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January 28, 2010



Warrior Princess writes: "But remember: her ambition to be president remains unchanged. Watch Hillary.

She's running."


That's all well and good, Monica, but what happens if Rodhamus K. Bottomus acually wins? Then what?!?!


Morning, Monica. Like you i found his direct assault on the Supreme Court shocking. Especially during a State of the Union address. The court is one of the three legs upon which this Union stands but thinking about it while i type i remember i do not consider this man, schooled in Madrassas as a youth, a patriot. He is a de-Constructionist.


"Her wallflower days won't last long. As Mr. Obama grows increasingly vulnerable, his poll numbers slide, the economy worsens and our enemies take advantage of his weakness, she will take notes, keep a record and then run against him."

RODHAM Mz Crowley, I know you don't really hate me. You're not a traitor to your gender, are you? It's just a case of Republican jealousy. But you do take it too far. Sometimes you almost snipe like that cowboy clone Don Imus who used to call me 'Satan' until he wised up. As for this joke on our country, Barack Obama, look, even if he's what you call a 'crap sandwich,' it's our national diet these days. It's what's for dinner. I'm only doing my duty. You should do yours, and without acting like a blonde gypsy, trying to tell my fortune. Why don't you cut it out?

Oh, by the way, Bill's done some brainstorming lately. He knows you know we don't bore like Republicans. Monica, would you be interested in a job?


Hitlery was probably absent, because she is thumbing her nose at the Constitution, and smartly indicating she is doing the important work while the 0-man reads simply crafted speeches. On the other hand, in concert with Sovereigntists, Obama pointed out he was
giving this address because it is stipulated in the Constitution. It is a cheap stab at drawing off some populist support. At one point Obama laughed at what he was saying, it was so preposterious. You get the idea that this speech, was not considered to be something important, even though we are a nation in crisis, and he is our designated leader. Our sense of security resides with him, and so, who feels secure. Are Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, and other Democrats actually respecting the office? We seem to have a harlequin president, replete with blackface. At least he is not singing Swanee.


The Toyota recall, shows how international trade works. The parts were made in Mississauga, Ont., by CTV, a company based in Elkhart, IN. Ford, decided to close its plant in China, because it used the same supplier as Toyota. So, this is a way to beat the Japanese - get them to go along with using our supplied parts. Our bad.


Following up, Spock’s favorite phrase, Fascinating, well no not really.

President Addresses Nation “There’s Seventy Minutes I Can Never Get Back”

Yeah, I’m Just Not Feeling It.

What does the President need to do for a bump in the polls hint this isn’t it.

Did The Phrase the President used “I Won’t Give Up, Don’t You Give Up” Sound familiar to anyone else? Train “Calling All You Angels.




They've been salivating before after and during this speech on "n"pr all week! They even had a live chatroom while the speech was going on.

I don't remember the previous President being accorded this kind of slavish reverence on what is supposedly an independent outlet of quality journalism.. yeah, right!



Obama, in announcing the train projects, neglected to mention planting seed money to get US companies into the manufacturing and design. Who will get 75% of this money? Probably the Japanese or the French. Hispanics will directing traffic around the construction projects. Too bad we are not poised to get most of the money. After all, we are paying for it. Companies involved in Chinese train projects include German Siemens, Canadian Bombardier, French Alston, and Japanese Kawasaki and Railway Co. A globalist giveaway! In China, the Chinese demanded tech transfer in the initial projects, so they could do their own in later projects.

Although they have allot of political click-clack, most people are hesitant to use high speed trains.


That's all well and good, Monica, but what happens if Rodhamus K. Bottomus acually wins? Then what?!?!

POSTED BY: DJ | JANUARY 28, 2010 AT 10:10 AM


You can't think negatively here, DJ. What we have to think about is how to use these things in our favor, which means how do we expose Hitlery's character to the public?

I think she's not nearly as slick as the Bama and the spectacle of a know-out drag-down fight in the demonRAT Primaries would do a lot to expose them both.

Besides, I think that the country will be plenty sick and tired of LIEberalism by 2012. The Tea Prties show how many of us are already outspokenly tired of LIEberalism. The chorus will only get louder.

Right now, we must focus on keeping McLAME from getting re-elected. Then we must weed out all the other RINOs like some of the Repub candidates for Governor of Illinois. We don't have a Third Party nor is there time to get one off the ground so we have to live with the Republican "brand" and try to make it the best it can be, even if their leadership has to be dragged there kicking and screaming.

They have been heavily infected with LIEberalism and they have to be made to SEE what is so plain for everyone else to see.

