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December 31, 2009



To Monica & Friends,


Sent from my Verizon DSL, wired but 2010 accessible


gringoNOTE: While the little libniki snark away with their sorry "teabagging" humor, and the Dems, so mute on Islamic terror, ramrod their Neocom Obamanationcare down the nation's unwilling throat, will 2010 see Americans rumbling in historic numbers in the Great Teaparty Revolt? Read on....


Candidates face ultimatum: Kill Obamacare, or else ...
'Americans have to pull this weed out by its roots'

Posted: December 29, 2009
8:52 pm Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Tea-party leaders are delivering a bold ultimatum to all congressional candidates in 2010: Pledge to repeal the health-care reform bill in its entirety if it passes – or you will be booted from office.



All the Tea Party is going to accomplish is completely decimate what's left of the NaziGOP. And good riddance. Warrior Princess, hope you've got those resumes out to CNN and MSNBC...

GO TEA PARTY!!!! 2010!!!!



gringoNOTE: In 2010 look for even more feminization in Liblandia, er, that is, today's United States of America.(Have you seen BamBam's TSA Chief who recently said what an excellent job her bureaucracy was doing, a day before the Underwear Bomber?) Wonder why a mother of three is employed on the Pak-Afghan border? And why a suicide bomber was invited into her compound, un-checked? Insanity, you say? No, The United States of Liblandia hails it as 'diversity.'


Last Updated: 3:30 PM, December 31, 2009

The Associated Press has learned that the chief of the CIA's base in the Khost province of Afghanistan was among those killed by a suicide bomber along the Afghan-Pakistan frontier. And in a disturbing twist, it has also been learned that the bomber had been invited onto the base and was not searched .

Seven CIA employees were killed and six others were injured Wednesday when a suicide bomber struck inside Camp Chapman, a CIA post near Khost.

THE FORMER CIA OFFICIALS SAY THE KHOST CHIEF WAS THE MOTHER OF THREE. As base chief she would have directed and coordinated CIA operations and intelligence gathering in the province, a hotbed of Taliban and insurgent activity because of its proximity to Pakistan's lawless tribal region

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/cia_agents_killed_wounded_in_afghan_d9rc8Z4ipgHBUP7xTlhCmN#ixzz0bItsbvje


"Gunman" kills 5 in Finnish mall shooting spree:


And here's the reason why this happened ACCORDING to CNN:

Finland enjoys a strong tradition of hunting and has a high proportion of gun ownership, with 2 million firearms owned in a nation of 5 million people.
Yeah, those eeeevil Finnish gun owners. That's right!

They keep on OBFUSCATING the role of pigslam EACH and EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!!!

Maybe if one of those "many Finnish gun owners" had been in the mall this islamic demon would have been sent home to allah before he could murder all these people!!!


Posted by: Ummah Gummah | December 31, 2009 at 04:53 PM

Amen Ummah,

Here in the good old south we got a concealed weapons law. Law abiding folks can actually defend themselves and or others in such a situation. As-s wipes need not apply in dixie.


"Most of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activity does not remain in the atmosphere, but is instead absorbed by the oceans and terrestrial ecosystems."

This reported from a scientist writing in Geophysical reswea4ch letters. This is actually nothing new. CO2 is absorbed by cold water. Therefore rain removes it, and so does cold ocean water. Northern hemispheric CO2 levels are the same as the South in winter, so almost all the CO2 is absorbed and deposited eventually as lime. The levels are raised however in the summer, and the surficial ocean acidity rises.


Monica mentions Iran almost has a bomb. Actually they have the material to make 2, but I would not expect them to test one without having another one.


So, the Republicans are on the move. Time to get going Monica. Just do not tramsmit any important party strategies on that thing!


Happy New Year everyone!


Limbaugh is in a Hawaii hospital...it is going to be a great year!!!!



Oh yeah, this year was really bad.


Limbaugh is in a Hawaii hospital...it is going to be a great year!!!!


I hope the EIB network and every Conservative talk radio host is collecting every nasty thing the party of peace, love and compassion is saying about Rush so that we can compile a montage to remind us of how full of _____ you LIEberals are. (Not that we need a reminder.)


M/M... wake the ef up. Rush Limbaugh is, and will always be, a Nazi war criminal with the blood of tens of thousands, if not millions, of innocents on his hands, the closest thing America ever had to Josef Goebbels.

