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March 23, 2011


Edward Staub

I am a fan.

Yesterday you were on a roll until you started quoting Glenn Beck and his loony theory that Obama is planning to invade Israel. Did I hear correctly or did I misunderstand ??

If correct, well this is utter nonsense. In the history of this country, we have never invaded an ally or friendly nation. Any President who would do so - well I seriously doubt that our Military would obey such an order ( at least without a formal Congressional declaration) - but his approval rating would plummet overnight and he would probably be impeached if such an operation went forward.

Moreover, the Israeli Military is no second rate operation and they would no doubt take heavy American casualties and probable sink any US aircraft carrier of their coast in the Mediterranean. Monica, how are we going to invade Israel ? A blitzkrieg across the Sinai: A Normandy style invasion? A no fly zone over Israel-in which case the Israeli Air Force would shoot down our planes.

Frankly , I think that you are out of your mind if you seriously believe this could happen.

Moreover, if Obama,who I think is the worst President of my lifetime, ever ordered an attack against one of our enemies like Russia or China, I would doubt if our Military would comply as they must have a pretty low opinion of him to begin with. But an attack against one of our friends ?

I am a fan of yours ,but hopefully few people were listening to your show yesterday. Keep this up and you will label yourself as a crazed right wing wacko.


since you brought up Glenn beck. will post this again:

Frau Farbissina

I am a fan.


Isvrael, an ALLY of the United States?


Muah ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!








Gringo Prediction, April 07, 2011.

Donald Trump will run.

ps And that's whether the Obots and Sorosbots or Monica's Goopers and troll trash like it or not.

Nike Shox

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vibram five fingers

Hey, didn't she became a cougar years before her time by marrying some way too young guy? He wasn't even hot.

vibram five fingers

His associates are all members of his parent's network - so he is well connected. He had his own little fiefdom, the whole thing subsisting off the US taxpayer.


TRUMP/PALIN as viewed from the Right and gringoVISION

MICHAEL SAVAGE anti-Palin, pro-Trump

MARK LEVIN pro-Palin, anti-Trump

RUSH LIMBAUGH pro-Palin (Trump will be on his 20-million listener air Friday, April 15)



Does Monica, or the Goopers, have any response to the following---i,e, anything aside from saying "Birther"?

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 21, 2011 8:04:41 AM PDT
Digital Dave says:
Here is a slightly condensed version of a list of items of items that have NOT been released to the public by 0bama, additionally strange is the state controlled media has never asked why both Obama and Michelle Obama had there law licenses recinded or who paid for all those expensive University educations considering he has never had a job:

0bamas' hidden records: Why are these off limits?
1 Certified copy of original birth certificate
2 Columbia University transcripts
3 Columbia thesis paper
4 Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups
5 Harvard University transcripts
6 Illinois State Senate records
7 Illinois State Senate schedule
8 Law practice client list and billing records/summary
9 Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mother
10 Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)
11 Occidental College Transcripts
12 Parent's marriage Certificate
13 Record of baptism
14 Selective Service registration records
(Did Obama Actually Register for Selective Service?
This supposed revelation of 0's SS records has been debunked here and here.)
15 Schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007
16 Passport records for all passports
17 Scholarly articles
18 SAT and LSAT test scores
19 Access to his grandmother in Kenya
20 Multiple social security numbers, using current CT. SS# (though he never lived there)

NONE of our prior Presidents have felt the need to go to such extreme lengths to conceal the details of their origins and their educational/cultural history, why should the current illegimate POTUS. Also, you would think that the following admitted by Obama in his 2 autobiographies (wow..wrote 2 books about himself at age 40...can you say narcisist?) that a normal thinking person would say...hey what's going on...just show us the vault long form signed copy of you birth certificate. The government controlled media knew where GW Bush had his last beer, at what time it happened 20 years ago.


Hi Monica - Love your radio show.
Am waiting to hear somebody tell us that Obama's Mother must have still been in College when he was 16 years old - because I believe there wasn't any food stamp program until 1977.

