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February 12, 2010



M/M, we're not "fantasizing". We're discussing. What's wrong with dissecting the potential candidates known at this time?

Nothing. Whoever wins New York could position him or herself for a presidential run. Look at Hillary.

As for your point on Romney, that is why I am saying Zuckerman should run. Gillibrand does whatever the liberal Democrats tell her to and Harold Ford Jr is a disaster.



Better Zuckerman than any of the other clowns, but I'm moving out of this dreadful state anyway. I want out of this MaxTax™ nightmare called Noo Yawk shitty.

Just the loose ends are so hard to tie up! I got three years till they elect a socialist mayor. Fuhgeddaboudit then!




Auster’s Law and Corollary

Photo: Auster at the right of Geert Wilders


The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil whites are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group’s bad behavior.




Sarah Palin has helped to bring the whole; America needs alot more Conservatism issue out into the open, and has helped to bring about a much needed popular interest in Conservatism.

But she's far from proving herself to be worthy or qualified of being anything higher than a US; Senator or State Governor. Which is quite high by the way.

She's being told what to say and do 50-75% by a handful of RINO-CINO-neo-con type political advisers that she is paying $50,000 a month for, and 25-50% by Todd Palin.

Then she ends up putting about 25% of her own views into her press releases and speeches which are mostly being written for her.

I like her, but she has to drop the RINO-CINO-neo-con political advisors and just listen to Todd, herself, and the Tea Party and other grassroots Conservatives only,

or she's only usefull as high up as a US; Senator or State Governor, because in a position like that she would have to serve the peoples best interest more directly.

She wouldn't get elected or get away with being a RINO-CINO/neo-con. Or at least we wouldn't let her, right?

Either she gets back to Conservative grass roots basics only or she'll just be another RINO-CINO who is a mixed bag of policies, some good and some bad.

But just one bad policy can lead to the destruction of this country, especially after the slow but steady destruction caused by the last 6 presidents:

Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama

The point is that Sarah really is just past the starting out stage. Anyone that says Sarah Palin in 2012 is a shallow, political lightweight, who is grasping at straws, because they can't figure out that any decent Conservativre Governor or US Senator could beat the 1 term US Senator resume/elected highly unpopular big spender on highly unpopular left wing social programs Obama!

Why are you doing that,when the 2010 elections are still far away?

After which their will be tens of new and old highly; Conservative and capable candidates for 2012, who would be so much better than Sarah Palin.

Sarah would make a good governor or US Senator in 2012, end of it, stop!

How about Mark Warner from Virgina, or Chris Christie from New Jersey, forget about Scott Brown unless he becaomes a real Conservative. There are going to be alot of candidates to choose from.

As far as I can see Sarah has not shown any well deserved disdain and opposition to and for the liberal policies of Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2 as any real Conservative does. That's why I don't get enthusiastic or count on her at all, for any office higher than Governor or US Senator.

I really do appreciate the good that she has done to promote Conservatism in general to the Independent and Republican masses. Who are thereby getting exposed to the real Conservatism that the Tea Partyers and others are promoting.

While she gets scrutinized for really only being a mainstream RINO/neo-con, because she hasn't figured out yet just like the Republican masses from Bushes time didn't, even at the collapse of the US economy at the end of his second term, that the past and current RINO-CINO/neo-con office holders exemplified by Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton was an actual Democrat version, and the quintesential Bush 2, and are not real Republicans or Conservatives.

They are RINO-CINO/neo-con category 1;

US, foreign, and multi-national big oil and other type corporations, foreign governments and their leaders, and rich-super rich US and foreign private interest


traitorous, treasonous, decievers, liars, robbers, malpractical, misleaders, mismanagers, anti-American, US bankrupting and destroying, sellout criminal thieves!


They are RINO-CINO/neo-con category 2;

Left wing-liberal-Democrat appeasers/sometimes neo-cons, such as; Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snowe and the unpredictable co-author of the infamous and scandalous Kennedy-McCain Illegal alien/amnesty/immigration reform bill, John McCain.

I'm not sure to what extent any of those three are also to be included in the above 1st of the 2 categories of RINO-CINO/neo-cons. John McCain had to talk his way out of the bank related Keating 5 scandal, way back when.

Some say that's why he was so interested in being co-author of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill.

Sarah Palin has to really prove herself before even being considered for another Governorship or a US Senate seat, let alone a higher office than those two.

Especially after the terrible and brutal lesson that we have unfortunately learned from/about Clintons and Bushes malpractical US, foreign, and multi-national big oil and other type corporations, foreign governments and their leaders, and rich-super rich US and foreign private interest controlled, pro-Saudi Arabian, and pro-Mexican anti-American, US bankrupting and destroying, 2 term presidencies,

and Obamas short US Senate office holding resume type election and 1 year so far.

I would support Sarah Palin against a moderate Republican in a US Senate primary or Governors race.

