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September 25, 2008



Johnny Phaeton McCain rides again, driving his chariot close to the red hot burning heat of the sun.

Unlike his ancient Greek forebear, he's out-witted or out-lucked the fate often in store for the bold, from the burning aircraft carrier where 137 of his comrades died, to the Hanoi Hilton he somehow survived after five years of savage imprisonment.

And now, once again, risking everything in the fire of this near impossible financial conundrum that could add to his luster, or could destroy him....

Which it will be this time for the Maverick Phaeton who always defied the odds?


The son of the sun-god Helios. When Phaeton ("the shining one") finally learned who his father was, he went east to meet him. He induced his father to allow him to drive the chariot of the sun across the heavens for one day. The horses, feeling their reins held by a weaker hand, ran wildly out of their course and came close to the earth, threatening to burn it. Zeus noticed the danger and with a thunderbolt he destroyed Phaeton. He fell down into the legendary river Eridanus where he was found by the river nymphs who mourned him and buried him. The tears of these nymphs turned into amber. For the Ethiopians however it was already too late: they were scorched by the heat and their skins had turned black.



Monica should consider writing a screenplay.


When Caesar entered the senate under similar conditions, he came with 100 paid assistants that carried weapons, and he had an army outside the city.


The ball is now clearly in McCains court. He suspended his campain and returned to Washington because the current deal wouldn't pass. If he can cobble together a deal between the, White House, the Senate and the "rebellious" House Republicans he'll win the Presidency by having defeated Obama on the economy in real life, nevermind a debate. If McCain fails in this stategy you can start printing the Obama White House napkins.


When Caesar entered the senate under similar conditions, he came with 100 paid assistants that carried weapons, and he had an army outside the city.

Posted by: Truther | September 25, 2008 at 08:19 PM

True, but the greatness of Caesar, whether in Gaul, Britannia, Spain, or crossing the Rubicon, was always on land. He did, of course, "bestride the world like a colossus."

Although he traced his descent from the Julii, the house of Venus, he would never be a Phaeton, son of the Sun God, or an Icarus, son of Daedalus. He was Army. Earth-bound.

John McCain, unlike Julius Caesar, is a fly guy.


No deal, Howie! There is a better way and JM will find it. Go, JM! Fly high and don't look down or back.


Senator Shelby mentioned that several economists were opposed to the bailout. Here is the list:

Here is Senator Shelby's statement:

Keep e-mailing, faxing and calling our elected WEASELS and tell them you are opposed to the bailout. Election Day is just around the corner and "None of the Above" is always and option.


Carlos Echevarria

Monica, in typical Nixonian fashion, your analysis is incisive and sagacious...

Isn't it interesting that B. Hussein "Call me if you need me" Obama, who last time I checked had a day job in DC, is so worried about not being able to debate on Friday????

If he would have accepted the townhalls he promised to, Mr. Ugh, Ugh, That's Above my Pay Grade, would have had already 10 debates with Mac!!!

Ofcourse, he would have lost all of them, notwitstanding the neo-Bolsheviks in the MSM, who would have done everything to spin the results....


Here is Steve Forbes:


He says "suspend mark-to-market" and stabilize the dollar.


MM wants you to pressure those in congress to oppose the bailout but give McCain a pass:

"Keep e-mailing, faxing and calling our elected WEASELS and tell them you are opposed to the bailout. Election Day is just around the corner and "None of the Above" is always and option"

But as Gringoman has learned from NBC (before he started in on the IIliad & the Ovyssey) Paulson made the call to to McCain to come bak to Washinton and rally the Republicans for passage of Bush's Bill.
McC, after telling the voters of the hustings that he wants to "protect teachers, farmers, and small biz" rushed off to help Wall St.



Once again GRINGOBRO's "firs' black Prezdent" shows how he supports Barack Obama.

1. Using Jewish holidays to take a "break" from campaigning.

2. Says he'll get back to it later to "hustle up the cracker vote in Florida."

3. It is rumored that he called John McCain "a real American."

4. Bill Clinton: McCain Acting ‘In Good Faith’ In Asking to Postpone Debate.

5. Unlike his praise for McCain and Palin, his remarks about Obama seem to be, well,lacking in something. Energy? Oomph? Bill is not quite an Obamaboy?

6. Did Clinton really say that John McCain has always owned a dog, and didn't get one for the Election?

7. Oh, and did we add that he and his muffin (of whom The One said, "She's likeable enough") are supporting Barry Obama?




According to this report, they will trample on the First Amendment in an attempt to stop the broadcasting of Obama's record on the Second Amendment.



The bailout plan is primitive, totally unsatisfactory, and a disservice to the country.
I believe there is no crisis, just Wall St wanting to dump these mortgages on the government. There is a serious need for financial reform, and this debacle is a good example of why it is needed. If Sen. McCain can demonstrate that, he wins.





The question is : will the public buy into MCCain distinguishing himself from Bush, or will they read it as a ruse?


