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April 16, 2010



Serious inflation is about to commence. This shall be a boon to any protest party - no matter how flaky - as long as it opposes the status quo.

What we need is the Tea Party and something like UG's platform, and candidates to run as Tea Party members.
People who wish to entice bankers to control the Party are not welcome.

NASA needs to shed itself of Muscovites, and hire Tea Party members that are nationalists - N is for National.



LOL Yep! N is for Nationalists, NOT for Nancies. For the Jayhadist: In this case it's NancIES not Nancys.




I have another platform suggestion: Congressional and Senatorial TERM LIMITS. Plus MEANS TESTING. A lot of them are wealthy beyond description and can be made to pay for their own "expenses" and transportation.

I'll be generous: since the Bama promised not to tax any families that make under $250,000.00, which really means $125K/person, we'll let them keep their salaries and perks as long as their income form accumulated wealth and investments does not exceed $500K and their personal net worth does not exceed, say $10M.

Since they're so hard at work "for the people" then let them put their money where their mouth is. Or make room for new blood who maybe will actually deserve the benefits that come from being in politics.

People like Peloser, on the other hand, should be sent a bill for their excessive use of the transportation services provided to them.




Monica better advise her Republican friends that WE are not going to make this one in November automatic for them.

Wherever there's a challenger going up against an entrenched career politician WE will vote for the Challenger! if the challenger doesn't make it, WE SIT IT OUT.

Maybe if they see the difference between Primary participation and Main election participation they will understand.

Voting for the samo samo Newtered version candidates amounts more of Bush Republicanism. A classic closet LIEberal without PRINCIPLES.




The obama has not given any tax cuts per se, but tax credits. I do not want tax credits that can be targeted to whom ever the government wants to win, but give across the board tax cuts. Tax credits help the elected officials get re-elected. Actual cuts to the tax rate help all and are more permanent which means they can be counted on in the future.

Taxes have gone up and will continue to go up with this administration. All the spending going on at the moment will just be an excuse to raise taxes latter. I agree that once November is done there will be tax increases.


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Bill Blathers


Always appreciate your commentary and passion for what you do. Thanks!

I agree with UMMAHGUMMAH, the republicans don't get a free pass here. What we need are strong conservative candidates




Where does the "old Cowboy" live? In Al Sharpton's basement?



Taxes have gone up and will continue to go up with this administration. All the spending going on at the moment will just be an excuse to raise taxes latter. I agree that once November is done there will be tax increases.

POSTED BY: MARC | APRIL 16, 2010 AT 12:12 PM


I agree with the first part, but the second only if we re-elect RINOs along with the traitors the libs will be electing to represent them and their ideas.

What we need is COMPLETE GRIDLOCK, a stalemate so we can get a New President in 2012!



Must you continue to live in a fantasyland where you count twenty on your side for every one you actually have? And count one for every twenty of the opposition?

That's not the way to achieve anything but abject dismal failure.

Are you Oprah now? You create reality by merely stating what you want is so?

Doesn't work; never did.

I don't know who you're polling beyond Fox "News" viewers to get your bogus fantasy numbers; your polls are not only inaccurate; they will prove to be decimating.

To even get close to winning, one must first be brutally realistic. No matter how bad it is. Even Steele knows this.

But by all means, don't let reality sway you; crash and burn in November.


"What we need is COMPLETE GRIDLOCK, a stalemate so we can get a New President in 2012!" - UG(h)

UG(h), gridlock is the LAST thing that will get you the Presidency in 2012. You will so outrage and anger the majority of the American People with laughably absurdly hypocritical negative childish tantrum obstructionism by Mitchie-Poo and SprayTanBoy that you will HAND Obama the White House on a silver platter.

I don't want to see that happen, because I want Obama OUT for being a lying escalating warmonger. And I actually believe that only a GOP would be able to end the war in the Mideast, the way Nixon did.

Specifically Jeb with Monica as veep. Then she could see and finally experience first hand why Nixon did what he did.

A very much needed paradigm shift.

And forget about Romney. The south ain't nevah gonna put a slick Mormon in the White House.

Or anyone else. Jeb can get the south, the north, the west, and the east. Pick Monica for Veep and he'll waltz in.