One more thing, third parties are not good in primary races if they will take votes away from grass roots Tea Party type Conservative Republicans, in the US Senate and House primaries, thereby giving the edge to RINO-CINO/neo-con type Republicans in those races.

In races where the clear winner will be a RINO-CINO/neo-con it's best to constantly harass them with your real Conservative message and platform against their fake phony fraud RINO-CINO/neo-con message and platform,

After the primary is over tell all of your supporters to keep harassing him enough to change him, but not enough that the Democrats can use it against him. Quietly tell all of your supporters to vote for the Republican in the general election, because we need the seat not to be won by a leftist, liberal, or Democrat.

But keep up the real Conservative type pressure and demands for the needed changes in mainstream Republican candidates political platforms.

So that the Tea Party type Conservative Republican office holders are in the Party with majorities in the US Senate and House.

Thereby giving them the chance to influence the platform and policies of the Republican Party, and at the same time be in the majority party.

So third parties who realisticly cannot win in the greater majority of US Senate and House primary races, should always support and back up grass roots Tea
Party type Conservative Republicans, from the beginning to the end of the primaries.

Because the TPtCR are not RINO-CINO's or neo-cons and they want to serve the peoples best interests 1st, the US corporations best interests 2cnd, foreign governments and corporations 3rd. And they really do have a chance of beating the leftist, liberals, and Democrats in the general elections.

It's good to get your real Conservative message out and to influence the debates, and all Independent and Republican voters in general enough.

Who will then start to call out and constantly harrass and pressure their more mainstream Republican candidates and office holders on the issues, and on their way too RINO-CINO/neo-con platform. They might then have no choice but to stop their RINO-CINO/neo-con ways.

And also at the same time help to get the grass roots Tea Party type Conservative Republican candidates to win more often in the primary races.

Just keep planning and working on the best strategies to get Tea Party type Conservative Republican candidates to win, in as many of the US Senate and House Republican primaries as we all can.

I get the feeling that Sarah Palin is just going forward while engaging alot of different politically positioned Consevative and mainstream Republican factions along the way. Giving alot of much needed good and bad exposure respectively to all of them.

So even if her political platform ends up being RINO/neo-con with some Tea Party stuff mixed in, she will have been the main media covered politico, who from late 2008-2010 promoted the paying attention to, of the Tea Partiers and real Conservatives as being good for the Republican party and America.

Just enough to then bring in more of the real Conservatives, who might feel that the Tea Partiers are not real enough for them on all of the issues, but that both groups are close enough on the major issues, and will be able to compliment eachother, and increase their numbers as one party at the same time.

Who then as a bigger and more popular group of Tea Partyers/real Conservatives start to get alot of support from the Republican masses, who are looking for a real change over to a real and effective Conservative Republican party, platform, and candidates to vote for, in the primaries and general elections.

And hopefully, the rest as they say is history!

It's not her accuracy on the issues that's helping us, it's her justified criticism of and drive to go forward criticizing and fighting the leftists, liberals, and Democrats political platform, policies, and programs.

Thereby giving the real Conservative cause a Republican masses vacuum of hope, that needs to be filled. Because the Republican leadership has in the past been mostly fake, phony, fraud RINO-CINO/neo-con political types that have not and cannot fill it.

That vacuum can and should be filled by the Tea Party/real Conservative type Republican candidates and their political platform.

Anyone else happy to see that Rand Paul is running for US Senate in Kentucky? We could have used Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, and Tom Tancredo starting back in 1993-2010, anyone agree?


This story is from 9/23/09

Tucson Schools To Implement Race Based Punishment - Blacks And Hispanics To Receive Passes and Race Pedestal

Black and Hispanic students in the Tucson Unified School District will soon receive passes for breaking school rules if the TUSD board has its way.

It proposed a two tiered punishment system for the whole district that will reduce suspensions and expulsions for minority students, even if warranted, so that in the end there is "no ethnic/racial disparities" in punishment meted out.

Why didn't they just go in the other direction. Say for instance a white student is 2 minutes late for class, why not expel them, that way the number of white expulsions will eventually catch up to other minority groups.

Some would say it's racist to even cover this news story, to them I say "What the hell are you smoking?" It is not racist to point out other people in this country who are pushing for racial quotas and special favors for those of minority groups.

There can be nothing more racist than giving gifts to those of one race and not to those of another.

Doug MacEachern of the Arizona Republic sums up nicely what the TUSD has passed and plans to implement.

From the section of the 52-page plan titled "Restorative School Culture and Climate," subhead, "Discipline":

"School data that show disparities in suspension/expulsion rates will be examined in detail for root causes. Special attention will be dedicated to data regarding African-American and Hispanic students."

The board approved creating an "Equity Team" that will oversee the plan to ensure "a commitment to social justice for all students."

