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April 25, 2011





Trump is also smart enough to understand and follow the dictum:

"I keep my friends close; but my enemies even closer."




imo the only difference between the "two" is pro life, pro choice









i'm not sure the clintons would run with the embarrassment

imo the "historic first" I'm not so sure "either party" would try another historic first with a woman, so far for the most part women are not even getting honorable mention, which I rather think is good. I personally have seen too many elected women who lost their good sense when they acquired what they considered a set of balls to play with the boys club; to name a few, Waters, Boxer, Snowe, Pelosi for sure & more

If that sounds sexist & politically incorrect GOOD! GREAT! WONDERFUL, excercise in free speech & thought. Try it very liberating!

I have a confession to make, I try to be as politically incorrect, on a daily basis, as I can.

try it, I guarantee, you'll like it



"i'm not sure the clintons would run with the embarrassment" - thebuckstopshere

She would, because she'd have to to win.

And it would put her over. He still has his fan club. In a minority, yes, shrinking in numbers, yes, but still substantial.


"(meant to prevent an imaginary slaughter)" - Monica Crowley

The slaughter had started long before we went in, and is still continuing.

The only thing imaginary thing about it is how you believe people will just believe your misstatements without calling you on them. And how, if it was Bush who did it, you'd be saying the exact opposite. (Sigh).

You can do better than that. I know, flowers, churches, gowns, bands, venues, cribs, toys, the mind reels. We'll cut you some slack.


America Lost?




Well, it's Trump or nothing now. Ron Paul is running, to spoil any mainstream GOP candidate's chances.

And believe me, just like always, he will spoil any mainstream GOP chances.

He might even spoil Trump's.

No matter how low his polls fall, no matter how bad it looks, it always looks better for Obama than the GOP.



Paul might be the wildcard that keeps Trump out of the race. If Trump decides not to run, I will definitely blame Paul.

And that will be the end of it. Obama will win, no matter what.


"Those who are dreaming of a Caucasian Holocaust have never been nearer to achieving their goals." - UG

People who make statements like this need to have been committed, YESTERDAY, and DONALD TRUMP WOULD BE THE FIRST TO SAY SO.

Posted by: xbjllb | April 26, 2011 at 01:30 AM


Warning to all those unfamiliar with XBJLLB (X-lax):

X-lax is a racist/bigot of the most vile form.

To be more specific, he's/it's an anti-white racist/anti-Catholic anti-Semitic bigot. He goes so far as to misuse scripture to justify his/its attacks against the white-race.

And let us never forget, the prerequisite of genocide is to first demonize the target population. That's exactly what X-lax and his fellow leftist genocidal scum are attempting to do with the white-race.

For example: Here is X-lax in his own words misusing scripture for the purpose of demonizing the entire white-race:

X-lax wrote: "... all white people happen to be descended from Cain. And their very whiteness is the mark of Cain against all the rest of humanity to let them win."


"Trump cannot win without Jeb Bush. But if he runs as an independent, that might well be impossible."

If Trump runs as an Indedendent, he will lose and so will we. This is, however, what the Dems want. The GOP just wants him to go away; he is upsetting their plan for another Progressive like Hucklebee or Romney.
I saw Romney last night -what a blithering gasshole. Too bad the Dems don't realize that the Mormon Church teaches that Blacks are the descendants of Cain--Black skin being the "Mark" God put on him.


Mel Martinez says he will not run with Jeb Bush, until the birther issue is resolved. This might mean a postponement until at least 2016. They probably intend to waste no political agenda like Pan-Latino Globalism before its time. To them, birtherism is just a dirty, nonglobal form of iso-Constitutionalism.


Gringoman, did you read my comments about that exact article by KrautLamer a couple of threads back?

I hammered that lamer pretty good for comparing Trump to that vile loudmouth Farton. And I dissected his various comments one by one in case you haven't read it and might be interested.

KrautLamer is nothing but a neo-con stooge.


Posted by: Ummahgummah | April 25, 2011 at 09:56 PM


Yes. Yes. And Yes.

