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January 26, 2011



@Bellaview is there an original thought out of this #WH, more Conserv ideas in SOTU,'Freeze It', monicamemo.typepad.com #tcot #News


So get off your sorry as*ses and Impeach him. He was born in Kenya, and knew it FROM DAY ONE.

Or shut up. Really, the rest is all BS.


by Phyllis Schlafly January 21, 2011

It is amazing that, with unemployment unacceptably high, the Obama Administration has endorsed a plan that will cost U.S. jobs and make highway driving for Americans more dangerous and less pleasant. Obama wants to admit Mexican trucks to drive on all U.S. highways and roads.

Todd Spencer, executive vice president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, explained what this means: "U.S. truckers would be forced to forfeit their own economic opportunities while companies and drivers from Mexico, free from equivalent regulatory burdens, take over their traffic lanes." We wonder if Mexico has any regulatory standards at all.

Mexican trucks are known to be overweight and lacking in safety regulations we consider essential, such as anti-lock brakes. Mexico doesn't have national databases that track drivers' records, background checks, drug usage, and arrests, and it's known to be easy to get a commercial driver's license with a bribe.

That's Davos progress. Now we have drug cartels shipping drugs overland in trucks. It is disorder and chaos - amid economic collapse. Forget drug laws - the drugs are here. The gangs are here. Anything goes. Quick: someone take a picture of a Mexican trucker sitting with a White trucker. Maybe add a Chinese person. And they're all high, now ain't that sweet?

They wanted to create civil chaos - well it is just around the corner.


We seem to have the first schizoid president. He was for jobs, but doing everything to give them away to foreign entities. He was for border enforcement, but all his programs are ignoring the existence of a border. He is for education and American competitiveness, while his actions are to educate foreign students at our expense, reducing our competitiveness.

It was the state of the union, while all his programs are to globalize the government and ignore the union.
We should give Obama 30 days in the hospital for observation. Did anyone see signs of him "blurting out expletives" ?


According to Drudge: 1. Governor of Hawaii says there is no Obama Birth Certificate.
2. AZ introduced a bill that would require Obama to produce a BC in order to be on the ballot in 2012.


Once again Obama showed that neither he nor the Republicans or Tea Party can come up with anything more imaginative than the old scheme of let the poor die and continue to shovel money to corporations that have no loyalty to America.

There are a couple thousand or so post offices that have become obsolete and need to be shut down. We already own them. They could be set up as clinics staffed depending on location with technicians, med students, nurses and so on. They could handle most minor things and keep them from getting to the point where they need expensive emergency room care. They could be wire to higher expertise for advice and help to decide when someone needed more expert care. Operating 24/7 would make them available to people who don't dare take time off from work to hunt care. As federal employees staff could be protected from frivolous law suits. For all the cheering about tort reform, does anyone really think the commerce clause can be stretched so much as to interfere with states in deciding what suits can be brought in their courts?

It seems to be pretty well accepted about 25% of Medicare claims are fraudulent. It could provide jobs for a few thousand unemployed people to fine comb those claims and catch the crooks. That would cut Medicare expenses a lot. Someone needs to have the courage to tell Sarah, Sean and the gang to put a sock in it with the talk about death panels. There needs to be a serious discussion about what care is really appropriate in the big jump in Medicare costs that comes in the last two or three months of a person's life. It would certainly be immoral to deny care that will do some good for the person, but there needs to be a brake on all the things done just to pad the bill. They can claim with some justification they do things to protect against suits, but you can bet a lot are done because they are high profit and they can get away with it.



Every now and then Rush says exactly what I've been thinking. Like that yesterday's Sate of the Union was like a funeral [for America] while the Memorial service he headlined in Tucson was his campaign kick-off.




What's the "Sputnik Moment"?

NASA defunded and reduced to a "moslem outreach" facility while we watch Russia and China race into Space?




Check out the latest alternative KOOKS headline:

"Optimism reaches post-recession high, though most still pessimistic"

by Jed Lewison
Tue Jan 25, 2011 at 11:18:04 AM PST


Come again?





