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October 19, 2010



Welcome back!!


Boy, did we miss you!!!



Something about that story doesn't jibe.

Everyone was able to post so Monica could've easily posted using a "loaner".

Good to see the Memo getting a new thread though.

The X-crapper was trying to spin this to mean that Monica was trying to lay low till after the election in anticipation of a DemonRAT victory this Fall.

Yup, another conspiracy theory notes the dust.


Now that Monica is officially back:




Thank God you're OK. I was beginning to worry that it might have been health related or something (despite my funning spin). Hope the virus didn't transmit private info back to some dam*ned mothership or something.


"Something about that story doesn't jibe." - UG

Are you even a FAN of Monica in the first place? Or are you just here to spout your incessant jingoist war against Islam for Israel rhetoric?

Only YOU would question her personal veracity. I've questioned her political positions and motivations, but that's what she's in this fight for in the first place.

Losing an entire computer without a backup IS devastating. But it only happens to folks ONCE.

And only you would frame a half-joke as a serious conspiracy theory.

Remember? I'm here to pump up the volume to get that triple paycheck from Soros. That means a lot of ha-has.


Glad Monica has worked out her technical difficulties, and is back dancing on her toes. Break a leg, Monica. Here's looking at you, kid.


Like so many others, I checked in every day to see when M.C. would be back on the wire. Still caught the radio show on Saturday afternoons, and plan to keep listening and reading for a steady diet of Monica's perspective. To paraphrase the Porsche slogan: Monica Crowley - There is no substitute.


Welcome back Monica! She may not have been here, but she was on the radio, and was right on target on O'Reilly last night.

In case you missed it, Monica correctly called out that idiot Pelosi's Marxist/Socialist comments made yesterday. (By the way, this puts Nancy alone atop the "World Class Stupid" list, not that she was ever far from the top. To be fair, the Repubicans who were talking about compromises yesterday get honorable mention. Not as purely stupid as Nancy, but really dumb with 2 weeks to go.)

If you could stand listening to Pelosi's comments (I managed, but not without some dry heaves), the barely hidden Socialist agenda is completely out in the open, and it must be stopped, now. By attacking ownership and equity, it's crystal clear that The Bama, Nancy and Nevada Harry are determined to spend and tax us into a helpless, hopeless, dependent-on-the-state-for-everything socialist condition!

Health Care was just the start. We have already heard that nationalizing your 401K is next, and now - ownership & equity needs to be redistributed. Your misguided idelougue elected officials are so arrogant they are actually telling you that you have nothing to say! The sound you hear is your Freedom gasping for air. Obama has now increased deficit spending more in 22 months than Bush did in 8 years! As one of the more interesting candidates for NY Gov said, "The Rent is too D@MN high!"

"Hope & Change" has become "Smear & Blame". Even the liberal media is slinking away, and NOBODY is being fooled any more.

Priority #1: All Democrats OUT!
Pelosi: You're Fired!
Reid: You're Fired!
Imam Obama: You're Next!

Two weeks from right now, we'll know what kind of country and patriotism we have.

W. McCants

Monica I missed you on the Mclaughlin show. Did your computer have anything to do with that? Of course the same thing happened to me. I know it can be a pain in the you-know-what.

You should purchase a second computer? Further, a brief course on computer science or how to recover your own data from your C-drive won't hurt either, and it will save you tons of money. Or you could partition your disk, if that's possible, and that too will prevent hackers from crashing your computer. Another option is to buy an external hard-drive and store everything on it. When you log-off your computer there is no data saved to your C-drive, rather it is all stored on your external.

As a safety precaution run disk scans on a daily or weekly basis.

Hope that helps.


There is nothing wrong with living in the stone age. A few years ago there were no cell phones, no computers, no satellite TV; were we better off then or now? Don't answer...


No Constitutional Amendment Is Needed to End the Illegal-Alien-Invasion Anchor-Baby-Scam-fraud

Read this and tell everyone you can that the call for a changing of the 14th amendment is not needed to stop-put-an-end to the illegal-alien-anchor-baby-scheme-scam-fraud !!!

Lindsey Graham deceptively says that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution must be amended to tackle the illegal-alien anchor-baby problem.

No constitutional amendment is Needed to End the Anchor-Baby; Scheme-Scam-Fraud-Rip-Off Scandal in the Next Session of Congress

While in Congress Tom Tancredo supported legislation aimed at ending the practice of giving automatic citizenship to children born to parents who are illegal aliens. Those bills never got a hearing or came to a vote, but suddenly there is widespread interest in the topic. What has changed ?

Tom Tancredo is in a toss up election race for Governor in Colorado !!!