The happy-face edu-speak notwithstanding, what the Tucson Unified School District board of governors has approved this summer is a race-based system of discipline.

TUSD is known nationwide for its open policy on disenfranchising white students through special favors to all other minority groups.

It's "Raza Studies" program is covered In the article "Raza Studies, Occupied America, Mexican American Heritage And The Reconquest Of America"


The "studies group" pushes the agenda of amnesty for all illegal aliens because the southwest really still belongs to Mexico.

It also sows hatred of the United States in its students and a pro-racial pride agenda inciting insurrectionist thought.

It should be noted that the Raza Studies program is very well funded and the TUSD board is calling for an expansion of the program.

Meanwhile, TUSD has been closing libraries, arts and music programs and laying off teachers in other areas not related to Raza Studies due to funding.

You'd think that someone would be looking into where of all this funding is coming from. It is obviously not being funded by those who care about America and equality for all.

MacEachern continues and shows that not only are students being rewarded by race, the TUSD is participating in race-based hiring.

In a year in which hundreds of district teachers received pink slips, meanwhile, TUSD spent thousands on recruiting teachers from out of state.

And it hired a coordinator at $80,000 per annum to lead the effort.

TUSD's race-obsessing board of governors is taking racial bean-counting to preposterous extremes.

Increasing the number of minority teachers - per the summer hiring spree, which netted 14 special-education teachers and one math-science teacher.

They are actively doing so, claiming that they want the race of teachers to be the same racial makeup as students. This is illegal under federal law, yet no one is doing anything about it.

It is all quite sickening. The TUSD is populated by Liberal, "tolerance", "social justice" and "race justice" liberals, yet they are the true face of hate in this country.

They are too blind to see what they are doing is exactly the opposite of what "equality for all" means. They don't want an equal playing field, they want to hold one group down and promote another without merit.

There can be nothing more un-American, or illegal, than that.



ONEFORTODAY: MLK would be proud LOL

Seriously, what a remarkably disturbing report. Just when you think LIEberalism can't get any more bizarre than it already is.. boy, they sure ARE creative in their dementia.

[was I allowed to say "boy" being that I am white and all?]



You aint seen nothing yet, wait til you see the next one.


Raza Studies, Occupied America, Mexican American Heritage And The Reconquest Of America

Occupied America
This is a little old, but it seems that it is being "scrubbed" from the net. It covers what is going on in our schools under the guise of "Raza Studies". I can vouch for the statements made in the book "Occupied America", because I have it sitting here right in front of me, thanks to Ruth of Illegal Protest http://www.illegalprotest.com

Rodolfo Acuna disputed that Occupied America was a handbook for radical "Chicanos" when the Raza Studies program was attacked in Arizona for its separatist and racist teachings. All anyone has to do to dispute his argument though is to look through the book where the United States is demonized at every chance and Mexicans are made out to be the hero.

For instance, I don't think there's even a mention of Mexicans slaughtering Indians or any acceptance of responsibility for the current state of Mexico.

Occupied America Mexican American Heritage


After reading sev-ican educational groups such as M.E.C.H.A. - Chicano Student Movement for Aztlan and "Raza Studies" were teaching hatred of Americans especially the "gringo" and "subversion". This means planning a takeover of parts or all of our nation. A few of us got together to check it out in our local school district: T.U.S.D - Tucson Unified School District in Arizona.

Also, some mothers had come up to me after I discovered and mentioned to this schoolboard that M.E.Ch.A. says in its first paragraph of its Constitution their goal: "To continue the struggle for self-determination of the Chicano people for the purpose of liberating Aztlan." This is known as "la Reconquista" or the "takeover" of land Mexico only owned for 24 years – that’s it! It’s a big lie!.

The mothers grabbed my arm and said, "Thank you for what you said. Our children are in danger!" They as many other Americans suspect that the hate that is being taught by these 2 "educational" entities are instigating and fomenting these kids to burn the American flag, or tear it down and put it upside down under the Mexican flag as they did during the two marches.

They also feel it is fomenting hatred and violence and many Americans just defending the rule of law, that we ourselves must obey, have been attacked by these youth.

"Raza Studies" made it very difficult for us to get an appointment but with the help of the AZ Sup’t of Schools, Tom Horne, we were finally able to get 3 sessions where we could review the books. We asked repeatedly, verbally and in written form, for a complete copy of the teaching materials but to date we have never received one.

On the last date of review, they gave us a single sheet with some names of books on it and told us it was complete; but then said several of the books listed were no longer used, although they had just given us these books to review at the first appointment.

Several of the books that we saw were not even mentioned on this list. At this last book review, we were treated very poorly and shouted at, but I will take that up in a separate letter.

Out of some of these books I reviewed, I decided to delve more thoroughly into specifically two books that are on the list and that they do, in fact, use. What I found was very alarming! We asked for a meeting with the AZ Superintendent of Schools, which he approved, and with the heads of "Raza Studies".