Thank God for sibling differentiation.


And I hear the SP fans howling: but Monica is a commentator, not a public official.

And Sarah Palin is a brainless beauty queen with a ludicrous milf FOX callgirl pornstar image (she will JUST not quit) who DID quit her only job as governor of a marginal state. Monica at least worked for a former President.

And she's got more brains in a toenail clipping than Sarah Palin will have for the rest of all time.

I can respect a conservative with brains who actually believes she's protecting America as she sees it, albeit if a bit paranoid; a Sarah Palin I wouldn't trust to clean my toilets.

Princess is a challenge to my beliefs; SP is a pathetic cartoon joke.

Which is why Sarah Palin is so immensely popular; conservatives prefer their women utterly brainless. So to be dumber than themselves.

Independents, liberals, and progressives on the other hand? We value intelligence. Highly. Even in the opposition.



I was checking out Moonbattery.org as I visit there frequently and they are presently beset by trolls.

One guy there was telling the story of how he was admin on a Conservative site and he banned a libtroll who kept disrupting meaningful Conservative discussions.

In response the owner/operator of the site not only relived him of his duties but also re-instated the troll, citing free speech.

This is in complete opposition to hoe the enemy run their sites. We must not see free speech as a fetish that must be granted to any libtard who comes into OUR house and discharges their nasty bits all over the rugs.

We have some very serious things to discuss here and there's simply not enough time to feed the trolls.

Our energies must be devoted to getting the non-voters out and voting in the PRIMARIES!

Unlike Hannity, I think it's CRUCIAL that ONLY True Conservatives emerge from the Primaries!

No new faces = no energized base = NO VOTES!

Run more McLAMEs who refuse to fight and see what happens! We must also stay closely on the case of Scott Brownutus. He MUST be unelected next time!

What he did was a CLEAR abuse of Tea Party energy and could lead to apathy in the end. I say the road is tough and full of obstacles like stealth RINOs and those who are subject to blackmail and the seduction of power and corruption.

Some of those we help elect will turn out to be lib-lites and KuntyKluKollaborators.

We must NOT let that discourage US. We have NO choice! all we can do is grow our numbers, get out the vote and bring up people form within.

The Tea Party and the Military are our FARM SYSTEM.

Not all our prospects will work out.

We will get increasingly better at scouting though.

And we will have to start our own PACs. Maybe we can pay politicians to do the Patriotic thing if their consciences aren't sufficient motivation for them!

If the SOWdis can buy politicians who says Americans can't! Ergo we need to attract people with funds to our side to make some of these things happen.

The enemy bought off a lot of reps with special deals to pass BamaCare. They fight down and dirty, they are a ruthless, merciless foe and we must not be too good nor too moral to defeat them!



Captain Stimulus from D.C., shows up at Missoula, Montana Tax Day – Tea Party.

Captain Stimulus: There is going to be 5 border stations built in Montana, and they’re gonna get 77 Million dollars of the Stimulus fund. ” Those border stations, they are very busy some of them get 2 or 3 vehicles a day…..Video included.

Yeah that stimulus money being handed out like well tax payer money not like the people handing it out earned it or anything.



Nice to know that AIPAC is so heavily invested and interested in the Tea Party, UG(h).

Also nice to know they (and you) are working so hard to torpedo any possible GOP victory. Better to have blackmail on the Kenyan you know rather than none on any GOP who weren't right up to their necks in 9-11, eh?

Curiouser and curiouser.


Both parties have been bought by lobbyists. Frontline did a show about how the insurance companies and others influenced the healthcare bill. The biggest insurance lobbyist made the demand that for the insurance companies to go along with the bill. That everyone HAD to buy insurance. If, we could get rid of special interests, then, maybe we could have some decent bills passed.

Ummah Gummah - showing libs why they are insane.


What would have happened if the bill had been passed without the mandate? What would the insurance companies have done?

Stopped giving money to the democRATS is that what they threatened to do?

Jayhadist wants to get rid of special interests.. do we have a Conservative in the making here?



Obama is destroying NASA because it represents the pinnacle of the white-race's technological accomplishment. That very fact makes blacks very uncomfortable; it makes them feel inferior.