Wow folks,I gotta say this deal scares me. What happened to having to face the consequences of our risks? When do the bail outs stop? I did NOT buy a house that I could not afford when the market was high and guess what? I don't need a gov bail out, my credit is in the low 800's and the market is great right now! The rules of money are not that complicated and can be followed by any one, including our Gov. Lets all hope that they play one right for once and actually profit with OUR money this time because you know they are going to hand out some big checks with it!


Oops, I posted this in the wrong place - apologies:


Here is each citizen's portion of the national debt:

"The estimated population of the United States is 304,797,174
so each citizen's share of this debt is $32,123.89.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$2.16 billion per day since September 28, 2007!
Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!"


I want you to call, e-mail or fax your ELECTED WEASEL and tell him EXACTLY what you think of him. If the bailout plan goes through, YOU will be paying EVEN more in taxes. That means you will be working MORE to pay off the MISTAKES of the Government and the financial elite. You will also HAVE LESS money for YOUR family and YOURSELF.

So while you go to work today, think of all the people you are supporting. You are not just supporting yourself and your family, but a portion of your taxes will be financing, among other things, Wall Street, scummy bankers, illegal immigrants and protection for Mexico's southern border and the "do nothing" elected WEASELS who "allegedly" represent us in elected office.



More on the bailout:

"Just heard from several readers that Lindsay Grahamnesty told Fox that the Mother of All Bailouts includes a reported $100 million more in funding for the left-wing housing entitlement thugs and heavily tax-subsidized fraudsters at ACORN. Under the original bailout proposal, apparently, a large portion of any repayment of the $700 billion would go to Barack Obama’s good friends at ACORN with a smaller allocation to debt repayment. Readers heard him say it was 20 percent.

Told you not to trust Hank Paulson.

And I repeat: Fiscal conservatives need to be looking out for us tonight as they try to ram this thing through with a plethora of goodies for liberal shakedown artists."






"I understand the situation is dire. But so is the condition of the taxpayer… yes, the market is overwhelmed by greed, a lack of oversight… and the bottom line, as I see it, is that you’re [sticking] the taxpayer with it. I think that’s shameful myself. I know there are better ways - would it be without pain? Oh no… but the best - and Chairman Bernanke, I’ve heard you say this - the best disciplinary mechanism we have is the marketplace. The marketplace will discipline all of us with pain. But we learn. I’m not sure people will learn if this goes through."

Congressman Mike Pence is doing an OUTSTANDING job too.


The 'buppie' is semi-literate at best. I think he resides in the recesses of the freaKish mind.. allowing him to live out a modicum of the 'negritude' which all white liberals so openly yearn for.

At the same time the 'bup' personality provides the FreaK with a playmate, a blog companion to take his side at all times when he feels lonely as a liberal should given the illustrious company here.

Somehow he and his alter ego don't realize that they're just stinking up the place and things would be better if they just left, given that they're not appreciated here.

liEEberals always think they have the right to crash any party and FreaK's alter ego gives him the opportunity to 'integrate' by hook and by crook.

Posted by: Ummah Gummah | September 25, 2008 at 10:31 PM



But here's the thing....Why does the Fred/Gilbutt character lean so heavily to Karl Marx and pretentious gangsta instead of to Groucho Marx? The closet anti-semitism?

Groucho actually leaned lib, but he was grown-up about it. At the very least, he had a sense of humor about it. He never came across as a goofball cur or street punk, or angry and demented smear merchant, trying to defame a Vietnam vet.

Groucho: "I wouldn't join any club that didn't want me in it. You have to keep up standards."

The F/G entity actually is proud of being a common party crasher, like you can find all over the five boroughs on Saturday night.

It's F/G's idea of pride and self-respect.

And yes, the book-worm atheist Fred (whether or not he is self-hating)would find relief from himself in lapping up the "negritude" of the Gilbutt character. Most bleached white libs try to fill their empty with that, so you can hardly blame the bruthas for playing along with it. (I don't want to go too far into that Fred obsession with "progressive negritude" and get graphic. This is not supposed to be that kind of site. Leave it to the pervs.)

This also suggests that the Fred/Gilbutt critter is a really twisted Oreo. Angry pompous buppie on the outside, angry lame Fred on the inside, examining black holes in the Physics book his Mommy gave him for Yom Kippur.

What keeps the F/G here, at a site they claim to abhor, a site of "right-wing loons"? Sure, it's the F/G sickness. But behind that, there is almost certainly a yearning, a pathos, a hope to ameliorate the F/G condition, if not escape it.

Doctor Ummah, you could bill it for services rendered. Just don't expect to get anything above sub-prime.


Gringoman is a persistant liar:

" He never came across as a goofball cur or street punk, or angry and demented smear merchant, trying to defame a Vietnam vet."

This isn't defamation. It's fact! This "vietnam-vet" sullied the uniform when he alleges that 911 was an inside job.
Worse, he did it on film as an expert witness whose testimony is that military craft struck the WTC.

Gringoman, co-edits and ratifies everything this MacDonald wingnut says:



Gringoman, the person known as GfreaK is a SHILL-op for some Soros-funded Osbama outfit.

My guess is KOS or Moveon.


He's trying to throw out a lot of chaff because our missiles are homing in on the socialista-dims and their new-found Golden Boy.

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