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February 28, 2011



Maybe you can tear his testicles out first... nah, that's just what you do to rapists.


People who claim to be "fiscally conservative, but socially liberal" are the most VOMITOUS creatures to ever walk the political landscape. Unfortunately, 99.99999999999% of the Republican Establishment fit into that category.


Maybe you can run an American flag on a pole up his as*s... that would show him what you real white Americans do to n-word Communists.


So tell us, DJ... what have you and the Klan got planned for Mr. Obama?


I'm going to vote for him if the Republicans offer up another RINO.

And if history is a good predictor of the future, it looks like I'm going to vote for Obama.


"People who claim to be "fiscally conservative, but socially liberal" are the most VOMITOUS creatures to ever walk the political landscape." - DJ

SO DJ, what have you got planned for them? Run out of town on a rail? Tar and feathers? I know, how about boiling in hot oil until the flesh peels off their bones.

Shooting them is no fun, and too quick and too good for them too.

Dam*ned RINOS... what to do, what to do?


"I'm going to vote for him if the Republicans offer up another RINO.

And if history is a good predictor of the future, it looks like I'm going to vote for Obama." - DJ

GOOD SAVE!! Now, about boiling those RINOS in oil...


One day, in the not-so-distant future, IF conservatives don't bring the planet to the verge of complete annihilation first, forcing Jesus to return, so-called "RINOS" will be the only Republicans left, the GOP will have returned to sanity, and the extreme right birthed by Lucifer, a jackal, and Rupert Murdoch in a three-way rape will be no more, having dissolved by demographics into nothingness after a long stint at irrelevancy.

This is quite probably the only thing in the world I and Karl Rove agree upon, so it is 100% certain.


What America needs, for the first time in its existence, is a conservative government. As of yet, it's never been tried.

If anyone can point out to me when America was run by conservatives, please inform me of such.

Oh, and please don't tell me the Reagan years fit that description. Reagan, the "Great Republican god", was complicit in advancing some of the most damaging liberal screw-ups America has ever experienced.


Actually what we need is a government run by people who are slightly right-of-center on the political spectrum. That means way to the right of MOST Republicans.



What America needs, DJ, is revolution. PEACEFUL NONVIOLENT revolution.

And what the revolution needs to accomplish to succeed is this:

1. Constitution and government currently maintained with the following changes:

2. Public funding of ALL elections. All private money, including candidates personal wealth, DISALLOWED. With the penalty of never being able to serve in public office again if disobeyed. Any organizations that break the law to be disbanded and all involved never able to serve office or work for national, state, civic, or local government IN ANY CAPACITY. Congress to actually spend 95% of time IN CHAMBERS MAKING LAW.

3. Abolishment of Federal Reserve Bank. Money only printed by Congress and monetary policy only to be determined by Congress. No loans, no interest, no debt.

4. All troops home; all foreign military bases dismantled. All standing military dismantled as constitution decrees except for border and port force.

5. Southern border wall, manned by troops. Immigration to be determined by law.

6. Fairness doctrine reinstated; all media outlets must give equal quality opposing time to opposing political views. No prescription medicine advertising allowed.

7. Corporate law disbanded. All people doing business personally responsible for obeying all laws, satisfying all liabilities, and performing all civic duties of private citizens. All people in all business organizations duly responsible, individually and collectively.

8. No foreign trade whatsoever. No outsourcing. All energy and product MUST be produced here.

That's it. 8 things to do that fix politics, capitalism, American Democracy, and the disparity between rich and poor that currently exists. ALL OTHER PROBLEMS, such as the deficit, the debt, health care, immigration, ALL WILL BE SOLVED EASILY once the above is put into effect.

8 basic things that are forever impossible now. Not so after a revolution.

And all ULTRA-conservative issues. REAL conservative issues, not phony divisive social decoy issues.

P.S. As a naturally occurring subset of #2 above, no more lobbying firms. K Street culture dissolved. NO PACS. All disallowed. Every candidate on an equal playing field money-wise.

There should even be limits to the amount a candidate could spend on personal PR to make a level playing field re: name recognition.

Or you could do it a better way; the exact amount a candidate spends on PR for name recognition has to be donated to their opposing candidates' campaigns and used by them in the same manner.

That would level things out perfectly.

No CANDIDATE deserves an advantage because they have or can acquire more money. Why? Because if it's their own money, that's not politics, it's PLUTOCRACY. And if it's someone else's money, it's PROSTITUTION.

And of course, the subset ramifications of #7 should be made clear:

No Wall Street. No investing. No stock market. No go-betweens.

Want to make money in business? Start one or join one.

And I think this solution creates capitalism with accountability.

No need for socialism which doesn't work.

But this kind of capitalism will not soon devolve into fascism.


FOX News is "Fair and Balanced?"


On balance, FOX News leans to the left. FNC only appears to lean right.. especially when compared to cultural-Marxist networks such as MSNBC or CNN or ABC or CBS or PBS or........


DJ, pray tell, how can a society with two parties, (although the GOP is always working behind the scenes to make it a totalitarian one-party society) be Marxist?

All Marxist societies are, by definition, totalitarian one-party states.

The US is not now, nor ever been, such, although we were probably as close to that as we ever will get because of Karl Rove and his influence on the GOP.

Now that the Tea Party has split from the GOP, Rove's totalitarian dreams of a one-party state have ended.

So where do you get that America is remotely Marxist? There are vast differences between the GOP and the DNC.


HEY, EVERYONE! PLEASE JOIN ME in a letter-writing campaign!

I think Sean Hannity would be interested in this. Let's bombard him with requests to invite Robert on to his show, to discuss the dangers and the absolute absurdity of these useless hearing-theatrics.

Please include Klown... uh.. King... I meant King's name in the subject line, along with reference to the show... oops, I mean hearings.

angel espinosa | February 28, 2011 7:31 PM | Reply

PLEASE JOIN ME AGAIN: Let's share our opinions/advice/requests with PETER KING about his wimpy-@ss, suck-up, SELL-OUT... uh.. I mean his *hearings*.


Washington Office
339 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: 202-225-7896
Fax: 202-226-2279

angel espinosa | February 28, 2011 8:22 PM | Reply

Email: https://west.house.gov/contact-me/email-me-zip-authenticated

Washington Office:
1708 Longworth HOB
Washington DC. 20515
Phone: 202-225-3026
Fax: 202-225-8398

Fort Lauderdale contact info coming right up...

angel espinosa | February 28, 2011 8:35 PM | Reply
FLORIDA contact info for ALLEN WEST:

6300 NE 1st Avenue - Suite 100
Fort Lauderdale. FL 33309

Phone: 954-202-6211
Fax: 954-202-6212


And the Astro-turf award for 2011 goes to:


Good work, Comrade.

Retro Jordans

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  the music of the air.

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