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August 29, 2008


J. Pierpont Finch


The problem with not affiliating oneself with a political party is that as an independant, you have no impact in the primaries on who either party puts up as a candidate in the general election.




Eventually women may decide Sarah is better than nothing when shopping for political support, and if her voice settles down and flutters less, she may pull part of the women's swing vote.

The way to play this, is to accentuate McCain's placing values above all else and has pursued this despite pressure from others.


The worst comment :

This is the largest event since Robert Peary brought Minik to New York City.

The sadddest part of this, is she has little economic expertise.


Here's an example of real research by the MSM.

Before the SOWdis and the PC crowd started the big dumb-down.. the lies..

"The Balkans," pp 43 - 45
Time-Life World Library
by Edmund Stillman and the Editors of LIFE
Time Inc., New York, 1967

Muslims oppressed Christians in Bosnia

From mid-15th century for the next four centuries(!) the Serbian and Croatian Christians of Bosnia suffered tyrannical rule.
Four (4) centuries
of Islamic tyranny in Bosnia
If any single factor made the Balkans what they were in history -- and what they still are today -- it was the ordeal of the Turk... For the 18th and 19th Centuries, the image of Turkey was that of a rotting empire, of a corrupt, incompetent and sadistic national elite preying on the subject Balkan peoples - of a cynical government WHOSE VERY METHOD OF RULE WAS ATROCITY.

[T]hey forbade the building of all but the meanest churches, and likewise outlawed the ringing of church bells.

What was damaging to the Balkan peoples was [that]... they had been stripped of pride and freedom. As Christians, they were now despised...

[T]he Turkish overlordship created a Balkan mosaic of legal, social and economic relations... What was uniform to all [subdued Christians] was the experience of alien overlordship and the legacy of violence as the cohesion and power of the Empire declined. When the Empire passed its apex of power in the 17th and 18th Centuries, the conditions of the subject peoples took a catastrophic turn for the worse... It was in these... years that the proverb came into vogue: "Where the Turk trod, no grass grows." Within the Empire, the 17th and 18th Century military officials, the beys and dahis, savagely oppressed the people; they were scarcely to be distinguished from the robber bands...

On the frontiers, [which is where Bosnia was] war -- and with it the parallel evils of yearly murder, rape and arson -- became as regular as the cycle of season.


Don't ever think it can't happen here.


Let's have a look at Sen. Biden's experience, shall we?

He also likes to negotiate with terrorists just like his new boss.

This is an article from the liberal WaPo, so let noone try and say that I got this off some "obscure blog".

Biden was also one of only 22 Senators who voted AGAINST designating the Revolutionary Guard of iran a terrorist organizadtion.

I have a hunch his new boss obama was also among this gang of 22.

If he didn't vote "present" instead.

These people are a danger for America.


For all his "experience" Biden looks like yet another version of Ed Brzezinski.

The coming Abomination Administration is looming like a tsunami of anti-Americanism that will make Dhimmi "black boy" Cracker pale by comparison.

D@mn I hope Savage is wrong.

If Hussein O wins it's over for the Western world.


'd rather have her facing down the Achmanazi than HUSSEIN Obama.

Posted by: Ummah Gummah | August 29, 2008 at 04:10 PM


Yes, but forget about trying to explain to effete libdom a mooseburger-eating flesh-and-blood mother of five who hunts, shoots, fishes and has got more executive experience than Obama-Biden combined. How could Fred ever get it? I'm just now finding out about her. Didn't know a thing before today. Quick study? After the initial shock, I'm gradually becoming excited and may even forgive Juanito for passing up Mitt Romney. This woman--a real throwback to a more pioneer America--- is still a gamble, but if she holds up under national spotlight and the ObamaStream bias and nit-picking, Dems are in deep doo-doo. I think the smarter ones know it already.

FYI: Both Michael Savage and Mark Levin took strong positions, and exactly opposite to each other.

Savage anti. He freaked out, shouting that McCain must be "throwing the election." He says it was a crazy pick. "I never heard of this woman before."

Mark Levin, pro. Both Savage and Levin have made sharp criticisms of McCain in the past. But after Sarah Palin, Levin, quite a hawkish outspoken conservative, is VERY pleased and says the "base" now can vote for McCain, as he will himself. (Like me, Levin had wanted Romney too. Also like me, he is nevertheless taking to this startling "Annie Oakley" from Alaska, and I was not particularly interested in seeing the Pubs run a woman. IF she holds up, this could be a surprising master stroke from ol' Juanito. If not....