Didn't he just give a speech this last week saying his Mother was on food stamps whilst she was in cllege?

Of course, the youth of today would not know that there was no food stamp program in the 1960's.

Thanks for all you're doing.


Happy Easter everyone!


gringoNOTE: As the Demopublican paper mills print the trillions of dollars for their Great Society Entitlement Republic, weaning ever more Americans into Serfs of Socialism, and Monica's Goopers prepare to cave on raising yet again the astounding debt ceiling, without at least demanding the repeal/defunding of Obamacare in return, and the once almighty dollar continues in its death spiral.....

“There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning
the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency.”
— John Maynard Keynes

Posted by: gringoman | April 26, 2011 at 01:52 PM

William Carey

Hi Monica I always catch you on O Reilly and First let me say I think I love you Yes I can not tell a lie You are Beautiful and Smart and I m sorry but I'm married
I like how you stand up to Combes and that Big Brute O Reilly I enjoy you being there Stay well


Dear Miss Crowley, next time when you have an appeareance (Bill OReilly show) with "Combs" that "Journalist' who always seems to defend Obama even if he committs murder, please do not even touch him to continue making our point. Just wait until he finishes (becuase he is making a fool out of himself) and then you go. By attending that church, Obama knows what he is doing and he did INTENTIONALLY! He is like saying "so what, I do what I want and I see whatever I want and there is nothing you can't do about it" and he is right, he is trying to "enraged the right" so they can attack him on that rather than attack him on his failures, and continue to tap into the minorities and his power leftish base. The man is a discrase but he is not fully aware of his unconcious motives, he is following the footsteps of his father.....total political recklesstness and "I know I am going to win this f....ng country again!!!


I am SO sick of people complaining about the Royal Wedding. THIS is one of the highlights! (But, cheer up, we have Michelle!)

Enjoy boys!



Posted by: M/M | April 30, 2011 at 07:57 AM


Why am I one of only a handful of straight American men who loved the Royal Wedding? How can such an anomaly be, especially when I am far from being crazy about the British Monarchy?

I'll tell you how it can be. It's because of what I saw, in the backdrop, the architecture, the pageant, the participants, the style, the spectators etc etc.

In a word, I saw a stunning and spectacular and robust display of something that many think is dying: Western Civilization.

Jason Beers

Monica....once again you wonder into the crazy part of your nonsense brain. In one breath tonight on Hannity you (faintly) praised the President and then went on the call him weak......yes thats right this President who just got the #1 enemy of the US which has taken us 15 years and 3 Presidents to catch is weak and indecisive. People like myself who watch an hour of Fox and an hour of MSNBC would give you guys much more credit if you werent constantly trying to make this President look week, bad, inexperienced, unprepared, stupid, etc, etc, etc. I told my Mother on Sunday night that it wouldnt be more that 1 or 2 days before you guys at Fox started saying that Bush deserved the credit for this......thanks for winning my bet for me.....now get your heads out of your bung holes!!


The U.S. Secret Service is following you on Twitter


Renee Rausin

I think President Obama just got vetted, wouldn't you agree Monica?



I'm A Climate Scientist (HUNGRY BEAST)

Hi Caliber has competition!


Obama has appointed a staff full of CZARS
While we Americans struggle to put gas
in our cars
Food prices are rising way out of sight
Everytime we turn around, the President is
off on another flight
When things get rough
Our President tries to act tough, but
that's just ISN'T enough
We The People must realize, it JUST
Much like the promises in OBAMA CARE!
When will this President start listening
to us?
So, we can stop making these complaints
and fuss
He has to realize with "WE THE PEOPLE!"