(FYI. I could have posted earlier on Krauthammer but didn't. Sometimes I post immediately on something and sometimes I hold back, for various reasons.)


We see so many libs come in here complaining that Monica is to rough on their Chicago boy the Bama.

They complain about the nature of the criticism and sometimes about the style of said criticism. Often there is also the accusation of "racism".

What we never hear from any of them is what exactly the Anointed One is doing that is s o great and wonderful.

Is it not racism to put a "person of color" above criticism?

Is it not racism when over 99% of the entire black vote goes to the black candidate?

Is it not racism when the whitelibs in the media self-censor and allow the most powerful man on Earth to get away with things that a white man would never be allowed to get away with. Czarist rule comes to mind.. the undeclared illegal war on Libya.. and a host of other things.. the racist AG holder nominated by their guy is another.. the list could go on ad nauseam..

Before the next lib comes in here ragging on Monica or anyone else for criticizing the Bama let them state what he does that is so great and wonderful.

Let them also hear that they set the standard for ho a president is criticized by the way they dealt with George W. Bush.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot it seems that they can't deal with it.


Posted by: Ummahgummah | April 25, 2011 at 10:12 PM

Ummah's points are a clue to the need for a term which the vast majority of Republicans and even conservatives are still too clueless to use, and maybe even understand: LIBERAL RACISM.

Today the Liberal Racist is by far the most dominant, revolting and venal racist on the planet, but most "conservatives" don't even know how to pull the fig leaf off it.


Most so-called conservatives in the G.O.P. are, in fact, "liberal racists". Ironically, even the dopes who criticise "liberal racism" voted for Dubya (a liberal racist) in 2004, then turned right around and voted for McCain (a liberal racist) in 2008. Go figure???


Proposals from demonic commies on the loose like this guy are making a big contribution to the assassination of America from within:

"Former Obama Adviser Van Jones Helping to Push 'Human' Rights for Mother Nature"




Nope NAFTA/Gatt has nothing to do with this I'm sure

Ug, the tyke has worked my LAST nerve, same stats, no answers to questions

I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THAT 47% GETTING A FREE LUNCH JAY, AT OUR EXPENSE....MAYBE IF THEY HAD A LITTLE SKIN IN THE GAME OUT DEFICIT WOULDN'T BE 14T. Who are these people? nobody i hang with, we all believe in hard work, the value of a buck & long for the days we were the most powerful Nation on the planet. I don't give two figs for goat herders becoming a democracy, & most likely they don't much either.


Posted by: thebuckstopshere | April 26, 2011 at 12:08 AM

Buck here, whether he knows it or not. is touching on one of the dirtiest secrets of Socialist Sammy and the PC Police. This exposes the real reason why these white leftniki and their black hacks pretend to be such "anti-racists" while they practice the most revolting Liberal Racism. Their whole agenda depends on having Americans who work support those who don't. In fact, the Entitlement Empire, installed by FDR, has now balooned to the point where practically half of Americans are supporting the other half. But you are forbidden to menrion this. Verboten in the hackstream media which is controlled by the socialists even when owned by Corporate Charley.

Now the need for their liberal racism becomes clearer. They need to shut off debate on their trillion-dollar Welfare Leeches by shrieking "racist" anytime you bring it up.

BTW, this is NOT at all aimed mainly at blacks (by me). The blacks are simply fodder used by the white socialists and their black hacks, Blacks are useful to these scammers since they can be easily patronized with Socialist Sammy's Government Cheese and racial quotas etc.

Most Americanos, however, are still too timid or clueless to see how they're being gamed. They can feel it, but few really understand the game. And the corporate/socialist hackstream media will go all out to keep them that way, as when the Crony Capitalists like GE's Jeffrey Imelt can scoop up billons by playing ball with the socialist hacks and their union thugs, (and of course the G.O.P. knows how to profit too, while acting in "opposition"_.


"If Trump runs as an Indedendent, he will lose and so will we. This is, however, what the Dems want. The GOP just wants him to go away" - longrifle

Unfortunately, DEFINITELY right now that Paul's in the race.

