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June 02, 2009



Does anyone believe that Jihadi Tehran doesn't want the Mullah Bomb? Really?

They must also think that Chairman BamBam doesn't want the Bailout Bomb, and that he wouldn't drop it on the taxpayers of California. Heh.


GRINGOBRO: He bowed to the Saud.

Yo, Bro', you mean he's not still bowing? He'll cut that out in the ummah? He's now unbowed?....

The Obama administration has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court
to protect Saudi Arabia and four of its princes from being held accountable for their alleged role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States that killed almost 3,000 Americans, according to a report in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.



Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is NOT going to drop a bomb on US(A) he doesn't have the Ballistic missile or the Miniaturization technology, so that leaves Israel...If he drops a bomb on TINY Israel it solves 2 American Problems, what to do with the Palestinians (They will be ALL dead too) and Iran itself, because just before it dies Israel will launch a MASSIVE Nuclear Retaliatory strike. Sorry to say it 'might' be the best thing from an American POV.


Remember when the godless communists in Russia got the bomb...and then ditto the Chinese...and Pakistan & India should've blown up the world years ago!

Even Stevie Wonder can SEE that Iran has no need for nuclear energy...IF Obama had a pair he'd suggest to them that they invest in green energy instead...and the world would say---Yeah, THAT makes sense.

But let's look on the bright side, IF there's a good nuclear war there'll be lots of job openings.


Crowley: "First, he's either uneducated about the Islamic Republic or he's falling for its propaganda. Neither scenario is desirable in an American Commander-in-Chief."

Neither of course, he's simply exploring alternatives to saber rattling and to trillion dollar misguided invasions of neighboring countries such as Iraq.

Regarding an above mention of lawsuits being filed in the supreme court to protect Saudis, wasn't it the Bush administration that flew out all of Bin Laden's relatives following 9-11; before the FBI had the opportunity to properly interview/interrogate them?


Be glad I'm not Obama... I would have had done the James T. Kirk thing and had the military deliver 200 nuclear weapons to Armandinejad with gift wrapping and bows on them to match all 200 of Israel's.

Here's how I see the Mideast MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) scorecard evening out:

Pakistan: (Neutral) 200 nukes
Israel: (Side Z): 200 nukes
Iran: (Side I): NO NUKES

The only countries that attack other countries with impunity are nuclear armed countries like Israel and the US; and then their victims are always only countries who are not nuclearly armed. To do anything otherwise is to commit suicide, and COUNTRIES never commit suicide.

Peace will not exist in the Mideast until MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is assured. In fact, counting the US's nukes at 2,220 on the side of Israel, only a local form of ceremonial MAD could ever be assured.

Armandinejad never stated Iran "wished to wipe Israel off the face of the map." What he did was quote an Islamic cleric who said, ACCURATELY translated, that "The STATE of Israel will eventually disappear from the sands of time."

Not its people; not its religion; not its culture; but its current government and military establishment.

G-d Himself, and the reprehensible actions of their own paranoid government and military, are far more of a threat to the STATE of Israel than a thousand nuclear-armed Irans.

And anyone who thinks that Russia and China are going to idly sit by and let Israel, with or without the US' help, nuke their Iranian oil suppliers without protecting Iran with everything in their arsenal, has got excrement for brains.

So keep it up warmongers; you're going to end up with far more than you ever bargained for:

Oblivion. In EVERY sense of the Word.


Iran ratified the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in 1970, and since February 1992 has allowed the IAEA to inspect its nuclear facilities.

It is generally believed that Iran's efforts are focused on uranium enrichment, though there are some indications of work on a parallel plutonium effort. Iran claims it is trying to establish a complete nuclear fuel cycle to support a civilian energy program, but this same fuel cycle would be applicable to a nuclear weapons development program. Iran appears to have spread their nuclear activities around a number of sites to reduce the risk of detection or attack.

The UAE has agreed to a 123 protocol(no domestic reprocessing of fuel). The Saudis, with reactors approved by Bush, have not accepted this. Presumably this is what Obama wants Iran to accept.