And Whitey's On The Moon:


Ummah Gummah the lib destroyah!


Seeing the visceral hatred coming from the left against the Tea Party is proof that we're on the right track.

I also find it interesting how they always act like they're so concerned about the well-being of the Republican Party. And they're above helping us out either. It was libs who were instrumental in anointing John McCain as our candidate last election and I've already heard them tout Hucksterbee for 2012.

With friends like these...


We gonna be aaaiiight...


Ummah Gummah the lib destroyah!


Dj, you certainly touched on something that's very hush-hush and taboo. Not only certain [racist] blacks love to downplay the Man on the Moon but also the islamic world.

There were plenty of fatwas declaring that this was a hoax and that it never happened.

These imams were surely thinking that America was getting way too big for her britches.

Well, guess who agrees?

The election in November looms MONUMENTALLY.


Ummah Gummah the lib destroyah!


There's also this pathology in large portion of the black community re. Elvis Presley, of all people.

And the White Man stole rock and roll.

First of all, what tonal scales is Rock N Roll based on?

Second, who invented, designed and built the instruments that it is played on?

To be fair, not all of them say that and I remember one black Jazz musician harrumphing what nonsense! "Noone can steal music from another human being. You put it out there and it belongs to the world. That's the gift we give as musicians", he said.

I particularly remember the distasteful verbal attacks on the then-dead Elvis by rappers "Public Enemy" when in fact he'd been labeled and even picketed by white racists who called him a "ni**er lover" among other things.

Funny that PE did not attack Madonna who stole music left and right, just ask anyone involved with "vogueing" back in the day. I guess it's easier to attack a dead man who can't defend himself than a woman who was - still is - known as a real b*tch.

SHE could have actually DONE something if they'd talked sh*t about her.

On the other hand most white people admire the great Blues and Jazz musicians and noone goes saying, oh well, that Blues is played using European scales and based on Irish folk music. Noone complains about the Classic leanings of Duke Ellington.

Nor do I think that this should even occur to anyone. EXCEPT when one has to listen to some of the nonsense put out by so-called race scholars mostly on PBS on shows like Charlie "pour me another" Rose.

Their problem seems to be the lack of their own achievement thrown in their face by the accomplishments of others.

Which also explains the "dead old white males" label they use to dismiss William Shakespeare and the Founding Fathers.

Remember Al Sharpton, that genius, calling the Greek Philosophers "a bunch of homos".

I know one thing: they didn't waddle around spewing incoherent nonsense while wearing a buffoonish hairstyle!

Well, he's a liberal darling so what do I know right? so what o he exhorted to racial murder back in the Eighties! So what.. what's the biiig deeaal..?


Nowadays Fat Al struts in and out of the White House. Real men who carry the weight of worry for their people on their shoulders get shown the back door.



"Jayhadist wants to get rid of special interests.. do we have a Conservative in the making here?"
UGH, I'm just for that common folk. Maybe many of my comments are Democratic in nature. Since it seems the Republicans just want to help the rich folks. The DEMS, at least try to do something for the average Joe, (or Jane). When the Supreme court made that decision concerning political contributions. The Dems said that it would hurt the voice of the common folks. The Republicans said that it was a great idea. Then, Bill Moyer showed how a big time Republican that loved the decision. Was getting money from overseas. Who was being investigated on bribery charges at that!
If, the special interests groups would keep their greedy noses out of everything. Then, maybe both parties could pass the bills that they want. And, not something that it was either that. Or, nothing.



Let's suffice it to say that when whites first encountered Sub-Saharan tribes in Africa, they hadn't yet discovered the wheel. They were literally living in the stone-age. Fast forward to present day post- colonial-Africa and the tribes are reverting back to their old practices:

__Human sacrifices on rise in Uganda__

Belief in witch doctors spurs attacks; children main targets


JINJA, Uganda | Caroline Aya was playing in front of her house in January when a neighbor put a cloth over her mouth and fled with her.

A couple of days later, the 8-year-old's body was found a short walk away — with her tongue cut out. Police think she was offered up as a human sacrifice in a ritual killing, thought to bring wealth or health.

