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October 29, 2010



Monica, remember when the Obama campaign suggested that Bill Clinton, was a racist during the Democrat primary....yeah Bubba remembers too.

Hey I'm not saying, I'm just saying, Bill Clinton has an ego as big as the great out of doors.


Monica I believe you are so right. As the economy continues to tank and and Obama continues to divide this country 9 ways to Sunday, it's looking more and more likely he will have a DEM challenger in 2012. If Hillary doesn't run there will be a dozen other weisels from the left who will run against Obama. The Left in this country is slowly but surely turning against this idiot from ACORN and it's only a matter of time for more to throw there tinfoil hats into the ring.


Point of clarification re 2012, Monica's perspective and the Gringo Advisory Board's view.

We at GAB agree that Monica has been prescient about Clinton lust for the White House. And of course His and Her Slickness want it back. Why? Because it's there, and they think they can, or would, or should, or could.

But lusting for the White Goddess is one thing. Attainment is quite another.

Not even the Clintons fully comprehend the Marxist mind, despite how it's benefitted them.

Barry Obama step aside for them? Heh. Let a thousand PUMAs
fling their Hillary buttons at him. Watch what happens. Poll numbers tanking? Electoral Katrina on Nov 02? So what? A progressive pharaoh should be moved by the mundane? Chicago, out-flanked by Arkansas and the Ivy League infidels? Watch.

GAB: Barry runs in 2012. Sorry, Mr and Mrs Bubba.



Gringoman, if they have the chutzpah to talk Meek out of the race, they may try and talk the Bama out of the race as well.

Though I agree, he won't go quietly into the night..



Bill Clinton is no dummy, and Sestak is no Democrat either.

Another Lieberman. A GOP mole. Dead eyes. No passion for what he's carefully memorized. Sometimes he seems like a Manchurian candidate. What else would anyone expect of a lifetime pro killer? My Dad was a Navy Chief, had Admirals for friends and they NEVER looked like that.

As for the rest of your post, everyone ON THIS PLANET needs to get down on their knees and THANK GOD.

Lucifer and his trolls, your godforsaken masters, FORBID this country has another go at the LONGEST RUN OF PEACETIME PROSPERITY IN OUR NATIONS LONG HISTORY.

Why, your warmongering war profiteering fascist masters would pop their guts, green stench-filled slime oozing straight down the drains of the planet directly into Hell as they dwindled into FINAL IRRELEVANCE. Waiting under their rocks with their future plans for yet another 9-11 dying into nothingness as they would never DARE attempt it and hand the Democrats that kind of power, and there would never again be fascist reich-wing control of Congress OR the White House and over time, as war crimes trials finished and the Supreme Court was PURGED of its fascist religionist nutcases, even the Judicial Branch EVER AGAIN.


If this country is ever going to put Eisenhower's "vast industrial military complex" into its justly deserved mass grave and stop us from "foreign entanglements" as George Washington HIMSELF warned, end all outsourcing and bring ALL MANUFACTURING and even WHITE COLLAR JOBS HOME along WITH ALL THE TROOPS to build a wall and end illegal immigration from EVERYWHERE, it's not going to be the whores of the Right Wing Reich who will do it. Nor their bastard godchild so-called "Libertarian" Tea Partism, fully under control of fascist billionaires.

God bless and keep Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton, and keep the denizens of Hell far far away as they have for decades.

Because that family is the only hope America has, and is the only thing standing between it and fascist self-destruction.


Gringoman, if they have the chutzpah to talk Meek out of the race, they may try and talk the Bama out of the race as well.

Though I agree, he won't go quietly into the night..


Posted by: Ummahgummah | October 29, 2010 at 12:57 PM

Ummah, The One could perform late-term abortions on black babies, live on CNN, and blacks would still warn White Neo-Plantation Massa': "Don't dump our Obama. Don't you DARE!....Hear?"


