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December 25, 2010



Monica, you're citing Christian scripture, no? Have you cleared this with the Bushobama Pentagon? You're not cutting all ties with the politically correct BO Pentagon and its Islamophilia? Have your Goopers anything to say, during the Christmas holidaze? Will they man up, or even gay up?

NEWSMAX/////“Chaplains in the United States military are not allowed to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Isn’t that a shame that a chaplain in the Christian faith is not allowed to pray in the name of Christ? So yes, there is a war, no question about it.”

Franklin Graham himself has felt the sting of the hostility, when Pentagon officials excluded him from participation in this year’s National Day of Prayer event, citing his controversial comments about the dangers of radical Islam.

Read more: As America Celebrates Christmas, Rev. Franklin Graham Says Secular 'War' Rages Against Christians



Don't worry Gringoman. 9 years of parochial school did not get me to go to church as much as I have beeng going during 2 years of the Obama administration. Although you might not see nativity scenes in the public square, I heard that sales are up for table top models.

We've seen this type of thing before.
Skip to 1:48 through about 3:17


But there is hope:

"Nine Days that Changed the World is a story of human liberation. It reveals how Pope John Paul II’s historic visit helped the Poles not only find their courage, but also reclaim their culture. This film presents the Pope’s message -- that after the lies of Nazism and Communism, authentic human freedom is only possible through a true understanding of our humanity.”



And when all else fails, we have our own trial lawyer.

Pagan Temple posted this on his blog. Even if you're not religous, it is still a time to enjoy friends and family.


Merry Christmas



ALL of Humankind.


Have a blessed Holy Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all American Indians. Perhaps Christians will find it in their hearts to give back sonething in return for all that they have plundered from you.


Merry Christmas to all American Indians. Perhaps Christians will find it in their hearts to give back sonething in return for all that they have plundered from you.

Posted by: LongRifle | December 26, 2010 at 01:32 AM

To the American Indians, I really want to thank you for allowing my family and me to settle in your country because this is what it was like for my family in the old country.

Brave poles tried to warn the allies of what was happening in those camps:

Witold Pilecki



Witold Pilecki was a soldier of the Second Polish Republic, the founder of the Secret Polish Army Polish resistance group, and a member of the Home Army. He is now recognized as the only known person to volunteer to be imprisoned at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.

Pilecki was born on May 13, 1901 in Karelia, Russia where his family had been forcibly resettled by Tsarist Russian authorities after the suppression of Poland's January Uprising of 1863-1864. In 1910, Pilecki moved with his family to Wilno (now Vilnius, Lithuania) where he joined the secret ZHP Scouts organization. In 1918, during World War I, Pilecki joined Polish self-defense units in the Wilno area with which he helped collect weapons and disarm retreating German troops in what became the prelude to the Vilna offensive. During the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1920, Pilecki commanded a ZHP Scout section that was overrun by the Bolsheviks. He later joined the regular Polish Army and fought in the Polish retreat from Kiev. On August 5, 1920, Pilecki joined the 211th Uhlan Regiment and fought in the Battle of Warsaw and at Rudniki Forest and took part in the liberation of Wilno.

"During World War II, Pilecki smuggled himself into Auschwitz under the false name Tomasz Serafinski in 1940 and began recruiting members for an underground resistance group that he organized into a coherent movement. He began sending information about what was going on inside the camp and confirming that the Nazis were seeking the extermination of the Jews to Britain and the United States as early as 1941. Pilecki used a courier system that the Polish Resistance operated throughout occupied Europe to channel the reports to the Allies. Documents released from the Polish Archives that provided details of these reports again raised questions as to why the Allies, particularly Winston Churchill, never did anything to put an end to the atrocities being committed that they learned of so early in the war.

By 1942, Pilecki's resistance group had learned of the existence of the gas chambers and began work on several plans to liberate Auschwitz, including one in which the RAF would bomb the walls or Free Polish paratroopers would fly in from Britain. In 1943, when Pilecki realized that the Allies did not have plans to liberate the camp, he escaped with two other prisoners after he voluntarily spent 2½ years at the camp smuggling out its darkest secrets to the Allies. The documents released from the Polish Archives also included a Gestapo manhunt alert following Pilecki's escape. "


Brave Poles, even children tried to fight back and even succeeded in holding off the Nazi war machine for 63 days during the Warsaw ghetto uprising but no help ever arrived. In fact, Stalin, an ally at the time MURDERED approximately 27,500 Polish soldiers and intellectuals at Katyn. Even Pilecki who survived Auschwitz and the Nazis was murdered by the Soviets after WWII.

WWII ended for many in 1945, but the Poles continued to live under Soviet oppression.


Dear American Indians,

Although no one can give back what you lost, I do know that you get certain perks from the U.S. government like free health care and you can make money from the casinos and cigarette sales.

Of course, although the Democrats continue to try to make us feel guilty for the way you were treated, their actions speak louder than words:


And, of course, the LIEberals who are so upset about all the land that was taken from you can always give it back.


Never met a liberal who wanted us to feel guilty. The ones I know. Are proud of the Indian Heritage in this country. Indian proverb."We do not inherit the land from our anncestors. But, borrow it from our children." We have forgotten that.

P. Peon

Those native Indians killed a number of my civilian male ancestors between 1690 and 1705, marching the women and children to Canada in the winter, brutally killing children who could not keep up. Most survivors of the march (from Maine, Massachusetts and New York) were turned over to Canadian families as virtual slaves, some were later ransomed back to the colonies. The Indians never felt any guilt. Neither do I.


You hold a long grudge against ancestors you never met.


Should have said that you hold a very long grudge against people that killed your ancestors you never met.

P. Peon

I never met Hitler, either, should anyone who hasn't met those who died due to him hold a grudge? My comments were merely to add balance to the sympathetic discussion of the Indians (who also were immigrants at some point).

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