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July 24, 2008



Why did Obama think it was "inappropriate" to visit wounded soldiers while in Germany?


J. Pierpont Finch

Why did Obama think it was "inappropriate" to visit wounded soldiers while in Germany?




I just heard McCain say "The throngs of adoring fans await Barack Obama in Paris - and that's just the American press."

Juan IS funny. Obama's world tour is the best thing that happened to McCain - everyday I find something new to compliment Juan on.

Oh, and by the way, even when I was FURIOUS with Juan about McCain/Kennedy, I did respect him last year for spending the 4th of July and Thanksgiving with our troops.




from CUCHIGRINGO (courtesy Gringo Advisory Board)

Hiya Moneeca:

You know, my ingles maybe not so good, listen to this Senyor Obama in Berlin. An' believe me, I try to stay awake for whole speech. Not so easy.

Yeah, he get good crowd, do same trick as Seatlle. Remember? They advertise rock bands to play. In Berlin same thing. Two bands everybody like, that draw dee kids. An' then they get dee Turks, dee socialistas, dee maricones. Tu sabes? (Yanqui voters gonna eat that up,no? Cara, you jus' watch dee poll numbers coming soon. Daveed Axelrod gonna take big aspirin, maybe Tylenol.)

Okay. That what Equipo Obama do. Politic. Juan McCain, when he awake, need do politic too. Obama dress good, cha-cha-cha.

But something muy strange. I not sleeping at end of speech where he say, "I know how much I love America."

Moneeca, maybe my English not so good. You know what he mean? He know how much he love America? So why he not say? If he know, an' he want to talk about he love his conetry, why he not tell us?

He cannot say, "I love America?" Or "I love America so much?"

What his problema? Why he got to sound like Harvard lawyer again?

I don't ask this guy to tell me if he an' his esposa an' his Black Religion Pastor love his conetry. He bring the subject up, you know? So if he gonna bring it up, why he not come out like a real hombre an' say what he mean?

Why just, "I know how much I love America?"

He know, yeah, but he won't say. That so funny, but not in funny way, tu sabes?

Moneeca, you know what this guy mean?


Here is where the Radical Barack Obama apologizes to Germany for America's imperfections and mistakes.

"I know my country has not perfected itself. At times, we've struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all of our people. We've made our share of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions."

To avoid being criticized for taking "the Radical Barack Obama" out of context, I have provided the link to his speech from MessNBC's website.


Sean Hannity almost got me fired today when he invited Bernard McGuirk on his radio show as a guest. It was hard to tear myself away from the radio, but I did it and I am still employed.

Bernard will be filling in for the "pc Don Imus" next week and Sean Hannity will be one of Bernie's guests so STAY TUNED.

Speaking of Don Imus, in case you missed the link I posted earlier:

Don't forget about Reverend Wright and the Church that Obama attended for 20 years as reported by ABC.



Yeah, I loved how Imus referred to Sean Hannity as "stuck on stupid" - apparently over his never ending Reverend Wright drumbeat reach thing.



Don Imus and his wife threw Michael Savage under the bus this week.

I could care less about Don Imus and what he thinks, it is his producer Bernard McGuirk I LOVE. Looks like I am not alone. Bernie was a guest on O'Reilly and he filled in for Bob Grant last week.

I think Bernie should have his own show. That would give Don Imus more time to feature Karith Foster and Tony Powell.

Thanks to Sean Hannity for educating us on Black Liberation Theology.

J. Pierpont Finch


7/25/08: Obama's $845 billion U.N. plan forwarded to U.S. Senate floor - 'Global Poverty Act' to cost each citizen $2,500+



Obama is campaigning pretty hard. He's clearly not assuming that his election is inevitable.

Candidates who believe their election is inevitable don't campaign very hard. Look back at Eisenhower the year he was re-elected.

Candidates who know they have to work at it work very hard. Look back at Truman the year he was re-elected.