"If it is a sickness, you try to treat it, and if they die, that is one thing," said Caroline's father, Balluonzima Christ. "But when you slaughter a person like a goat, that is not easy."

The practice of human sacrifice is on the rise in Uganda, as measured by ritual killings where body parts, often facial features or genitals, are cut off for use in ceremonies.



Ummah Gummah the lib destroyah!


Jayhadist, how do you think we can take you seriously or even talk to you without laughing when all you quote is Bill Moyers and PBS!! ROFLMAO!!! I mean c'm-ON!

Then you spew nothing but DemocRAT talking points, liek the DemocRATs are for "that common folk" and the Republicans are "for the rich".

The Bailout is the Bama's baby and all the Banksters gave MORE campaign contributions to the DemocRATS than to the GOP in 2008.

So pu-leeeez!

Second, if you paid attention to what is being posted here then you might have noticed the animus expressed toward the KuntryKlubliKanz, ie. those who use the GOP as a vehicle for their careers and monied interests.

Let's just not forget that Franklin Raines made $90 MILLION running Fanny May and Freddie Mac into the ground ok??!!

Franklin Raines is a HUGE DemonRAT last time I checked!!

I bet you think that Blago was "for the people" too right?!

Oh and Hitlery, whose husband pardoned TERRORISTS to get the the Puerto Rican vote in New York State, a state that votes DemocRAT pretty much all of the time anyway!!

Are the cops and civilians MURDERED by these TERRORISTS not "people" ??!!!!!

Oh and funny how the DemocRATs were not above removing the Commuter Tax in NYC for upstaters, because they wanted to help her get Upstate votes!!

NYC loses BILLIONS every year since then and GUESS WHO has to make up for the lost revenues?? You guessed it: WE that live here!! Meanwhile these people commute in, make their money here but WE pay for ALL the police and the FDNY and other services that these commuters continue to enjoy!!


Only on Planet Jayhadist, that's where!!! I swear these libs can drive me to my grave with their illogical emotionalizing robotic stupididy!!

All they do is listen to Oprah all day and take their marching orders from the New York slimes and the View, Chris Matthews and Olberbite!

No wonder this country is in a mess of trouble!



"All they do is listen to Oprah all day and take their marching orders from the New York slimes and the View, Chris Matthews and Olberbite!"
Who watches all that? Only having regular TV. I do watch the McLaughlin Group. Not saying any party is perfect. Bush gave tax breaks to the rich. As I mentioned before. Obama said he would tax the top 5%. McCain spoke of redistribution of wealth. So, he was talking to the top 5%.For anyone here who needs Social Security or will need for at least part of their income. Then, thank the Dems. The Republicans fought against it. Once again, not saying that one side is 100% for or against the common folks. But, the Dems do more. The Republicans just want to get reelected. That's all they talk about. NOvember, November.


Will add that there are crooks on both sides. Look at the financial institutions that sold houses to people they knew couldn't afford it. They did that so they could as one said, "Get their money and get out." Then, they would pass the bad paper to others.About PBS, The Mclaughlin Group is on PBS.
Now, Golden sachs is being investigated.


Monica better advise her Republican friends that WE are not going to make this one in November automatic for them.




Ummah Gummah the lib destroyah!


Haha!! M/M I knew I could count on you!! Yep, it looks like they're trying to pull another one over on us indeed!

Looks like Sister Sarah got star struck or money greedy, whichever one it is..

Ain't gonna work this time!

BEWARE of the Tea Party EXPRESS!!!



Where does the "old Cowboy" live? In Al Sharpton's basement?




I hope Obama's joke writers keep up the good work. His laughing at the Tea Party events is some of the best fuel out there to inspire more voters in November.

Howard Bash

Even if BO did not raise our taxes his policies are going to increase the cost of everything we buy. So at the end of the day we will all have less in our wallets. And he wants us to thank him for his wonderful economic polices... Arrogance at it's height!


UGH, I know about the Moyers with an S. I also know that most of the Tea Party people like Social Security and Medicare. 2 Socialistic acts created by the Dems.


Got that tidbit from the CBS poll on the Tea Party people. Now, people will start yelling that the CBS is run by the Dems.

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