You hear that, Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Thomas, Kennedy? America, the REAL America, is coming to get you. Lifetime appointments end when judges are tried, convicted, and hung for TREASON on the steps of Supreme Court. Treason that started with Bush Vs. Gore, continued with war crimes against humanity, and ended with the reprehensible decision to allow any and all money into the political campaign to, once again, tamper with elections.

THIS TIME AROUND Richard Nixon's silent majority is liberal, highly anti-fascist, and angrier than the Tea Party could ever be.

The sleeping giant has awakened.

And even resignation won't save you now.


Presidential doctors have lied about Presidents' health for decades; it goes with the job.

All Obama and his doctors have to do is claim he has inoperable lung cancer, and whether it was true or not, he could announce he was not running because of this without a shred of shame and successfully hand the reigns to Hillary, who would go unchallenged in a primary, except for a few desperate GOP moles masquerading as Democrats. Who wouldn't have a prayer. Obama's rating out of pity would shoot up to 95% across the board. Heck, he should do it asap, so that the GOP would be forced to stop obstructing everything and Limbaugh would have to shut up with the Nazi attacks.

And then, should the GOP be so unlucky to end up with her as the candidate from Hell, Hillary kicks Palin's a*ss all the way back to Wasilla. Not that they want her, either. I think Palin should pick Christine O'Donnell as Veep, out of spite. And Sharron Angle as National Security Advisor, Michelle Bachmann as Secretary of State. Joe Miller as Attorney General, and Rand Paul as Secretary of Defense. There's the Administration from Hell. Even Tea Partiers have to recoil in abject terror and horror at that tableau. And of course, Rupert Murdoch as head of the FCC, and the Koch Brothers as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Here comes the QUEEN!!

Back to reality: As far as Obama, if he survived it would be attributed to a miraculous recovery, which happens to some very blessed cancer victims every month. Maybe more often. And then he could become Secretary of State, or whatever job he might like to have in Hillary's administration, with far less workload, scrutiny, and headache.



Gringoman, after I had to scroll past loads of garbage, isn't that exactly what is happening in Florida?

The Rats trying to dump the black guy, Meek in favor of the loser of the Republican Primary..

But you're right course. The Bama is in the White House and no matter what he does, shot of changing his tune and joining the Tea Party, blacks will support him like Satan supports Hitlery.




My first thought was the rOD hAM couldn't get elected facing a disaffected black electorate, but after reading the following @ SBPDL I'm beginning to think it's entirely possible for her and Bill 'Bozo Butthead' to pull it off.



One needs no better proof of God Himself protecting Hillary and Bill Clinton as when a right wing assassin rigged a heavy light to fall directly on their heads during a CBS 60 minutes interview. Trying to kill one or both, ON CAMERA NO LESS, in a clumsy attempt to make Bill Clinton leave the race and warn all other people of good to stay out of politics or else.

Unless of course, like UG, you are a Satanist and believe Satan is a savior and not mass murderer and eater of souls. Then of course I'm sure YOU have a completely different version of events.


@DJ: Hillary will in no way be facing a disaffected black electorate if Obama can't and won't run because of a usually fatal health problem.


The question I have was Bill Clinton again working on the authority of the White House (Obama) and what was offered Meek? This idiot we have in the White House is in the business of buying elections. He makes Richard Nixon look like a Saint. This ACORN lawyer from the streets of Chicago is at it again. He tried to buy the Pennsylvania Senate seat and now he tried to buy the Florida seat, using that slut ex-President again.



GOP black ops behind Yemen and Dubai "terrorist attack" packages, possibly in partnership with MI6. Another FALSE FLAG "attack".

1. Ridiculously amateurish devices designed to be found easily- printer cartridges with obvious blatant wires sticking out

2. Completely harmless devices

3. ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY timed to frighten American Sheeple into voting GOP and TP at polls over the weekend for "security"

4. NO BENEFIT TO TERRORISTS WHATSOEVER, who would prefer liberal victories as "liberals are soft on terror" and TERRORISTS would never attack right before an election THAT WOULD GET THEM EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OUTCOME THAT THEY WOULD SUPPOSEDLY NATURALLY DESIRE.