The won't get votes by imitating the libs. After all, there is a Party for that already. What they need to do is to recognize how many frustrated voters are out there and then act accordingly. Offer these voters what they are looking for: More freedom, less government. Be tough on National Security, and that includes the borders. Begin to show that you understand what islam really represents and act accordingly. The "world" may not like it, but America will thank you for it.

Remember that as much as the O-crowd wants the "world" to vote here, which is why they are so desperate to allow illegals to vote by giving them citizenship, WE are the ones who hold the votes. Don't make us stay home by becoming lib-lite!



Monica, I am always dazzled by your combo of brains and beauty......and you sure hit the nail on the head with this one! I enjoyed it almost as much as I did watching Sen. Judd Gregg "educate" those two MSNBC lefty anchors the other night.


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I wonder if the Democrats are ready to dump him because he isn't bringing that much to the table. Three lost elections, including "Ted the Red's" Senate seat The Democrats realize they could be the next politicians to be voted out in 2010 and what is Obama really bringing to the table. Wouldn't it be better have Bill back, now that Teddy is gone?



Well, like Monica was saying they're gonna bring in Hitlery instead. Or should I say Hitlery is going to bring herself in..




By the was it was rather instructive to listen to the nippers tonight. After hours spent cheering on and "analyzing" the Bama speech they had a couple of guys on who were unafraid to use the words "global warming" instead of "climate change".

A pair of real fundamentalists!

Even the hippie chick reporterette mentioned that Wall Street loves CAp-n-Trade and one of the guys was like so what? Why shouldn't Wall Street like it? It will be the biggest market the world has ever seen and they're going to make Trillions with it. So of course they're loving it but that's no reason to not support it.

Well, if it's good for Wall Street, the inventors of such nice things as junk bonds and derivatives then it must be good for America.

Wall Street supported the Bama last election and now we know why!

They don't care about his social engineering pro-islamic stuff. When the islamic crowds are milling about setting Trinity Chruch on fire the Wall Streeters will simply pack up and move on.

To Singapore. Or maybe Shanghai.

Or maybe even Dubai.

As long as there is money to be made.

Borders language and Culture be damned.

That's for the little people who pay the taxes.




None of the pundits mentioned the cozy relationship the Bama has with the UN, so quietly - and deadly - behind the scenes:


You need to read to comments too! People have GOT IT. The problem is how do we move the GOP to effectively deal with this in their electoral campaigns and then KEEP THEIR CAMPAIGN PROMISES?!

We have all heard of Somalis being particularly into jihadism and what they do to the passengers at Minneapolis airport, such as refusing rides to the blind and handicapped who rely on their dogs and of course they also refuse to cary passengers who have wine and other liquor from the Duty Free.

For "religious reasons" of course.

THIS is how they SHOW their gratitude to us for taking them in!

They put their "religious reasons" over our laws!!!

GREAT!! And the Bama just signed a deal for 5,8000 more of these devils.

While the press remained SILENT!! Completely under the radar!!! Socialism and one-world islam are on the march!!







the journalism of VICE, an independent media company and Web site based in Brooklyn, New York. VBS.TV is Vice's broadband television network.///////

PAKISTAN The gun vendors are Pashtuns, who are basically the toughest people in the world. They comprised the majority of the mujahideen who kicked the Soviets out of Afghanistan in the late '80s.

These days, the town is rumored to be completely overrun by the Taliban. They purchase the guns, then cross the border to fight the U.S. army in Afghanistan, or they drive through the mountains to the south to fight the Pakistani army.

This summer, I went back to Pakistan, and found that the fuse on this powder keg has become even shorter. The Pakistani army has surged more troops into the tribal areas, attempting to eradicate the Taliban and al Qaeda. The U.S. and British troops are attempting to do the same thing on the other side of the border in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Pakistan itself has seen violence spread to its major urban centers, where extremists have been detonating bombs and taking over police stations.

But at the same time, there is a cultural explosion taking place, a vibrant art scene and metal and rock bands popping up everywhere. The whole situation has become ultra charged by the fact that there are tons of news channels operating uncensored by the insanely corrupt government.

For Pakistan, it's a volatile, turbulent, and fascinating moment in time.


gringoNOTE: Sounds like Vietnam back in the day. Even on a Saigon street corner you'd see about 30 different newspapers on sale---and those were just the ones in Vietnamese.