Of course Ike did not have to campaign very hard. He had been Supreme Allied Commander in an epic victory of arms, THE national hero of his day. All he had to do was smile, which he was pretty good at too.

Even Barry realizes that the Obama role as Supreme Allied Multy-Culty Messiah is a bit different. Pillow talk with Michelle would be enough to remind him that he is not really the unquestioned national hero of his day, despite black euphoria and the white liberal's tingling leg.

McCain's problem as a campaigner is that he feels that his own compelling story as a warrior with honor should be enough for him to coast through like General Dwight D. Eisenhower did.

Actually it may be. Or it may not be.



from REVEREND GRINGO (courtesy, Gringo Advisory Board)


Sometimes those Brits, despite the troubling growth of Islamics and girly men in what used to be Christendom's Merry Olde England, produce insights so wonderful, not to mention entertaining, even clergy feels compelled to share with you all.

Gerard Baker of the Timesonline narrates the story that many will find inspiring (you know who they are). He tells of the offspring produced by a simple white college student and the descendant of Kenyan goat herders, the anointed one....

"And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant), when the whole land from the Arabian desert to the shores of the Great Lakes had been laid barren, that a Child appeared in the wilderness....."[Continued at...see link below]

God Bless
Pray for the sodomites and liberals
Did you hug a Bible today?



It was a regular Love Parade.

Only the real thing draws 2 million..


(Obama):"I know my country has not perfected itself. At times, we've struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all of our people. We've made our share of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions."
Why do liberals constantly feel the need to apologize for America? He attempted to make the obilgatory apology as subtle as possible but lefties must always insert an apology for America in their overseas speeches. Slick Willey made his apology tour through Africa one year and now Obama goes to Germany and tells the Europeans America has problems but he is there to solve everything for us. His speech was nothing but his obligatory platitudes and meaningless plans to save the world from ourselves. I think the scam is about to end and people are going to really get tired of the constant blathering platitudes. The Nigerian Scam has to end soon.


Of course tinytim would love slimus since slimus left his slimus all over the boots and the backside of one Al "slim shad" sharpton.

imus is a huge leftist and a member of the MSM. I can't stand all that bad music he plays on his show either.

Thank God we have Gambling a few ticks down the dial. I tuned out slimus years ago. Long before the "nappyheaded hos" incident.

Good luck to Bernie or anyone who works the slot. May he do really well so that we can send imus back to his ranch. Once and for all.


YES Steve they *DO*. They're libs.


every year over 200,000 highly skilled Germans leave their country in serch of better working conditions and a lower tax burden.

After Switzerland, the USA is the number 2 destination. How many of those Germans do you think were there yesterday cheering the Anointed One?

They know their vote inside Germany doesn't count so they are voting with their feet.

And whom do you ask are they replaced with.. yes, the "immigrants" Barak Hussein was talking about.. more islmobots.. more dregs.. more violent pali-thugs and terrorist sleepers..


"In this new century, Americans and Europeans alike will be required to do more, not less."


Sounds like higher taxes to me. Let the SOWdis do more. They never do anything 'xcept sit on their money and export jihad across the globe while we waste our hard-earned money on "palestinians" and other assorted nonsense.

I don't see the Chinese "doing more" either.

I suppose we're supposed to take in more "eeMEgrants" from the Middle East as part of "doing more"?

Screw you, Barak Hussein!

Let your Kenyans "do more", Hussein!


A couple of comments about Obama's Berlin speech: Every news broadcast has started with gushing about the "fact" that Obama drew such a huge crowd for his speech. However, they fail to mention that before Obama took the stage to deliver his speech two of Germany's most popular rock bands gave free concerts. Isn't it remotely possible that real German rock stars (not the American "like a rock star" politician) drew a lot of that crowd? I wonder why the mainstream media fails to mention that little tidbit of information? Could it have anything to do with the mainstream media having given $100 to Democratic candidates for every $1 they've given to Republican candidates? Food for thought...


