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August 28, 2008




We shall await The One who will deign to glow for us. As Father Zeus once hurled his dread thunderbolts from high Olympus , let Chicago's Anointed now hurl his bolt. Meanwhile, from the Enemy Camp.......

The latest suggests it might be Pawlenty. Here's why I say that.

Pawlenty reportedly is cancelling NUMEROUS scheduled appearances.

The earlier report about security for Romney, it turns out, was about a relative's residence in MIchigan for a future McCain campaign visit. Meanwhile, Romney himself is out in CA fund-raising for McCain.

A poll was taken of Republican delegates for their VP preference. Result:

Romney--38% (nobody else close)

Pawlenty: 7%

Way to go, Johnny Boy. The Democrats must be feeling relieved, and that would include Joe BIden and Barack Obama.

I would have thought that McCain was confident enough and smart enough to pick dynamic over boring.

Juanito, prove me wrong, por favor.



If (the sandwich) Pawlenty does become my friend-in-chief will this mean that you'll be doing mouth-to-mouth recussitation on George Lincoln Rockwell?

When you refer to Obama as a street thug you demean every person of color in america. Obamas a pretty well educated guy, dare to compare with Gringomans'?
E-U-R-I-D-I-T-I-O-N. By George, he's got it! How about you?


GW, Our Angry Black 'Republican':

Your racial deduction is right out of the Marxist-Leninist playbook. Your Barry learned it well at the feet of Saul Alinsky. You probably wouldn't know that, being typically knee-jerk pc. I assume you absorbed it by osmosis. The Clintons learned it exceedingly well by campaigning against the spawn of Alinsky.

You want to play with the big boys and you think it's about your skin. Well, it is about your skin---the thinness of it, not the color.

But you'll stay fixed on the lie about color. It's so much easier that way. It always is, for the designated victim.

Of course, when empty Barry gets knocked back down to earth (despite being your pride and joy), all the crafty white libs will join you in running to Mama and yelling "Race! Race! Race!" The media hacks and hackettes will get the megaphone and spread the stupid anger nicely.

They know how to cover their fat back sides, don't they?



yada yada yada! First I'm black. Then I'm white. Now I'm black again. But this time if I'm a black man with intelligence I must be a black radical with a "marxist playbook". Hey Gringoman you were a onetime playwrite, where can I get a Marxist Playbook?
"Marxist-Leninist"? Were they the Beatles? This all sounds like a washwoman curse: "Hiss, You must be a Marxist"

Can't get thru your skull, can you?

Earth to Dan the, ahem GRINGOman. It doesn't really matter...the race.

If a reader took your posts and inserted the words "blue eyes" everytime you wrote 'black this' or 'black that' it would become instantly apparent how much like a jackas(s) you sound.

See you 'round ol' confederate general.

Marxists for McCain!



If (the sandwich) Pawlenty does become my friend-in-chief will this mean that you'll be doing mouth-to-mouth recussitation on George Lincoln Rockwell?

When you refer to Obama as a street thug you demean every person of color in america. Obamas a pretty well educated guy, dare to compare with Gringomans'?
E-U-R-I-D-I-T-I-O-N. By George, he's got it! How about you?

Posted by: GilbertWashington | August 28, 2008 at 05:59 PM

Ah, the Angry Black 'Republican' is too sensitive for juxtaposing Obama with 'thug'?

Let him take it up with the story now raging around the blogosphere (while Obamastream still sits on it.)

You can find it at plenty of sites, Here's just one, from MIchelle Malkin (a woman of color, perhaps you know). Her title for this breaking story:


The gentleman scholar Stanley Kurtz is trying to open up the Chicago files on Obama and his terrorist pal Bill Ayers. Someone is in a panic, trying to stop it. Guess who? PS. We know of no George Lincoln Rockwell connection, unless The Offended One can show such.




I'm off to the islands for a few days to work on my tan and mix with "my people" da thugs.

Have fun at the beer hall. Don't forget your brown shirt.

Find that Marxist Playbook yet?


The O'Reilly Factor? Tonight?

Not a chance, sweetie. I want decent coverage. I'll be watching PBS.


Rush is TOO funny. Here is a sign that you can print out and put on your tv while you watch "The Messiah" this evening.



I did my 'homework' and sat thru the whole Denver Obamaspeak. Anticlimax? I was waiting for thunder. Or at least some exciting flashes of lightning. Was it me? Too biased? I can appreciate real oratory, which is what this guy is known for, right? Every Roman had to study it. Obama had to begin with specifics, the meat and potatoes stuff which is not his forte but handlers made him do it. Maybe that took the wind out, leaving little for the gleaming generalities later? Too often he also looked, to me, like a stern Elijah Muhammad, a leading black muslim during Malcolm X time. Intermittently his eyes had that intense look some might call a bit Koranic. Hollywood would dig it, but Pennsylvanians clinging to their guns and Bibles?

I kept waiting for it to be over. I was deeply disappointed that he did not even ride onto the stage in a chariot with two great steeds, one black and one white. Advisers must have cautioned against grandeur overload for the Rust Belt.

I found the earlier Hillary speech and the Bill performance far more impressive, and I'm not a fan of either of them. Hillary is even becoming listenable, at this stage in her corrupt career. She left out the sandpaper in her voice too. Even Hillary, for me, easily surpassed The Orator two nights ago.

Maybe Barry felt too much pressure, with his Obamastream hacks and hackettes having to sit on maybe half a dozen different possible eruptions, the latest being the attempt to open the files on his extensive past with terrorist Bill Ayers, and the almost hysterical attempt to stop it, even calling in the Department of Justice, demanding legal action etc. (Michelle Malkin link above)?

Are we getting advance look at how Obamaton "change" would change Talk Radio, New Media, Internet etc? Change they would believe in?

Now that O picked Biden for his VP hatchet, looks like McCain picks Pawlenty, Mr. Mild, instead of the dynamic Mitt Romney, easily the most accomplished and articulate of the lot.

Is there some possibility that Juanito knows what he's doing here? At least a remote possibility? Do they believe that Obama will be such a push-over that McCain doesn't need Romney's drive and business smarts? Over-confidence setting in already?



Curtis said he thought that Juan would pick Mitt, but we will know today at 11:00 a.m.

It took me awhile to get into Obama's speech, but it seemed to get better towards the end. I could't stay up for the whole thing so I can't really comment.

Who cares what THEY say anyway? What we care about is how they are ALWAYS telling us about what we CAN'T say and what we CAN'T do?


M/M --

Yeah, yeah. Blah blah blah. Whatever one liberal does, you just assume the whole Democratic party thinks the same, don't you?


I'll be watching PBS.

Posted by: FredK2929


Why? You got insomnia?


I hope Savage is wrong.

If Obama wins we will have World Socialism.

Watch him shovel your money to the UN..

Whoa.. where's my wallet?


Please inform the less educated among us. what is E-U-R-I-D-I-T-I-O-N?


Maybe the word is "erudition"?

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