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February 22, 2011



Scott Walker, dead-eyed weasel.

Dead-eyed politically suicidal fascist whore weasel.





There is no money in Wisconsin's state coffers because Little Scotty GAVE IT AWAY TO THE RICH THE FIRST MONTHS IN OFFICE.


Don't believe the lies folks. Check the facts for yourself.

Weasel GAVE AWAY more than a billion to rich corporations in tax cuts.


Now wants to take it out of the hides of MIDDLE CLASS PUBLIC EMPLOYEES.

PLUS bust their right to bargain.

Class warfare in this country. You're either cast in with the 2% of the rich at the top that will soon be kissing guillotines, or with the rest of America.

Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! Eat the rich!

It was the worst of times... it was the BEST of times...


Princess. At least CONSIDER changing sides before YOUR hair turns white overnight.


b p b p b p b p b p b p b bp bp bp bp b bpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpb....get a JOB


I'd like to be a fly on the wall at the Koch Brothers when they bust a spleen as they lose total control of the Tea Party who leads the charge against the Bastille with unions at their side.

And they actually thought they could dismantle The Tea Party as quickly as they co-opted it.

The one thing fascists can never control; where their astroturfing ends up in the middle of a revolution.

BOTH left and right will unite against the tyranny of the fascist rich, and THEN you're going to have your hands full, Mademoiselle and Monsieurs.

With your heads.


balls deep with our heads...dumbassbich


This is what happens when you get a bunch of fascist tools in office over decades destroying the middle class and feeding the rich to the point that you have the biggest disparity between rich and poor at any other time since the dawn of the last Great Depression... at the dawn of this Greater Depression.

Only difference is... Americans are not the docile thunderstruck sheep they were in the 1930's. Oh no, they're angry on BOTH sides of the aisle, armed, and far more dangerous than the hoboes and breadlines of the 1930's.

No, this time it's going to be like the French revolution, and this time around there will be no rich left. Or their spawn either.

Horrific? Not since the Civil War has America seen such ugliness, and this time it won't be poor on poor or limited to the front lines in a handful of states.

Pity the ones in "gated" communities the most. And individual estates?

1917 is another bloody year that comes to mind.

Of course, there IS YET a way out.

Give. Give till it HURTS. Give till you bleed. Get the disparity down to 1958 levels.

Feed some unions. Organize even more. End outsourcing by taxing it into oblivion.

Take your net worth, cut it in half, and continue living on the 5% of that as you do now.

And give it back. All of it. Every last bit, since Reagan.

Or not. And be sure to scream really loud when they come for you. And remember, a guillotine is a lot quicker than a pitchfork or an axe.

Except for the waiting period.


Our Republic.........We the People are an Association of Free People, in a Confederated, Republican, Union of States, of like Mind. .... ... ... ... ... ...that's the preamble to... ... ... ...u know exactly what... ... ... ... november 27th, 2007 Annapolis, maryland, United States of America... ... ... (,but not limited to,) their Indictment;Conviction and Sentencing... ... ...also, five times in exactly four months "they" signed paperwork, asking to be put out of the misery of "their" SUICIDE CULT... ...and still "they" complain.


And while I am not inciting, I'm not kidding either.



xbjllb----go ahead, jump, We the United States Citizens, United States Navy, Army, Air force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Militia( in actual service of the United States) and Navy (as defined by the United States Constitution) are fully locked and loaded and working every day as we have been for years exterminating fascist/communist/socialist childrapers, rapers, tortures(for sensuality) that have attcked the Citizens and actual allies of The United States of America---and We have Money and Equipment... lots of it...So, if you want to attack, then attack (with real weapons(, or just piss yourselves as We the United States of Ameriica propagendists as We The United States Of America continue every single day the defense of The United States Of America and Our actual Allies with Our program of Total War and annihilation of Our enemy that is using rape, torture, poisoning of food products and other insidious "peaceful" means of "their" attempted genocide (at the same time begging to be put out of "their" misery and signing repeated SUICIDE pacts)... and still they complain...


Drink the Kool-Aid...youcan reminisce about dhim mler dhones at the pee pulls stem cell...




"They are the Qaddafis of the American Midwest."

