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November 24, 2009



---> Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,576646,00.html

This OUTRAGE MUST be brought to the attention of the American People!

How can we live with ourselves leting these SEALs be court-martialed with less rights than KSM & company who are getting their grand standing trials in civilian court??!!

PLEASE bring this up tonight on O'Reilly.

Thank You.



GLOBAL WARMING (AKA CLIMATE CHANGE) is a HOAX being spread by the insane ignorant and clueless liars in the Government-Scientific-University-Media Complex as an excuse to redistribute wealth worldwide through a complicated tax scheme, and, centrally manage and control the world population through socialist economic policies created by distant faceless elite corrupt bureaucrats in an arbitrary and capricious manner for the benefit of the international communist movement, certain elite corporations in exchange for their cooperation in spreading lies, certain elite politicians who benefit from book sales and lucrative “green” contracts, and the likes of George Soros and his international builderburghers.

IT’S ALL THE BIGGEST HOAX IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. It makes Madoff’s Ponzi scheme look like a grain of sand on the beach!





Hmmm.. does his mean we should all watch O'Reilly tonight?




As I've been predicting: LIEberals plan to re-distribute water:


This is what is preached inside Unitarian "churches":

The reading was “The Arc of the Universe” by Charlie Clements and the sermon was entitled “Guest at Your Table: Water Justice,” which fit neatly into my preconceptions that the UU would carry on the Transcendentalist koan of a “sermon in every stone.” Reverend Harper was a very eloquent and persuasive speaker and rooted her message that inequities in the distribution and availability of fresh water in the Third World and among the poor in local realities of drought and water use on Cape Cod. She kept me wide awake, the Churbuck test of any sermon.


I think I am just about as nauseous as I can be after reading all of that liberal claptrap.

Where do these liberals come off advocating distributing our water to the "poor in the Third World"?

I never noticed anyone advocating for "oil justice" but I have heard of embargoes, nationalization and cartels.

Why are we now responsible for the overpopulation springing forth all over the Third World?

Perhaps it is time these people started to do some new thinking instead of always waiting for our liberal NGOs and governments to come by and "spread the wealth".

I resent having to work for the upkeep of hostile populations in far-away countries I want nothing to do with.

I don't care what liberals call me if I don't want to go along with all their little projects.



They actually tried to ask our impoverished government for 45 trillion dollars to build nuclear power plants all over the earth. There would not be enough uranium to fuel these plants for more than 10 years.

And the crazy thing is -- they were considering it.

It is like asking the government to resign itself.

Reagan felt and I do also, that you could just eliminate public funding for science and this would be no great loss. Most good science in the US has been done in the "uncorrupted sectors" : corporate R&D and enginering.


"Hmmm.. does his mean we should all watch O'Reilly tonight?"

YES- Clobal Cooling will offset the HOT AIR EMMISSIONS from THE BLOVIATOR!



Checkers, I am hoping that the case concerning the wrongfully accused SEALs will be mention on-air tonight!

I am getting quite steamed knowing these Bamanauts are putting our Military on trial while they are easing the legal restrictions on the terrorists!



Kudos to O'Reilly for putting one of lawyer's on the terrorists "team" on the spot about the upcoming trial in NYC. There is a link to Todd Beamer's letter to the Wall Street Journal and to 9/11 families.


Now that Science is on trial - Has anyone considered that science performed in dark corners, by socialists, doing studies that cannot be repeated, or validated, might be simply made up?

I am talking about anthropology - who found exceedingly rare skeletons of premen after spending
long periods of time in Africa, the place where primitive people lived in the present. Why should
all the old monkey skeletons be found there? And only be them?

Ans : They were simply refuting religious claims that men were fashioned by the eye of God. It was an attack on religion. Before I would believe any of these monkey tales, I would be sure that the evidence was not made up, compiled from monkey bones and possibly shaved skulls of African natives, and that all evidence were considered from other places. Man from monkeys and the Scopes monkey trial were all doctored up happenings, involving Commies.