Two interesting facts :

1. For existing reactors there is about 85 years of uranium fuel. If everyone who wants to go nuke gets reactors, there is only 15 years of fuel left.

2. Breeder plutonium reactors solve the uranium fuel problem by recycling the waste into new plutonium rods. This can go on indefinitely, but then there is no control of the process by restricting fuel to countries with the reactors.

It is in our interest to stop the building of nuclear plants, and offer substitute technologies. If we allow the use of nuclear energy to these countries they can always initiate a program to refine the fuel into weapons grade material. It is impossible to police this with the precision necessary to prevent all possible weaponization, and it takes only one state to succeed, to spread weapons all over the place. Not to mention they would all have material for dirty bombs.

For hostile states, surely, there is no issue. They should be prevented from using nuclear power, at all costs.


Iran has an appreciable amount of dung, and we could add to their stockpiles with our exportation of avian, bovine and porcine dung.


Even Stevie Wonder can SEE that Iran has no need for nuclear energy...IF Obama had a pair he'd suggest to them that they invest in green energy instead...and the world would say---Yeah, THAT makes sense.

But let's look on the bright side, IF there's a good nuclear war there'll be lots of job openings.



Wow! ER grew a brain BEFORE the Bama grew a set. Oh, wait, the Bama dies get tough when it comes to regular Americans!

All HEIL the SOWdi's Bama! I hope you get some nice you-know-what in Egypt...

You da bro wit da cameltoe.




The UAE has agreed to a 123 protocol(no domestic reprocessing of fuel). The Saudis, with reactors approved by Bush, have not accepted this. Presumably this is what Obama wants Iran to accept.


The UAE just got their LAZY moslem BUTTS KICKED by Germany..


Inshallah.. Germany-hu AKHBAR!!

Freakin' moHAMedans.. WORK and maybe you will succeed at something someday.

Lazy hateful MORONS.



There actually is one journalist who asks this administration pointed questions: Jake Tapper. I wonder how long before he is banned from the White House press room?



....from Community Organizing to Global Apologizing

Rep. Steve King says follow the money trail and the donkey tracks of Barney Frank.

Imagine! This Iowa Republican is alleging a "criminal enterprise" and "spider web" of vote fraud in the Democratic apparatus, as Barry's white libmen and their black hacks continue to suck and misappropriate millions, likely billions, from the mouth-agape American taxpayer. This, while corporate Obot media is focused on how cool their macdaddy is under the stress of softballs.

VIDEO http://video.newsmax.com/?bcpid=20972460001&bclid=22770166001&bctid=25086840001&s=al&promo_code=80D7-1


The former vice president also said that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is not the threat he once was.

"I don't think he can have much impact in terms of managing the organization, because that link between Obama and the people under him is pretty fragile," Mr. Cheney said, inserting the president's first name for bin Laden's, a gaffe committed in the past by numerous politicians.

Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved WASHINGTON TIMES

Gaffe? By our Monica's heart throb? That was a gaffe?


THE GAYING OF OBAMALAND (While Barry improves America's image in Mondo Muslim)

By: Rick Pedraza

Elementary school teachers in Alameda, Calif., will introduce lesson plans to their educational curriculum beginning next year that address gay and lesbian issues, KCBS News in San Francisco reports.

Kindergarten through grade 5 students throughout the county will be exposed to same-sex educational material aimed at promoting tolerance and inclusiveness.



If it's on FOX NEWS, we MUST believe!!!


Run, Dick, run!

See Dick run!


I guess Saudi Arabia (the country that "all" the 9-11 "hijackers" were from) wants to build a bomb too!! I mean, going by the "logic" of the good folks here.

And lookie! No less a personage than George W. Bush helping them build that Islamic bomb!!!


Run, George, run!

See George run!


Just so you know. In the war between the CIA and the new alliance of Cheney/Mossad, I'd put my money on the CIA winning this one, and advise everyone else to do the same.