5. Only real actual benefit to anyone: GOP/TP who want fascist victories at polls, and GB who wants Obama destroyed after BP Disaster (all press in GB went from worshipping Obama to destroying him daily virtually overnight.)

Possible benefit: Mossad and Israel who always benefit from right wing fascist power structure in US.



@Steve OK: Richard Nixon IS a saint; he ended the Viet Nam war against all possible odds and against his own fascist party. Which is why they threatened him with impeachment and forced him to resign. Yes, he WAS paranoid and frightened of the opposition when he didn't have to be, and that led to abuses of office, but he saved the lives of millions of American young men in a war that could have gone on for decades, as the warmongering fascists desired.


Too bad there wasn't a MonicaMemo on 9-11... five minutes after the second plane hit (and ten minutes after I'd just turned on the TV and started watching), I would have been here pinning it directly on George H W Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld and would have gotten ahead of THAT news cycle too.

I knew it instantly. Cui bono? That's all ANYONE had to ask themselves. Honestly.


Hitler Finds Out about Rush Limbaugh's Reverse Operation Chaos

Hitler is really upset with the PUMAS aligning themselves with Rush.




My first thought was the rOD hAM couldn't get elected facing a disaffected black electorate, but after reading the following @ SBPDL I'm beginning to think it's entirely possible for her and Bill 'Bozo Butthead' to pull it off.


Posted by: DJ | October 29, 2010 at 01:56 PM


I waded through a good bit of that fairly spicy barbecue, but could not find a morsel persuasive enough to relieve the Democrat Liberal Racists of the Black Problem they would have by dumping Obama. It's only "point" seemed to be the claim that blacks will no longer matter to Dems as a constituency. I put that under the category of "Wishful Thinking."

At any rate, it's true that the increasingly desperate eliteniks and neocoms will see the programed Mrs. Bubba as a better bet to snooker "the peasants" in 2012. They will argue that the "unsophisticated" Sarah Palin would be a pushover for the woman who clung to Bubba coattails to get to where she is and would never have gotten there without those coat-tails, unlike the self-made Palin. The Republican Country Club, equally Saraphobic, will pretend to agree.

These Goopers and the Lib eliteniks will hold hands in common cause, trusting that their media hacks can instill enough Saraphobia in "the peasants."

The stage will be set for unusual theater. The battle will be on for "the peasants." Problem for the Goopers and Libworld: They have christened Palin (who is as non-Ivy League as Ronald Reagan) as one of "the dumb peasants" they have to snooker in 2012. They nervously feel they can do to her what they did to Carl Paladino in NY, despite her profoundly American background. They hope their smear merchant Alinskybots can stop Palin, even after they failed to stop the "moronic" Ronald Reagan with every dirtbag in their arsenal.

GAB: Keep an eye on Sarah's hands. Watch for signs of lock and load. More later.



Just when you hear about more alla f*ckbar shenanigans designed to bring down UPS planes or trucks, the moslem-in-chief all but rubs his faith in our faces:


So let's not worry about that hoofed beast Hitlery just yet when her true Master is still in the White House.

No, I'm no talking about Barry. i am talking about Moochelle.



Isn't it amazing how much some Israelies want us to live in Nazi America?

Mind boggling.



Unfortunately there is no IGNORE button on MonicaMemo but once again, I am suggesting the implementation of this more than useful feature.

Adults need to talk amongst themselves, without constant noise and interruptions from LIEberal children who were never trained to respect the wisdom of their elders.

Besides the obvious there are a few more I'd have on that list. Editing one's post exposure is a matter of individual choice and as a Conservative woman, Monica should consider it.

Besides sparing us aggravation, it is also a time-saver, necessitating far less scrolling action than at present.