Memo to KOOKS: At night it's colder than inside.



As before when people criticized people nominated for inclusion in the National Academy of Sciences, today .. the same rebut is coming from educators who are not accustomed to people questioning they way they do business :
It is hard to believe that these matters are being made public – that people outside the community are criticizing us -- just blows my mind. There is an unusual, uncivilized, and paranoid quality to the people who are criticizing us, which reminds me of McCarthy.
To criticize the leftist turf, is to be labeled a rightie. The problem with being a rightie, is that you find few people who will politically assist. What is the problem – too many tutors and private schools for some, who then do not want to dirty their hands with public education?

Krauthammer is right about the Dept. of Education. It is defunct. It has no direction, and accreditation of colleges/universities would be great, if they only knew what they were doing, or cared about these institutions. Education in the US is a jobs program for educators and associates, who profess leftists viewpoints. That is the direction the left has taken it.

Take for example the directors of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Usually, these people are highly educated and experienced. NOT NOW. Two people on the board are 1) a Black engineer named Floyd DesChamps(Obama’s man) who is promoting Climate Change and Chris Mooney(BS-English?), a leftie journalist. These two directors were appointed by the President of the AGU as part of his Change, Global, and TAO project. He sees the AGU now as a global institution, and an attractor for Chinese participants.

That right? Take a national entity, add the entry of uncontrolled foreign participants based on diversity = global entity. This is the equation of the Tao of National Stupidity.

. Mooney has written a book entitled “The Republican War On Science”. Where is “fair and balanced”? Science and Education, consider themselves beyond criticism, even while professing humility. Here is the leftist hack monkey Mooney : http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-september-12-2005/chris-mooney

Few actually would want to replace evolution with Genesis, although there is much to criticize in the evidence of evolution. The political bias that exists – to promote socialism politically, and atheism, has left our knowledge skewed, and the resultant “community” consisting of Commies, frankly. They are trying to do away with the struggle part of evolution by stimulus spending, subsidies, and bailouts. It is survival of the unfit. Cool.

To fix education, we need a national agenda, the Dept of Ed to promote it, and knowledgeable educators to support it. We need the media to convince parents of its essential importance to the country. Americans lack motivation, especially today when they are being told (rather forcefully) that their jobs and higher degrees are going to foreigners because they are the new in-crowd. We are being given no direction. It is a catastrophe. The US educational system is embracing a non-national, socialist agenda, and we the national, non-socialists are paying for it. Cool.

The last foray in this arena was Jack Abramoff ( occasionally Ralph Reed is mentioned) for the right. Conservatives need to do much better. They are hardly holding up their end. The last rightie smart man was possibly Gov Sununu, and he operated mostly as a judge of other’s scientific merit. We need more people like him, scientifically-oriented lawyers and scientific panels that can act as juries to address egregious misconduct in science. David Baltimore, for example, signed off on hundreds of illegitimate papers at NIH, gave Congress the finger, and was made the President of Stanford. They are also making up the existence of little green men. Cool.

Republican participation in Science programs are necessary to avoid the Ed Meese-type clashes, where lefties sneer at you, ignore you, and then, finally give you the finger for telling them what they should be doing. We do not actually have a global agenda, just a missing national agenda in our government operations. The outworlders have swarmed.


Found myself yelling at the TV screen more than once last night, as I watched this inept President demonize the insurance companies, demonize Big Oil, and blame George Bush one more time. Have we ever had such a serial liar in the White House?



TEXASPRIDE, you could hear his lack of enthusiasm since I couldn't bear watching this sad spectacle last night.

The guy is America's Undertaker.



Have we ever had such a serial liar in the White House?

Posted by: TexasPride | January 26, 2011 at 01:45 PM


And I was also yelling at the TV, so I was glad to see Monica's post which addressed at least part of it, point by point.

I was astounded that he had the gall to joke about people having a problem with the budget-busting abomination we now know as Obamacare. These were more lies on top of old lies.

The expected MSM reaction was probably written before he even spoke last night, but the public reaction is far more negative. Obozo and his speech were both as flat as pancake. It was full of contradictions, and none of it made sense. It was very disturbing to see that he believes the public will still be fooled by more lies.