And hopefully no one will ever come closer. There is a real fight for the soul of this fascist country going on. Anyone who thinks Rush is a patriot is a Nazi.


And another thing. I don't have a political party. Christ had NO political party. There is NO party of peace, love, and compassion.

The Democrats, especially your hated Obama, are the whores of warmongers every bit as much as the GOP was. The only difference is, the Democrats want to spread the spoils of endless war around to everyone to appease their consciences about being in the NaziAmerican Empire, and the NaziGOP only wants the spoils going to their rich pimps and to hell with everyone else.

That's the only difference.


M/M...who are you kidding? Most of the Republican politicians want Limbaugh out of the picture so he doesn't keep dragging them down any further than he already has.


Islam's War on America 2009: Jihad in Review



Happy New Year to ALL!



Monica, I hope you have a Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is a great year for you and may God Bless! I'm looking forward to the upcoming November elections because I think the Repubicans will gain enough Senators and Representatives in Congress to stop the Obama socialist agenda. That will make this a very good year.


Man of the Year: SARAH PALIN



Big Sexy says:
December 31, 2009 at 3:12 AM

All in favor, say Aye, all opposed say Nay…..crickets…crickets.

The ayes have it!! Outstanding selection Don, and a well written narrative to support her selection as Don Surber’s Man of the Year.

Sarah Palin has more leadership ability and strength of character in her pinky finger than our snorkler in chief.

As our 40th President Ronald Reagan would say about the US Marine Corps some 26 years ago, “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they’ve made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem.” I would say at this point Sarah Palin does not have that problem.


Re Man of the Year

Don L says:
December 31, 2009 at 7:20 AM

Great choice Don, but I’m completely on her side for resigning. Had she remained she would be nothing but a political prisoner to the hordes of needles and pins the voodoo masters from Marx would stick in her. Far better for her to be in exile for a future triumphant return and she’s hardly passive, getting far better press time and leadership experience by lobbing those wonderful political grenades at the left. They fear her more than ever because she avoided their trap of taking her down while governor.


Joe says:
December 31, 2009 at 8:51 AM

Excellent choice!

And about her decision to resign;

The campaign became the springboard for political enemies to paralyze her post-electoral administration in Alaska. Activists filed numerous frivolous FOIA requests, costing the state millions of dollars in wasted time and resources and doom it to gridlock.
The goal was to bog down her administration in paperwork and legal battles, and peg her government as “ethically challenged” even though the complaints were patently ridiculous.

So long as she was the target of these tactics, Alaska could not move forward. In the name of the greater good, she decided to resign, fully aware that it could spell political suicide.


Re Man of the Year

sue says:
December 31, 2009 at 9:31 AM

Ditto’s, Excellent Choice!

As most here well know I am often an enraged drama-queen however since the introduction of Sarah Palin to the political scene I’ve been learning so much from her examples. Old habits die hard and I have a long way to go however I am grateful I have an optimistic, thoughtful, courageous example from whom I can learn how to response to hard times in hopeful ways.

Like many have observed, by resigning Sarah Palin thwarted the Left’s ‘indite, indite, indite’ playbook; most Dem politicians win because they legalese the opposition to death. The Party of Marxist Lawyers is skilled at the art of paralyzing their opponents with their heavy-handed legalese guns.

I look upon her resignation a masterful, courageous tactic in this war between Liberty and Tyranny; she saw what was needed to fight that legalese battle not just for Alaska but for Liberty for all!


Re Man of the Year

DanO says:
December 31, 2009 at 9:53 AM

SARAH PALIN is the political Love Child of Ronald Reagan & Lady Thatcher,


I guess the message from Conservative talk radio is that "Rush can dish it out, and he sure as heck can take it too."

I guess we just need to keep sending Rush our prayers and notes of appreciation.

Thanks to Monica for taking time out of her vacation to send us a note from her Verizon Wireless Blackberry, thanks to Michael Savage for cutting his vacation short in our time of need, thanks to Mark Simone for playing The Cardinal every day and for filling in for EVERYONE, and thanks to Bernard for sending us a little note to help us cope with our severe withdrawal symptoms while he is on vacation. And Happy Birthday Bernard!

Happy New Year to all our Conservative talk radio hosts and sending prayers, support and positive energy to Rush.


The Massahussets SPECIAL ELECTION is being held soon - January 19, 2010!

Scott Brown is the Conservative Republican candidate for the US Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy.

