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June 04, 2010



Wow. Nine people died trying to help out fascist holocaust victims, one of them American, and you post the latest Israeli joke about it, paid for by US foreign aid to Israel.

I think I finally realize exactly why you attract so many demons here, Darlin'.

Better get a dustpan and a broom... I think every mirror in your house just cracked.


This is GREAT. I just heard this on a radio show and cracked up. What a great way of stickin' it in the eye of the RAAACIST LIEberals!

Uh, that American only lived hear for two years before moving to Turkey. I heard those 9 people had ties to terrorists.


I guess there really are two kinds of people in the world.

There are those who identify with people going and dying to help other oppressed people out.

Then there are those who laugh, point, make fun, and identify with the people who murdered them.

Appalled is not the word. Horrified is insufficient.

Bereft comes close. For those bereft of all humanity.


God, I am tired of separating sheep from goats. The work is too hard, the rewards too few, too few sheep and far too many goats marked for damnation.

You do it. I'm going to go create for awhile away from this hell they've made.

Forgive me my failure to ignite even a spark of shame, a spark of humanity, a spark of empathy, a spark of agape.

Truly the universe will be far better off without such as these.

You win. I agree.


THIS is incredibly OFFENSIVE. The STATE-RUN media is always LECTURING us when they are the REAL RACISTS.


After listening to Reverend Wright's speech about "how we bombed Hiroshima...", I did some research and found out how many Polish people were killed in WWII without a nuclear bomb.


Approximately 5,384,000 about 50% of whom were Jews according to Lukas."


Ummah Gummah - islam is the religion of satan


M/M, I am beginning to wonder if that Xkrement we have infesting this blog isn't really Helen Thomas in net drag.

What a purely evil creature.

Satan does exist. In so many forms, starting with moHAMed.

This Xkrement is foaming at the mouth like the pagan moon G-d named Ba'allah.


John Q. Public

Nobody but Nobody hates like a liberal!

Scary thing is the higher level of so called eduction they get the more they hate others and the less they do to actually make a difference in the world.

They become like Obama and blame everyone that disagrees with them but seldom raise a hand to help!


Brainwashed people without brains believe this nonsense - that's what the communists know and that's why they keep repeating lies.


We can assume that those who fail to protest support the lies.



There's plenty of death and suffering on both sides over there with no likelihood of an end. Any time either group gets a leader who works toward an honest two state solution they kill him. The most sensible idea is still the one I proposed in a column I see was four years back, move Israel to the Mexican border. Some may think that's a facetious idea, but it would be a lot cheaper than all the aid we send to Israel and would give us a genuinely secure southern border for a fraction of what we spend now for a porous one.

Of course once the border was secured the corporate overlords who want a continuing flow of illegals and drugs to hold down wages and to enhance the police and prison industries would be sponsoring flotillas to both coasts. Rush has said he and his disciples will once again stand with the criminal lobby to block a high tech ID card to interfere with the hiring of illegals. Obama's hope and change has evaporated into the same submission to corporate masters as previous Presidents. If American leaders won't help us, having Israel between us and Mexico would at least be a big improvement.



First of all the Jewish people would NEVER agree to such a proposition so it's a non-starter. Secondly the ruling elite WANT open borders with Mexico. If they didn't, there wouldn’t be an illegal alien problem in the U.S.

Mark Bernadiner

Who is responsible for death on high sea

The expedition was designed and organized based on Hamas and Hezbullah fundamental principle: old people and children ahead, criminals with weapon hiding behind them. Among old people they have Holocaust survivor, over 80 year old with definitely dead brain as he decided to demonstrate support to palestinian islamofascists who invented Holocaust 90 years ago and have been implementing it on daily basis since.

The objective to deliver medical supply to Gaza, as organizes declared, was obviously fake. They could deliver it through regular UN delivery, but they refused. The organizes advertised than the mission is peaceful, but they knew that one ship had a group of armed bandits ready for action. The EU SECURITY COUNCIL and TURKEY PM knew this also. The objective of this escapade was not humanitarian aid, but PROVOCATION against democratic state of Israel to create international uproar. It was preplanned, predesigned, paid for by their sponsors, EU SECURITY COUNCIL and TURKEY PM, who now lead a campaign against Israel.

Who are those organizers: GEORGE GALLOWAY and GRETA BERLIN (possibly, somebody else). They organized a criminal international enterprise to pursue the objective of promoting their personal political image as well as put bloody cash in their pocket. These people are international gangsters personally responsible for death and must be put on trail. EU SECURITY COUNCIL and TURKEY PM must be also held responsible for funding criminal entity and planning PROVOCATION against democratic country.

Mark Bernadiner, PH.D.

I am accusing UN Secretary General, Human Rights Counsel, and Security Counsel in development of a coordinated plan for eliminating Israel from the Earth, killing over 7 mln. Israel population and therefore destroying Jewish communities around the world. I demand comprehensive, independent investigation into their criminal activity.

UN, including Secretary General, Human Rights Counsel, and Security Counsel, started to design a plan to destroy Israel during second Lebanon war. They pushed Israel into 'cease fire" trap to save Hezbullar from total defeat and thereafter helped Hezbullah to rearm with advanced Iranian weapons under UNIFIL protection. The same tactic with the same objective UN used in Israel war on Hamas. Now UN is implementing a strategy to arm Hamas to the teeth with Iranian weapons. In addition, UN developed a strategy to disarm Israel through so called initiative “Nuclear Free ME”, to oppress Israel legally through fraudulent “independent” investigations of “war crimes”. Just several days ago, a UN Secretary General staff blackmailed US for supporting Israel and threatened with investigation on using drowns against Islamic terrorists. UNHRC in cooperation with Goldstone and Co. fabricated fraudulent and fake report on Israel activity in Gaza war and threatened Israel with ICC. Current UN represents grave threat to existence of Israel, Israeli citizens, Jews, and eventually all people, except terrorists, around the world. We don’t need UN an unaccountable global government, as UN administration would like to be. We must have rights to put them on trial.

Mark Bernadiner, PH.D.

rick savard

Ahhh, Houston to XB......nine people did not simply die; they were killed while engaging in personal combat with an enemy and a situation they created themselves to give them something to do since Arabs have not entered a patent in something like 50 or 60 years. Do not again use the word Holocaust to describe the situation in Gaza, i forbid it.....rick


Monica, you are a tasteless person. It is one thing for you to lie on national television by stating that there is NO humanitarian crisis in Gaza ( although multiple NGO reports show otherwise!) But you go even lower by posting this shameful video.
Age is nothing but a number indeed. You gained 0 wisdom for your age. Forget you . Just another pitiful war monger

Rerto Jordans

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