Dr. W. Rainer Kroll

Ms. Crowley, you continue to refer to President Obama's misguided economic policies. Have you forgotten what led us into this mess in the first place? It was Presdient Bush's unprovkied, illegal, immoral and idiotically stupid war against Iraq, his tax cuts for the wealthy, and mnuch more which established the basis of our current problem. Now, you blamne the President for attempting to get us on the correct path again. Amazing. I am ahsahmed, as a fellow Republican, to see how your comments contribute to the decline of our party. Ultra-conservatives, like you and your totally misguided comments will lead to disaster for the Republicans in 2012.
Dr. Kroll


You're a brainwashed mouthpiece for corporate america's greedy agendas. You are a clown.

stephen   didovich

what happened with mclaughlin group you quit
or they let you go in an economy move go
to the show website they list as regular pundits eleanor clift and pat buchanan


1000 times worse? Jobs have gone up under Obama. Lying bich!



Jake W.

Keep the pressure on the liberal's,luv to see em' squirm!! Their man is driving us into the ditch at a fast rate. I'm a Veteran, and saddened by our Military leader's goverance of the Military.
Monica ,god bless you and your family, and keep up the good fight,to save America!
One lib left a message stating he watch's all of the left show's;Abc,etc.pbs, bbc,cnn,skynews, and he learn's something. These are the people who care nothing for all of the sacrifice's of "TRUE", AMERICAN's. My family has worked hard,paid their tax's(no shirker's)helped defend her in time's of war and salute's Ol' Glory!!
Hey, Lib's watch Fox new's, ya might actually see why it's leading in all of the stat's for viewership.
I don't agree with it all but I know they do represent my concern's ,foreign an domestic.
This is AMERICA,, as in the ARMY, lead, follow or get the hell out of the freakin' way!!!


Monica, i missed why you are not on The McLaughlin Group? We need you back.


Obama says, he leads from behind... and we should expect different from a behind?
He says, don't call my bluff... doesn't that tell us he's bluffing?
The best way I can think of to wipe out the nations financial woes is to dispose of the butt, put him in a can along with every other little stinker associated with him.

WJ Ferguson

YouTube - ‪Richard Pryor, 1st Black President‬‏Richard ...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_cdbByTeNE - Cached


if Memo to Tea Party: Obama wins
you stir a crisis
Tea Party budget-cutters pushing for a debt-ceiling showdown have nothing to gain by stirring a default as United States President Barack Obama could simply engineer a deep but short-lived crisis and emerge as a national savior. A better strategy is to keep the blame for budget failure on the socialist occultist through to the 2012 election. (Jul 18, '11)



What most Americanos still don't get, thanks largely to their hackstream media, the deceptive Dems and the Goopers, still feckless even with their "Cut the Crap and Balance," is this: It's all about the socialism, boys and girl. The socialism. The socialism. That's right. The socialism.

A few get it. But even fewer get what's inside that: It is also about the FASCISM that is inside the SOCIALISM. The fascism. Inside. The socialism. Oh, the great socialist heroes, like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, "champions of the oppressed," are not fascists, you say? Hmmmmmmmm. Anybody got a dictionary? I mean a good dictionary....

The Progressives, pogwessives, Marxists and Marxobots drone relentlessly that socialism and fascism are opposites. Otherwise, why would they always be yelling "fascist!"? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

And so, for educational purposes, here is a new entry from gringomanic etymology.....

Gringo World Dictionary--(New and Revised)



1.An authoritarian form of government attributed to the son of a socialist revolutionary blacksmith, i.e. Benito Mussolini (1883-1945).
a, Benito Mussolini became a leading socialist journalist in Italy, editor of the proletarian Avanti, (equivalent of the Communist Daily Worker in the US.)

b. After being wounded in WWI, Mussolini's socialism began to stray from German Class War socialism. For Mussolini. Nietzsche and Plato tended to push aside Karl Marx who wanted the "bourgeoisie" and capitalists destroyed in the interests of science, evolution and "dictatorship of the proletariat." Mussolini, a life=long socialist, broke with the Marxists and adopted a form of socialism he called fascism. This brand of socialism welcomed all classes and refused to execute capitalists if they served the national interest---and cooperated with Mussolini himself, Unlike the Marxists in Russia, who executed the Tsar and his entire family, Mussolini accepted the King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III