But how will the libs ever understand? And who cares if they don't?


I never knew this Biden character was so corrupt.. here is more on the experienced Senator from Delaware.

He held a fundraiser in California for his re-election.

I guess Californians want him in office more than the good people of Delaware.

Yes, those "Californians" happen to be supporters of the terrorist islamist regime of iran!

They are lobbying to have the sanctions removed because that makes it easier to import crucial technologies to aid in the making of nukes.

Yes, he sure is expEEErienced!

This needs to be SHOUTED from the rooftops!!

Bidet is aiding and abetting the terrorist regime of iran!!

Now we know who zerObama chose this guy.

Birds of a feather..

Kurupt & corrupter.

Oh and here's the link:


NICE vetting, Obama! Good job!


Gringoman, I hope Levin is right and Savage is wrong.

That said, I'd still prefer to have Palin confront these islamonuts than Obambi or the totally corrupt Biden.

See the articles I posted above.

If this dhim ticket wins it will be even worse than now. these islamofascists have Biden in their back pocket.

Obambi chose Biden to buy into the machine.

McCain chose Sarah Palin to buy into America.

We have to hope that America doesn't buy into the liberal propaganda machine.

God, why isn't this all over the media!!??

I think it's an absolute SCANDAL that this corrupt old fart Bidet can be the VP candidate with the iranian connections he has!

He should be investigated instead of running for office.

Who knows what foreing policy secrets he's already passed on to the enemies of this country!

Like I said libs hate this country and are UNPATRIOTIC!

How much more do you need to know?



That's the usual Hollywood/Rich Leftie tactic of taking over the heartland. I should have known that's how Biden funds his fiefdom in Delaware. Straight Bolshevik maneuvers. It's the same way they got the Brooklyn Bolshie, Bernie Sanders, elected to the US Senate recently in Vermont. The big bucks came from outside Vermont. That way they over-ran a competent, intelligent home-grown businessman who looked like a real Senator. You can imagine how the "Brooklyn midget," Barbara Boxer, became a US Senator from CA, It's the stealth socialist revolution, financed by the rich "progressives."


You ask about the "experience" factor.

Did you know that Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Obama and Biden put together?

The one example of Obama's management experience, with an education project in Chicago, is hard to find out about today. Team Obama is desperately trying to keep the files closed which scholar Stanley Kurtz wants to examine. You can find a link to an earlier post of mine. The Obamatons are threatening all kinds of action if we open the files and find out about obama and Lew Ayers. Any guess on why they would seem to be in a panic?

As for comparing Obama and Palin for experience in the realms of (1) corruption and (2) reform, you don't really want to go there, do you?


Did anyone check out Monica on public television tonight?

I hate to play English Teacher, but oratician isn't really a word.

It's just a malapropism that someone else wrote on another blog that's taken on a sad, inappropriate life of it's own.

The word you were searching for is "orator".


I don't get paid to offer political analysis.


Posted by: FredK2929


For good reason.


The Democrats, as we know, have charged Bush with undue secrecy, failure to release documents etc. Obamanites demand change we can believe in. Here is a report of their attitude on releasing Chicago files re Obama and his long-time associate, Bill Ayers. The Obama people are spamming a radio station, threatening TV stations and demanding action from the Justice Department. Stations are being threatened if they don't cooperate. Sounds very Chicago.The Democrats, as we know, have charged Bush with undue secrecy, failure to release documents etc. Obamanites still want change we can believe in. Here is a report of their attitude on releasing Chicago files re Obama and his long-time associate, Bill Ayers. The Obama people are spamming a radio station, threatening TV stations and demanding action from the Justice Department. Some of this is not just to keep the files secret. They also demand that TV stations not air the McCain ad on Obama-Ayers. They call it "Swiftboating." They do not deny any fact in the ad. "Swiftboating" seems to mean not untruthful, but unfavorable.


If anyone can find anything untruthful in the ad, can they point it out?

Some of this is not just to keep the files secret. They also demand that TV stations not air the McCain ad on Obama-Ayers. They call it "Swiftboating." They do not deny any fact in the ad. "Swiftboating" seems to mean not untruthful, but unfavorable.


