone on earth will be the same race.

Except you.


To be honest I find Weiner FAR FAR FAR less objectionable than George W "BOO HOO KANYE CALLED ME A RACIST" Bush.

Weiner made an arse out of himself and embarrassed his family. Dubya F'ed up entire country(s) particularly the U.S.A.!

POSTED BY: DJ | JUNE 07, 2011 AT 08:50 AM


Hear ! hear !


NAFTA CRAPTA and all the other global BS that were started by Bush Sr. Then carried out to perfection by his dumbf*ck retarded son.

The borders flung wide open, border guards on trial.. the sellout of the Nation was staqrted by the Bushs. Though Ted KKKennedy had something to do with it as well.





Unless, of course, you're here working for Obama.

Then by all means, carry on.



http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/06/06/frum.gop.opportunity/ (X-lax)


David Frum is the enemy within. And thank God for the Drudge Report. Drudge is one of the few news outlets that calls attention to the unrelenting epidemic of the black crime that has been sweeping the country ever since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed (track the data).

From Drudge:


'I was scared for my life' ...

Poet 'Da Real One' Gunned Down In Front Of Miami Poetry Cafe ...

Violent crime explodes in Myrtle during Black Bike Week; 8-hour hell ...

Rib Fest At Rochester beach turns rowdy ...

Riot On Long Island ...

Urban Melee In Charlotte ...

Chaos causes DNC concern for convention ...

Unruly urban crowd shuts down Nashville water park ...

Emanuel shuts down packed Chicago beach; 'heat-related illnesses' ...

REPORT: 'Dozens of gang bangers' ...


Obama cracks down on civil rights abuses by big-city police departments ...


"David Frum is the enemy within." - DJ

Nice try. The real "enemy within" are the people here doing Obama's filthy work for him.

But you know this.


Far be it from me to get in the way of your little "divide and conquer" directives.


"Divide and conquer" falls under the purview of the stinkin' commie Leftoids, not freedom loving conservatives. Some things don't change no matter how loud and often X-lax and "its" ilk shriek their LIES!


Can you and UG handslap above your cubicle walls, or did your boss have to put you on opposite sides of the boiler room so you'd get your work done?


I resent you calling social security an entitlement, I paid the maximum amount for 44 years.


DJ- I fervently wish I could time warp you to the time in the future where everyone on earth will be the same race.

Except you.

Posted by: xbjllb | June 07, 2011 at 08:58 AM

The "lies"? Am finding it's more of a Rightwing act.


I resent you calling social security an entitlement, I paid the maximum amount for 44 years.

Posted by: Fred | June 07, 2011 at 09:13 PM

That's a rightwing ploy.Just like Class warfare is an attack on the rich. When. 1 of the richest men said it's an attack by the rich to help the rich.
One of their "lies"


One thing you will quickly learn about the rightwing, Jay:

They're all Nazis. And all Nazis are born liars.

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