Prior to Paul, I thought Trump had a chance as in independent.


Most so-called conservatives in the G.O.P. are, in fact, "liberal racists". Ironically, even the dopes who criticise "liberal racism" voted for Dubya (a liberal racist) in 2004, then turned right around and voted for McCain (a liberal racist) in 2008. Go figure???

Posted by: DJ | April 26, 2011 at 10:47 AM

I got out my magnifying glass to look for something to disagree with in this DJ comment. Alas, I couldn't find anything (except for the terminal question marks.)


Gman, when we made "political correctness" & every groups rights were made out to be more important than anothers, we began down the road to losing our REPUBLIC.

I listen to how well our politicos are doing for US, & wanna puke. NO WE ARE NOT BETTER OFF, & IMO IT IS ONLY GONNA GET WORSE UNLESS PEOPLE WAKE UP & SMELL THE NWO.

In regard to imelt, I've loathed him since the firing of Imus. & his outsourcing manufacturing jobs to Mexico, & then stating maybe that wasn't such a good idea, only to capitalize on the "green energy" contracts, & lookee here now he is on OUR PAY ROLE, compliments of the one. Small world eh? you would like to think anybody paying attention could connect these happenings as more than coincidence.



"Is it not racism to put a "person of color" above criticism?

Is it not racism when over 99% of the entire black vote goes to the black candidate?" - Gringoman

TO be technically correct, I'd call those cases you cited as cases of reverse racism. Definitely a form of racism, but in those cases, TEMPORARY reactionary racism as opposed to institutionalized racism.

But to say that all reactionary racism in the case of this one man, the first "black" President of the US, is equivalent in any way to centuries of slavery based racism, is disingenuous, for this reactionary racism will definitely soon pass, as there will only be one "first" "black" President to unite behind IN reverse racism.

It's not going to become anything close to a norm, or the future, or any other of the paranoid drivel espoused by institutional white racists, one of whom is a regular here.

There is only one race, the human race, and the sooner everyone realizes it and how threatened this planet is by rich old mostly white (and a handful of Chinese) men with their frightened fingers on triggers of doomsday devices that can instantly turn this entire planet into an asteroid belt, the better off we'll be because we can seek out the real enemy and re-educate them.

Before it's too late and they force the Creator to return and da*mn them.


regarding Paul, he has never voted for a tax he didn't like, & he hasn't liked any of them, & I am quite sure our troops would be home patrolling & securing our borders. Not to mention pushing for a balanced budget. Pt. being deals are made all the time, who knows the art of the deal better than the Donald?



Here's where people are insane on racism.

Institutionalized white against black slavery and racism existed for CENTURIES, from the discovery of Africa until the mid 1960's with the civil rights movement.

Since then, there's been a bit of black against white reverse racism, but like I said, reactionary due to centuries of institutionalized white against black slavery and racism.

However, no race can be racist against their own race. The definition of racism is hatred and fear of a DIFFERENT race. Technically, no race can even be reactionary reverse racist against their own race. It goes against the very definition of the word.

While some people (very few) can identify with another race, and feel they are another race than they were born, it usually doesn't work out as a successful strategy in real life. Because no matter how they see themselves or how they may culturally behave and express themselves, they still will be treated racially based on their outward skin color.

A white rapper will always be white. And very few, if any, white rappers, hate white people or express reactionary racism against white people.

What the institutionalized white against black racists here are claiming exists, DOESN'T EXIST.

What does exist, are people that have empathy for how other races have been treated in the past and currently by institutionalized white against black racists, and through flawed methods like affirmative action have tried to make up for CENTURIES OF INSTITUTIONALIZED WHITE AGAINST BLACK SLAVERY AND RACISM.

No other country had to deal with this issue save Rome, and Rome's slavery wasn't based on skin color, but rather nationality.

Reactionary racism is a temporary phenomenon that arises when milestones occur. Most people see Obama as black, so he receives slack that other former Presidents wouldn't receive, in regards to keeping his records hidden and spending untold thousands in legal fees to keep them so.