ROB, this is like Hitler in his bunker telling his propaganda to broadcast that everything was copacetic on the Russian front, even as the roar of cannon fire was audible in the background.


Replica Lv Bags

In general, no new substance forms in a physical change.


I like the metaphor, mentioned by Ummah (not sure if Monica has too)of Obama as America's Undertaker. This reverberates, as a poet would say. Afficionados or scholars of American pop culture can find links easily too. e.g. In old time radio land, I forget which show, but the cognoscenti will know, a well-known character was 'Digger O'Dell, the Friendly Undertaker.' All Americans can relate to undertakers, whether they want to or not. And they know what undertakers do. They know that undertakers, even friendly ones, are not in the business of resurrection. They know it's useless for any undertaker to pretend otherwise.

Need another word be said about the rich serio-comic potential for analyses of Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama as America's Charming Undertaker?

Pop cultists, are you ready?....Monica?....



Gringoman, I am glad you appreciate the analogy. It is exactly what he is. A dour long-legged joyless undertaker who loves people most when they are dead.

Picture him in an Uncle Sam uniform but the uniform is black instead of the Stars and Stripes.




Gringoman, the reason I came up with that is because of the glee with which he is systematically deadening this country.

I'm sure that Jack Skellington would also be a good analogy.

I attribute that dead joylessness and his complete lack of emotional attachment to America to his moslem upbringing.

Have you ever seen a happy easy-going moslem?

Easygoing - never. Happy - only when "infidels" have suffered or been murdered.

Give this man enough time and he'll do what OBL can only dream of.



A dour long-legged joyless undertaker who loves people most when they are dead.

Picture him in an Uncle Sam uniform but the uniform is black instead of the Stars and Stripes.


Posted by: Ummahgummah | January 26, 2011 at 08:19 PM


President Barry 'em all Hussein Soetoro - A/K/A "Morgus the Black"


Monica is on Imus tomorrow.


Monica is on Imus tomorrow.

Posted by: M/M | January 26, 2011 at 09:36 PM

That's unusual. She also popped up on Varney & Co. today, of all places.


digger o'dell? The life of Riley.


Is Obama's BC the new "Grassy Knoll" where those who believed there was more than 1 shooter. Will not accept any facts that proves them wrong? Same with his BC.


Will not accept any facts that proves them wrong? Same with his BC.

POSTED BY: JAY | JANUARY 26, 2011 AT 11:13 PM


What facts? And who is "them" being proven wrong by what "facts"?

Let's hear this one. Should be interesting..




Gringoman, America's Undertaker also doubles as a snake-oil salesman. Ergo his insistance on Public healthcare.

Universal Healthcare is a never-ending payday for snake-oil salesmen.



ummah, always heard since JFK that some believe in the "man with the badge" at the grassy knoll. They never accept anything that would prove otherwise. Are the "birthers" the same?



I don't know much about the birthers but how do you prove there was no "man with the badge", especially if he was never there?

What I do know is that America's Undertaker hates this country. Of which there is ample proof. And more being added each and every day.



I figured out where we went wrong,

This one of the top things that we must pay attention to going forward.

I had no idea that this deviant behavior was so widespread amongst people in general and sadly seemingly from this article listed below, it's very widespread amongst our politicians and elected officials.

We must put an end to these kinds of abominations going on or we are certainly doomed !!!

It's this unaceptable behavior that has to be watched out for and frowned upon, and certainly not allowable amongst our elected representatives.

People do what they want in private, but we must not condone it and reject any of our politicians who engage in it, accept it, condone it, and don't reject it as being weird, deviant, irresponsible, unprofessional, anri-American, highly-blackmailable, and the height of immorality !!!

TomFloccoSends WMR:BREAKING! Obama & Emanual:Same Gay Bath House Members in Chicago

Posted By: watcher51445
Thursday, 27-May-2010

This is now traveling the internet......could this be why we have an alleged lesbian Supreme Court nominee? Wayne Madsen is former U.S. Intelligence and has a LOT of contact sources for his intel website.......