2. Fascism, a direct off-shoot of Marxism, demands, like Marxism, a centralized, all-powerful state. Due to nationalism and acceptance of all classes, including businessmen, fascism is a form of "right-wing socialism," as opposed to Marx's Class War "left-wing socialism."

a, Fascism derives it's name and symbol from 'fasces,' a bundle of rods and axe, traditionally a symbol of jurisdiction, power and authority in the West. This symbol probably originated in Rome. Lictors, in effect bodyguards, carried the fasces when escorting magistrates, governors, Vestal Virgins and commanders of legions. Mussolini used this symbol as a power equivalent of the Marxist hammer and sickle in the Soviet Union. (Mussolini was always learning from the Marxists.)

b. Ironically, and rarely mentioned by "left socialists," the word 'fascist' also betrays socialist origins. In Italian the word 'fascio' also referred to political groups (as in 'bundles' of interests.) The socialist editor Mussolini was playing on the word 'fascio,' in reference to peasant organizations and labor unions and socialist associations. Fascism was in fact an Italian version of socialism.

3. Left-wing or Class War Marxist socialists resent calling Mussolini's fascism a national form of Marxism, or socialism/ Despite Karl Marx's Germanic authoritarianism and insistence on a state dictatorship, they still resent calling 'socialism' that which happened in Germany: National Socialism, a name that Hitler clearly derived from his socialist teacher, Il Duce. Hitler always acknowledged Mussolini as his mentor, but there is nothing in Mussolini like Hitler's maniacal obsession with Jews (possibly related to Hitler's personal life which he wanted kept secret, as he did his alleged homosexuality.)

4. Marxists say that since fascism does not promote Marxist Class War, it can't be socialism.
Karl Marx and/or his disciples always made clear that the rich, the bourgoisie, the capitalists, the corporations must be (a) taxed to the bone whenever feasible (b) expropriated when possible (c) executed when necessary and feasible. Under this definition, mass murderers like Stalin, Mao, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot etc are not fascists. They are just socialists.

5. Fascism, largely due to the megalomaniac Adolf Hitler (born Schicklegruber), has been associated with racism, more so than Marxism. Socialist despots, including Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Castro generally do not advocate race theories like Hitler did. They just practice racism more craftily. E.g. In 40 years of Communism, and despite Castro being wildly cheered during visits to blacks in Harlem, Cuba has never had even a Black Power movement and no black has challenged El Maximo's rule, although his popularity in Harlem continues with the politically correct and their Democrat leaders.

6. Mussolini came to see his Marxism as "dead socialism," a kind of zombie that now exists as grudge and envy.

a. History can argue which socialism has been deadlier: the one symbolized by rods and axe, or the hammer and sickle.


here's the skinny on budget talks
I believe it to be a mistake to expect Dems to do anything to lower their spending ways. Why? These are not regular people we're talking about. I like to refer to them as locusts. Not locusts the insect, rather locusts as referenced by the prophet joel. though Joel calls them locusts for their charactoristics. this particular group of individuals have been feeding off the works of others' hands for years now devouring everything they could get ahold of. recently, they've had a feeding frenzy.
When the bailouts happened, they feed on the earnings of the people by spreading out the nations wealth to those who proved themselves unworthy of the handling of others wealth. another frenzy occured with the stimulous package, they spread out the moneys to whomever they pleased bypassing those in lagitimate need. The poor and needy never seen any type of benifit and the moneys didn't do a thing to increase the desire for productivity. It was simply devoured on the lust and desires of the Dems. Whatever was given out went primarily to dem supportors and likely came indirectly back to themselves. What else is a person to think? They devour everything they can get their hands on. The space program, that has been devoured. Offshore drilling, that has also been devoured. Dems will not give anything because their appitites have been whet and they will not stop until they have devoured everything leaving a wasteland or til they are dead. Want to stop the locusts, cut off their food supply.