Recall the exceedingly difficult case of examining evidence regarding the shroud of Turin. Now imagine the difficulty in proving these skeletons are actually real.

I am not saying all anthropological evidence is unreal, but much of the early stuff certainly could be. Even more recent skeletal evidence could be questionable. Without DNA and precise dating, there is not much one can trust. Is it an just an old monkey? Who knows?



M/M, I am working so I cannot see the O'Reilly Show. I do hope they also mention this farce that's being perpetrated against the SEALS who captured this dirtbag Falluja terrorist.

You know, the one who was involved in beheadings and the murder of our contractors, mutilating their bodies before hanging the remains off of bridges for CNN and Al Jezeera to film and broadcast all over the world!

I want this story KNOW to the American people!

Let them know what this man they voted for President is doing to our troops!




How Bad Could Obama Screw Up and Still Beat Sarah Palin?

by Nate Silver @ 2:35 PM

Although I'm fairly bullish on Sarah Palin's prospects of winning the Republican nomination, I also subscribe to the conventional wisdom that, were she to be the nominee, she would have an awfully tough time against Barack Obama in 2012. Could she beat Obama? Of course; politics is a world of probabilities, not certainties. But she'd likely cut Obama quite a lot of slack.

Matthew Dowd, the chief strategist for George W. Bush's well-run 2004 re-election campaign, makes the opposite case in today's Washington Post. Unfortunately, I don't think Dowd's arguments are very sound.



Gee thanks Monica... making us sit through twenty flesh-crawling minutes of Sarah Palin sound bites, the very angry Nazi Bishop, then Brillo hawking that awful anti-Christian Manifesto of Lucifer's, and then sweaty Karl Rove fearfully knocking the trials that he's petrified will end up convicting Cheney and him, to hear you for... twenty seconds!?!?!!?!?!. You need your own show on Fox. Or better yet, try for CNN... a decisive step up and I think they'll do it too. They need someone to replace Dobbs.

Not quite ready for MSNBC, I'm afraid. But miracles do happen and one day...

A happy blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours!


UG, YOU HAVE to see V. Let's just see they introduced the "flu" vaccine into the plot.

The clip of O'Reilly is from another night and worth seeing. See for yourself.

Haven't had a chance to check out the Navy Seals story, but thanks for posting it. Will comment after I read it.



Originally Posted by avergbear

Last evening on the O’Reilly Factor, Bill predicted that if the U.S. dollar were to collapse on World Markets that there would be a “revolt in this country.”

I believe this is the first time I have heard this suggestion move off the pages of internet blogs and onto major media.

Scary stuff, as many are predicting that the collapse of the dollar is inevitable.

gringoNOTE: Not to worry, Buckeroos. Bill just might be poking fun at a gringomanic thread begun earlier this year in Bail-out Nation: ARE AMERICANS ON THE BRINK OF REVOLT?


"How Bad Could Obama Screw Up and Still Beat Sarah Palin?" - Gringo


Let's see, judging from Sarah Palin herself, as well as the OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson biorgraphies, I think it is safe to assume that he could at least slice Michelle's head clean off, buy and sexuallly molest ten or more pubescent boys while dating them publicly, and he'd still win overwhelmingly against Palin.

Now whether or not this reflects more on his rabid fan base than it does Sarah Palin's chances at becoming President, is a tossup.

Any more questions?




Ah, another question, and so soon too!

The answer is NO. NOTHING is going to get the beer-guzzling Americans that would be revolting in the first place off their sofas and away from FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

Soon to be a major ad campaign for FOX NEWS:

"What revolt when we're here being revolting FOR you?"



hey X-CRAPPER: If you don't want to watch the O'Reilly Show there's always the Nets playing the Knicks.

Noone is forcing you P.O.S. to watch O'Reilly.

The way you're acting it seems to me that O'Reilly is Jesus Himself and his show is Holy Water.




Let's assume that the foaming-at=the-mouth Palin haters, Billy X and Willy V, don't go to hell after all. Will they be allowed into heaven if they show a license?


