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October 29, 2010



Okay, I'll play repeat-a-post too...

"She tries to schluff it all off on God. Transference, complicated with blasphemy, with addition of psychopathic confidence that Jesus won't mind how she transfers her hatreds, how she takes no responsibility for them?" - Gringo

What astonishingly incredible insight into how the completely illogical and quite insane Lucifer-Mind thinks, reasons, accuses, and transfers its own sin onto the messenger.

Fascinating. And worth the price of admission.

Mr. Spock


"She owns up to obsession with Monica" - Gringo

Transferring yet again? I said I was here because of Monica. I've been an avid political junkie and McLaughlin viewer for decades, complained to McLaughlin incessantly during Tony Blankley's last several months on the program, incessantly spouting his boring and enraging one-trick pony Herman Goering war profiteer agenda, and lo and behold, one night a lovely lady appeared to take his place who ACTUALLY MADE SOME SENSE.

I was fascinated, because her strength of will and belief almost made me believe I might have been wrong.


Fascination with intelligence gone wrong is hardly obsession. I wouldn't call Christ obsessed with humanity. One does what one can, and at a certain point, buh-bye.

Lucifer, on the other hand...


Looking forward to the crow session at the next McLaughlin. At least Warrior Princess will have the man pants to show up, UNLIKE her predecessor Tony Blankley, who would would just call in sick every single time something horrific happened for the GOP. It got to be like clockwork...

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