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September 27, 2010




Which Hannity will show up? Dr. anti-jihad or Mr. Friend-of-Rove?



On Hannity. TONIGHT?


I mean a perfect opportunity for Monica to get out in front of the GOP curve. Tonight she can announce her unflinching support for the next Governor of New York, Carl ("Where's that baseball bat?" Paladino. Even "stalking horse" Lazio has stopped stalking and bowed out. Is Monica ready to announce for Paladino? What could possibly stop her?

Should we cheer now?

Or should we hold off, as a precaution?


I hope you won't be opposite the hidous Colmes...




It is sad to see Obama using NBC, ostensibly for making a public service statement about education, having it devolve into free airtime for party politics. They'll be bouncing blue balls in the gym. If this keeps up, everyone will have to give major party reps gratis airtime.



I realize I look at things too negatively. Perhaps I should stop listening to talk radio.

Posted by: DJ | September 27, 2010 at 09:39 AM


I meant me. I had to take out Rudy's audio book on "Leadership" to cheer me up.


Interesting points, Monica. I happen to love the pro-life, pro-gun, happen-to-be-attractive women. YOU, Monica, looked really pretty on Hannity ;)

Have to start listening to the radio show more regularly. November should be interesting.


Welcome, Ann. We really like Sarah Palin on this blog and Christine has "cast a spell on the boys". Conservative women are really getting to the Libs. They have replaced Dick Cheney with Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell and Michele Bachmann.

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