Let's see, judging from Sarah Palin herself, as well as the OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson biorgraphies, I think it is safe to assume that he could at least slice Michelle's head clean off, buy and sexuallly molest ten or more pubescent boys while dating them publicly, and he'd still win overwhelmingly against Palin.

Now whether or not this reflects more on his rabid fan base than it does Sarah Palin's chances at becoming President, is a tossup.

Any more questions?

Posted by: xbjllb | November 24, 2009 at 08:49 PM

As a matter of fact: What if he banned un-natural 'marriage,' started going muslim on Calvin Klein billboards, closed down bath-houses and consulted with Commandante Fidel on the best way to quarantine HIV types or, shall we say, "separate" them from The People?


HOT AIR/////basically Obama’s collapse is broad based and almost complete. He only polls favorably among the youngest adults (18-29), the lowest income levels, the non-religious, and non-white adults. It’s basically a portrait of the hard Left, which is exactly what his agenda represents, and the only political core he’s got. And if he sends more troops to Afghanistan, even some of these numbers may start to fall.


“I like Goldfarb’s take: “A fat lip? That’s enough to get you rough military justice from the Obama administration, but blow up the World Trade Center and you get all the due process rights of the civilian criminal justice system.” slap.


Forgot this one.


Yes, she can: Palin has a shot at the presidency

By Matthew Dowd
Tuesday, November 24, 2009



“Hope Is Fading Fast”: A Devastating Take on The Iconic Obama Poster
by Rachel Sklar | November 24th, 2009



dhorowitz3 Tuesday, November 24th at 4:28PM EST (link)

I always like to present the following challenge to those who say that Palin’s negatives are to high to be a viable candidate:

Name me one other person who will be able to rally conservatives and be as effective in attacking the liberals who will not garner as much of a visceral response from the media. It is a matter of Newtons Law of motion. Every action will be met with an equal counter action. There is currently no person out there who is as conservative and has the same star power to take the fight directly to the left.

This does not mean that nobody else can come along one day and equal Palin in this respect. However, my point is who can accomplish this without soliciting the same reaction from the vermin in the media. So fine, Palin has to much negative baggage so we will look for another solid conservative candidate who doesn’t have “the baggage”. But it will be a viscous cycle. By virtue of them being successful conservatives and viable threats to the liberals they will be given that baggage within a matter of a few months of their emergence on the national stage. The only way that the media will not go all out against our candidate is if they are not a threat. So either way we have to stand and fight. We are not going to sneak in a solid conservative in the likes of Palin but “without the negatives”.


Leopard1996 Tuesday, November 24th at 6:44PM EST (link)

But let the MSM and all start broadcasting how it is imperative to heal the racial damage the U.S. has to elect Jackass to another term, and all the squishy white guilt sufferers will vote for him in droves. Unless their lot in life is 10x crappier then it was before he and the useless congress critter dems took over.

Just as info to the KOS kid trolls, I am one of the 10% of Black Americans that is in the Strongly Disapprove category of Obama’s presidency. If he was a “moderate” he ain’t showing any balls fighting against the far left, and if he is a “socialist” then he is driving this country into some serious irreparable damage.

“The accumluated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout, “Save Us!”….and I’ll look down and whisper, “No”…The Watchmen


If you want to sing Kumbaya
Tbone Tuesday, November 24th at 8:46PM EST (link)

go to church camp.

Personally, I enjoy watching idiots bash Palin because she is “unqualified”, and I enjoy watching idiots try to convince us she has great qualifications.

The current fact is that she is the only Republican that can draw a crowd bigger than the high school gym in Podunk, USA. If this stays true and she spends the next two years growing a little grey hair on her temples she’ll beat Hillary in 2012.


There are only two way to obtain honest scientists : 1) a Republican must pretend to be a globalist socialist, obtain the degree, and then switch; or 2) a politician must confer a PhD on an honest person by fiat.

This person is the Adam.


The first PhD was acquired in 1150, but it was not until the Bologna Process that the degree was held to be respectable.

Gee, Monica has never told us how she obtained her degree.


Seven Big Lies about the Stimulus
The difference between 450 jobs and six.