He appeared yesterday bizarrely disoriented, discolored, disheveled,incoherent, close to tears, and confused. Propped up only by his decrepit, aging, corrupt, and thuggish oligarchic allies beholden to oil companies.

Wait, that was Boehner, not Qaddafi.

"Keep in mind: we are not attacking the rank and file union members."

Ridiculous. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/JR1SB-11.pdf
"This bill requires an annual certification election of the labor organization that represents each collective bargaining unit containing general employees."
"This bill limits the term for general employees to one year and prohibits the extension of collective bargaining agreements."
"This bill also allows a general employee to refrain from paying dues and remain a member of a collective bargaining unit."
"If, at the election, less than 51 percent of the actual employees in the collective bargaining unit vote for a representative, then, at the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement, the current representative is decertified and the members of the collective bargaining unit are nonrepresented and may not be represented for one year."

This last is a particularly vile corruption of any semblance of election norms. 5 vote for certification, 4 against, 1 abstention, and the certification, already voted for and established, is rescinded. Insane. And required to be repeated yearly!

"This is escalating to the point of potential violence."

This appeal to fear is ludicrous. These have been completely peaceful protests, even in the wake of a few dozen goading and inciting teabaggers on Saturday. Only Walker's thinly veiled allusions to calling in the National Guard have violent undertones.

With even the only police union that endorsed Walker turning on this demagogue, http://www.wlea.org/ , Walker maniacally refuses to negotiate even with the public safety employees concerned about the destruction of their collective bargaining rights.

"There is NO MONEY. He's got nothing with which to negotiate....This is about money."

Patent falsehood. The unions have agreed to the wage and benefit concessions and Walker,by creating some new kind of modern fiefdom, simply refuses to negotiate on the other non-cost items in this bill.

Crowley's bletherings about so-called hateful signs and the like is nothing more than poisoning the well and needlessly deflecting attention away from the central issues.

Near the end of Crowley's gum-flapping we have another reference to Obama's "COMMUNITY ORGANIZER" background. After the last laughable Crowley post, clearly trying to equate Obama as community organizer to the Muslim Brotherhood, there is simply no way to avoid scoffing at the charge of "rabble-rousing".

Walker's dictatorial attempt to fist this bill down the throats of those who dare to dedicate themselves to public service will probably come to a head this week. Any outcome will obviously only add fuel to the enragement of the likes of Crowley. Her kind of propaganda, like a slippery mountain of dung, is designed to be unassailable regardless of results or facts.


DJMCS11: Great post.

However, I find Monica's propaganda quite assailable.

You, in fact, just did a great job.

While UG COMPLETELY exposed himself as Satan in "Satan's" 2:36. I knew it would only be a matter of time for that to come to fruition.

Probably drunk again, he forgot that his "Satan" sock puppet was SUPPOSED to be leftwing.


Congress shall make no Laws respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise therof;.... read the whole Unitred States Constitution... ... ... a rose by any other name is still a rose... ergo... a religion by any other name is still a religion; unless, it is a CULT.



Now it appears that Walker has assaulted first amendment rights and blocked pro-union organizing websites.


Much like Crowley's hilarious Israeli UN Vote piece from a few days ago, within minutes of posting, Crowley's arguments have been shattered.


DON'T go their ever again...ya got serious mental issues, you do.


that's it i'm not making my tortellini soup tonight in honor of...mental issue


u r srewed up...for sure...it's ugly too, real manly with a phony outfit...how much did it caust ...ic


The Public Employee Unions need not worry. The Republicans will cave - they always do. The spending will continue until the entire country goes bankrupt (In my estimation that event will occur around 10 years from now). So live it up people! There's still plenty of other peoples' wealth to be stolen via the printing press.


i doubt if i could watch actual football for years...all the fascist crap rigging all the way from little league to pro's in every sport... makes a REAL MAN sick..


by the way fix your website monica, your 2/19/2011 show is Not playing appropriately...hey, i may be that fookin rich, but, i still take the bus to the library to listen so...don't screw around-keep your equipment in proper working order so's i kin listen since your such a "professsional"--- i get a PHD sometimes too ya no...(if i smoke real pot i'se even better--hey, i'm 47, ben smokin cigs and herbs for 35 yrs--with the mary jane i get my original 7 1/2--all that smokin impedes me blood flow---weed helps with that--- either weigh i'se hefty, and really good at it---ours and ours and ours--energizer bunny got nuthin on me) ... and...it turns out... yur not gonna no...don't...stop...don't...no...stop...no...stop...don't...no...don't...stop...no, don't...stop...no, don't stop...hey, we'se alred e doing duh aural...wot du ye x peekt...give ten minutes i'l b flingin again;un till den, we ll; wot comes next;me balls in your...court( i suppose)



DJ, notice how we now have a Satanic Trinity infestation?