Just the international blackmail potential is pretty scary.....the murders of alleged male lovers mentioned below can easily be verified too.....wonder where the mainstream press is on investigating this one.....and we thought Clinton and Lewinsky was quite a scandal........wow.

Subject: BREAKING! Obama & Emanual: Same Gay Bath House Members in Chicago

Obama and Emanuel: members of same gay bath house club in Chicago

President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed sources in Chicago's gay community, as well as veteran political sources in the city.

The bath house, Man's Country, caters to older white men and it has been in business for some 30 years and is known as one of uptown Chicago's "grand old bathhouses."

WMR was told by sources who are familiar with the bath house that it provides one-year "lifetime" memberships to paying customers and that the club's computerized files and pre-computer paper files, include membership information for both Obama and Emanuel.

The data is as anonymized as possible for confidentiality purposes. However, sources close to "Man's Country" believe the U.S. Secret Service has purged the computer and filing cabinet files of the membership data on Obama and Emanuel.

Members of Man's Country are also issued club identification cards. WMR learned that Obama and Emanuel possessed the ID cards, which were required for entry.

Obama began frequenting Man's Country in the mid-1990s, during the time he transitioned from a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School to his election as an Illinois State Senator in 1996.

Emanuel, reportedly joined Man's Country after he left the Clinton White Hosue and moved back to Chicago in 1998, joining the investment firm of Wasserstein Perella and maintaining his membership during his 2002 campaign for the U.S. 5th District House seat vacated by Rod Blagojevich, who was elected governor.

Man's Country appears to be a "one stop shopping" center for gay men. The club's website advertises steam rooms, "fantasy rooms," bed rooms, male strippers, adult movies, and lockers.

However, Man's Country was not the only location for Obama's predatory gay sex activities. The Chicago gay community is aware that Obama often made contacts with younger men at his famous "pick-up basketball" games. It was at these "pick up" matches where Obama first met Emanuel and a young Democratic campaign worker and senior bank vice president named Alexi Giannoulias.

Currently running for Obama's old U.S. Senate seat now occupied by Roland Burris, Giannoulias successfully ran for Illinois Treasurer in 2006 after being drafted for the run by Chicago's Democratic machine. The Blagojevich trial: "Sex, Lies, and Audio tapes" -- Fitzgerald's US Attorney's Office part of White House cover-up of gay sex in the Second City

Giannoulias was a vice president and senior loan officer for his father's bank, Broadway Bank, from 2002 to 2006. Broadway Bank made real estate loans to Antoin "Tony" Rezko, the chief of Rezmar Corporation. On May 13, 2008, Rezko was found guilty,

after being indicted by a grand jury at the behest of the U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois Patrick J. Fitzgerald, of six counts of wire fraud, six counts of mail fraud, two counts of corrupt solicitation, and two counts of money laundering.

Rezko has been in solitary confinement at the Metropolitan Detention Center at Van Buren and Clark in Chicago since June 2008. However, Rezko has not yet been officially sentenced to a federal prison. A Syrian-American, Rezko is considered to be a flight risk, even though his one-time fortune of S-50 million has been reduced to zero.

One Republican politician in Chicago told WMR that Rezko will be a prime witness for Blagojevich's defense. "Figure it this way, Rezko's been in solitary confinement in the city jail since June 0f 2008 . . . if he is released to appear at Blagojevich's trial as the primary witness, everyone expects him to squeal like a pig," said the Republican politico.

In 2005, Rezko reportedly engaged in a complicated real estate "flip" through which his wife Rita and Obama agreed to split an empty lot adjoining a home that Obama bought in Chicago's Kenwood district. The deal saw Obama buy the home for S-1.65 million, which was S-300,00 below market value.

Obama then bought a strip of the adjoining property from Mrs. Rezko, a speculative deal that stood to make Obama a handsome profit. Since Rezko's conviction, the property has has reportedly gone into bankruptcy.

Giannoulias's Broadway Bank was seized by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation on April 23, 2010, reportedly as Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner was on his way to Chicago to present the bank with a bailout check. Geithner quickly changed his plans.

