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July 28, 2008



Just like the Oracle Ummah Gummah predicted!


If we're lucky our friends in Israel will get nervous if Hussein O gets elected and they'll bomb Iran which will in turn force Obama off his leftist agenda.

This guy is looking to RAISE TAXES!

And that's just the beginning..


Change you can feel like a jackboot in the back of your neck.


I'm beginning to think the corrked whitey-hater jesse Jerkson would be a better pres than this Hussein moslem.

At least Jesse tells it like it is. With Jesse you know where you're at. If you're white you know he hates you and feels entitled to your money.


Suggested quote for one one the debates: "You're no effin' steamroller, Obama!"


corrked should read 'crooked'


After his triumphant tour of "old Europe", Rasmussen shows Obama with a whopping 3-point lead in its daily tracking poll. The Nigerian Scam has been exposed and the "hope" scam is about to run out of gas (and hot air).

You know the campaign is in trouble when they have to lock the first lady candidate in a closet and throw away the key. The Republicans should start a protest campaign to free Michelle Obama from her exile from the campaign. She has been shelved and cloistered. What kind of man would lock his wife in a closet until the campaign is over.


THE CLOISTERING OF MICHELLE OBAMA: One thing the leftie media never asked was where the hell was Michelle Obama. Why wasn't she with him on his trip? Why has Obama cloistered her and not allowed her to come out in public? Never before in the history of Presidential campaigns has a Presidential candidate ordered his wife into hiding until after the election.


Steve... there's a really sick movie called "Boxing Helena" you should see.. Maybe it's been remade as "Boxing Michelle"..

LOL.. yes I know the libs are gonna come running and screaming now.. HOW mean! How COULD you??!!

Because.. YES I CAN!


Should read.. WHILE I still can.. "Mercy" beaucoup!

Those ho heard Hussein Obama speak French and know French yourselves will know what I mean.. "Mercy" beaucoup indeed!



MEMO: to the OSM(ObamaStream Media, including the BrianKatieCharlie World Rockabama Tour)

FROM: The Gringo Advisory Board (via the grace of MonicaMedia)

If conservative Newsbusters is on to something, ObamaNots are coming for your guy's Obamanauts, even while you pretend not to know it. Are these ObamaNots right-wing loons? No. They are Democrats. Wrap your OSM brainpans around it.


Apparently hell hath no fury like Hellary's PUMA Democrats scorned.

You OSM'ers know PUMA, right?


Got it now? Will Barry Apostle David Axelrod get it?

At same url there is also YouTube video of faithful Democratic loon, Perry Logan, a wild man of PUMA, This comic PUMA LOgan has been banned from KiddyLeft Democrat Underground. Why? PUMA Logan used to mock Republicans (good.) But now he is mocking Obama (baaaaaaad. The KlassWar Kiddies are shocked by PUMA and revolt against the anointed Messiah)


Dem convention in Denver could turn out pretty interesting. Are the OSM veterans of Rockabama tour ready? Noses properly cleaned? Could be a whole lot of rockin' goin' up thar' in those Rockies.

Or does the ObamaStream think the Bubba Duo, its delegates intact, and PUMA, its fury intact, are ready just to go away and eat the oat meal?


Being caught up in Beatlemania was pretty harmless...I'm really worried about Obamamania. This unknown commodity being pushed upon the American public by the mainstream media could turn out to be a total and absolute disaster.

Senator Obama's Berlin speech is being compared to John F. Kennedy's and Ronald Reagan's. While it's true that Obama has their skills as an orator let the comparisons end there.

John F. Kennedy was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives before he became a Senator, so he had more experience than Obama, PLUS Kennedy had proven his leadership abilities by saving the lives of his PT boat crew at great personal risk despite his own serious injury.

Before he ran for office Ronald Reagan spent many, many years as a spokesman for GE going around the United States talking to everyday Americans, finding out first hand what was on their minds and what their concerns were.

Senator Barrack Obama's stature as a leader or knowledge of the people's wishes don't approach either of these two men...


Steveok --

The Obamas have two young daughters. Maybe Mrs. Obama was home with them? Either way, who really cares? Why do you?


u may not care, Fred, but **I** do. I seriously doubt she'll be as invisible in the White House as she is at present.

The only way to keep her as invisible as she is today is to keep her husband away from the white House.

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