Even though the Cheney/Mossad victory insures Armageddon and Armageddon, it seems, is always imminent because of assholes who feel they're never rich enough. And war criminals who feel they're never safe enough.

But I DO believe the CIA will win this one because the CIA is out to protect America and its military. At ALL possible cost.

As opposed to choking the golden goose to death to get the last bloody egg out.

Word to the wise.


Andy Martin says Obama will come out Muslim soon and as such, owes him an apology
Posted on June 3rd, 2009 by David-Crockett

Barack Obama tried to demonize Andy Martin for telling the truth about Obama’s Islamic roots

Today, Obama admits he comes from a Muslim family.

What happened to Obama’s “fight the smears” claims about his Muslim heritage?

And what happened to Obama’s Christianity? It was all a ruse to mislead the American people

(NEW YORK)(June 3, 2009) Almost five years ago I wrote the first stories focusing attention on Barack Obama’s family roots. I pointed out that Obama’s father and grandfather were Muslims. Under traditional Islamic law, Obama himself was therefore considered a Muslim.

Islam is the polar opposite of Judaism. Under Judaism, religion descends through the mother. Under Islam, the father transmits religion.

Obama’s thugs responded with a firestorm of smears and attacks on me. http://www.thenation.com/doc/20071112/hayes/single

Obama called my stories about his religious “heritage” smears, and said, “Who, my father? Didn’t know him. He was an agnostic.”

But as ABC news points out, Obama has now become “President Muslim,” bragging about his Muslim dad:


Did Barry Obama suddenly discover who his father was? Or who he is? Hardly.

The obvious truth: Obama will smear anyone in his relentless drive for personal aggrandizement.

My original 2004 article said Obama was concealing his Muslim heritage to confuse Jewish voters. I wrote: “It may well be that his concealment is meant to endanger Israel,…” Obama’s response? He had his jerk Robert Quinn go on national TV to call me an “anti-Semite.” On the contrary, I was probably one of the more accurate Jewish prophets since Isiah. Well, who was right? Me, in 2004? Or Obama, who called my accurtate analysis about him a “smear.” Just ask the Israelis today.

Obama is still hiding his original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate. Does that document list his religion as “Muslim?” Is that why he’s hiding it? [I have a lawsuit pending in the Hawai’i courts to release this document.]

The American people had a disastrous eight years under George Bush because they voted for a “nice guy.” Bush was a nice guy.

Barry Obama is also a nice guy; Americans voted for him as a reaction to Bush derangement syndrome: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_Derangement_Syndrome

When I chose the title for my book on Obama, “Obama: the Man Behind The Mask,” I chose well.

Who is the man behind Barry Obama’s presidential and personal mask? We still don’t know. All we know is that Barack Obama has contempt for the truth, and contempt for the American people. He always has, he always will. He thinks we’re chumps for buying his bogus biography.

Obama bragged during the campaign that he was a “Christian.” Funny, there’s a church across from the White House, but Obama is too busy to attend. (He did attend St. John’s Episcopal on Easter Sunday.) He is too busy playing basketball on Sundays. Obama’s “Christianity” was just another one of the lies he used to sell himself to the American people. Obama’s only religion is Obama himself. He worships himself.

Americans, who have now voted badly in three successive presidential elections, could see America diminished and even destroyed, at the end of eight years of Obama’s lies, distortions and endless shenanigans. A leader who lies about himself to gain power, will lie about himself to retain power. How stupid can Americans be?

Well, truth be told (again), Americans are paying the price for their endless stupidity. Bush ruined the economy. Obama is finishing off what remains. We will be left with a hollow shell of a nation when we finally remove the Obamas from the White House.

In the meantime, as Obama flies to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, no doubt to apologize about America, again, and brag about his Muslim family roots that I first wrote about five years ago, he might start by offering me an apology for all the lies Obama’s thugs have said about me to cover up the truth about his past.