Intyerestingly, somethign came out about the Obama camp sending trolls to infest Conservative blogs with multiple characters.

This was on Rush yesterday.

Really seems to fir the situation here.

Monica should really take action. This is getting insane. Over at Moonbattery weird product spammers come in and they don't last long. Nor do nick jackers.

I like Monica's feisty radio personality very much and I wish she were half as feisty and in-charge here on her own blog.




The United Syaes of America, including all 50 States, their Counties, Cities, Towns, Villages, as well as every form of Municipality (including those "authorities"{such as transit authorities,etc.} can not in way shape or form end up "bankrupt" or in "bankruptcy"---read the United States Constitution---all that is in the United States Constitution....yes they can very possibly go "broke", however, "broke" is not in any way the same as "bankrupt"...private is not public... if you communist/socialist/faceshits knew anything whatsoever about actual money, you might have, sort of, kinda, fig urea'd dadt owt... ... ... ...Das Kapital and the Comunist Manifesto specifically pointed this fact out; the fact that without money a person can't acquire anything...did you know that in the mid 1930's when gold was put at a value of 35 dollars an ounce(to end speculation and help give stability to actual FINANCIAL markets) that the value of the United States Dollar was figured out to be worth the value of a persons PRODUCTION for one hour(based on the prevailing financial markets worldwide during a actual financial depression--also to help stabilize actual financial markets world wide {WORLD WAR I was still being fought as well}) and then the United States Dollar was made the Worlds Reserve Currency so that other countries, nations and states would have a stable Currency to back up their Currencies...without the United States of America, it's Laws, it's People, and it's productive value (YES...OUR COLLECTIVE WORK OUTPUT), you commies, soches, and faceshits would not have had a face to pissanshiton for all these years...and stiilll dei complane.......


by the way i mean no offense to Actual decent folk who work and strive for an Actual decent life...and real sex too.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~


"Monica should really take action. This is getting insane."



Until she does, we should, as you suggested, Squint'N'Scroll.



Dj, it's how I missed M/M's post yesterday! But there is no alternative until either Monica puts her foot down and cleans house or everyone just leaves and our constructive little Conservative community is destroyed by typical Gooper Laissez-les-LIEberals-faire.

This sure ain't Galt's Gulch here.



Scott Walker, in deflating government expenditures to reduce the bubble that has existed since the 1980's in the public sector, is a solid move toward solvency for the states and could also be for the federal government. There is something wrong with committees deciding what people get paid, when competition does not enter into the equation. It is socialism, and valuation depends on who the power elite within these circles exists - usually referred to as the social mafia.

This is the direction in which people like Rahm Emanual want to take the country - move the middle class into the government. This would lead to a situation like the Soviet Union, or China. This is one way to contend with an unsupported sector of the economy, not any longer supported by the private sector. This would lead to an economy that is independent of other external economies, possibly with its own currency.

The other way to go, is to be protectionist. We have to go one way or the other. Which will it be?


It's no wonder that Obot and socialist jihadnik trolls are breaking out like an advanced case of syphillis at Monicamemo. Everybody is on to the Union thug/Obamas scam and are getting what gV pointed out on Feb 19. Monica clearly gets it. Too bad she's still too Republican to deal with her site's acute and suppurating infection''''''''


Make no mistake. We are seeing an epic battle right now in a number of State Legislatures. (Monica, to her credit, understands that.) It's the American taxpayer vs. the Government union extortion artists (these tax bloodsuckers did not even exist until President Kennedy made Government monopoly unions legal, something that even FDR opposed as insane.) You can expect union thuggery to do its damnedest and try to bully the Republicans who were given a popular mandate in November to stop the socialist stranglehold on US Treasury. These union bosses are fighting for their survival as prosperous tax leeches. Expect them to lash out furiously. Of course the leftniki, while droning on with their stupid ancient platitudes about "capitalist greed," fail to reveal what socialist greed has done to fiscal sanity in US. They also fail to mention that "capitalist greed" (which Americans will punish when illegal) is generally productive, while socialist greed is generally non-productive and leeches off the tax base, rather than contributing to it. Details, details.