Bending over backwards to help those less fortunate than yourselves is not racism. It is not reverse racism. It is simply affirmative action politically.

And Christianity as Jesus Christ lived, taught, and died it, the half-breed Jewish descendent, through David, of the semite Solomon and the negro Sheba, and full-fledged Son of God.

And woe to those who will stand before Him and His Father at the throne, whining that they were victims of temporary reactionary black against white racism, or more laughably, white against white racism, WHICH CANNOT EXIST BY DEFINITION.


"Institutional racism" is a social construct concocted by "anti-racists" (read: anti-white bigots) designed to obfuscate the real "institutional racism". That being government enforced racial preferences, enforcement of hate crimes laws, voting rights, etc.... for everyone except whites -- especially white-males.

Racism always existed in the world, it just manifests in different ways from time to time. At present, anti-white racism is all-the-rage; it's the "hip" thing to be nowadays, especially amongst elite white-liberals; but not exclusively amongst elite white-libs. Even low-life weirdos like X-lax are, in droves, jumping on the ant-white bandwagon.


This whole skewed view and strategy of a warped definition of what a racist is and is not, came about by Zionists who equate Zionism, a political Imperialist movement made up of members of all religions, with Judaism, a religion. Zionists come from all walks of life, and their members include Jews, duped Christians, antiChristians, Satanists, Luciferians, atheists, and those of no religion period. While Judaism consists of Jews. That is the difference between a purely political movement with nothing whatsoever to do with religion, and a religion.

Zionists, in their attempt to make zionism a heretical equivalent of Judaism, came up with the phenomenon of and derogatory term "self-hating jew" to describe all Jewish people, the majority in fact, who are not Zionists and do not support the Nation of Israel.

"Self-hating Jews" do exist, there are theories that Hitler was one out of complete total ignorance of his ancestry, as well as a HANDFUL of others. However, the Zionists' own definition are Jews who are anti-Zionist, and do not support the Nation of Israel. Which happen to be the majority of Judaism throughout the world, except in Israel.

Similarly, institutionalized white against black racists have similarly tried to co-opt the word "racist" itself, giving in an impossible meaning directly opposite to its dictionary meaning that is directly akin to "self-hating Jew" as "self-hating white."

One simply cannot be racist against one's own race. It's impossible by the very definition of the word. Racism is hatred against ANOTHER race than your own.

But as the word "traitor" to ones' own race is a lot harder for most people to swallow and the term "self-hating white" points an alarming identifying finger at the originators of such a ridiculous theory just like the utter myth of the "self-hating jew", today's institutionalized white against black racists have co-opted the word "racist" to mean, not only something complete opposite of its original meaning, but impossible by the very definition.

Even "self-hating whites" or "white traitors to the white race" cannot be RACIST BY DICTIONARY DEFINITION.


The above post, while it appears to be a reaction to the one above, was not. It was simply a matter of timing.

The poster of the post above these two of mine no longer exists in the universe I live in.

The kIngdom I live in, HIS Kingdom, is not of this world.


HIS of course referring to Jesus Christ YHWH Lord God.


"Technically, no race can even be reactionary reverse racist against their own race. It goes against the very definition of the word." (--X-lax)


And then there's the white Harvard Professor, Dr. Noel Ignatiev:


"...Dr. Ignatiev intends cultural and psychological genocide for whites. It is unclear whether physical extermination is part of the program. A statement by the editors on the web site says that the new abolitionists

“do not limit themselves to socially acceptable means of protest, but reject in advance no means of attaining their goal.”

Dr. Ignatiev does not believe his agenda is controversial. He writes:

“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.” Thus does he put whites on notice. If they oppose their abolition, they are “white supremacists.”

According to Dr. Ignatiev,

“The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.”

“Make no mistake about it,” he says,

“we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed--not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

What “social construct” will be left?

A black one?

An Hispanic one?



What about Jewish?


Full article>>



Congratulations! You found an insane crackpot. Does this man have a movement? Does he have a following? Is he running for political power with a massive machine behind him? Do anyone but white racists cite him?