By Stephen Spruiell

There have been dozens of news reports exposing tens of thousands of stimulus jobs as frauds — David Freddoso and Mark Hemingway of the Washington Examiner put the number of phony jobs at about 75,000. They found more than 100 separate incidents, but these incidents can be grouped into seven categories, representing the seven biggest lies the administration is telling you about the stimulus:

1. Raises = jobs: This one turns out to be pretty common. For example, the Associated Press reported that one nonprofit in Georgia used stimulus money to give its employees raises, then multiplied its total number of employees (508) by the percentage points of the raises (1.84) and told the White House that the stimulus had saved 935 jobs. (Its directors said they were just following instructions they received from the White House.) Other nonprofits did the same. According to the AP, this fraud exaggerated the number of jobs created or saved by 9,300.

2. Number of people who might benefit = jobs: According to the AP, East Central Technical College in Georgia used more than $200,000 in stimulus money to buy “trucks and trailers for commercial driving instruction, and a modular classroom and bathroom for a health education program.” Officials at the college reported that the spending created or saved 280 jobs, at a cost of $715 for each one. That’s miraculous — and impossible. As it turns out, “The 280 were not jobs, but the number of students who would benefit” from the spending.

3. Stimulus Money/Average Salary = jobs: The number of jobs the stimulus allegedly saved or created in Nevada was overstated by at least 4,000, according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun. The report states that local-government officials were told to “take the amount of stimulus money they received and divide it by $92,000, the theoretical average wage and benefits of a job.” As if this weren’t sketchy enough, officials actually divided by lower numbers — $66,681 for K–12 employees and $45,000 for higher-ed workers. In fact, the teachers’ jobs were probably secure — “I don’t for a moment believe that 4,000 teachers would have been laid off if not for the stimulus,” said Republican state senator Bill Raggio. The money allowed the state to avoid making cuts elsewhere.

4. Jobs funded by other federal programs = jobs: The Boston Globe reported that it found several cases in which “federal money that recipients already receive annually — subsidies for affordable housing, for example — was reclassified this year as stimulus spending.” Property companies in Massachusetts reported that such spending saved approximately 430 jobs, but an official at one of these companies admitted, “There were no jobs created. It was just shuffling around of the funds.” USA Today discovered that the Teach for America program misattributed 1,300 jobs to the stimulus; in fact, an unrelated government grant had funded the positions. And the Wall Street Journal found that “some low-income housing landlords whose decades-old contracts with the federal government were funded by the stimulus this year reported a total of 6,463 employees as having jobs linked to the stimulus package.” Those three examples alone account for over 8,000 phony jobs.

5. Whoops! = jobs: Many of the jobs reported as created or saved are nothing more than paperwork errors. In Blooming Grove, Texas, a local housing authority reported that “it created 450 jobs with a $26,174 grant to repair roofs on five apartment buildings,” according to the Dallas Morning News. The project actually involved six workers. And the AP reported that a company in Ohio used the same workers for two stimulus contracts and counted the workers twice. The AP found numerous other instances of double-counting, accounting for 1,350 phony jobs.

6. Summer jobs = jobs: The Dallas Morning News also found about 5,100 jobs that were summer positions for people 24 and younger. A spokesman for the program that placed the workers said that “a couple of handfuls, maybe 25” saw their summer jobs turn into permanent employment. Similarly, around 3,000 “jobs” in Michigan were seasonal. And the AP found a company that claimed to have created 4,300 jobs using stimulus money, 3,000 of which lasted about a month.

7. Phantom layoffs = jobs: State education departments proved to be the biggest source of exaggerated stimulus jobs. As mentioned above, some simply divided the amount of stimulus money they received by some number representing an average teacher salary. Other cases were even more egregious: In Washington State, government officials said that stimulus money saved the jobs of 24,000 teachers who were already under contract to finish out the school year. And in California, the California State University system reported that stimulus funds saved 26,000 jobs — over half of its work force. A CSU spokesman admitted, “This is not really a real number of people. It’s like a budget number.”