His latest ad begins in black and white with President John F. Kennedy describing his tax cut bill: “The billions of dollars this bill will place in the hands of the consumer and our businessmen will have both immediate and permanent benefits to our economy.”

The screen dissolves, and then Scott Brown appears in the same black and white setting. He is slowly brought forward into the present with the use of color, and finishes JF Kennedy’s remarks:

“Every dollar released from taxation that is spent or invested will help create a new job and a new salary. And these new jobs and new salaries can create other jobs and other salaries, and more customers and more growth for an expanding American economy.”


CONSERVATIVES can make a difference by donating to Conservative REPUBLICAN SCOTT BROWN's campaign to win Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat - SHIFT THE BALANCE of the U.S. SENATE!

DONATE NOW! Your dollar donation to Scott Brown's campaign could be the beginning of a a sorely needed Conservative resurgence to stop the county's drift down the road to surfdom.


"SARAH PALIN is the political Love Child of Ronald Reagan & Lady Thatcher," - Gringo


BOTH of whom wouldn't have been caught dead in bed with their children's significant others. Let alone on camera by such a genius Levi.

SARAH PALIN is the political videoslut sister of Carrie Prejean is more like it's going to end up.

Not to say that the CIA doesn't lie via leaks, or that videotapes haven't disappeared before; it's just that Sister Sarah has so many enemies in the GOP and her allies are significantly weakened that they just don't have the juice to make those videos go away.

I'm betting sister Sarah's public profile is already winding down because of those videos, which she herself probably only learned about recently.


"Scott Brown is the Conservative Republican candidate for the US Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy." - Checker


You could get GOP pimp money from EVERY corrupt crooked CEO in this country and still not come close to winning this one.

But thanks for the first hysterical rolling on the floor laugh of 2010.


"sending prayers, support and positive energy to Rush." - M/M


You can send all the well wishes, prayers to Lucifer, and light all the red candles you want for Rush; the man has been Lucifer's since the beginning, there are legions more ready to take his place, and when Lucifer deems it's time to collect his own, he will collect his own.

Good riddance to Nazi Luciferian rubbish.


Rather than Warrior Princess "hearting" Cheney, perhaps it is Gringo who is projecting his own feelings for Cheney upon her?

This recent photo might explain much:



gringoNOTE: While the Wall Street gofers,Soros workers and sodomistas desperately reach into their obscene hearts for more muck to fling at America's Joan of Arctic....

Jeremy says:
December 31, 2009 at 7:21 PM
“Sarah Palin could be the Reagan we’ve been looking for. Time will tell”

Not really, Time is just a communist rag anymore. They will spread the meme that she is unfit to lead until the last drop of ink in their empire is dry. Time is so in the tank for Barry that nothing they spread is worth reading.


The Reagan you're looking for is Schwarzenegger.

Popular Movie Actor = Popular Movie Actor
Governor of California = Governor of California
Male = Male

Non-native citzen=Obama non-native citizen

Palin is just a decoy, and so far she's working brilliantly.


All Right, By calling the GOP the NaziGOP, XBJLLB, has forfeited any semblance of logic on this particular board and has shunted him/herself to the Siberia of political thought. Not only is the reference to Nazis as applied to the GOP been way, way, way overused by those who have NO understanding of History and hence even less understanding of the National Socialist Party under Herr Hitler's leadership; it brilliantly illuminates XBJLLB as one of those who has run out of even the most juvenile of insults and puts him/her at the bottom of the political thought class. I now warn you, XB, in the spirit of the holidays, if you stick your pointy head out of your rat-hole i will smack it with a baseball Bat. I'd prefer not to but in case it has escaped your notice, our side has taken the gloves off. It's WAR!


To XB: One more thing,i just saw your "thoughts" (i'm being kind here?) regarding Sarah Palin and your tossing around of the word 'slut.' Most people don't even think about videos of, shall we say behavior not calculated to win someone votes, yet it seems to be your foremost thought. One could ask, why the obvious hatred of an educated, successful woman? Is it one's own inability to nurture the young of our species, which, of course is paramount in nature or is the hatred of those who can do it successfully? These, of course, are questions asked only in response to the low meaness of XBJLLB's post....rick


"All Right, By calling the GOP the NaziGOP" - rickswrite


Little Ricky, you're talking to someone who read Walter L. Shirer's "The Rise And Fall Of Nazi Germany" TWICE in fifth grade and once yearly thereafter. Having no idea why at the time, only learning later THAT HE WOULD LIVE THROUGH IT in the US, it seems HIGHLY relevant to the discussion at hand.