Since the worst of the worst just keeps getting worse, i am researching what LIEberal blogs it posts on, because what is good for the goose.. and of course I would mention in all my posts on such blogs that I was "inspired" by the XFESTATION to post Conservative Thought on their useless idiotic LIEberal blogs.

This is my initiative for a bit of OPC for a real POS.

Your help and assistance is deeply appreciated.



XB, I disagree with you. Nixon was not a Saint, he had a flawed character. He was an honorable man, a good President, and a patriot. Obama is not an honorable man. He is beyond flawed, this guy is an ACORN operator from the streets of Chicago. Someone who would attempt to buy Senate seats has advanced sleaze to a level not seen in this country for a long time. He's the type of political hack who will go out on the stump claiming he is the great tax cutter when he gave a tiny, one time tax rebate in 2009, and is willing to let the Bush tax cuts expire. Obama and Clinton are soul mates in sleaze. Obama is the guy who asked for oral sex from a teenage Intern in the Oval Office while he was President. That gives you a clear picture of the type of creeps we are talking about.


Correction, it was Clinton who liked oral sex in the White House from Interns, not Obama (as far as we know).



Steve, you do of course whatever you feel is right, but I am seriously mentioning that X-thing is not normal and can't be engaged in a nornmal conversation.

A 9/11 truther who thinks Bush and Cheney have a special X-beam stroke weapon and sees an evil "Zionist Conspiracy" in everything, while it proclaims that islam is a religion of peace, is in my view at least, completely deranged and removed from all reality.




You made some good points about X (by the way, can an Antichrist be technically female, as it appears the Monica-obssessed is?)

'Ignore' Button or something could be useful. Thank God for the scroll function. X's repetitive progged-up and hateful Liberal Fascism is mainly an esthetic blemish on the site, since there's no substance. She's occasionally funny, but who needs an ounce of funny under a ton of ordure?
And its not just the regulars here. It's the visitors and the impression they get, wondering what kind of site is it that puts up with such a hideous nasty, promising hell for its opponents, just like bog creatures down through the ages.

You would think that Monica or her webmaster would at least provide a 'report abuse' button. Is an entity droning away on how Bush and Cheney took down the Twin Towers contributing content? Could they think that? Could you think they think that?


Is XB on drugs? We just need to give war a chance. Get politics out of it.


"Since the worst of the worst just keeps getting worse, i am researching what LIEberal blogs it posts on," - UG

Good luck with that, Dude. Outside of the rare newspaper article, I'm only here and I'm only here because of Monica.

Your mileage WILL vary.


"Obama is not an honorable man." - SteveOK

Who ever said Obama was an honorable man? I actually voted for McCain, to my eternal chagrin, although I do now think that Obama is the MUCH lesser evil. I was thinking of the older pre-stroke maverick McCain, who the GOP long ago assassinated.

You'd still be hard pressed to convince me Obama is not a GOP mole doing a heckuva job destroying the Democratic Party.

Two words for you re: Obama: Larry Sinclair


"Is XB on drugs? We just need to give war a chance. Get politics out of it." - AMMOHOG

That would be hysterically funny if you weren't deadly serious.

But to answer your question, no, I've never done drugs of any kind, although you'll wish you'll have access to them in hell.

Believe me.


" promising hell for its opponents" - Gringo

I'm not promising hell for my opponents, Gringo; that's not my job.

I'm promising hell for God's opponents: Lucifer's whores, slaves, enablers, and partners. If the shoe fits, it's NOT my fault or doing.

HE said "Blessed are the peacemakers" which also MUST mean:

"Cursed are the warmakers and war profiteers."

UNLESS they repent and become peacemakers.

End of discussion. Zip, zam, ZOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM.


And I am not as dogmatic about it as most, Gringo. I personally believe one can repent on their deathbed, on the way to hell, before the throne itself, even out of the very deepest depths of hell when Christ, during the three days between the Crucifixtion and His reappearance three days later, descended into Hell and preached and ministered and took all who would follow Him out, as is stated and implicitly implied in the Apostle's Creed.