Under pressure to produce results, the administration has put forward a set of loose guidelines that invite stimulus recipients to exaggerate the number of jobs the stimulus has created or saved. It is a political metric — not a measure of something measurable — and it is starting to backfire on the administration. The more people question the administration’s job data, the more they might start wonder whether the stimulus has created any jobs at all.

— Stephen Spruiell is an NRO staff writer.



Melanie Morgan: So what will you be calling for an investigation of?

Senator Inhofe: On the IPCC and on the United Nations on the way that they cooked the science to make this thing look as if the science was settled, when all the time of course we knew it was not.


There are many US investigators, who relished their participation in this, placing erroneous articles in US newspapers, with skewed or incorrect information etc. They are simply guilty of deliberate fraud.

Secondly, there were pernicious individuals who intentionally misled politicians. They are guilty of treason, and if they have a close relationship with a foreign country might be checked to see if they are foreign agents, whether they are paid or not.

Thirdly, Senator ... if these people are not guilty of fraud, the they were incompetent. People who headed government departments who promulgated this junk, should be held to account.

One I would single out is Dr. Susan Solomon of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Penn State Climatologist Richard Alley.

Solomon is known for discovering the ozone hole during a jet flight over Antarctica using a NASA aircraft. She attributed this hole to CFC's, and testified before Congress that this had to be stopped. This was the precursor to the IPCC fiasco, for she had not even considered any other process - other chemical changes, temperature influenced processes, interactions between the ocean and the air, and finally and possibly the most important : radiation from space.

She made a splash and gained notoriety from this, giving her a top government position. She figures prominently in the global warming fiasco as well.

Alley claimed a serious concern about CO2 levels and how this was correlated with temperature change. This became a part of the IPCC report and his testimony before Congress and to AL Gore was misleading, self-serving, and intentionally deceptive.
Like Solomon, he has been involved in deceptive and fraudulent practices earlier having to do with Antarctica, and the motion of Ice Streams.

One might also include NASA researcher James Hansen, who deliberately and deceptively attributed all global warming to CO2 gas. He most certainly must have known better.


Personally, I enjoy watching idiots bash Palin because she is “unqualified”, and I enjoy watching idiots try to convince us she has great qualifications.

The current fact is that she is the only Republican that can draw a crowd bigger than the high school gym in Podunk, USA. If this stays true and she spends the next two years growing a little grey hair on her temples she’ll beat Hillary in 2012.

Posted by: gringoman | November 24, 2009 at 10:36 PM

She exposes them for what they truly are.


Gautam Naik writes for the WSJ. He is Hindu. He writes about the exciting happenings at the National Labs, places where the stimulus package is creating jobs this year. He relates a story about one person who found a job at Oak Ridge, who moved to the U.S. from China in 2001 and spent three years as a post-doctoral student at Pennsylvania State University in State College, Penn. :

When Dr. Ke began seeking a tenure-track, faculty position last winter, he struck out. Of the 20 or so universities he applied to, at least one-third said they had to belatedly cancel their faculty searches, he says. But he was determined to land a job in neutron scattering.

The question that comes to mind, is, "Do we want foreign nationals working in our National Laboratories?". This stimulus money was to provide jobs for Americans, was it not? Our national labs work on priority projects for the US, that might involve national security. This program is a mistake.


Liberal elitist, Martha Stewart (ex-convict/flower-arranger), chimes in with her "insightful" opinions of Sarah Palin:-

Martha Stewart Says Sarah Palin Is 'A Dangerous Person'


Is Martha really that petty and vacuous, or is her gratuitous attack meant to impress her libtard friends and followers?

I say both.

Account Deleted

Please help pass the word. FreedomWorks has an on-line war room to help defeat the health care bill:



Sexist firm slurred my faith: suit


November 25, 2009

They allegedly made fun of her Muslim religion and snorted sexist comments, and now Lobna Abdelrehim is fighting back against the "Animal House" antics of her Wall Street business-publishing firm with a lawsuit.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/sexist_firm_slurred_my_faith_suit_yidWNDFzecmkiaTBRZFhKK#ixzz0Xt4pgfxf


Dumbo University
by Patrick J. Buchanan


"As George W. Bush famously asked, "Is our children learning?"