"At the moment in Britain, the Labor Government’s Equality Bill is completing its progress through Parliament. The purpose of the Bill is to bring all the various “equality” laws and rulings made since 1965—race, sex, sexual preference, age-based, religious, etc—within a single statute, and to enable a single scheme of enforcement, the quasi-judicial Human Rights Commission. It also tightens these laws so that such “discrimination” as has continued to exist will be made illegal."



Posted by: DJ | January 28, 2010 at 12:37 PM


Dostoyevsky saw right through them a long time ago.

"....we'll resort to drunkenness, slander, denunciations; we'll resort to unheard-of depravity; we shall smother every genius in infancy. We shall reduce everything to one common denominator: FULL EQUALITY."

---the socialist/nihilist Peter Verkovhensky, THE DEVILS, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1870

ps Today's lib/lefty does it with masterful hypocrisy and sanctimony, except for the type who is dumb or deluded enough to really believe he is "good."


Howard Zinn died. He was the Professor who changed the teaching of American history, swinging it from the center and right-of center way over to the left. He has helped millions of Americans to feel guilty about being Americans. He also has helped millions to be angry at those who somehow do not feel guilty. He became an enormously successful Professor of Guilt.

Howard Zinn was very diligent. He taught that Americans succeeded by oppressing others. Thanks to Howard Zinn's hard work, even children are now able to understand 'American' as basically a synonym for 'evil' 'victimizer,' 'racist,' 'imperialist' and other unpleasntries listed on placards and in speeches by dedicated socialists and sincere rabble rousers around the world.

Is there a link between Karl Marx, Hillary Clinton (who studied Saul Alinsky) Barack Obama and Howard Zinn?

They have all believed

1. in America's guilt

2. America must be changed.

3. Pupils and students must learn how bad their country is, and really think about who that turkey was taken from, back during the first Thanksgiving.

Howard Zinn was a big success story. Over two million copies of his 'A People's History of the United States' have been sold. The Teacher's Union loves the book, so it still sells very well. Howard Zinn's view of the Yankees probably also fits in nicely with the Castro school curriculum in Cuba. A portion of the Commandante's "liberated" population and its children haven't managed to escape to the People's Victimizers in the US.

Howard Zinn left America a guiltier place than he found it.



Who can attend a Tea Party? Only MadHatters, apparently.

The convention is being run by a for-profit Tennessee corporation registered to Tennessee lawyer Judson Phillips, who has said he hopes to make money on the convention. Sarah Palin is being paid $100,000 speaking fee, and seat charges are $550.

Yes, for the Republicans, it is all about self-promotion, and cash. Right? It is not intended to \ be an actual tea party replete with Indian servant, Sun King, and a new blend.

It is also about the grassroots and Res Publicae. The Tea Parties are about protesting unfair and unwise taxation, among many other things : our sovereignty, our liberty, our nationality, reverence for Constitution and defending our republic. What are these teetotallers drinking? Chinese Lead tea with a little mercury added in?


“GREAT!! And the Bama just signed a deal for 5,8000 more of these devils.”


There's NO doubt in my mind this is an act of revenge by the Left against the white majority. The Left hates whites, especially whites who live in all-white enclaves. The scum that are responsible for this act of aggression must be held accountable if any of these Somali misfits harm ANY American citizen. The criminal bastards behind this decision know what they are doing. They know very well these Somali refugees will become a social malignancy wherever they are located. They know the Somalis track record. They know innocent American citizens will be raped, robbed, molested, and murdered by them. They know they will become wards of the state. At the very least, the presence of Somalis in a community has a corrosive effect on the overall social environment. But this is exactly the desired effect the bastards that push for third-world immigration want. I’m afraid America has reached its demographic critical mass. It’s just a matter of time before we surpass Brazil in a race to the bottom. China along with the rest of the Pacific rim countries own the future.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Here’s an excellent essay about Somali immigrants in Minnesota:


Ferrell Navin

Hi Monica,

Embellished duels with Eleanor with hard-hitting conservative jargon, disarming her not only with your feline fashioned good-looks and mental acuity, but with the intellectual finesse of her favorite shining soul of mental mediocrity, William F., Talk to Me God Eli, Buckley, keeps me tuning in more than our host’s wonderful departing words, “BBBBBBBYYYYYYYE, BBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYe.”

Billy Boy Clinton, a.k.a., "Edwards' Mentor” should find his fanny behind bars before Hillary buffaloes into her first primary. Helping or hurting her chances, is anyone's guess.

A Politician prodded those felonious farts, fastened firmly in their Pharisaical, farcical facades with a baited barb and you denounce him, “anti-American?”

Can’t win em all.

Til then.


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