Giannoulias, Broadway's then-senior loan officer, has denied being involved in the decision to loan money to Rezko.

Last month, Blagojevich's trial judge, U.S. District Court judge James Zagel, a crony of former Illinois Republican Governor Jim Thompson, ruled that all 500 hours of phone calls intercepted and taped by Fitzgerald could not be played during Blagojevich's trial as demanded by Blagojevich and his defense lawyers.

Blagojevich demanded that Fitzgerald "show up in court and explain to everybody . . . why you don’t want those tapes that you made played in court."

WMR has learned that the tapes may contain salty references Obama's and Emanuel's private lives.

WMR attempted to interview Blagojevich's senior defense lawyer Sam Adam to no avail but other informed sources told us that the tapes, if played, would highlight the corruption of not only Obama, Emanuel, and other member of Obama's Chicago "brain trust" but also Fitzgerald himself.

WMR was told that Fitzgerald's tactics have included providing sex and drugs to imprisoned felons to get them to provide perjured testimony at federal trials.

It is exactly the type of federal prosecutorial misconduct by Fitzgerald that former Republican Governor said was used by state prosecutors when he commuted the death sentences of Illinois's death row population. Ryan was indicted by Fitzgerald for fraud and he is currently serving out a federal prison sentence.

Blagojevich's trial is scheduled to begin on June 3 and Fitzgerald's main interest is to keep the trial focused on Blagojevich, especially after he managed to "flip" Blagojevich's former chief of staff John Harris to testify against the impeached and ousted governor.

WMR learned from informed sources that one lawyer on Harris's defense team is involved in a gay partner scandal that was discovered by the attorney's wife.

Some of the wiretaps may reveal that it was not Valerie Jarrett, Obama's longtime friend and current White House policy adviser who was Obama's top candidate to fill his U.S. Senate seat, but the young 32-year old "pick up basketball" friend of Obama, Giannoulias, then serving his second year as state Treasurer.

However, Obama has avoided campaigning for Giannoulias in Illinois and there are indications that the president has "thrown Giannoulias under the bus," according to some Democratic political circles in Chicago.

Mutiple Chicago sources report that Republicans who see Giannoulias's Obama connections as providing an edge in his Senate race this year should not celebrate prematurely.

Giannoulias's GOP opponent, U.S. Representative Mark Kirk, a Naval Reserve intelligence officer, has also been identified as a closeted gay man. Kirk divorced his wife last year after an eight-year marriage. They had no children.

In addition, U.S. Representative Aaron Shock, who took over the House seat vacated by Obama's Republican Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, is, according to Chicago Boy's Town sources, a habitué of Minibar, a noted gay bar in Chicago's gay district.

For an extremely young first term member of the House, observers were surprised when GOP Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia named Shock as a Deputy Minority Whip.

Man's Country, one of Chicago's "grand old bathhouses" and located at 5015 North Clark Street in Chicago's "Boystown," was a frequent hangout for State Senator Obama and Rahm Emanuel

Sources in Chicago's gay community report that Obama was attracted to Man's Country's older white clientele because he generally enjoys being done by older white men. Obama would regularly be seen at Man's Country on Wednesdays.

Obama reportedly has never engaged in reciprocal activity. The sources also confirm the allegations made during the 2008 campaign by Larry Sinclair, a Chicago visitor who revealed that in 1999 he engaged in such oral sex activity and crack cocaine use with then-State senator Obama on two occasions, once in the back of a Chicago limousine operated by Five Star Limousine Service, and the other at a Chicago area motel, the Comfort Suites in Gurnee, Illinois.

After revealing details of the encounter at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, Sinclair was arrested by Washington Metropolitan Police on a fugitive warrant issued by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of Obama's vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden.

Sinclair was charged with a misdemeanor count of theft of money orders, however, the state of Delaware declined prosecution. Beau Biden later declined to run for his father's old Senate seat because of his duties to prosecute a major pedophilia case involving Lewes, Delaware pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley.