[Note: Upon further research in Hawai’i in 2008-2009, I believe there is strong circumstantial evidence that Obama’s biological father was really former Chicagoan Frank Marshall Davis, not Barack Obama the Kenyan Muslim. Obama is probably perpetuating and profiting from yet another round of lies about his religion. He can’t stop telling lies, and he refuses to start telling the truth. Truly, he is a man behind a mask. Our new movie, “Obama: The Hawai’i Years” will further discuss the Davis theory.]

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York. He is an announced candidate for Barack Obama’s former U. S. Senate seat.


Obama isn't a Muslim; he isn't a Christian; he's a CIA atheist, just like his Mother was and raised him as.

And a bureaucrat who can get the job done... just tell him what to do and he'll do it, and better than most.

Is that a President? Better than an offense contractor's brain damaged (via drug abuse) puppet insuring centuries of blowback and endless moneymaking wars against countries with oil without nuclear weapons.

Do I still think Hillary would have done better? All I know is the CIA knows more than I do and went with the one who was on their payroll.

Hope it works out. For America and the planet.



Sunday, May 31, 2009
The Big Collapse Could Be Very Near

The Federal Reserve appears to be increasingly nervous about the long term bond market. This is serious. How panicked are they? After leaking a story on Friday, they are back at it on Sunday.

The Federal Reserve leaked to CNBC's Steve Liesman on Friday that they weren't targeting long rates. Why such a leak? Probably because the Fed did not want to appear impotent in controlling the long rate. So they put out the word through Liesman that they weren't targetting the long rate. Can you imagine what would happen to the markets if it sensed long rates were beyond the control of the Fed?

The Fed can of course print money to buy up every Treasury bond in existence, but the inflationary ramifications would be Zimbabwe like, and crush the dollar on international currency markets. Are we near the phase where all hell breaks loose? I have never even answered, maybe, to this question before. It's always been, "no." Now it's maybe.




Ibid. And keep this in mind, we have never seen a collapse of a currency like the dollar. Even the hyperinflation during Germany's Wiemar Period can not serve as an example. Since the dollar is the reserve currency of most of the world, a panic out of the dollar means more dollars will return to the U.S. shores than any country has ever experienced.

Other countries have had collapsed currencies, but never in the history of world of finance has so much currency been held outside a country of issue that could come flying back, almost on a moments notice. If the panic out of the dollar starts, even if Bernanke stops printing money (unlikely), all the dollars flying back into the U.S. could cause a huge price inflation all on its own.

posted by Robert Wenzel at 5:56 PM


Posted today by G-Man:

Andy Martin says Obama will come out Muslim soon and as such, owes him an apology...

....My original 2004 article said Obama was concealing his Muslim heritage to confuse Jewish voters. I wrote: “It may well be that his concealment is meant to endanger Israel,…” Obama’s response? He had his jerk Robert Quinn go on national TV to call me an “anti-Semite.” On the contrary, I was probably one of the more accurate Jewish prophets since Isiah. Well, who was right? Me, in 2004? Or Obama, who called my accurtate analysis about him a “smear.” ...

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York. He is an announced candidate for Barack Obama’s former U. S. Senate seat.

Posted by: gringoman | June 03, 2009 at 04:05 PM


Now why would someone want to re-publish the rantings of a documented anti-semite on this blog?

The New York Times
October 13, 2008
The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama

The most persistent falsehood about Senator Barack Obama’s background first hit in 2004 just two weeks after the Democratic convention speech that helped set him on the path to his presidential candidacy: “Obama is a Muslim who has concealed his religion.”

That statement, contained in a press release, spun a complex tale about the ancestry of Mr. Obama, who is Christian.

The press release was picked up by a conservative Web site, FreeRepublic.com, and spread steadily as others elaborated on its claims over the years in e-mail messages, Web sites and books. It continues to drive other false rumors about Mr. Obama’s background.

Just last Friday, a woman told Senator John McCain at a town-hall-style meeting, “I have read about him,” and “he’s an Arab.” Mr. McCain corrected her.

Until this month, the man who is widely credited with starting the cyberwhisper campaign that still dogs Mr. Obama was a secondary character in news reports, with deep explorations of his background largely confined to liberal blogs.