What is crystal clear to me by my battles here, is that most won't, choosing instead to follow a counterfeit "christ" of hate, intolerance, war, killing of innocents, death, genocide, and nonstop political and economic profit AND BE QUITE PROUD OF MAKING THAT CHOICE. People who will proudly spit in Christ's face and choose Lucifer over Him, as they did during the walk to Golgatha, in hell afterward, and every single waking and sleeping day of their short lifetimes on this planet, whether it be the Romans watching Christians being torn to pieces in the arena while laughing, cheering, and betting; or "good" Germans during the Third Reich "just following orders", or good "christian" patriotic American "conservatives" during this fourth and second to final reich.

There is a choice to be made, and you and yours here make it daily, right here, now.


"I waded through a good bit of that fairly spicy barbecue, but could not find a morsel persuasive enough to relieve the Democrat Liberal Racists of the Black Problem they would have by dumping Obama"



That all depends how much money the DLRs pass around to the black preachers. I'm quite sure if enough money changes hands, even Reverend Wright could be persuaded to convince his congregates that the rOD hAM ultimately would benefit the black community more than the Long-legged mack-daddy.


There is NO black problem with Hillary if Obama resigns because of health issues, and is promised a job in the new administration "if" and "when" he heals and feels up to it.

NONE. Oh, they'll lose 2-3% at most, the racist OJ jurors and Michael Jackson true believers, but that will be marginal and negligible and will be more than made up by energized Democrats and SANE independents.

I forgot to mention Obama would make a tremendous Attorney General as well, and that (mostly desk) job would be a lot easier than Secretary of State, with far less travel, and one that would suit his lawyer persona to a "T".

I wouldn't even be surprised to find out that this had been planned as early as months before the Inauguration as a what-if scenario, but that would take a Machiavellian mind that surpasses my understanding to be sure.

And... it meant Obama never had to stop smoking. A plus I'm sure as far as he's concerned.

i get drunk with ted kennedy

Isn't it amazing how much some Israelies want us to live in Nazi America?

Mind boggling.

Posted by: xbjllb | October 29, 2010 at 04:51 PM

there is no such thing as nazi America. nazi's believe in killing all the Jews and in the german volk. And the Israelites do not control American foreiegn policy since obama is a Jew hater and has given billions of dollars to arab nations for their military and has never spent one dollar for the IDF even though Israel is surronded by the arabs.

i get drunk with ted kennedy

hillary clinton would be bad news since she is another one who approves of the murder of babies by abortion. So does obama think this way - so the demoncrats possiton on roe v wade will never be changed.


"there is no such thing as nazi America. nazi's believe in killing all the Jews" - IGDWTK

Nazi America has existed since the 1930's, when Nazi Germany existed. Much of the right wing in the US at the time was rabidly anti-semetic and allied with Germany. That's why it took the US and an attack from Japan to get the US into the war against Germany. As the decades went on, Nazism was defeated in Germany, but not in the US. The Fascist Reich Right Wing continued on as various pseduo-religious organizations, Joe McCarthy, and the John Birch Society. Only the scapegoats changed. Just because gays, illegal hispanics, blacks in the oval office, progressives, liberals, communists, and "socialists" took the scapegoat place of the old Nazis' Jews, doesn't make the intolerant perpetrators or their tactics a shred less Nazi/fascist/racist/supremacist.

Today's Nazi Americans just haven't gotten around to their final solution yet. Given enough time, anger, hate, and hatemongering by their own Joseph Goebbels's, Beck and LImbaugh et al, plus complete control of ALL branches of government paid for by billionaire fascists like the Koch Brother and Rupert Murdoch, rest assured, they will.

Once again, Mussolini, Hitler's number one ally, stated that fascism, their form of government, was when "Big Business controls the government and all production completely."