MJFELL.. you are on point. Also consider that the Love Parade draws ten times the crowd each summer at the exact same location.

Let the MSM keep trying to dupe us.

They will be the ones who will wake up to the bitter realization that elections are won at the ballot box and not in the op-eds of the WAPO and the NYT.


The Rock group that performed was Reamonn, and they were there to warm the crowd up before Obama gave his speech. The group was not performing there separate from the Obama event, they were part of it. See the group's Facebook page:


The other artist who performed is Patrice, a Senegalese/German (love his music). Both acts were there at the invitation of the Obama campaign. If the folks did not want to hear Obama speak, they could have left after the musicians had completed their sets, right? But they didn't...so instead of trying to diminish the event, just give credit where it's due...the Obama campaign's PR operation did a great job and got the pictures and visuals they wanted.

Meanwhile, can we discuss McCain's reversal to supporting a timetable for withdrawal? Last week he was opposed to it. Your thoughts are welcome.



Oh...one more thing for the fellow commenters here who are attacking Obama for referring to himself as a "proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world", let the record show that:

In a June 17, 1982, speech to the United Nations General Assembly, United States President Ronald Reagan introduced himself similarly, saying, "I speak today as both a citizen of the United States and of the world."

President Richard Nixon, in a March 30, 1969, eulogy for President Dwight Eisenhower described him as "truly, the first citizen of the world."


DUMMAH, how does someone of your ignorance know about the love parade?


Absolutely no point in trying to reason with a proven imbecile. We'll just have to continue reverting back to the simple facts:


You think you're enlightened with your alternative media but you're really just misinformed and brainwashed. You're the type of weak-minded person with silly putty for brains that in Nazi Germany could be convinced that it was justifiable for the Holocaust. You believe everything you hear as long as it comes from the alternative fringe right wing media.

Plain and simple you're a naive, gullible, paranoid and delusional dolt.


Oh no - don't tell me Monica's body is changing !!


Well, what might be changing is medical welfare for doctors and associates. With reorg, it is assumed entitlements will decrease, and cover more people. This is long overdue (3 decades of medical inflation). No doubt investments in this area will worsen, and there will be money to make shorting stock.


hey tinyt.. why do u keep coming over here stinking up the place? shouldn't u be hanging with your KOTZkiddies instead of interrupting the grownups?

Go watch Olby and have fun playing with yourself.

You are a lib and liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER.


I also hear Hussein obama wanting to tear down walls betweeen moslems and everyone else. I think we need MORE and HIGHER walls to keep them AWAY from us.

The guy is a real tool. Maybe a stealth moslem.

He obviously wants us to fling open the doors and let in as many as want to come.

Meanwhile they can keep on murdering Christians and others and one day they'll start doing the very same thing over here that they've always been doing over there.

The guy has no logical ability at all.


Oh and Naija.. your efforts here are kinda wasted. You're not going to "turn" any of us toward Obama. I'm pretty sure of that.

His pro-moslem stance alone does it for me besides the pompousness and the sense of entitlement.

Then there are the Rev. Wrong, Pfleger, RaraKKKlan and his Weather Underground buddies.

And the fact that he is buddies with Odinga who wants to sell out his country to islam via the sharia pact he made.



I checked out the band they hired for Obama.. predictably a bunch of nerdy libs..


Oh tiny.. Do think of something new and original every now and then.

u keep copying and pasting.

It's been done before. I suppose u libs don't have much to say and thus all you can do is repeat your tired old mantras.



I lol'd at your Imus post. I changed the channel on Imus before he was fired too, but I had to change the channel to something else after Sharkton, Jackson, Spike Lee, Whoopi Goldberg, NAACP and N.O.W. started to preach to me about what I could and couldn't listen to on NBC. Of course, as Jackson and Whoopi have proven, it is perfectly ok for them to say it.

I didn't even know who Bernie was, but I remember laughing at his Cardinal Egan and Ray Nagin skits on those rare occasions when I did listen to Imus. I think Bernie is really talented. Hope he doesn't waste his career playing second fiddle to Imus and Karith Foster.