There are reports that Biden's office helped to cover up Bradley's activities, including failing to authorize search warants for Bradley's office and computer.

Chicago's "DLC" -- not the Democratic Leadership Council but the "Down Low Club" -- a gay matchmaking service

WMR spoke to several well-placed sources in Chicago who reported that Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama's former church of 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) on Chicago's south side, ran what was essentially a matchmaking service for gay married black professional me

The matchmaking club was called the "Down Low Club" but references to it over the phone and email simply referred to the group with the code phrase "DLC." The ruse, according to our sources, was to make anyone who was eavesdropping on the communications believe that the references were to the Democratic Leadership Council, also known as the DLC.

The gay DLC's services were intended to keep ensure TUCC's gay members avoided posting solicitations on web services like Craig's List and refrain from cruising gay bars. The strategy was to protect them from getting busted and being "outed."

Among the members of the gay "DLC" were Obama and TUCC's choir director, Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a sexual relationship with Obama. Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. Young and Bland were brutally murdered, execution style, in late 2007.

Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death: "septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV."

"DLC" members often went on camping trips arranged by TUCC. Wright reportedly was the head of the "DLC" matchmaking services and ensured that its members protected each other.

The "DLC's" clientele included Obama and other gay members of TUCC, including, reportedly Young, Bland, and Spencer. Fox 32 Chicago reported that Bland's mother, Josephine Bland, was so upset at her son inviting men into their home as a result of contacting them through gay web sites like "Adam4Adam," she moved out.

The gay community in Chicago knows to keep away from the TUCC and "DLC" stories because of the "creepiness" of the operation and the suspicious deaths of the three TUCC gay black men.

Although Obama protected his alternate life style through the secretiveness of the "DLC," he was not so careful when he proclaimed he was a state senator while frolicking at Man's Country in uptown Chicago.

Love: Obama's personal trainer

Reggie Love, a former Duke basketball and football player and unsuccessful National Basketball hopeful, currently serves as Obama's personal trainer and White House "special assistant" -- he has been called Obama's "body man" -- who receives a salary of S-104,000 a year. Love is also reportedly one of Obama's regular gay sex partners. Love joined Obama's Senate staff in a senior staff position in 2006.

Media General's tabloid, the National Enquirer, proffered a story last year about Michelle Obama being furious about the relationship between her husband and his "body man." TheEnquirer's sister tabloid,

The Globe, later floated a story about Obama having a relationship with a Democratic campaign official named Vera Baker. WMR has been told that this relationship was a clever ruse to throw off speculation about Obama's actual past sex partners.

Baker has apparently left the United States for relatively more obscurity in Martinique. Media General's tabloids have scooped the mainstream media on sex scandals involving Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky, Tiger Woods, and John Edwards and Rielle Hunter.

WMR's Chicago sources believe the Secret Service records of presidential candidate Obama's activities in Chicago would show that Obama regularly arrived at Love's Chicago residence at 9:00 am and departed at 9:15 am. Sources told WMR that while 15 minutes is much too short for a personal training exercise, it is ample time for what they do.

Bill Frist, "Brokeback Mountain," and Obama

In 2006, after Obama became the junior senator from Illinois, WMR's sources in the Congressional Black Caucus reported that there were persistent rumors of gay trysts between Obama and then-GOP Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee. The allegations at the time seemed unbelievable.

However, based on Obama's penchant for receiving from older white men, a column written by The Washington Post's "In the Loop" columnist Al Kamen on April 7, 2006, some four months into Obama's Senate term, may have expanded relevance.

Kamen reported he received an invitation to attend Frist's "5th Annual VOLPAC '06 Weekend" in Nashville from April 21st to 23rd and that the invitation card required one to "unbuckle the cowboy's pants and look inside to see what this was all about." Kamen opined that the invitation seemed "a bit too 'Brokeback Mountain.'"

The invitation advertised that the shindig would feature "one-of-a-kind music and special friends," although Kamen said there was no indication what made the "friends" so "special." Kamen then wrote, "The back of the card shows the cowboy from behind with a red flowered handkerchief sticking out of his right pocket.