Which is exactly the result of smaller government, and thereby the actual goal, of the GOP and Tea Party and Libertarianism, whether the Tea Partiers and/or GOP rank and file realize it or not.

Never forget that Hitler and his Nazis and all of Germany at that time INSISTED they were good "christians" carrying out God's will that the Jews be removed from the planet and punished for being "christ-killers."

Every majority fascist group has its reasons why people who are different should be marginalized, isolated, removed, and eventually exterminated.


IGDWTK - I'm telling you for the LAST time. From here on in, YOU ARGUE TO GOD HIMSELF BEFORE THE THRONE ABOUT IT.

In Christ's day they accurately believed that a human being was not human and did not have a soul until it was born into the world and could live on its own. At the moment of BIRTH God imparted a soul to the child. Prior to that it was a part of the mother only one step removed from feces, urine, and menstrual blood. There was NO SORROW in Christ's day for spontaneous (natural) aborted pregnancies.

Fetuses are NOT babies and not even HUMAN; they are POTENTIAL babies and POTENTIALLY human, as much as that cuts into the pride of parents with sonograms at what "their" "love" "made". Jesus Christ spent more time with prostitutes that he did anyone else, and they were aborting their fetuses as a matter of their profession with whatever remedies were open to them in that day so they could continue working.


He did not. Abortion is a non-issue for REAL CHRISTIANS who KNOW CHRIST, and DO NOT LEAN ON THEIR OWN UNDERSTANDING.

GOD DOES NOT WASTE SOULS on fetuses he knows will be aborted.

To even THINK so is blasphemy, for it makes God WASTEFUL and thereby IMPERFECT.

The Catholic Church only began to teach abortion was wrong ONCE IT STARTED CUTTING INTO THEIR CASHFLOW.

END of discussion.

From here on in, ARGUE WITH GOD.


"Never forget that Hitler and his Nazis and all of Germany at that time INSISTED they were good "christians" carrying out God's will that the Jews be removed from the planet and punished for being "christ-killers."


You are a liar.


Furthermore, if supposed Reich wing "christians" REALLY wanted to end abortion, they'd be starting sex ed in the fourth grade and handing out birth control like candy by the fifth and making sure kids knew how to use it and USED IT.

That's if they REALLY wanted to stop it, and not just use it RAISE MONEY. They don't. They just want to make scared young women run the gauntlet of coat hangers and back alley butchers, and punish the unlucky ones with lifetime female problems and sterility, LIKE MY ADOPTED MOTHER.

Send all of us back to the dark ages. Not happening.

Go da*mn yourselves.


"You are a liar." - DJ

You are hugely mistaken. Now you're arguing with history? GO READ SOMETHING NOT WRITTEN BY Nazi Americans for once in your life.

How about something written by a couple of Jews who would know? That good enough for you?



Your Neo-Nazism ain't christianity, DJ. I don't care what demon from hell taught you it was.



Further proof that terrorist package attack was an attempt to tip US elections toward the GOP?

6. Who tipped off British and US intelligence about the terrorist packages?

The Saudis. Of course. After a call from a Bush asking for a favor.

7. Woman apprehended for mailing packages... FATHER IS AN OIL EXECUTIVE.

Ooops... this one's going to get messy fast. REAL messy.


Here is something more revelent for today's times -- it too was written by a Jew:



"Furthermore, if supposed Reich wing "christians" REALLY wanted to end abortion, they'd be starting sex ed in the fourth grade and handing out birth control like candy by the fifth and making sure kids knew how to use it and USED IT."


What's wrong with instilling in the children, repeat CHILDREN, a proper unambiguous Christian moral foundation? In other words: teach your kids the difference between right and wrong and the consequences thereof. It worked quite well for eons --that is before the cultural-Marxists/moral relativists hi-jacked the public school system and by extension the whole freakin culture in the West.