Every head of Raza Studies backed out. We find the difficulty in making the appts. for review, the refusal to give us a complete copy of the teaching materials and now the refusal to meet with us also very alarming. What are they afraid of?

Is there something they don’t want the public to know about? The two books I am reviewing here are: Occupied America by Rodolfo Acuna, Fifth Edition, Pearson/Longman, Copyright 2004 and The Mexican American Heritage by Carlos M. Jimenez, 2nd edit., a TQS book.

Also, by the way, as per the Open Records Law, we are still demanding a copy of all teaching materials of "Raza Studies".

Here are my findings:

Both books:

1. Promote Separatism; both are subversive and are for Mexico stealing states belonging to the united states including Arizona. The 7 SW states Mexico wants back were only owned by Mexico for 24 years, approx. 1824-1848 and before that were owned by Spain for 300 and before that were owned by American Indians for thousands of years. AZTECS & MAYAS NEVER LIVED IN NORTH AMERICA!

2. Both books twist the history and blame the U.S. for almost everything.

3. Neither of the books refer to Americans as "Americans" – they call us "anglos". i am not an "anglo" which means someone of english descent; they call us "gringos" on p. 87 & many other places in Occ. Amer. – a pejorative and demeaning term similar to calling a Mexican a "Mexican illegal";

and one book actually referred to an American as a "redneck" on pg. 343 Occ. Amer. one book refers to Americans as "euroAmericans" lumping all european cultures together even though they are all different.

4. The books give the impression they do not recognize this country but say it is "aztlan, Mexico" – and this is being taught in American public high schools! One says,

"Aztlan ‘is’ another name for the U.S. Southwest." on pg. 110, Mex.Amer.Her. AND

"The real question is how well Americans and Mexicans will learn to live together in Aztlan." on p.107 Mex. Amer. Heritage at least this writer does not talk about murdering the gringo/black/Asian.

5. One of the books has a quote of a chicano leader, jose angel gutierrez who said,"kill the gringo", why do we have a public high school book that says "kill" anyone??? This should not even be in a book! on p.323 occupied America, although they try to whitewash his statement, his real statement is,

"We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him." Aztlan and quotes by Jose Angel Gutierrez

6. There are Mistakes, Fallacies, Inaccuracies & Discrepancies.

At pg. 17 in one book Mex.Amer.Heritage the author quotes someone as saying, "Mexico was amongst the first to eliminate slavery" and at pg. 139 in the same book the author states,

"Porfirio Diaz had gone about the business of seeing to it that the Indians were reduced to slavery." And this was between 1910 to 1920 after much of the rest of the world had stopped slavery including the U.S.!

ANOTHER FALLACY IN THE BOOK: on pg. 107 Mex. Amer. Heritage: "it is likewise hard to deny that the Mexican raza-race was here originally,"

"The Race Schools" by Michelle Malkin where she states *"No aztec tribe ever lived anywhere which is now United States lands. But the "Chicano studies" teachers continue to promote that propaganda and lie, and in the process attempt to completely wipe out the history of our tribes in the U.S. Southwest." This was written by a Native American Indian!

Cesar Chavez was against "illegal aliens" because they took jobs for much less pay away from his grape pickers and would lower the wages all round. Whenever he would find them, he would turn them in. Nowhere did I see this mentioned in any of the "Raza" books!

Rodolfo Acuna constantly calls Americans: "racists", "nativists", "immigrant hate". "we don’t hate "immigrants" – my parents are "immigrants" – we are "for" the rule of law groups" and when illegal alien Mexicans are deported or caught, he uses the wrong word "immigrants", an immigration term meaning "only" legal aliens; he constantly blurs the line between legal and illegal.

Americans are the bad guys; and Mexicans the good guys who are always "victims". He does not mention the ferocious racism practiced in Mexico against their own indigenous.

RACISM: Occup. America, pg. 396 - Acuna accuses any Mexican politician of voting for a "white" candidate will be "diluting" the unity of all Mexicans! "Incredibly, in places like California, Latino politicos who back white candidates over Latino candidates - are diluting this unity."

What about voting for the "person "and what he stands for, Rodolfo? He is teaching the students of Mexican background not to be American but to be "only" Mexican and owe their allegiance to Mexico!

7. The $2.6 million dollars that is being spent on "raza studies" is being taken out of money that was calculated for every teacher who should have gotten a $600 pay raise and would also have covered each teacher’s medical insurance.

8. And now - they are firing all the elementary school librarians that help our children to read but they keep a racist program that taxpayers are being forced to pay $2.6 million dollars on for one culture over everyone else’s culture? This makes no sense & is really ridiculous.