Monica, why are you no longer on Mclaughlin Group? I miss your dose of sanity to counter Eleanor's liberal rantings!

Larry Richard

Did you watch David Stockman on CNN's "In the Arena" state that Reagan signed a huge tax increase when faced with big deficits And, he approved an increase in debt ceiling?

Jana Stukanov

Dear Monica:

I love hearing your show and seeing you on PBS with the other talking heads. I love hearing what you have to say (when you are actually able to say it, between Eleanor's rants). Oh well.

In my humble opinion, people should really take a long hard look at Dinesh D'Souza's book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage." You have probably read it. Michael Medved, in an interview wi D'Souza after the book came out, went all squishy, accusing him of making some valid points, but then "going off the rails." Anyway, the book is so well documented and makes so much sense. It convinced me that most, if not all, of Obama's anti-American sentiment are ingrained in his genetic material, from the DNA of a man he didn't even have a true father/son relationship with, but whose ideology he worships, nonetheless. Read it, if you haven't already, and please keep up the good work. Your's is truly "a voice crying in the wilderness." Thank you.



That's Obama holding the red gun to Jack Nocholson's head in the lead photo of the linked article:


We are living the movie!

david yarbrough

Bama is not going to have Hllary as VP. That would seriously increase his chances of dying in office.


And so, for educational purposes, here is a new entry from gringomanic etymology.....

Gringo World Dictionary--(New and Revised)


It's been shown that Gringoman's dictionary is very flawed and with a conservative slant.


Extreme right wing idealogy.


"Bama is not going to have Hllary as VP. That would seriously increase his chances of dying in office. " - David Yarbrough

Cute, Davie, cute. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a choice, because he can't win against Romney/Christie without her.


ROMNEY/CHRISTIE 2012 loses against


By about 12 points.

And the Democrats gain majorities in both houses.

The American People want government that works for them; NOT castrated for the benefit of Big Biz.


If, however, we look at

ROMNEY/CHRISTIE 2012 wins against


By about 3 points.

Democrats still gain majorities in both houses.

Alice T.

Like the memo very much.



Government paws on our every tweet


Dan Smith

Finally!!! Someone in the media understands that in a battle for the life of this country, we MUST leave no room for any doubt. 60 seconds into an obama debate, Newt Gingrich will expose the glass jaw of socialism's paper champion.

Dan Smith

......Newt will deliver one knock out blow after another. I really believe we will see for the first time in the history of political debates, a potus humiliated off of the stage.

I actually see obama crying for the humiliation. That's an addicts 2nd to last instinct, the last reaction will be obama angrily marching off.

Then we can send obama to Dr Drew to get him off the stuff. The euphoric high of socialism is only enjoyed by the overseers of it. Obama is an addict.

Rick Cooper

Just a thought, what would happen if one parent went to work and the other stayed home? Long and short term, short term, everyone would have a JOB!!!! But the more important thing would happen, long term, in a generation kids would grow up loving their parents knowing that they were taken care of their whole lives and would not be on the streets. If people have kids they need to make the sacrifice to do what's right and raise that child. And that means one income family. Don't live beyond your means and you can make it. I have 6 children and a great wife, I work 2 jobs and we are making it and loving life. Love your show. God Bless Monica Crowley


An Open Letter To “progressive” Politicians

Families in America must live within their means, and it’s time for the United States federal government to do the same. Don’t tell me it can’t be done. Since I lost my last full time job back in 2008, I’ve been able to make ends meet with less than half my previous income while simultaneously reducing my personal debt.

As one of your constituents, I’m calling on you to advocate for spending cuts, not tax hikes, to balance the federal budget. Since 2009, federal spending has increased from 20% to 25% of GDP. Raising taxes to pay for this increase will accomplish nothing because, in true form, you’ll blow any new revenues on additional spending programs and never balance a thing. The treadbare argument in favor of future spending cuts in exchange for immediate “revenue enhancements” is thoroughly unconvincing, since history shows that the tax hikes always occur while the spending cuts rarely, if ever happen. Spending cuts MUST come first.

