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August 10, 2010



Ditto Monica,
Stop it no matter what it takes.


Now this sounds like our Warrior Princess. We salute.

As intimated last week by the Gringo Advisory Board, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, despite his obvious business smarts and superiority over the typical Democrat duffers, now looks like just another crazy, arrogant, elitenik, guilt-tripping Nanny Man straight out of Libworld Central Casting. This insufferable jerk appears hell-bent on turning his legacy into the shame of what we dub,



From what I've heard, Karl Rove spent his three hours of valuable Rush Limbaugh air yesterday without a mention of THE MOSQUE, let alone the mania of "Republican" Michael Bloomberg. Normally, with Monica so well plugged in to these people, one would ask for her reaction to this stunning anomaly.

But she's so hot right now, practically taking Bloomberg by the ear, let's not ask her if Rovie's "no comment" yesterday revealed him as a naked proxy for the House of Bush and "It's a religion of peace."

Cara Mia, you're excused.


No matter what it takes? How far are you willing to go, Soggy?



New Ad: 'Why There'?

Ad about the Ground Zero Mosque will appear on NYC buses!

The MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) tried to stop this ad (The ad even shows planes approaching the Twin Towers.)

Hot Jewish Warrior Princess Pam Geller (ATLAS SHRUGS) announces, on MSNBC, that the MTA backed down after being threatened with a lawsuit.

VIDEO http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/


The Bush Bros. have criticized the GOP for reconsidering the 14th amendment. Big surprise there.

Some job opportunities being provided for illegal immigrants :

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"The mayor is not a passionate man, but for some inexplicable reason, he's become passionate about this insult to 9/11 victims and their families and this symbol of Muslim supremacy and victory. Whether he's seized by idiocy, ignorance, political correctness or some combination of all three, I do not know.



Of course this mayor IS passionate in the most PC ways.

That is he WAS passionate when he banned smoking in all workplaces.

He WAS passionate when he banned trans-fat from NYC restaurants.

Now his passion is compelling him to lead the charge in the quest to ban salt.

In addition to Bloomberg being a politically correct-ignorant-idiot as Warrior Princess suggests, does he also earn the title as a nanny-state control freak?


Welcome to the Jihad against the Ground Zero mosque. As I told the kool-aid drinkers and Christophobes, in the words of Mick Jagger at the FDNY/9/11 benefit, "don't @$*& with New York". See how well Samantha Jones assimiliated in the Middle East in Sex and the City 2.


Rick, I need your help. I need to learn military strategy, or at least how to make 100% pork hot dogs. Can't give away anymore militarty secrets. We are at war!!!!!!


Sorry, that was welcome to the Jihad, Monica. Gotta get back to the war.



Here's a billboard that should be installed across the street facing the proposed Bloomberg mosk:



Karl Rove & co. simply use these "bogeymen" to further their own interests.

Hannity is being played like a cheap fiddle.

I do not intend to let the sound of the piper delude me.


Posted by: Ummah Gummah | August 09, 2010 at 12:31 AM

Hannity gives everybody a chance to play him: Rove, Newt, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Coulter, angry black hacks, black conservatives, Rumpleton the Republican, Dukey the Democrat, Raffles the RINO, Tea Party Hearty etc etc. Scholastically he might have the least background in Western Civilization of anyone on radio, yet the most innate sense of it, politically at least, as demonstrated in the Greek concept, "market place of ideas" and diverse voices, dating from the Athens of Socrates and Plato---a concept of opposition alien to Islam, Socialism and most of the non-Western world.


No matter what it takes? How far are you willing to go, Soggy?

Posted by: FK | August 10, 2010 at 04:28 PM

I'm not sure. You got my back?


Just heard Glenn Beck discuss the Fox News guy who wants to open up a gay bar right next to the GZ mosque. Excellent! What a lovely idea to promote tolerance with our friends from the Middle East. I'll definitely be there with the girls in our most fashionable outfits.

Hey, is it true that the State Department flew the Iman to the middle east on the taxpayer dime? Hey, I heard Gov. Paterson say something about finding land for the mosque. Is that an ACLU concern (separation of church and state?)

Hannity keeps me sane.

Back to the Jihad!

Robert L

You might recall that our Sweet Little Mayor was not attending any funerals for the First Responders who died on 9/11. Not until the Unions started to make waves for him in the Media. Then he started to attend the Funerals but he still managed to remark, "The Mayors job is a very busy one, especially now." As I recall, Guiliani and Koch attended them all.


No matter what it takes? How far are you willing to go, Soggy?

Posted by: FK | August 10, 2010 at 04:28 PM

I'm not sure. You got my back?

Posted by: soggy | August 11, 2010 at 08:42 AM

I will listen to your point of view, but I don't "got your back" if you are going to hurt anyone.

Ummah Gummah

No matter what it takes? How far are you willing to go, Soggy?

POSTED BY: FK | AUGUST 10, 2010 AT 04:28 PM




Ummah Gummah


Careful, Soggy. This FK character has a knife in your back sooner than you know it.

Ask Gringoman. He's well-known to us.

A self-hating Jew who crawls out from under his rock whenever any moslem is looking for one, as commanded by their KKKoranmpf.



No matter what the Mosque opponents say, it all comes down to equating the religion itself and ALL followers with what happened on 9/11. Otherwise there really isn't any other issue, of course the opponents would say, think about the victim's families, which basically means some victims family blame 9/11 on the religion itself and we should respect that feeling, I say No.

James Vann

Join me in stopping the Mosque being built at ground zero, show your support by signing the petition at:


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