Wait a minute -- wasn't there something about how this used to be some kind of code in the gay community years ago? A way to signal each other in crowded, noisy bars? So we checked the GayCityUSA.com's Hanky Codes. Sure enough, there it was in the chart explaining what they mean: red hanky in right pocket. Oh, dear."

Rumors about Obama and Frist ran amok in Congressional Black Caucus circles in 2006.

Although Frist ran on the pledge of only serving two terms, he became Senate Majority Leader with all the perks of the office. WMR's sources in Chicago's gay community revealed that Frist's Majority Leader predecessor, Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi, was also known to seek the services of male prostitutes.

Frist, who said he planned to run for President in 2006, decided against a run for the White House and also declined a run for Tennessee governor in 2010.

With the rumor mill running at full speed in 2006, it is obvious why Frist abandoned politics so quickly for the medical business. Frist later endorsed Obama's health care proposals.

A year later, when GOP Senator Larry Craig was arrested while soliciting for sex in a men's toilet stall at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, he changed his mind about immediately resigning his Senate seat. Knowing about his colleagues' behavior, he dug in his heels and completed his term in January 2009.

Rahm the "Sugar Daddy"

Obama's chief of staff Emanuel, who won a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet but turned it down to attend college, is married and, like Obama, has children, in Emanuel's case, a son and two daughters.

However, Emanuel, who is 50, also travel frequently with a male companion, a wealthy Chicago real estate developer, some five to six years his senior. WMR has learned from Chicago's gay community as well as political sources that Emanuel and his friend have gone together on a trip to India, skiing vacations, and soon plan a vacation in Florida, sans Mrs. Emanuel and the kids.

In Chicago's gay community, Emanuel is known as "sugar daddy," promising young men with perks and lucrative positions if they sleep with him. On occasion, Emanuel has been with older men, such as his travel companion, but his preference is young, according to WMR's sources. Emanuel also often uses bicycling and basketball venues to make his approaches. Being an Emanuel "basketball buddy" is a key to professional success.

WMR spoke to one member of the gay community in Chicago who had first hand knowledge of one of Emanuel's bed partners, an older man who runs a non-profit symphony organization.

Obama's other sex partners

WMR has previously reported on Obama's past trysts with Alabama Democratic U.S. Representative Artur Davis, a current primary candidate for governor of Alabama. Although not in the same class, Obama and Davis attended Harvard Law School during an overlap of their attendance at the law school.

The information on Davis and Obama was gathered by opposition researchers for former Alabama Representative Earl Hilliard, who Davis defeated in the 2002 Democratic primary. Recently, WMR was informed by sources in Alabama that Attorney General Eric Holder traveled three days ago to Alabama to inform Davis that if he loses his primary race, he would be nominated by Obama to fill the job of U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, a position still held by Bush-appointee Leura Canary, one of the main prosecutors of convicted and jailed former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman.

Chicago sources also informed WMR of another past gay partner of Obama, Massachusetts Democratic Governor Deval Patrick.

Men who have reportedly had sexual relations with Barack Obama

Donald Young, TUCC Choir director

Larry Sinclair, gay escort

Reggie Love, White House presidential assistant and Obama's "body man"

Artur Davis, US Representative from Alabama and gubernatorial candidate

Bill Frist, former GOP Senate Majority Leader

Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts

The Clear and Present Blackmail Threat

Leading secret alternate life styles, Obama and his chief of staff provide classic blackmail threats. Considering Obama's choice for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, who is reputedly a semi-open lesbian, the question must be posed how much Obama's and Emanuel's own covert life styles led to the decision to nominate Kagan, someone with no experience on a judicial bench.

Similarly, the fact that so much is known about Obama's and Emanuel's trysts in Chicago begs another important question. If politicians, gay community activists, and journalists in the Windy City are aware of Obama's and Emanuel's highly blackmailable gay life styles, the same can certainly hold true for the executives of one of Chicago's corporate headquarters -- that of BP America's Production Operations.

Throw in the intelligence agencies of America's allies, friends, enemies, and the situation becomes a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.

source with pics: go to


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