With our national debt at 100% of GDP, it’s past time to get our fiscal house in order. To this end, I propose that all Legislative and Executive Branch salaries be cut to $0.00 until the United States federal budget is balanced in a responsible fashion.

As a proud, patriotic member of the Tea Party, please know that we are involved in politics to help you know how we feel and to support legislators who listen to the people.


Mr. MJFell



With our national debt at 100% of GDP, it’s past time to get our fiscal house in order. To this end, I propose that all Legislative and Executive Branch salaries be cut to $0.00 until the United States federal budget is balanced in a responsible fashion.


You should know the conservative politicians won't go for that!

Rick Longlott

Dear Dr. Crowley,

I am shocked at your comments on this evening's edition of "The O' Reilly Factor".

Once again, we have another talking head that hasn't done their research and believes the economic crisis is the fault of the homeowner.  You, like so many others have clouded, perhaps biased reasoning or you read comic books for your information.  While your education is incomplete, Dr. Crowley, do not to fear, I have a solution for you and I hope you will at least give these suggestions a cursory view.

I ask you to read one book, written by a Goldman Sucks insider (mis-spelling intended).  Her name is Nora Prins and her book is "It Takes A Pillage".   I also suggest your research include blogs by Neil Garfield and also Martin Aldleman, (Mandelmanmatters.com).

I will remind you that the greed of Wall Street WANTED....WANTED these predatory loans....because not only did they make money securitizing them, they made more money and bonuses by creating derivatives of these bundled securities...making MORE money by betting against them with credit default swaps.  And why Moody's even exists is beyond me...it " just their opinion"!?!!?!?! REALLY????   

Let me say this one time and one time only..... THE BANKS HAVE BEEN PAID SEVERAL TIMES OVER ON MOST MORTGAGES.  They also received insurance on these defaults.  The banksters, not the underwater homeowner, ruined....RUINED the world's economies and WE the taxpayers bailed them out...and why?  So they could reap billions in bonuses.????

YOU HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT...to think the financial crisis is the fault of homeowners. Not even their own Mortgage Banker's association stayed in their underwater loan. while chastising defaulting homeowners, they walked away, themselves. WALKED AWAY. HA !

Dr. Crowley, I'm not some nut case.....I have been for years, a staunch Regan-style Republican....flown celebrities and many a politician over my 37 year as a Commercial Pilot.  I was also, until loss of a job required me to move, a ski instructor in Steamboat Springs, Co specializing in developmentally " dif-abilities" and amputees and have taught many wounded warriors.

Ms. Crowley, these are times of financial greed and no one...not a single soul has gone to prison over this white collar fraud.

Do us all a favor and before you try to utter an intelligent comment on the economic crisis, please do your research and save us from the (willing) blindness that most "opinion-nators " have of the true economic crisis and it's cause. GREED!


RL in Colorado



"A Beginner’s Guide to the European Debt Crisis"


Brian Tolnar

Very disappointed in Huckabee's presidential forum tonight on Fox News. Eleven minutes per candidate? Really? I feel bad for these candidates who took the time to fly in and get questioned by the panel of arrogant Attorney Generals. I thought the panel was very rude and cut off all the candidates during the broadcast this evening. Add another hour to the show and do it up right. I mean commercials in the middle of the eleven minute answer sessions? Come on.

My wife and I watch and are huge fans of the Fox News line up: O'Reilly, The Five, Hannity & Greta, but Fox really dropped the ball on this one. Very disappointed… Anyone else agree?

Monica you do a great job and I enjoy listening to your show as well as checking in on Monicamemo during the week. :) Congrats on your Engagement and keep up the great work!

Brian Tolnar
PGA Professional
Rochester, NY

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