This raises the burning question: Will Republicans really stand up to the massive neocom pressure from union gangland, as it buses in its screaming piglets, carefully featuring police and fire fighters while downplaying the $100, 000 teacher drones with gold-plated bennies, adding platitudes from selected Reverend Hacks backed by Obama's White House, now an instrument of the Double Jihad?

Or will they ultimately cave, and revert to their get-along role as Goopers extraordinaire?

The beleaguered American middle class is watching.

Posted by: gringoman | February 18, 2011 at 09:05 PM


What's going on now is exciting and epic. It's one of those rare moments when the battle between American Liberty and Socialism becomes unusually clear and inescapable, and potentially violent.

Few in the opposing camps understand the depth of the issue. They're busy scraping by or scamming by. Those who do understand, find it fascinating. 'Double Jihad' isn't strange and incomprehensible to them.

They see how Americans today are wavering, being tugged in two diametrically opposite directions.

Most either don't know it, or are too dishonest to admit it: Americans today are being tugged in one direction by Jefferson and Ronald Reagan, and in the other by Mohammed and Professor Karl Marx (Currently 'Marx', of course, is leading the jihad on the Midwestern Front, Mohammed busier in the Middle East at the moment)

Who will win in the end?

The bearded ones, or the clean shaven?



Gringoman, ironically the bearded ones need the clean-shaven more than WE need them.

They have to make sure they don't win too much or they'll kill the golden goose.

And that would require them to work for a living.



Don't know who is right about Wisconsin and the Unions. Have heard from some that have taken His side. And, have seen some on Foxnews that basically say the opposite. So, went to the internet and found this:
This is what I have found so far.



Jay, we see quoting the mad cow in here as a provocation.



ummah, the link seems to agree that there is a deficit.Me? don't know which side is right.



Jay, the Tea Party is right. Can't spend what doesn't belong to you. I believe that other people who make more money than I do - and also those who make less - have every right to do so as long as they make their money legally.

I don't "feel better" when Commies come along and strip them of their money.

Au contraire, that dampens motivation to work hard, innovate and dedicate yourself.

Those who want to take from others and get off on it are the ones we must fear. Instead of being productive themselves, they relish in punishing the productive.

That said I am definitely not a fan of Wall Street and industry who pay politicians to skew the rules in their favor.

See also under Monsanto and Government Motors.



"That said I am definitely not a fan of Wall Street and industry who pay politicians to skew the rules in their favor"
Another thing we agree on.
Also, agree on the "legally" part. One thing I do believe on. Is those who can't help themselves. The handicap, the elderly, etc. While many do what they can. Don't see anything wrong in helping them in some way. Would rather help a disabled vet than have him on the streets. Sure the first example is less costly to the country as a whole. Making it possible for a single mother whose drunken husband left her. To go back to school. Can only benefit the people. Instead of being a recipiant of the country's taxes through welfare. She would through working contribute to the country. This isn't about Wisconsin. But, it's why I think of the little guy and not the rich. They will take care of themselves. they tip the scales in their favor.

wi resident

I gotta laugh at all the young, dumb, gullible protesters/posters who think we, the property tax payers in WI, who have no connections to unions are going to support unions. Teachers have been holding local school districts hostage for years. Yea, unions will accept a wage cut, then demand double that cut in benefit increases resulting in increased costs.

Gov. Walker has told local school districts to expect reduced state aid. School districts have already slashed operating expenses and raised fees. Neighboring districts have worked together to control salaries so if a district has to go to arbitration one district doesn't skew figures the arbitrator uses to arrive at salaries and benefits. The only place left to save money is teacher salaries, and given their past antics the Governor is removing collective bargaining for health insurance and pensions so districts can hold costs down.