I'll sum it up for you so that even an idiot poisoned on NaziGOP spin for decades could understand it:

Hitler's arch enemies were the communists, the left wing.

That made Hitler, an ex-military one-testicled sexual misfit dickhead, an EXTREME RIGHT WING FASCIST.

Mussolini, Hitler's stool toadie in Italy, akin to what lapdog Blair was to Cheney as Hitler, stated that FASCISM is when big business buys and takes over the government.

The GOP OVERWHELMINGLY is the Party of Big Business of all kinds, and small government so there will be little or no regulation of Big Business whatsoever. If a company has death or poison to sell or toxic waste to dispose of, the GOP is THEIR PARTY.

It has been, since a senile old actor with undiagnosed and unpublicized Alzheimer's was voted into the White House by mostly brainless senior citizens, playing von Hindenburg to GHW Bush's Hitler. "Reagan" cut Big Business loose with deregulation, leading to the beginning of the growth OF THE WIDEST DISPARITY BETWEEN THE RICH AND POOR IN AMERICA SINCE BEFORE THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

The only difference between US Fascism, as typified by the Republican Party, and Nazi German fascism, is one allows freedom of speech in order to foster the FALSE APPEARANCE of a Democratic Republic.

For they know, that through control of propaganda outlets like Fox News, they can spin away any truth through repetition. Even with a small minority of the population. Take that small minority, add all the wealth of Big Business, and even when NOT IN POWER THEY ARE, INDEED, IN POWER THROUGH OBSTRUCTIONISM.

Are the Democrats the good guys? Far from it. They are almost as much on the take as the NaziGOP to Big Business and Big Offense. Only to a lesser extent because they are generally in power for a lesser amount of time, and the entire time they are in power, Big Business is working to put them OUT of power, while at the same time BUYING THEM OFF TEMPORARILY.


This ONLY makes the Democratic Party the Party of lesser evil. Some would argue greater evil, because by spreading around the spoils of fascist endless war to everyone in America, they will be the Party that will hold off revolution longer.

This country will not survive another 8 years of majority GOP rule without descent into revolution and anarchy.


To XB: One more thing,i just saw your "thoughts" (i'm being kind here?) regarding Sarah Palin and your tossing around of the word 'slut.' Most people don't even think about videos of, shall we say behavior not calculated to win someone votes, yet it seems to be your foremost thought. One could ask, why the obvious hatred of an educated, successful woman? Is it one's own inability to nurture the young of our species, which, of course is paramount in nature or is the hatred of those who can do it successfully? These, of course, are questions asked only in response to the low meaness of XBJLLB's post....rick


First off, Rickster, I don't hate Sister Sarah. I feel intensely sorry for her. When God handed out the brains, she was clearly in the back of the line.

I also HATE it when idiots run for high public office. All right, THEY'RE certainly too stupid to know better, but their puppet masters couldn't find anyone better? I hated it when a senile undiagnosed unpublicized Alzheimer's-ridden Reagan though we was running the country while CIA-head GHW Bush was running EVERYTHING. I hated it when Shrub thought he could do it (barely) with a completely alcohol and cocaine-destroyed mind; I hate it when pious religious Pharisee hypocrites like SP try to do it. I hate it when clueless potheads like Obama did it, and fought against him FROM DAY ONE.

See? I'm bi-partisan!

When you put idiots into office, the real Evil work nightmares behind the scenes. Can ANYONE here deny that the team of David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel (he of the Israeli Army and DUAL US-Israeli citizenship) are the REAL President and Vice Presidents of the US?

We don't need to argue about Sister Sarah; the truth comes out about her rutting with Levi and that will be the end of her career. She can go into porn with Carrie Prejean and do tag-team "Lesbian" videos for Gringo's amusement (I'm sure he doesn't have a DVD player yet.)

Message to BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES: Start finding and running candidates who are COMPETENT, have SURVIVED the attack machine of the opposition and EVERYTHING they could throw at them for DECADES, NOT blackmailable, and not "HOT."

I haven't ONCE attacked SP's kids; kindly leave MINE out of this. Your psychoanalysis skills unfortunately match your paltry knowledge of history.


Addendum: WILLIAM L. Shirer, not Walter.

My far vision is poor and I didn't get close up to the book on the shelf when checking the last name spelling. My bad.

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