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September 14, 2008



Maybe Michael Avari can explain to us how Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac came into being and what role the government has/had in them and who these people are both on the givernment side and on the corporate side.

It is really really hard to figure out why taxpayers end up footing the bill for all these bailouts while the executives are rewarded for ripping us all off.

I think they should hang in ther public square and their possessions sold to the highest bidder.

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UG - please see the next thread.

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Creationalism isn't limited to Christians because it is based on the book of Genesis, and that applies to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I can't see how anyone could possibly introduce stict Creationalism into a public school curriculum in our intolerant society. (We can't even say Merry Christmas anymore and we are going to be teaching Creationalism in public school. Can't see that happening.)

It seems that Intelligent Design is the only way to teach anything close to Creationalism. From what I read, Intelligent Design is fascinating and it can encompass all religions, not just three. (It does not seem to define a God, but is based on the idea that there is an intelligent creator.) With Iraq and the economy on people's minds, I don't think that Creationalism will become a big issue in the election.

I agree with Michael that we should give parents school vouchers, but I don't agree that the Fundamentalist Christians are ruining the Republican party. They are not inflicting their beliefs on us. They are strong pro-life, but how is that different than the people who are passionate about animal rights, the environment or even the antiwar crowd?

I agree with UG. I am not a Jesus freak, but I do respect other people's beliefs, and that includes Fundamentalist Christians. I enjoyed studying comparative religions in school and have attended all sorts of churches, including pagan ceremonies.

Unlike liberals, I can't separate God from a what I consider a great education. Look at some of the great work of arts that celebrate God:

1) Handel's "Messiah
2) Michelangelo's paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.
3) Milton's "Paradise Lost"

I think religion is interesting and I enjoy the art that celebrates it.


I'm nervous when I hear regulation and that the markets are antiquated. Those bankers are the elite and they were paid a lot of money to mess up the financial markets. I don't want to give them anymore power.

I heard on the radio today that even Ronald Reagan was afraid of the Fed because it has the power to raise and lower interest rates. I don't want to give bankers anymore power than they already have.


Great minds think alike. I told you we should hold Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank accountable in this mortgage mess. Oh, and a lot of the Clinton cronies were associated with Fannie Mae and make big bucks off of the "loser loans".

Read Rush.


The New York Mets are selling postseason tickets..

Barak HUSSEIN Obama is acting as if he's already in the WHITE HOUSE.

I'm a mets fan and not even I can drink the Koolaid they're drinking at Shea.

I see Obama as an agent of the enemy and one that is drinking Koolaid of a different kind at that.


A course in philosophy would deal with such issues … or is your objection only to the exposition of creationism in biology class? Should the pre-Copernican beliefs be mentioned in astronomy?


What are you thinking? That's WAY to logical for those guys.

They're liberals.

It is a known fact that dogma trumps logic with liberals.


I can't believe the level of hatred out there for Governor Palin. Here is Bill reporting on it.


It makes me so mad that the libs are willing to "bend over backwards" to accomodate other religions, but if you are a Christian, they will "bend over backwards" to trash your beliefs.


M/M --

We don't like Palin because she a religious freak seeking a high position in the federal government. We've already had one leader who was "saved".

I also enjoy art that celebrates "God", but what you are advocating is not the enjoyment of such art but the actual teaching of religion in school. No way. Get thee to a church, religious freaks and non-freaks alike.

Michael --

UG has made clear that he will not treat me civilly because he does not respect my opinions and contributions. So civil discourse will not happen on this blog. As I've already made clear, I will treat him as he treats me.

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