But an appearance in a documentary-style program on the Fox News Channel watched by three million people last week thrust the man, Andy Martin, and his past into the foreground. The program allowed Mr. Martin to assert falsely and without challenge that Mr. Obama had once trained to overthrow the government.

An examination of legal documents and election filings, along with interviews with his acquaintances, revealed Mr. Martin, 62, to be a man with a history of scintillating if not always factual claims. He has left a trail of animosity — some of it provoked by anti-Jewish comments — among political leaders, lawyers and judges in three states over more than 30 years.

He is a law school graduate, but his admission to the Illinois bar was blocked in the 1970s after a psychiatric finding of “moderately severe character defect manifested by well-documented ideation with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character.”

Though he is not a lawyer, Mr. Martin went on to become a prodigious filer of lawsuits, and he made unsuccessful attempts to win public office for both parties in three states, as well as for president at least twice, in 1988 and 2000. Based in Chicago, he now identifies himself as a writer who focuses on his anti-Obama Web site and press releases.

Mr. Martin, in a series of interviews, did not dispute his influence in Obama rumors.

“Everybody uses my research as a takeoff point,” Mr. Martin said, adding, however, that some take his writings “and exaggerate them to suit their own fantasies.”

As for his background, he said: “I’m a colorful person. There’s always somebody who has a legitimate cause in their mind to be angry with me.”

When questions were raised last week about Mr. Martin’s appearance and claims on “Hannity’s America” on Fox News, the program’s producer said Mr. Martin was clearly expressing his opinion and not necessarily fact.

It was not Mr. Martin's first turn on national television. The CBS News program "48 Hours" in 1993 devoted an hourlong program, "See You in Court; Civil War, Anthony Martin Clogs Legal System with Frivolous Lawsuits," to what it called his prolific filings. (Mr. Martin has also been known as Anthony Martin-Trigona.) He has filed so many lawsuits that a judge barred him from doing so in any federal court without preliminary approval.

He prepared to run as a Democrat for Congress in Connecticut, where paperwork for one of his campaign committees listed as one purpose “to exterminate Jew power.” He ran as a Republican for the Florida State Senate and the United States Senate in Illinois. When running for president in 1999, he aired a television advertisement in New Hampshire that accused George W. Bush of using cocaine.

In the 1990s, Mr. Martin was jailed in a case in Florida involving a physical altercation.

His newfound prominence, and the persistence of his line of political attack — updated regularly on his Web site and through press releases — amazes those from his past.

“Well, that’s just a bookend for me,” said Tom Slade, a former chairman of the Florida Republican Party, whom Mr. Martin sued for refusing to support him. Mr. Slade said Mr. Martin was driven like “a run-over dog, but he’s fearless.”

Given Mr. Obama’s unusual background, which was the focus of his first book, it was perhaps bound to become fodder for some opposed to his candidacy.

Mr. Obama was raised mostly by his white mother, an atheist, and his grandparents, who were Protestant, in Hawaii. He hardly knew his father, a Kenyan from a Muslim family who variously considered himself atheist or agnostic, Mr. Obama wrote. For a few childhood years, Mr. Obama lived in Indonesia with a stepfather he described as loosely following a liberal Islam.

Theories about Mr. Obama’s background have taken on a life of their own. But independent analysts seeking the origins of the cyberspace attacks wind up at Mr. Martin’s first press release, posted on the Free Republic Web site in August 2004.

Its general outlines have turned up in a host of works that have expounded falsely on Mr. Obama’s heritage or supposed attempts to conceal it, including “Obama Nation,” the widely discredited best seller about Mr. Obama by Jerome R. Corsi. Mr. Corsi opens the book with a quote from Mr. Martin.

“What he’s generating gets picked up in other places,” said Danielle Allen, a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., who has investigated the e-mail campaign’s circulation and origins, “and it’s an example of how the Internet has given power to sources we would have never taken seriously at another point in time.”