Don't worry about listening to Gambling (except on Thursday and Friday when Bernie will be hosting the show). Imus is on vacation and it provides them with a good excuse to replay Dick Gregory telling us how we are the "US of KKK".


"I also hear Hussein obama wanting to tear down walls betweeen moslems and everyone else. I think we need MORE and HIGHER walls to keep them AWAY from us.

The guy is a real tool. Maybe a stealth moslem.

He obviously wants us to fling open the doors and let in as many as want to come.

Meanwhile they can keep on murdering Christians and others and one day they'll start doing the very same thing over here that they've always been doing over there.

The guy has no logical ability at all"



Then there are the Rev. Wrong, Pfleger, RaraKKKlan and his Weather Underground buddies.

And the fact that he is buddies with Odinga who wants to sell out his country to islam via the sharia pact he made.


Can you name ONE place you can back that up with evidence that is NOT related to Sean Hannity or propaganda from STUPID PEOPLE on the right?

Just one mainstream source - that's all.

JUST one.



tinypinko.. u r goodbyes are just too sweet and I sincerely hope this means FOREVER.

The Obama-Odinga sharia pact connection has been discussed at length and if you'd paid attention to what people here are actually SAYING rather than to throw ur little kiddie-tempers then you'd have seen all the evidence.


PS.. I never really liked Hannity since I consider his a bit of a Bush-bot and he's corny, smarmy and hoakey.

But you know what.. I think you're talking me into liking him now. :-)


Amazon.com discusses why Obama named his book "The Audacity of Hope"

"The title of The Audacity of Hope was derived from a sermon delivered by Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright."



Brian Ross from ABC news reports on Rev. Jeremiah Wright:


Bill Ayer's connection with Obama:

"In 1995, State Senator Alice Palmer introduced her chosen successor, Barack Obama, to a few of the district’s influential liberals at the home of two well known figures on the local left: William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. "


Michelle Obama met Barack at the law firm Sydney Austin

"For three years after law school, Michelle worked as an associate in the area of marketing and intellectual property at Chicago law firm Sidley and Austin, where she met Barack Obama. She left the corporate law world in 1991 to pursue a career in public service, serving as an assistant to the mayor and then as the assistant commissioner of planning and development for the City of Chicago."


Bill Ayers' wife, Bernadine Dohrn, was also employed by Sidley and Austin at the same time that Michelle Obama was a summer associate there:


Bill Ayers and Barack Obama were on the board of the Woods Foundation together for 3 years:


Obama is like the game "Six Degrees of Bacon", but in Obama's case any terrorist you can name seems to be linked back to Obama's circle:

1) Quadafi

"Recently in the news, Libyan leader Momar Quadafi mentioned Barak Obama as his "Kenyan Brother". Anyone who understands Islam knows that Muslims ONLY use the term "brother" when mentioning fellow Muslims. What are your thoughts on this? "


I can't find the NY Times article but I know that Rev. Wright did vist Quadafi with Farakan. Rev. Wright also criticizes the "US of KKK" for bombing Quadafi.

"Wright also told the New York Times, "When his enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli, with Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan, to visit Libyan leader Moammer al-Gaddafi, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell."


Here is Quadafi's bio. He is responsible for numerous terroristic acts.

2) Bill Ayers previously discussed

3) Previously mentioned connection with Obama's Kenyan cousin


In Rev. Wright's interview with Sean Hannity, Rev. Wright discusses "Black Liberation Theology" James Coan and Dwight Hopkins


Here is information on "Black Liberation Theology" and James Coan.



Sean Hannity grabbed my attention on his radio program on September 12, 2001 when he defined the term "liberal intolerance". He decribed how liberals will try to make you feel guilty or call you "mean-spirited" if you disagree with them. Since this is exactly what my left wing friends were doing to me, I kept listening. His show is like therapy for me.

