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April 19, 2011



“I don’t expect that he’s going to love me, but Bush gave us Obama,” Trump said. “In all fairness to John McCain and Sarah Palin, nobody could have won. You could have brought back Abraham Lincoln, he couldn’t have beaten Obama at that time, because of what Karl and Bush had done.”



Monica won't like that one! To me Trump is hitting one high note after the other!


Posted by: Ummahgummah | April 19, 2011 at 02:12 PM

Yes, and is this yet another reason why Monica will not jump ship and defect from the House of Boosh? Donald is too mean to her Georgie the Saudist?

Or is it a reason why she might, after all?


Is Brillo STILL on the air?

I thought, with Beck gone, you know... throwing out the baby with the bathwater and all that.

Allison Williams Hill

Re: Monica Crowley's incredible comments:
"The soaring "one America" claptrap we got seven years ago has evaporated," - from who? Seven from eleven is four. Bush was in office then.
What are you talking about?? Saw you on Fox talking about Obama being testy. What I saw was the reporter interrupting the President. Are you having a peroxide moment? Your comment about him being cool was desirable is incorrect. If you check back, there was a lot of criticism, esp. on Fox, beCAUSE he was thought of as too cool. Who on earth coached you to say this stuff?

Loren Kemper

Wow, she has so much hate in her voice when talks about Obama. I think she might have a secret crush on him. It is easy to attack someone when you have no one to give the other side of the story. Hannity never allows that of course and just yells over people both on his radio show and his t.v. show. I bet she does the same on her radio show. It is the way of the right.

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