Ms. Allen said Mr. Martin’s original work found amplification in 2006, when a man named Ted Sampley wrote an article painting Mr. Obama as a secret practitioner of Islam. Quoting liberally from Mr. Martin, the article circulated on the Internet, and its contents eventually found their way into various e-mail messages, particularly an added claim that Mr. Obama had attended “Jakarta’s Muslim Wahhabi schools. Wahhabism is the radical teaching that created the Muslim terrorists who are now waging jihad on the rest of the world.”

Mr. Obama for two years attended a Catholic school in Indonesia, where he was taught about the Bible, he wrote in “Dreams From My Father,” and for two years went to an Indonesian public school open to all religions, where he was taught about the Koran.

Mr. Sampley, coincidentally, is a Vietnam veteran and longtime opponent of Mr. McCain and Senator John Kerry, both of whom he accused of ignoring his claims that American prisoners were left behind in Vietnam. He previously portrayed Mr. McCain as a “Manchurian candidate.” Speaking of Mr. Martin’s influence on his Obama writings, Mr. Sampley said, “I keyed off of his work.”

Mr. Martin’s depictions of Mr. Obama as a secret Muslim have found resonance among some Jewish voters who have received e-mail messages containing various versions of his initial theory, often by new authors and with new twists.

In his original press release, Mr. Martin wrote that he was personally “a strong supporter of the Muslim community.” But, he wrote of Mr. Obama, “it may well be that his concealment is meant to endanger Israel.” He added, “His Muslim religion would obviously raise serious questions in many Jewish circles.”

Yet in various court papers, Mr. Martin had impugned Jews.

A motion he filed in a 1983 bankruptcy case called the judge “a crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race.”

In another motion, filed in 1983, Mr. Martin wrote, “I am able to understand how the Holocaust took place, and with every passing day feel less and less sorry that it did.”

In an interview, Mr. Martin denied some statements against Jews attributed to him in court papers, blaming malicious judges for inserting them.

But in his “48 Hours” interview in 1993, he affirmed a different anti-Semitic part of the affidavit that included the line about the Holocaust, saying, “The record speaks for itself.”

When asked Friday about an assertion in his court papers that “Jews, historically and in daily living, act through clans and in wolf pack syndrome,” he said, “That one sort of rings a bell.”

He said he was not anti-Semitic. “I was trying to show that everybody in the bankruptcy court was Jewish and I was not Jewish,” he said, “and I was being victimized by religious bias.”

In discussing the denial of his admission to the Illinois bar, Mr. Martin said the psychiatric exam listing him as having a “moderately severe personality defect” was spitefully written by an evaluator he had clashed with.

Mr. Martin, who says he is from a well-off banking and farming family, is clearly pleased with his newfound attention. But, he said, others have added to his work in “scary” ways.

“They Google ‘Islam’ and ‘Obama’ and my stuff comes up and they take that and kind of use that — like a Christmas tree, and they decorate it,” he said. For instance, he said, he did not necessarily ascribe to a widely circulated e-mail message from the Israeli right-wing activist Ruth Matar, which includes the false assertion, “If Obama were elected, he would be the first Arab-American president.”

He said he had at least come to “accept” Mr. Obama’s word that he had found Jesus Christ. His intent, he said, was only to educate.

see also


Now why would someone want to re-publish the rantings of a documented anti-semite on this blog?
thorn66 | June 03, 2009 at 07:20 PM


That sounds like a good loaded question for the Christian site, World Net Daily, which is putting a full court press on Obama's stonewalling about his birth certificate and the other records he is hiding that would indicate who he is, including his vast network of muslim connections.

For the enlightenment of the Sulzberger Times and its remaining fans, WND has done far more on this topic than has the alleged "anti-semite" legal expert Andy Martin, former law professor in New York. Obots will have to try harder.

WND is run by Arab-American Christian, Joseph Farah, takes no instructions from "Pinch" Sulzberger and, unlike Pinch's paper, is not virtually bankrupt.