I really grew to respect Sean last year when he was one of the few people in the media to treat Don Imus fairly. It literally made me sick to watch all those people on NBC smear Don Imus when they were just on his show promoting their careers or books.

While everyone else was "hiding under their desks" or "sucking up" to Sharkton, Sean challenged Sharkton to a LIVE debate on race in front of 1500 people. It doesn't seem to be a big deal now, but Sean's audience was afraid that Sharkton would Imus him. Hannity was talking about the Reverend Wright story about a year before it broke while the mainstream media totally ignored it.

The Don Imus story and the Obama love fest shows you how biased the media is on the left. I listen to Sean to escape from these people. His program might be G-rated, but the excitement is in watching him do battle with the left.


Yep, especially when you consider he broadcasts out of New York City.

G-rated is indeed the word that best describes his show.



Sean's show isn't for everyone. G-rated is starting to become refreshing after being innundated with news stories about Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton.

I'm so sick of having to watch what I say and do because I might affend some special interest group while these groups are offended by basic American values and American culture. Right after 9/11, I had to hear their liberal b.s. about why I shouldn't be flying a U.S. flag in the U.S. or how God is now a four letter word.

Just because they have taken over almost every show on cable and on the radio does not mean I have to listen to them.



I, too was in New York and heard BS about the American Flag and "why do they hate us" and all the other liberal cr@p.

I am pro-American and pro-West in general and I HATE - if you haven't noticed - the fascist ideology-cult called islam.

However I am not a big believer in God and would conside myself agnostic. Atheism is a religion of sorts all in itself for how can anyone really be 100% sure of what awaits us after death.

So as an agnostic I don't like to have any kind of religion shoved down my throat.

To each their own - as long as it doesn't harm anyone else.

At this point Judasim and Christianity really don't hurt anyone else - very much unlike islam, the religion of peags®.

So I merely say that Hannity is annoying with some of his stuff and I wish he had a bit more of an "edge", say like Michael Savage.

But then he might not survive long in his particular slot.

And like I said before, the more vitriol I hear against Hannity from the libs the better I like him of course.

I do wish I woulnd't have to listen to Savage and Levin sniping at one another. We definitely need to close ranks and not stand divided.

There is a whole lot more than ratings involved.


I really enjoyed the songs "God Bless America", "Amazing Grace" and the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" at the 9/11 memorials. They are part of our American heritage and I do not want these songs to become victims of our "politically correct" culture.

Here is Morley Safer calling Sean a "Junkyard Dog" while interviewing the lib Alex Baldwin on "60 Minutes":


Posted example of Hannity's edge under "The McLaughlin Group" if you haven't already seen it.


How old is Sorely Mafer?

It seems that the libs really need to get their ObamHUSSEINessiah into office or else they know the next one will be tough since the times.. they are a-changin'!


M/M --

You are making up stuff. No one is telling you not to wave an American flag, and no one is telling you God is a four-letter word. Please don't bring fiction into the debates here.


Nope, Fred, I've had people raise their eyebrows and turn up their noses when i displayed the American Flags I purchased at local hardware stores!!

She is 1000% right!!!!

The best people were like Chinese who told me that maybe now America will wake up to the true nature of islam.. and they had American Flags too! They said that America always complains about China and what they do to control islam in their own country and now this is how moslems say Thank You.

I explained that it is libs and their pesky NGO who keep pushing even the RINOS into looking out for moslem interests rather than our own.

I told them that Real Americans are the ones with the flags "Just like you".

if you couldn't stand the sight of red white and blue right after 911 then you are a HUGE lib!!!!!!!!

Yes and MM is right the libs do hate God.. whoever she may be.

And HOW exactly do u have any idea WHAT they are telling her?! Are you with her?! Were you there?!

U libs are SICK in de head..


I'm not making it up. Here are the controversies you must have missed:

Michael Newdow and the battle to remove "under God" from the Pledge
Controversy over allowing the WTC flag in the 2002 Olympics

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