Maybe a return to Puritanism isn't such a bad idea afterall. It would function as a proverbial strait jacket and muzzle for all you dangerous misguided nation wreaking commie degenerates.


"It worked quite well for eons" - DJ

Oh, OF COURSE it worked well for eons. Why, in Dickens' England orphans of BOTH sexes were buggered from birth on, and when the little girls got knocked up it was "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme" for them. And if that didn't work, a knock down the stairs sufficed. Not that Britain AND early America didn't have their own coat hanger wielding back-alley butchers.

Prior to that children, were fully adult and married off at thirteen, and it was the rare good christian woman of 20 who wasn't scrubbing floors for the rich to support the seven children at home.

DJ, your good old days started in America in the 1910's with the repeal of child labor laws, which was a good thing. However, it did create a class of sexually mature adult human beings and enforce a purity on them THAT HAD NEVER EXISTED BEFORE IN HUMAN HISTORY. This was very profitable for American fascist Big Biz, however, who could take an entire culture (eventually) that was only allowed human sexuality until a decade after full maturity to utilize the promise of sexual fulfillment to sell all sorts of useless crap from deodorant to toothpaste to mouthwash to all manner of musical soft-core porn. And to the adults, cars, appliances, home renovation, and home ownership. The term teenager didn't even EXIST until the late 1950's. Because US culture realized they needed a term for these "new" "in-between" children and adult MASS CONSUMERS.

Read "Subliminal Seduction" by Wilson Bryan Key. THE textbook of how sex is still used to sell everything on the planet, from false christianity to war. ALL impossible in a culture where the adult age was 13 and not 21.


That's what's wrong with instilling "purity" in "children", DJ? It only came to existence in America in the 20th century as a dam*ned fantastic way to warp humans for their entire adult existence, create a famine of sexuality for the first decade of BIOLOGICAL adulthood that would never be overcome, and create deprived and repressed beings that would chase sex their entire lives in the form of CONSUMERISM and NEVER BE SATISFIED, and chase real sex their entire lives in bars and on the internet outside of marriage, even if they were married, and NEVER BE SATISFIED. And go back to CONSUMERISM.

There. You didn't want it, you didn't ask for it, but you got it; and entire indictment of our entire warped culture and what is really wrong with it.

Am I saying that children don't need to be protected from sexual predators?

Oh, HELL no I'm not! What I am saying is THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY SEXUAL PREDATORS if we didn't live in an infantile repressed culture for the purpose of CONSUMING to make FASCISTS RICHER. Kids would know how to scream when preyed upon and WHY. Instead, we stupidly teach them to always obey adults.

What's the solution? I don't have it, it will take Christ to set it right, and when 13 year olds start marrying again, I think people like you will have a BIG problem accepting His authority.

Unless you stop reading books by JEWISH NAZIS.

Like I said, ANYONE can be a Nazi. All it takes is a minority scapegoat OTHER than warmongers, war profiteers, and fascist business scum.



Although others here don't have you figured out, I do. You are a cultural-Marxist, plain and simple. See if you and others can identify the similarities ingrained in your thinking patterns as explained in this little video:



I happen to be a capitalist like many others. CEO of a corporation, in fact.

Unlike my fascist brethren, however, I believe in keeping the Middle class American goose that lays the golden eggs alive. And getting wealthier so they will buy more of my products.

My brethren, however, want to butcher, gut, roast, and devour the golden goose, and then move onto other golden geese in other countries until there are none left.

That's the difference, DJ. I would like to restore the balance of wealth in this country to what it was in the late 1950's BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. I would like to see every family be able to live, and live well on one parent's income.


If that's communism or even socialism to you, you are indeed woefully ignorant.

I don't care what any fascist calls it, it is and will always be Democracy in Action.


Vote for long-time consistent Conservative Tom Tancredo for Colorado Governor !!!