If anyone can find anything untruthful in the ad, can they point it out?


I don't get paid to offer political analysis.


Posted by: FredK2929


For good reason.

Posted by: Ummah Gumhead

Neither do you, Ummah.

I'm not mad or concerned about McCain's VP pick. Just seems pretty lame-brained.


Perhaps after November these 2 days will be seen as when Obama won the election with his speech and McCain lost the election with his VP pick.


There's a great German term to describe one Barak HUSSEIN Obama.

It's called a "Blender".

Which doesn't describe an electrical appliance, as it does in English, but rather a person who is all glitter and zero substance.

Maybe a "blinder" would be a good term in English because he renders those who behold him incapable of seeing his true essence.

Only in this case the blinding is done with shiny baubles and with mirrors instead of a physical implement.

But even more effective since a blindfolded person is at least aware that they are being blinded.



Gringoman.. the TRUTH on Hussein O MUST come out! The country will be lost if we allow him to usurp the Presidency.

we MUST spread the word. Since the media are no longer doing their job!

PS. Welcome back, Skunky. I hope you stick around.

Unlike Fred who stiNks around.


I am listening to Laura Ingraham and her callers are ecstatic about the PALIN CHOICE.

I am beginning to think McCain is crazy like a fox.

No more of this "maverick" cr™p.

This Palin woman is squeaky-clean, much unlike Bidet who is so full of it.. CORRUPT to the BONE.

And Obama with that angry ambitious whitey-hating wife behind him..

..fixin' to spend all our money to fight "global poverty" and "global warming" when it isn't really our fault that these fools in the Third World regularly have more than ten children.

Am I responsible for their upkeep now?!

Are you?

If people like FreaK feel motivated let them give their money to NGOs.

But PLEASE not my money, ok?

Then we see the ethnic cleansing in Zimbabwe which has caused the breakdown of their food production and now we are also seeing this in South Africa.

You know what?

If they want to slaughter white farmers like livestock in Zimbabwe that's bad enough. But PLEASE.. we are NOT responsible for feeding them now that these farmers are either dead or in some other country!

Let them learn the HARD way!

Call it tough love for Africa.

D@mn even I know how to grow crops and I lived in cities most of my life!

If you don't have the brains to live off the land.. I'll go with Darwin on that one.

If you're only stupid that's one thing. we may help you. But evil AND stupid.. if we help you then that proves only that WE are stupid!

Because as soon as you get the chance to kill US you WILL.

I certainly don't feel like spending $845 BN on their sorry behinds!!!

I want my money spent at home for a *CHANGE*.

PS. I know this ain't too PC but hey, this is just me being me. Call me Manny if you must.

MM will understand what i am talking about.


There was a funny guy on the radio who said he's a lifetime member of the NRA and he's killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy!!

Conservatives UNITE!!!

I LOVE that guy.. that was FUN-nee...!!


God! "n"pr is Radio DNC. all they talk about is the Anointed One.

I HATE "n"pr.. brechhhhh..

That disgusting obsequious Brian Lehrer, yuk! and he is just sOOO peeeCeee.. disgusting slimeball.

The you have Leonard Lopate, that smarmy syrupy weakling who interviews a bunch of irrelevant book authors, musos and other journos.

Screw him.

Then you have black and Latino hours. But gfar from any of them to call "la raza" what they are: a bunch of vengeful [that's revanchist to you, MAvery] hateful racists.

That's why I am here.

To set the record straight.


Speaking of MAvery.

I bet he is more shocked by the McCain choice of VP than the libs are!!

I love the way the Palin choice has confused the libs!


So is Michael savage but I think he may just be wrong - this one time :-)

I hope he doesn't come to this site. I really like him and I don't want him upset on my account.

Let him rail against the machine!

That hateful liberal machine!!

But we MUST UNITE now and elect McCain/Palin.

Maybe she can put McCain on the straight and narrow.

Invite him for sum fishin' in Alaska.. call it fishin' diplomacy.. teach him about the REAL AMERICA.

The guy seems to have good strategic skills/instincts as this VP choice demonstrates.

In fact all these peopl he was "floating" was a necessary move. Look at Obama who kept Hitlery off his short list.

He really hates her and that just showed it beyond all doubt.

McCain is much better at Ninja-ing than that one-trick pony Obama.

