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April 21, 2011




What the MOST RACIST DA ever would never investigate:


Heck, the gaystream media won't even show it so why should holder get involved?



Boycott baseball - Start a campaign! Ticket prices are too high,and tax cuts are being used to keep ticket prices high. I protest! No sportster should be paid 20m/annum. Maybe 2. LETS GET REAL!

Our - often all too apt -- warrior princess was correct last year when she claimed "Going to a ball game should not be a month's rent". This is no longer the American pastime.



Looks like you got Scumella to set a new Personal Best in freakout and number of caps. Now she might threaten an appointment in Gehenna.


How about a Rassmussen poll on baseball. When was the last time you attended a baseball game, and are the games too expensive?


You're just not making any sense. RR's son Ron is a flaming f@ggot who h@tes his father.

Any more questions?

Posted by: Ummahgummah | April 23, 2011 at 12:40 AM
LMAO. Another load of tripe from the resident, koran-burning, kooky bigot.

btw genius, I 100% support the candidacy of Trump. Dems won't have to waste a dime campaigning against him; the repugs and religious right will take care of that for us.


On the contrary. I know very well what marginal tax rates are. More importantly, I understand that if you subject wealth creation to a 91% tax, it will remove the INCENTIVE to create wealth!

Jay, do you understand the concept of CAUSALITY? i.e. 'cause and effect'?

Can you fathom the EFFECT the disincentive a 91% top marginal tax rate will CAUSE?!? Again the key to understanding this is the word INCENTIVE.

Posted by: DJ | April 23, 2011 at 08:36 AM
So throughout the 50s the tax rate was at 91-92%.


If, anyone would look at the tax rates since 1913. They would find that the 91% tax rates of the 50s didn't hurt us. But, the 24-25% of the late 1920s did. Not, saying to GO BACK to the 91% rates of the 50s. Just that the tax cuts for the rich only helps the rich. At, the expense of the middle class. The rich say to give them the lowest rates possible and they will create more jobs. Who says? The 91% didn't cause jobs to suffer in the 50s. When I looked at that link and the others. They said the same thing. Since the data is from the IRS. What is noticeable is that when the rates were very low. The economy suffered. When they were much higher. The economy did better.
It was Reagan and Bush who were responsible for NAFTA.
People say that regulations cause jobs to go overseas. What we got in return was lead in toys.
The Gulf oil spill from faulty equiptment and the finacial fiasco in 2008 with all that bad paper going around. Because as 1 finacial bigwig said, "to get our money and run!"
9/11? The anti semites say that the jews planned it while the towers were being built. Look on Youtube.


I encourage all your right wing nuts to listen to a real radio station that speak the truth about whats really going on here in america listen to 98.7 Kiss FM tommorrow Sundays at 10am www.openlinekissfm.com

Posted by: Al | April 23, 2011 at 01:53 PM

Thanks Al. We won't miss it...We won't listen; and we won't miss it.


"Looks like you got Scumella to set a new Personal Best in freakout and number of caps. Now she might threaten an appointment in Gehenna." - Gringoman

Frau "Scumella" hasn't been here for a long time. She's obviously finding it harder to make me rich and famous than she thought.

But since I know you're referring to me, UG's appointment with Gehenna was done a long time ago. Where have you been?

Stalking Monica's fiancee no doubt. So what's the P.I. have to say?


Monica back on McLaughlin this week... and doesn't she just look radiant and glowing? Might as well shop for the shower presents at the same time as the wedding gifts gang!

Is the new Cuban-Jewish guy on the panel her fiancee or is she just thrilled to have a conservative opp her in the layout?

Seems like a nice enough guy. Wish them all the best in the world, whoever he is.


"btw genius, I 100% support the candidacy of Trump. Dems won't have to waste a dime campaigning against him; the repugs and religious right will take care of that for us." - Liberator

Be careful what you wish for. He continues to tapdance around the social issues, and he'll win over 90% of Hillary Dems. It's not hard for the smartest folks on the block to figure out where's he's really coming from.


Since people have questioned my higher tax rates doesn't hurt the country. And, maybe even helps it.


here's several years with the unemplyment rate followed by the top tax rate.
1953 2.9% 92%
1983 9.6% 50%
1987 6.2% 38% (Black Monday)
1988 5.5% 28%
Evetyone knows what the unemplyment and tax rates are now.

So, my point has always been that the tax cuts for the Rich only helps them.
It's the big tax lie by the rich and for the rich. Helped along by their conservative friends.


What I have found is that the unemplyment rates are more of a which party is President. Instead of a the rate of taxes. In this regard, the Dems have done a better job of lowering unemplyment as opposed to the Republicans.
In 1982 the unemployment rate was at 9.7%


Should add. Even though people here like to more "attack with a little name calling thrown in"
Once again, HAPPY EASTER!


"Yes, this coming from X-lax, the anti-white genocide bigot who doesn't posses the perceptiveness to be able to discriminate the crucial differences between predatory capitalism and wealth creating capitalism...or maybe it's just being mendacious?" - DJ

There is no genocide against whites, DJ. Like I said, when the nonwhite Hitler arises and starts gassing people for being white, you'll have a case. Hasn't happened in all of human history, and won't ever happen, because all white people happen to be descended from Cain. And their very whiteness is the mark of Cain against all the rest of humanity to let them win.

As far as the difference between wealth creating capitalism (for the rich 98% and 2% trickle down) and predatory capitalism (100% rich and 0% trickle down)? That ONLY DIFFERENCE is NECESSARY GOVERNMENTAL REGULATION.

You know, that government you and yours are hell bent on castrating.


God bless Pres. Obama, Michelle Obama, VP Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rev J. Wright, Congresswoman of CA Maxine Waters,Congresswoman Sheilda Lee Jackson of Texas, Congressman of Ohio Dennis K., and the rest of the good hearted progressives that share my policital views. I be in taxing the rich much more and distribute the wealth to the working poor and homeless. I personally spoke with House Speaker John Boehner about doing the right thing in working with our President Obama. For a republican, John is not a bad guy. The rest of your right wing nuts, tea baggers, and repubicans finally have someone to vote for in 2012 A FELLOW RACIST BY THE NAME OF Donald Trump.

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