Hickenlooper the Democrat is an extreme Clintonista-Obamanation, left-wing-liberal, who is very pro-illegal-alien-invasion, scheme-scam-crime-fraud, social-sevices-$$$-giveaways-handouts-sanctuary-cities, US-bankruptcy-destruction !!!

Election 2010: Colorado Governor
Colorado Governor: Hickenlooper (D), Tancredo Take It to the Finish

Friday, October 29, 2010

Republican candidate Dan Maes now has just single-digit support, but Democrat John Hickenlooper still holds a slight lead over independent candidate Tom Tancredo in Colorado’s race for governor.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state shows Hickenlooper with a 47% to 42% lead over Tancredo, a former GOP congressman now running as the candidate of the American Constitution Party. Maes trails with five percent (5%) support. Six percent (6%) like some other candidate in the race, and one percent (1%) is undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

This is the best showing yet for both Hickenlooper and Tancredo, and the race moves back to Leans Democrat in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Gubernatorial Scorecard. Two weeks ago, Hickenlooper, the mayor of Denver, held a 42% to 38% lead over Tancredo, with Maes at 12.

Support for Tancredo who entered the race saying Maes cannot beat Hickenlooper has risen from 14% in late August, while Maes’ support has dropped from a high of 31% just after his GOP Primary win earlier that month. In that same period, Hickenlooper’s support has generally held steady in the low to mid 40s.

Vote for long-time consistent Conservative Tom Tancredo for Colorado Governor !!!


"You are a liar." - DJ

Part II Required Reading for Today's Problem:




NO! THIS IS required reading for today's problem:


By Kimster "kimster36" (Denver, CO USA) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left's Assault on Our Culture and Values (Hardcover)

"Wow--I heard Tammy Bruce on Sean Hannity's radio show and clicked on Amazon to get the book and read what I now know to be one of the strangest Publisher's Weekly reviews I've ever seen. She seemed like such a reasonable person on radio, I couldn't imagine how her book could be as they described.
Well, it wasn't. The subject matter is difficult sometimes--especially Chapter 7 which deals with the sexualization of children in our society--but this is a book which *must* be read if you want to be educated about what is really going on in our culture. She breaks it down like she did in New Thought Police--and deals with the gay elite, feminist elite and black power elite. There are also chapters about schools and media. In short, everything you need to know to get a grip on what's happening. My favorite new phrase, btw, is her so perfect description of those in power in left wing special interest groups "malignant narcissists."
What was also unique was the personal perspectives and stories she shared. They really added to why she was able to be a feminist and gay activist for so long.
Her ending about Ronald Reagan (even though I didn't vote for him) actually made me cry. That's quite a feat for a political book!
Untimately, she does a great job explaining the question I always ask, which is *why* does the Left do what it does, even when it harms their own.
It is methodically written (not in the least "lurid" or "crude" as the PW review oddly accused), she is reasonable and provides footnotes for all of her information, many of which are from credible sources on the internet. I liked this because I was able to go and check myself some of the more shocking information.
I also like her take and what's happening with culture because I also consider myself a liberal person but quietly noted to myself that something was going wrong in our society. I don't think liberal means the world should be a free-for-all. This book helped me put my own concerns in perspective and helped me to realize that I wasn't alone in feeling that moral relativism was winning the day.
I'm not kidding when I say she's like Ayn Rand. She is my new favorite author. I recommend not only this book, but her first one, too."


The great expanse of History AND all of biology BOTH validate what I have written. ALL of it.

But that's because God created them.

On the religo-fascist side?

"Leave It To Beaver" and 1950's cum 1940's sitcoms and 60's Big Fascist Business psych studies. Mad Men. For real.

Good luck with that. Don't you have something to buy?

Ayn Rand. Another miserable Russian cigarette pusher really writing MGM 30's screenplays. But did she ignite my love of architecture and militant independence? Probably. But a philosopher? Only to those fascinated with the foreign who didn't grow up with Russian relatives and therefore, could see through the BS to the pain beneath.

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