9. The names of the chapters give away a lot: In "Mex. American Heritage" we find the names of these chapters:
The Aztecs extend their Empire. It’s ok for the Aztecs to take over other people, just not anyone take them over it seems. Why Aztlan Was Lost, The American Invasion, The Future of Aztlan, and Mexicans Return to Aztlan, he is referring to the U.S.!, Viva La Raza and Chicano Power;

HERE IS "Occupied America":
A Legacy of Hate: The Conquest of Mexico’s Northwest, The Invasion of Texas, The Manufactured War, An Unwarranted Aggression, The Pretext for Conquest, History as Propaganda, The Myth of a Nonviolent Nation, The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo – the Deception,

The Colonization of New Mexico, Sonora Invaded: The Occupation of Arizona, Growing Racist Nativism Toward Mexicans, Nativist Deportations, no mention of Illegal aliens – they are called "immigrants", and on and on and on.

We demand that the racist program of Mecha/La Raza be discontinued and this money be spent on either or both if you can stretch it keeping our school librarians & a raise for all Arizona teachers with paid medical insurance. Even if mecha & "raza studies" program desisted from teaching racism,

there is absolutely no reason they cannot teach their children at home and at the library whatever they wish about their ethnic group just as every single immigrant has done since our nation began.

But who all imbedded in their childrens’ mind that we are one nation and "we are American first". And when you come here, you give up your nationality and allegiance to whatever country you originate from and you become an "American". We have always been diversified and multicultural – but we are "Americans".

If you do not wish to be an American, then kindly go back to where your heart lies. You only tear this country apart. A nation can just take so much ripping apart!

M.E.Ch.A. says its philosophy is based on the "Plan of Aztlan" and on pg. 4 of this Plan it states at:

Political Liberation
Self-Defense against the occupying forces of the oppressors AT EVERY SCHOOL every available man, woman, and child." What do you think this means?

They are talking about a War to take over Aztlan! And using the schools as defense posts!



I was listening to a caller on a financial show yesterday and he made a good point about immigration and the current economy. The Democrats are now trying to create jobs by throwing money at the problem, but do nothing to lower the amount of Visas they are issuing to foreign workers or to close the borders.

They argue that we need illegal immigrants to do the jobs, like picking produce, that American workers won't do, but let's take a look at the jobs that Americans will do.

1) We were told that we would become a service economy after our manufacturing jobs were exported to other countries.

2) Now when you call you credit card company or 800 service number, how many of those jobs are shipped to foreign countries. By the way, these are good entry level positions for foreign workers.

3) Let's not stop with the manufacturing and service jobs. How about programming jobs? How many of the programming jobs are being outsourced?

One reason that I've heard that businesses outsource is because it is cheaper than hiring American workers, but isn't it that just another way to say that the business climate is not favorable to business?

It is easy to say we will move, from MI, CA and NY, but how many other states will be destroyed by politicians, high taxes, immigration and an unfavorable business environment? The more we run from the problem, the harder it will be to fix.


More from the "Diversity is our strength" department:

January 10, 2007

Do We Need More Hispanics?

By Jared Taylor

"There are now 43 million Hispanics living in the United States. At 15 percent of the population, they have displaced blacks as the largest racial minority. There used to be so few Hispanics that until 1980 the Census Bureau did not make a category from them. Since then, mass immigration and high birthrates explain the explosion in their population: they increased at 14 times the white rate from 2000 to 2005, for example, and at more than three times the black rate.[1] Of the estimated 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants in this country, the best guess is that 78 percent are Hispanic.[2] The amnesty President Bush and a Democratic Congress are planning will legalize them and, because of the "family-reunification" chain-migration feature of current immigration law, ensure we get more in the future.

Is this good for America?

The way to answer the question is to look at the Hispanics who are already here and see how they are doing. We should do this before we open the door to their brothers and cousins and aunts and nephews. That is the purpose of the report, Hispanics: A Statistical Portrait, recently published by New Century Foundation (NCF).[PDF|HTML] It is a carefully documented compilation of all the standard social indices: income, education, crime rates, welfare use, illegitimacy rates, and much more.

It may seem unfeeling to turn an appraising eye on an entire group. But our policies on amnesty and immigration will establish the character of our population for generations to come. The decision to open our country to people who will be the fellow citizens of our children and grandchildren is not one to be taken in ignorance. What follow are just a few of the findings from the NCF report, which is available for download and circulation.