As far as I'm concerned, Gov. Walker isn't busting any union...he's putting them on the same field as private industry. I asked a neighbor who teaches if he would quit his job if benefit collective bargaining was removed...he said no, he couldn't get a better job in the private sector.

Wisconsin employee contract has a no-strike clause. The actions of some teachers calling in "sick" and forcing school districts to close has shed a lot of light on the integrity of some teachers. The sidewalk doctors handing out "medical excuses" will hopefully be investigated with punitive action to follow.

When I went to the U of WI-Madison, I was one of those socialist, environmental wacko, thought-I-knew-it-all because I had professors who told me what to think, stupid kids. I grew up and learned the truth doesn't come through any university, mainstream media, FOX or talking head. The truth lies somewhere in the midst of all of those....questioning and critical thinking are the only methods to clear out the garbage.

I wish all the imported protesters would leave the state, take your garbage with you, and go get a job. Perhaps if you actually worked for a living you'd care a little more when government unions take your money. I support Gov. Walker and his bull-headed determination to honor our State Constitution and balance the budget.



Jay, I am pretty sure I speak no only for myself when I say that of course we should help our vets, handicapped or not. In fact, we don't honor them nearly enough for what they go through.

They need to get paid more in active duty and they need to be supported better after they leave the military.

When I think of all the money we lavish on illegal aliens and the ENEMIES OF OUR COUNTRY like the "palestinians" and PORKistan I could PUKE!

All that money should be spent on the vets instead!

It's like WTF.. the vets go without and hate-filled moslems get paid with OUR money to burn our flags an d jump up and down yelling alla ackbar and jihad.

moslems need to learn what it's like to work.

The vets should be getting that money instead.

Just thinking of this injustice makes me HATE the RATITICIANS.



Who will win in the end?

The bearded ones, or the clean shaven?

Posted by: gringoman | February 22, 2011 at 09:28 PM


For the last 65 years, since the end of WII, the White-mans' culture has been systematically dismantled.

Now the way has been cleared for the bearded ones to takeover.

Kumbayah indeed!


Point of clarification: When I refer to "bearded ones" I mean mooslims, not the eastern-Europeans/Russians of old.


interesting... as long as they make their money legally... ... ...so, if ya pay thtaxes on the profits(proper tax deuctions of course) then sortof technically alot of "illegal" stuff would be ...what "legal"....GET A JOB


"For the last 65 years, since the end of WII,the White-mans' culture has been systematically dismantled." - DJ



Just between you and me?

Scott Walker is headed for Christine O'Donnellville.

It's already been decided to let him hang himself a la "I'm not a witch".


"When I think of all the money we lavish on illegal aliens and the ENEMIES OF OUR COUNTRY like the "palestinians" and PORKistan I could PUKE!"

Ummah, if you see this. Another point we agree on.
Living in a high illegal state. Want my state to be more like Arizona. On the news, they said that Texas is about 45% white and 37% hispanic. By 2020 the Hispanics will be in the majority. Which will become the demographics of the country someday. Have nothing against the hispanics as a whole. Just the illegal ones. Of ANY race. Being a citizen of another country is a priviledge and NOT a right.
Don't know about the details if Wisconsin. But, in my state, the state workers get paid less than the private sector. Had a friend who worked for DHS. The Governor at the time told the workers that if they were good workers. They would be working in the private sector. Have seen reports that those in Wisconsin who will still receive the collective bargaining. Are employees whose unions helped Walker in the election.
Also, in my state, my niece who became a teacher. Left to get paid more than she would here.


1. We need a wall.

2. The GOP, controlled by Big Business fascists who desire MORE, not LESS, slave labor, WILL NEVER BUILD IT.

3. The DNC, only 90% controlled by Big Business fascists who desire MORE, not LESS, slave labor, ARE THE ONLY CHANCE AT BUILDING ONE.

Conclusion: The GOP must be voted out of office to fix immigration AND GET OUR BORDER WALL.



Prior to this, THERE WAS NO DEFICIT.


Not happening. Not EVER. And 66% of the country is AGAINST HIM.


Fleebaggers too funny, Hey Illinois "Got Badger Milk" LOL!


womens supra

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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