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March 21, 2011




All Hannity is doing on his radio show today is beat up on the Bama for his indecisive engagement in Libya as if sooner would have been better.

Why not let them sort themselves out?

The Bama got snookered by the Arab League and now they are complaining that we're not attacking the way they want us to. Wasn't that predictable!


We can stand by and sell them the arms and make a few much-needed bucks.

Send Private Manning and Julian Assange to the front and a bunch of reporters from CNN to tell DaGoofy exactly where they are. Geraldo has relevant experience in that area.


Frau Farbissina

I've got an evil idea. Let's nuke our entire Mideast division, aka the Nation of Israel. Send them to their god that doesn't exist.

Then ve can unite the rest of the Mideast and have them throwing free oil at us for decades. Oil vich ve vill then sell to the US.

For one TRILLION dollars!

Sure, ve'll lose some very old friends and lifelong allies.

So VAT!?!?!?



Bernard asked where the Tea Party is at? I'm done.


Ummah, Rob et al

Here's an idea for awesome US intervention that could satisfy most everyone, including Monica's crypto-G.O.P/Prog Alliance.

Exploit the resource of Monicamemo's Troll Trash.

Draft Scumella, the Nazi Vampire -for- Jesus wannabe. Ship it to the Middle East with its Bull Dyke Division.

Everybody wins. This liberates Monicamemo, and the Scumella force, instead of obsessing over a G.O.P. blonde, shows us (sic)mettle in (trying to) liberate the harems.

Frau Farbissina

I can't decide vich is uglier... your knees or your limp wristed knuckles.

Just KIDDING, Herr shortie pants man... have to keep up my evil repartee skills, you know!

Like I said, you use more creativity in thinking up responses to me than you do in your POLITICS.

Fix that, yes?

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