At June 3, 2009 1:23 PM , Blogger Emery said...

Many have their hopes on the false promise that Obama will save the economy by deficit spending. He will not. He is doing everything wrong. The excessive deficits and financing of those will destroy the bond market. It is inevitable. What will happen then? Just sit tight and you will soon see. Some are waking up and many are afraid -but nobody in a position to make a difference will act. The Repubs think they will be able to gain a majority but there will be no pieces left for them to pick up. Their credibility was destroyed by the Bush legacy.



(gringINTEL, Open Source)

historically the fall of Napoleon in the early 1800s opened the door for Anglo-American dominance of the world. With the fall of the pound, and now the dollar, that era will end soon by your reckoning and many others. I find it quite interesting that Greenspan has publicly said the Euro will become the new world currency, and he had urged the gulf states to break their dollar peg about a year ago. In reality, the euro is just another piece of garbage, but perception sometimes trumps reality for a time as we all know. It could easily be that the euro is just further advanced in terms of currency than what Asia offers at this time, so it will precede it by some years. This fits prophetically, so I sit by and watch. The "one is" refers to the emerging power in Europe, first by the Kaiser and then Hitler/Mussolini, that twice went to war against the Anglo-Saxon hegemony and lost. The one "yet to come" will emerge from its cocoon when the dollar goes down and needs to be replaced on the world’s stage. Perhaps the repatriation of US/Britain gold to both Germany and the emirates is in anticipation of this. It’s always follow the money as you well know. Fascinating times to be sure. Prophetically, China/Russia will emerge to challenge the Euro state. When the baton of power is passed back across the Atlantic, we will know we are getting down to the short strokes.



Dollar Declines as Nations Mull Reserve Currency Alternatives
By Oliver Biggadike and Chris Fournier

June 2 (Bloomberg) — The dollar weakened beyond $1.43 against the euro for the first time in 2009 on bets record U.S. borrowing will undermine the greenback, prompting nations to consider alternatives to the world’s main reserve currency.

The euro gained for a fourth day versus the dollar as the Russian government said emerging-market leaders may discuss the idea of a supranational currency. The pound rose to the highest level since October and the Canadian dollar traded near an eight-month high on speculation signs of a recovery in U.S. and U.K. housing will spur higher-yield demand.


To speak to the "Muslim world", is to speak not to a fact, but rather to an aspiration, and that is the aspiration that Islam shall be a global state religion as its founders intended. To address this aspiration is to breathe life into it. For an American president to validate such an aspiration is madness. America is not at war with Islam, unless, that is, Islam were to take a political form that threatens America's global interests. These interests include friendly relationships with nation-states that have a Muslim majority, such as Egypt, Turkey and Jordan. To address "the Muslim world" is to conjure up a prospective enemy, for global political Islam only can exist as the enemy of the nation-states with which America has allied.



Project Ajax
The 1953 Iranian coup d’état was the Western-led covert operation that deposed the democratically-elected government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddeq.[1][2][3] The coup was organized by the United States' CIA and the United Kingdom's MI6, who aided and abetted anti-Mosaddeq royalists and mutinous Iranian army officers in overthrowing the Prime Minister.[4] CIA officer Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. organized Operation Ajax[5] to aid retired General Fazlollah Zahedi and, in the CIA history called TPAJAX with the TP preceding AJAX meaning that it was a covert operation taking place in Iran.[6] [7]
After deposing Iran's popularly elected leader who was taken to jail, CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt carried out the plan devised by CIA agent Donald Wilber to install Imperial Guard Colonel Nematollah Nassiri to establish a pro-US and pro-UK government, by bribing Iranian government officials, reporters, and businessmen.[8]
This Anglo–American coup d’état was to ensure Western control of Iran's petroleum resources and to prevent the Soviet Union from competing for Iranian oil.[9][10][11][12] Moreover, the Iranian motivations for deposing Prime Minister Mosaddeq included reactionary clerical dissatisfaction with a secular government, fomented with CIA propaganda.[8]

for more:


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