The Numbers
First, what is the economic impact of Hispanics? We are repeatedly told that immigrants do vital work natives will not do. It is certainly true that large numbers of low-skilled Hispanics hold down wages in certain industries. The result is often unemployment for natives and poverty for the immigrants—at least by American standards. In 2004, the median per capita income of Hispanics was $14,100—less even than that of blacks ($16,000)—and about half the white figure of $27,500.[3] The median net worth even of Hispanics born in the United States was $10,425, or just 12 percent of the median white net worth of $88,651.[4]

Poor, low-skilled people consume more in social services than they pay in taxes, and the Center of Immigration Studies calculates that the average Mexican immigrant will collect $55,200 more in government services during his lifetime than he will pay in taxes.[5] The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that every year the net cost of illegal immigrants is $45 billion.[6]

Hispanics who are in the country legally and can get welfare and go on unemployment seem to lose their storied willingness to take any available job. In 2004, for example, Hispanics were about 50 percent more likely to be unemployed than whites,[7] and in the same year, fully half of all Hispanic households used at least one form of welfare, compared to 47 percent of blacks and 18 percent of whites.[8]

Hispanics are a high-crime population second only to blacks...."




Happy Valentine's day, Warrior Princess:


Posted by: DJ | February 13, 2010 at 03:12 PM


That was lovely. But I'm still waiting for Monica's Valentine's Day post here before adding my own. Awful of me, I know. Must I wait in vain?


Political Liberation
Self-Defense against the occupying forces of the oppressors AT EVERY SCHOOL every available man, woman, and child." What do you think this means?




Maybe that means WE should use the same tack to root out the Ward Churchills and the Noam Chomskys and the "Ed" Saids [RIP] form OUR schools!

They can do whatever they need to do in MEXICO but not here.

Let's vote for people who also see it the same way.

NO to McLAME as SecDefense! Imagine the day came that we have to deploy military forces to defend the Southwest from an invasion.

Would McLame have the cojones?




DJ, I forgot to mention sooner that every time I see that avatar I laugh out loud!



And exactly where does the Constitution permit the Executive Branch to replace the Legislative Branch through Executive Order?

“With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities,” reports The New York Times. “We are reviewing a list of presidential executive orders and directives to get the job done across a front of issues,” said Rahm Emanuel




This is SHARIA LAW: [meted out by Somalians]:


Any questions?



One Constitution, One Government

My Father wasn’t predisposed to verbal displays of affection. Which is ironic, since he was an educated man of words…I can count on one hand the number of times he said he loved me and have fingers left over. This might upset some people, but it’s OK.

In January 1983, after I was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident and lay in traction for a month, he answered my call. We spoke the night I got home. I bemoaned the fact that the cupboards were bare and the dishes were dirty (I clearly didn’t plan for this event). He told me to stop worrying and go to sleep. The next morning the telephone woke me. It was my Dad. He was at the gate of the apartment complex and needed to be “buzzed in”. He spent the next two weeks cooking meals, cleaning clothes and washing dishes. The day he returned to New Orleans, the cupboards were fully stocked.

If there’s one thing to be learned from that experience, it’s that actions speak louder than words. This is particularly important in this day of mass media personality cults when, despite all actions to the contrary, an empty suit still gets a pass from the media simply because he tells people what they want to hear.

Tea Party folks, be wary of this trap. Keep an eye on politicians from every Party. Hold all of them to task. Forget what they say; watch what they do. Above all, place principles before personalities.

The United States has always had one Constitution and one government, characterized by stable, peaceful transfer of power from one Administration to another…one Congress to the next. America became the most prosperous nation, with the highest standard of living and the most innovative people who’ve enjoyed the greatest personal liberties in the history of the world because of this stability.

Today our Constitution isn’t being followed. If we don’t adhere to our Constitution, we’ll cease to be a great nation ruled by law, and become exactly that against which our Founding Fathers revolted. A citizenry of subjects ruled by the whims of flawed human beings.

We cannot, dare I say we must not allow this to happen. Together, we must defend our country and defend our way of life.

The U.S. Constitution begins with three simple words:

We the People.

We are the People. We the People must question authority. We the People must speak the truth. There’s more at stake here than offending someone’s regressive socialist sensibilities. Our country’s future depends on scrapping political correctness and speaking without fear. We must protect our Constitution and the government it established, including checks and balances.

The wolf has not passed by our door. There’s a ravenous pack of wolves in Washington DC. They call themselves progressives. They infect both Parties.

There’s been a paradigm shift in American politics, it’s no longer about who’s an R and who’s a D. It’s about who’s a Conservative Vs who’s a progressive. Progressives want, cherish, crave, need and lust after unbridled power. Do not give it to them. The power belongs with We the People.

We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. Stand up for your God given rights! Let no mortal take them from you.

In times of fear and uncertainty remember:
Evil is powerless when the good are unafraid.



Q: How many college football players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Only one, but he gets three credits for it.

One faculty kid got his PhD and he could not even spell simple words. It was explained he was dyslexic, but very intelligent.


Hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine's Day. Here is a sexy song I heard today:


As for your point on Romney, that is why I am saying Zuckerman should run. Gillibrand does whatever the liberal Democrats tell her to and Harold Ford Jr is a disaster.

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Gillibrand should have a folding chair named after her. Amazing...



US-Americans Stop Getting Scammed By Foreign National Illegal Aliens and Their Thieving Governments That Encourages Them To Do So!