Nutcases exist. To use them to bolster an opposite nutcase argument is pretty weak imho.


I suspect Obama attended Dr. Ignatev's class whilst he was at Harvard. Undoubtedly Barry earned an A+. It's probably the only grade above C- he earned. That could be the reason why Barry won't release his transcripts. Heh!



DJ, he was sitting in the front row with "prof" Kambon, Malik shab-azz, Van Jones and "rev" wrong.

The other revs were too lazy too attend, preferring to stand outside with their megaphones, haranguing any white passersby they could find.

Pastor Pflegel and Bill ayers had to sit in back because after all they are white.




Notice the X-lax spamming even more than before. It made a big mistake with its "mark of Cain" comment and now the truth is out for all to see.

There is no way to backtrack from something like this.

The X-lax OWNS the "mark of Cain".

Liberation theology at its best.







oh yes happy days are here again!



Notice the X-lax spamming even more than before. It made a big mistake with its "mark of Cain" comment and now the truth is out for all to see.

There is no way to backtrack from something like this.

The X-lax OWNS the "mark of Cain".

Liberation theology at its best.


Posted by: Ummahgummah | April 26, 2011 at 01:04 PM


Ummah, LOL!

I'll always remind of that lest he should forget.

The X-lax OWNS the "mark of Cain".


"Notice the X-lax spamming even more than before. It made a big mistake with its "mark of Cain" comment and now the truth is out for all to see.

There is no way to backtrack from something like this." - UG

Oh yeah? Really? How about doubling down.

"The X-lax OWNS the "mark of Cain".

Liberation theology at its best." - UG

Nope, just the Bible itself, dickhead.

"All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." - Bible.

ALL. Descendants of Cain and Neanderthals, which gave us some of the most lovely Scandinavian blonds on the planet, as well as descendants of Adam and Eve, who gave us Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson.

And a whole lot of luscious and not so luscious humanity in between.

The only people who demonize ALL of humanity are institutionalized white against black racists, and a very small handful of reactionary black against white reverse racists.

And the Nazis of the world who didn't have enough blacks in their country to demonize and scapegoat, so they went after those they felt were "half-breeds".

Like Christ's peoples' descendants.

Let's face it, racism is about wealth generation through war and nothing more. If everyone on earth had the same skin color we'd have racists bitching over eye color. Or hair color.

Idiots. Tools of fascists and war profiteers. PERIOD.

And Goddam*ned too if they don't repent of it.


America Lost

Indeed. Great way to end a thread with that title; with the alliance of Monicamemo's resident racist with Monicamemo's resident fascist warmongering tool.

And my response.


People wondered for centuries why the "Song of Solomon" was in the Bible. A love story, practically porn for many sensibilities for many decades, why was it in there when there was nothing else in the entire Bible even remotely like it?

It was there, obviously, to celebrate the biracial love and union between King Solomon, the wisest King the Israelites ever had, and the Queen of Sheba, a black woman of Ethiopia, and eventually the line that would lead to David and the Messiah Jesus Christ. To this day Ethiopian Jews are black but all DNA says they are indeed sons of Abraham through Solomon.

God knew that once the first world of the West rediscovered Africa, it would plunder the humanity there and not only institutionalize slavery, but the racism and subhumanization that makes slavery possible.

So that's why the Song of Solomon is in the Bible; to remind people that there is only one race, the human race, and that racism, which can only exist against a different race, would never be tolerated. It is quite a point that the only real love story in the Bible is a biracial one.


Notice the X-lax spamming even more than before. It made a big mistake with its "mark of Cain" comment and now the truth is out for all to see.

There is no way to backtrack from something like this.

The X-lax OWNS the "mark of Cain".

Liberation theology at its best.


Posted by: Ummahgummah | April 26, 2011 at 01:04 PM


Ummah, LOL!

I'll always remind of that lest he should forget.

The X-lax OWNS the "mark of Cain".
POSTED BY: DJ | APRIL 26, 2011 AT 03:06 PM


The RACIST X-lax will NOT be allowed to have the last word on this issue.


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