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May 23, 2011



X-lax's most notable talent is being wrong on a consistent basis. Case in point: Its fanatical belief Hilary would crush Obama in the 2008 primary then go on to win the general. LOL - DJ

Oh yes, me and ALL of MSM punditry at the time.

So tedious.


"Now we wait to complete the roster for implementation of OPC." - UG

You sound like Trotsky. And Mephistopheles.

And of course, Caiaphas.


"Its fanatical belief Hilary would crush Obama in the 2008 primary then go on to win the general. LOL" - DJ

Isn't it FASCINATING how people who work FOR Obama forget that reveling in his success EXPOSES them?


Of course it bothers me when people are murdered.
just wondered how you people feel about Ron Paul and his stay out of other countries' problems. And, not giving federal aid to disaster victims.

Posted by: jay | May 23, 2011 at 08:17 PM

I've been studying this foreign aid since 2001 and most of it does not go to the people who need it. Much of it goes to corrupt governments. Look at Haiti.

Joe B.

Monica it appears just like all conservative talkers you don't get it. You keep telling us it's Reupblican versus Democrat. Both parties wanted to put us in war in the mideast, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.. Both parties agreed to the too big to fail fisaco that cost us the taxpayers - trillions of dollars, both parties let oil companies suck us dry, both parties have no problem with the TSA - big government contractors making a fortune thru trumped up terrorist threats, and finally rhey are both in agreement that the bankers like Goldman Sachs, Citibank run the country - not one opposes the eliminating the Federal Reserve. Once I discovered Alex Jones, I realized all of the stuff Limnbaugh, Hannity, & you talk about is not even relevant. You should listen to Alex Jones.

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