US Constitution
Article IV, Section 4:

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion..."


Lets have a look at a very revealing and telling part of the Mexican Constitution and then ask ourselves, "why are we doing so many Anti-American -$$$ things -$$$ for their citizens in our country,

that are completely the opposite to and against the US's best interests, that Mexico would never do for any other countries citizens,

especially those who tried to enter their highly protected countries borders illegally, let alone overrun their land and country with hordes of illegal invaders.

Mexican Constitution:

1) Article 16: Any Mexican private citizen may arrest someone committing a crime such as an alien in the country illegally and hand him or her over to authorities for prosecution

2) Immigrants may not become lawmakers, cabinet officers, or a Supreme Court Justice, or even a clergyman, but must be a native born Mexican. (Articles 55, 91, 95 and 130)

Can you say, Sonia Sotomayor: Recently confirmed US Supreme Court Justice, who was not a native born Mexican or US American.

She would have and still is barred from serving as a lawmaker, cabinet officer, or Supreme Court Justice in Mexico, even if she became a Mexican citizen!

3) Article 33: Foreigners may not participate in political affairs in any way.

4) Article 32: Mexicans shall have priority over foreigners for employment, and Mexicans citizenship by birth is considered indispensable for certain jobs such as airline crews, military officers, chiefs of seaports and airports.

5) Article 27: Only Mexicans by birth or naturalization may acquire ownership of land, water or their appurtenances.

I'll repeat this one again; Article 16 - because it's so ironic in light of our moronicly stupid, patheticlly weak border security and illegal alien/immigration laws, policy,

and the traitorous, treasonous, blatant disrespectful and malpractical non-enforcement of the somewhat strict laws that are currently on the US legal books.

Mexican Constitution:

1) Article 16: Any Mexican private citizen may arrest someone committing a crime such as an alien in the country illegally and hand him or her over to authorities for prosecution.

Getting the picture yet? America has THE softest most inneffectual illegal alien/immigration law enforcement, and political policies.

We would be better off implementing similar immigration laws and policies to that of Mexico. Seems fair doesn't it.

U.S. policy on immigration is a tragic joke

I will not vote for any politician who is not tuff on both BORDER SECURITY & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. We are under invasion!!!

We desparately need to enforce the laws that are already on the books.

Amnesty has already failed us many times before, which is why we're in this situation now. We can thank Reagan & his 1986 2.7 million illegals Amnesty program for that.

He was the one who promoted, pushed for, and got

Amnesty and US citizenship for 2.7 million illegal aliens in 1986, without then enforcing the very important border security/closing and anti-illegal-alien employer hiring parts of that controversial IRCA bill,

that were sworn and promised to be enforced by Reagan and the Congress, to the unfortunately uninformed US-American people. And this country has never been the same because of it.

He also set the trend for what was to follow with illegal aliens/immigration in the US, and the resulting political acceptance of this, and the subsequent promotion and passing of other anti-American and US destroying and bankrupting illegal alien Amnesty grants,

for a total of around 10 million illegal aliens along the way up until today, that were not in the US's best interests to say the least!

Also including these illegal Amnesty grants:

1. Section 245(i) The Amnesty of 1994 – a temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens.

2. Section 245(i) The Extension Amnesty of 1997 – an extension of the rolling amnesty created in 1994.

3. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NA­SCARA) Amnesty of 1997 – An amnesty for close to one million illegal aliens from Central America.

4. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA) of 1998 -- An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti.

5. Late Amnesty of 2000 – An amnesty for illegal aliens who claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens.

6. Life Amnesty of 2000 – A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty that legalized an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens.

That's Amnesty people, and none of the border security and employers not hiring illegals provisions written into any of these legislations have ever been enforced!!!

All of these issues are connected & are destroying America from within & can no longer be ignored.

No amnesty or path to US citizenship should be granted to any illegal alien in the US beyond the yearly quotas for applications for US citizenship from any foreign national illegal aliens home country.

Just stick to the US laws/rules that are already on the books and fix or reverse the laws/rules that go against any of the other good ones, and the problem would fix itself.

And reverse and stop the automatic US citizenship law/rule for all illegals born in the US.

The foreign national illegal invading hordes are scamming us beyond belief left and right with just that one moronicly stupid, weak and capitulating anti-American policy!

Besisdes all of the other ways that they massively scam -$$$ cheat, steal, rob, and game -$$$ the US's weak and ineffectual anti-American illegal alien/immigration policy and easily taken advantage of and scammed US social services system.

Wake Up US-American people NOW, before it's too late!

No amnesty or path to US citizenship should be granted to any illegal alien in the US beyond the yearly quota for applications for US citizenship from any foreign national illegal aliens home country.

Just stick to the laws on the books and the problem would fix itself.