The topic is in the news in part because of a report from the Pew Hispanic Center showing that 340,000 anchor babies were born in 2009 and constitute 8 percent of all live births nationally. We have over 4,000,000 anchor babies under the age of 18. Such reports put numbers on a problem that has been festering for decades.

Birthright citizenship is not allowed in Mexico, or in South Africa, France, Germany, Japan or China. In fact, it is allowed almost nowhere except the United States. Yet, Americans are told that ending this practice would be "racist." So, why the sudden interest in the issue by liberals?

Open-borders advocates like South Carolina Sen. "Goober" L1ndsey Graham see the proposal to end birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens as a bargaining chip to get Republican support for amnesty legislation. That's a bad bargain Americans should reject.

Concerned about the impact of illegal aliens on the United States? Don't miss Tom Tancredo's book, "In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border and Security"

Lindsey Graham mistakenly and misleadingly says that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution must be amended to tackle the anchor-baby problem. He's wrong, and it's a bad idea for several reasons.

Leading constitutional scholars like John Eastman, Dean of the law school at Chapman University, say it's not necessary to amend the 14th Amendment because birthright citizenship for children of foreign nationals is not in the 14th Amendment in the first place.

An honest examination of the legislative history of he 14th Amendment reveals that the authors never intended it to cover foreign nationals. Therefore, amending the Constitution is unnecessary. All we need to do is pass a law clarifying the matter.

Yes, we all understand that such an act of Congress will then be challenged by the ACLU and National Council of La Raza and will be appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. However, it will surprise many people to learn that the Supreme Court has never dealt with this question directly. Only one case late in the 19th century dealt with citizenship of children of immigrants, but that case involved a legal immigrant, not an illegal alien. So, let's pass the law and let the Supreme Court deal with it.

The needed legislation will simply state who is eligible for birthright citizenship, not who is excluded. U.S. citizenship at birth should be awarded only in cases where at least one parent is a citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident. This would end the practice of giving citizenship to children born to tourists, business travelers, foreign students, guest workers and illegal aliens.

A second reason for not going the constitutional-amendment route is that it concedes a false interpretation of the Constitution and the 14th Amendment. A constitutional amendment is a long and arduous process requiring the approval of two-thirds of both houses of Congress and three-quarters of the states. A constitutional amendment is a last resort to be used only if a new law is invalidated by the Supreme Court.

But the best reason for avoiding the constitutional-amendment path is that it is a transparent political trap. Why should anyone support an amnesty bill for the mere prospect of a successful constitutional amendment.

If the proponents of the constitutional-amendment path were serious and honest in their intentions, if they truly believe that the award of birthright citizenship to children born to tourists and illegal aliens

ought to be ended, they would move that proposal forward immediately as sound public policy without a link to amnesty legislation. If the amendment were actually ratified by the states and became part of our Constitution, that could be seen as a good faith gesture to open an honest debate on true immigration reform.

Instead, what we see is a charade in which amnesty proponents pretend to support a constitutional change in order to move their amnesty bill forward. Everyone understands that as soon as an amnesty bill is enacted, the constitutional amendment would be abandoned.

That charade is similar to other bait-and-switch tactics used by amnesty crowd. You want border security? We'll give you improved border security as part of an amnesty package. Of course, achieving border security would take three to five years from the moment we decided to get serious about it, and the undertaking could be sabotaged at any moment by denying the needed annual appropriations.

That is exactly what happened to the Secure Fence Act of 2006. In 2007 the double-layer fence authorized by the Secure Fence Act was defunded and converted into "tactical infrastructure."

We can and should end the anchor-baby scandal in the next session of Congress, but we do not need a constitutional amendment to do that.

Tom Tancredo is a former five-term congressman from Colorado and 2008 candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. He currently serves as chairman of the Rocky Mountain Foundation and co-chairman of TeamAmericaPac.

Tancredo is the author of "In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border and Security."

Stop the illegal-alien-invasion-menace-US-bankruptcy-destruction !!!

Vote out the anti-American, fake-phoney-fraud; leftist-liberal-activist, Communist-Socialist-Marxist-Democrats and the RINO's !!!

Vote for pro-US-Constitution-States-Rights Conservatives !!!

In the Colorado Governors race Tom Tancredo's rising poll #'s now put him in a toss-up with the leftist-liberal-Obamanation-Democrat candidate.

Vote for Tom Tancredo for Colorado Governor !!!

Fighting Irish

You all do realize she is lying about this. I have inside information as to why she really was not posting. I am friends with one of her assistants on her radio show.

Anyone care to hear the real reason??? Maybe I'll let you all stew until this weekend.

Carry on slags.


@FI: Conversion from Fascism?

We can pray.



So it's the weekend. Give it up. I know no one else here is a Monica fan, but I am. Enquiring minds want to know.

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