I think the libs are starting to have fits just about right now... this Palin babe is.. like I said earlier.. squeaky-clean.

And her story resonates with REAL AMERICANS.

Not these phoney DC types. Not the chicago machine types. Not the "G-d d™man Amerikkka types!!!

No!! She resonates with REAL AMERICA!!

NOT with "progressive gay-marrying" folks in San Francisco and stone-throwing radicals in Seattle.

I bet she never has listened to "n"pr.

What a refreshing thought :-)

I wish I'd never heard of "n"pr and "p"bs.

Those defeatist self-haters are trying to drag us all down.

Let Sarah Palin be in charge of reviewing "n"pr and "p"bs funding and licensing.

Those AMERICA-HATERS belong OFF the air!

Sorry to be ranting.. the good stuff goes off the air at 1 AM.. I can only take so much UFO programing and as much as I enjoy to hear bellyaching Yankee fans having to go through what fans of most other teams go through year after year..

So now I have to listen to that little DNC cheerleader Brianesse Lehrerette...

I know it's important to keep an ear on the enemy.

He just had a daily kook on who is pushing a book called "How to stick it to the system".

These people haven't figured out that THE SIXTIES ARE OVER!!!!

And they make very nice money off the system they revile so much.

Have the libs really not realized that they ARE the system??!!!

Or is this sort of stuff all part of their elaborately spun web of lies?


Now Brian Liar is bashing McCain and Palin.. he just said.. WILL McCAIN survive his first term?!

I hope that Brian LIAR doesn't survive his term at "n"pr!!!

He's calling her inexperienced/as if Obama was more experienced.

God I hate these arrogant YUPPIES who do NOT represent the REAL AMERICA!!


Oh and while the DhimmiKKKratz are talking about Sarah Palin being a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

I have a NIGHTMARE for you folks!

Nancy PELOSER is but TWO heartbeats away from the Presidency!!!

Now THAT is **S**C**A**R**Y** !!!

Account Deleted

Palin opposes abortion even in the cases of rape and incest, which put her to McCain's right. Not sure how that'll go over with independent voters. What do you folks think?

Posted by Naijaman


It has been the Liberal tactic in the case of abortion to focus on the outlier cases of incest and rape as the statistical aberrations that disprove the premise, “life begins at conception”, the premise that protects the unborn. That would be the logical equivalent of pro-lifers using late term abortions, during which time the fetus may survive as a new born, as the argument to outlaw all abortions. Both arguments are invalid in a purely syllogistic analysis, but not in a moral one. Whereas it is clear that late terms are a gruesome and altogether inhumane way to treat life – a treatment Obama has previously supported, rape and incest present a thorny issue.

So let’s reframe the question: would pro-abortionist favor a total ban on abortions, even in late term, except for rape and incest? If no, then proffering a pro-abortion argument based on rape and incest is disingenuous; if yes then we have common ground to end the majority of abortions and can move forward to deal with exceptional cases. Do you agree?

Does Palin’s position put her to the right of McCain? This is not important. What is important is it doesn’t put her to his left.


I hear the Evangelicals and Conservatives are enthusiastic about Senator McCain's VP pick. Dr. James Dobson referred to Senator McCain's decision as an "outstanding choice".

My heart goes out to Mitt Romney and his supporters, but I can't join them in their disappointment. John McCain just reached across the aisle to me and I am reaching back.

Although the liberal media seems to have an issue with Sarah Palin's experience and qualifications for VP, I certainly have more faith and confidence in Governor Palin's leadership skills and experience than I EVER will have in Obama's.

McCain/Palin '08


All this talk about abortion merely serves to obscure a whole lot of other issues.

Once we allow in too much islam there won't even be a discussion about abortion.

The borders must be closed and defended before we can have the luxury to discuss gay marriage and abortion.

Those are topic created by the dhimmicrats in order to distract the population away from the real threats we face.

And their America-hating pals in Hollywood are doing everything they can to a. introduce liberal issues as commonplace and b. keep dumbing us down with Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

Personally the less I see of Tom Cruise and Brangelina the better off I am.

There are scores of movies that I find unwatchable simply because of the presence of some over-exposed and utterly annoying AAAActor.

Maybe some day when digital technology gets up to speed they can change Tom Cruise to someone else on request and I can watch War of the Worlds already.

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