And reverse and stop the automatic US citizenship law/rule for all illegals born in the US.

The foreign national illegal invading hordes are scamming us beyond belief with just that one moronicly stupid, weak and capitulating anti-American policy!

Besisdes all of the other ways that they massively scam -$$$ the US and game -$$$ the US's weak and inefectual anti-American illegal alien/immigration policy.


US Constitution
Article IV, Section 4:

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion..."



A little Valentine's Timeout: Nothing on the dial so I scrolled and lo and behold! I found a federal census official on WLIB, a black radio station, exhorting "our people" and "the brothers and sisters" to turn out for the census. She also encouraged ILLEGAL ALIENS to answer the census.

This was a FEDERAL CENSUS OFFICIAL, not some community activist!

They also mentioned filling out the forms and still talking to the census takers in person. sounds like vote early vote often to me.

AND they discussed mentioning that there are people of the household who are away for different reasons. They highlighted reasons such as incarceration and hospitalization.

Hmm.. Service in the Military didn't seem to figure in the list.

Anyway, there is an effort afoot to OVERREPRESENT certain segments of the population by radical black leftist radio hosts and I think those of US who were not mentioned in that broadcast should ALSO make sure that WE answer the census OURSELVES!

This information is used not only to allocate a portion of yearly $400BN I heard there, but also is used for Congressional Districting.

Guys, these racedicals are AT IT.

On Valentine's Day!

So STAND UP and make sure you are COUNTED TOO!




Oh for the admirers of Gov. Patterson, they had a segment on him too. He is definitely playing the RACE CARD on black radio and these freaks were all behind him.

AUTOMATIC switch of my support to ANYONE BUT PATTERSON after what I heard there!

He also said via a spokesmouth that he gave more money than ever to racial set-asides such as in contracting and a number of other areas.

I was so shocked at what I heard that I forgot half of it, but it's not stuff you guys will like, trust me!

Make no mistake about it This is a racialist governor! I am So out of this state soon! The day I have to think that a Cuomo is a "lesser evil" that's BAD.



Drudge :

The academic at the centre of the ‘Climategate’ affair, whose raw data is crucial to the theory of climate change, has admitted that he has trouble ‘keeping track’ of the information.

Colleagues say that the reason Professor Phil Jones has refused Freedom of Information requests is that he may have actually lost the relevant papers.

Read more:


Most scientists have trouble coming up with the documentation for their work. I guess they are too busy and in a hurry to meet their annual deadlines and go on summer vacation.



Joe the Plumber flushes Palin, McLAME:




Is there a plan to eliminate remanent minority intelligence?

There is a rumor afoot, that certain universities were chosen as lightening rods for minorities, and .. they are beginning to destroy each other by committee.


Deliberately planned multiculturism in UK :


Economic sense or nonsense? Order, stability and shared values are a part of organization required for economic improvement.



Truther, I read that article too! They're doing the same thing over here.




Look at what the Doublecrats and the Bama want to bring to us here:





Oh NO, Hannity you DIDAN'T!!!!!

He's on the radio trying to instrumentalize the Tea Party for the Pepubics!!

Not just NO- but HELL NO!!





And don't use the Perot Movement AGAINST the Tea Party Asshat!!

The Repubics caused the Perot Movement by being TOO LIBERAL!!!

Maybe we DO need a Third Party. I a sick of these OvaRINOS trying to steer the Tea Party for voted for more RINOs.

The Repubics are business as usual.. I'm sick and tired of this Bushbot Hannity. GET OFF THE RADIO YOU BIG DOPE~!!!




The two Bushes did as much to ruin the country as Clinton and the Bama have done!!




Hannity is ALL TALK and in the end the RINOS he supports will allow millions MORE illegals in!!!

Same as BEFORE!!




No more "lesser evil" sales pitches!!! NO COMPROMISES!!!




Hannity go pitch your big tent somewhere ELSE.



You don't have to be a Scozzafava to be a RINO. Scozzafava was a Marxist mole. Now the mouthpiece said how he supported Scozzafava's opponent in the primary.

WOW, Hannity, you're a REAL TEA PARTY GUY!

I say we let the movement play out and close to election time we see what the Repubics have to offer.

Borders and National Security are directly tied into jobs, by the way.
Just FYI, Hannity!




One reason for the Tea PArty movement is also that so many people felt they got duped by the Repubics.

Does "religion of Peace" Dubai Ports World and Shamnesty RING A BELL??




Not to mention CRA and HUGE deficits!! Yes the Bushies were neck-deep into that stuff too!!!




Hannity is trying to make US believe taht the tea Party is only a reaction to the Bama and the DemonRATS but that's just part of the story.




It was disappointing to see the topic "Tiger Woods' Apology" selected for discussion this week. I can't think of a lower priority in the possible events of the week to disguss than this one. Shame on the person who chose this one and wasted our time!

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