Apparently not in the twin capitals of liberalism, D.C. and New York.

In a ranking of 50 states and D.C. by how much each spent per pupil in public schools in 2005, New York ranked first; D.C. third. The state spent $14,100, and New York City just a tad less.

And the bountiful fruits of this massive transfer of taxpayers' wealth?

In D.C., nearly half of all black and Latino students drop out. Of those who graduate, nearly half are reading and doing math at seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade levels. D.C. academic achievement ranks 51st, last in the U.S.

Yet last week came a report from New York that makes D.C look like M.I.T. Some 200 students, in their first math class at City University of New York, were tested on their basic math skills.

Ninety percent could not do basic algebra. One-third could not convert a decimal into a fraction.

If this was a representative sampling, nine in 10 CUNY students not only do not belong in college, they do not qualify for their high school diplomas. As for that third who can't do decimals and fractions, they should not have been allowed into high school until they could do sixth-grade math.

As 70 percent of all CUNY students are graduates of city schools, a question arises: What are the taxpayers of New York getting for the highest tax rates in the nation?" More...



Barack & Sarah's reversal of fortune

November 25, 2009

Last year at this time, Bar ack Obama was fresh off his historic election, riding a honeymoon high that would see him hit 70 per cent approval. Voters gave his party control of Washington, and media acolytes were force-feeding the nation syrupy comparisons to FDR and Lincoln.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, was sent skulking back to Alaska, beaten as well as defeated. John McCain wouldn't let her speak on election night, a final insult in a race where she was ridiculed as a little nutty by the mainstream press and a little slutty by late-night jackals.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/barack_sarah_reversal_of_fortune_qwYN01s0X8byDUCjy3tcPP#ixzz0Xt7fHxwk




11/25/2009 8:12 AM

Ivy-League elitists never play well when people are jobless, hungry and being taxed to death. FDR was an Ivy-League elitist, but he was far, far smarter in playing to the common people than The Great Messiah ever was. FDR, never made the goofy mistake about guns & religion like Obama did in Pennsylvania. FDR might have believed it, but he never said it. FDR always came off in the same way that Reagan did. Like a concerned old uncle who'd like to help. Obama does just the opposite. He struts around flanked by goofy hollywood leftists and speaks down to the "little people" in the same fashion of MASH's Charles Emerson Winchester. Obama & his sock puppets live in a place where there are no "little people". Only nicely-dressed well-educated liberals who never get their hands dirty. Unfortunately the US is made up of lots of "little people" who get their hands dirty every single day. Palin is attempting to speak to those people. That's why she is being accepted, and thus driving the liberals insane.

Report Abuse

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/barack_sarah_reversal_of_fortune_qwYN01s0X8byDUCjy3tcPP/1#ixzz0XtAO1N2A




11/25/2009 6:34 AM

Thank you for writing this article. I wish to god more comedy news programs show more of Obama golfing. Why?
Remember when the biggest joke out there a few years ago was Bush playing golf saying "Were gonna get those Terrorists, now watch this drive"
So wheres Obama's footage? when is he getting his share? This is why I dont watch the news. Theyre all corrupted opinionated SOBs who spread their own agenda to weak spongy minds who wish to hear what they want to hear than what they need to hear.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/barack_sarah_reversal_of_fortune_qwYN01s0X8byDUCjy3tcPP/1#ixzz0XtCJiF5h


MICHAEL GOODWIN////Attorney General Eric Holder argues there is no reason to fear a civilian trial in New York of the 9/11 mastermind. He also suggests Osama bin Laden would get his Miranda rights if he is captured. I'm not scared. I'm terrified -- of Holder's fetish for extending constitutional protections to terrorists who slaughtered thousands of Americans.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/boss_tweed_we_need_you_now_3XqD5Yn1pa0D2l2MH1ALfO/1#ixzz0XtErhnO2




Have a blessed an happy Holiday season... it's going to be very special.

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