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June 11, 2008



Dennis Kucinich is a joke. Monica, I hope he reads your blog because he needs to hear this. What he is doing is giving direct aid and comfort to America's enemies including Al Qaeda, Iran, North Korea, and other terrorists. He is a traitor to America and not worthy to be a member of Congress. He and nuts like Keith Olbermann resort to Cho-type rants of pure hate speech in order to align themselves with terrorist ideology. They hate America and everything we stand for and have sold their soul for 15 minutes of fame. He is a disgrace to America and even his own Party disowns him.


[Note: The Gringo Advisory Board, ever expanding its relevance in these epic civilizational times, has inducted a new member. This gentleman has agreed to a pseudonym. He wishes to thank you in advance for understanding the need for anonymity ]


Greetings, Moniqa:

I, the humble GringoBaba, admire your efforts to show that woman has a place in the Divine One's creation. You would be beautiful with or without a veil....

....Boosh. Kucinich. Boosh. Kucinich....American politics. Why does it seem like little devils trying to pull each others' tail?

Does not everybody lie? Who are these godless devils fooling? I tell you how this Kucinich and people like this Kucinich are very big liars.

They say they do not fear moozlims.

Moniqa, you understand, I am moderate. Yet I know how they fear me. I read their cowardly tripe, I hear their unmanly jokes, I look into their secular eyes.

They will say anything about the Christians, and even the Jews, but they will not mess with Mohammed.

You, despite being a kufar lady, may understand.

Moniqa, does the humble GringoBaba speak true? Or does he lie like Kucinich?


"substantiated" . . . are you freaking kidding?

The report indicates that the president lied his a## off. It's too late for impeachment though.


Guys.. what do you expect? Kucinich is an even bigger moonbat than Fred.


When we say "liberalism is a mental disorder", this is exactly what we mean. Why not spend the remaining few months of Bush's term trying to impeach him? This is a great way to waste more of our tax money.

Isn't this the candidate that Sean Penn endorsed?


Monica discussed this article on Laura's show. It is the Clinton's hit list. Didn't they forget Nancy Pelosi?

Here is the music that she played when reading the article.

Account Deleted

Dear Monica,

I would have preferred to see you lead a movement for a rational evaluation of the war, disassociated from those on left who may seek their own review for altogether different reasons.

That Kucinich is a crack-pot is irrefutable. That the President lied to us about Iraq is inarguable.

1. There were no WMD in Iraq.

2. There was no proven link between Al Qaeda and Iraq before Bush created the vacuum for them to fill.

3. As a result of 1 and 2 Bush changed the objective from “fighting terrorism” to “promoting democracy”, according to his own undersecretary of defense, in order to sustain the war. The only people whom he is still fooling are the 28% of those who still believe, against all logic and fact, that he is doing a good job.

The consequence is,

4. 4000 Americans perished in Iraq, up from 3000 only six months ago, hardly a cause for celebrating “lack of violence”. 30,000 have been wounded.

5. A country in the Middle East is torn asunder.

6. According to some estimates the cost of the war in Iraq to date is one half of one trillion dollars … that’s trillion as in one thousand billion.

7. As a result of 5, we are more vulnerable to hatred that is one explanation of the manic cause of terrorism.

8. American prestige is at its nadir.

9. As a result of 7 and 8, we are impotent against Iran, Hezbollah, and even inchoate threats in our part of the world.

10. As a result of 6 and 9, the President is impotent to advance sober economic policies in the US.

11. Partially as a result of 8 and 10, the price of oil and food keep rising, while the dollar keeps sinking, which may result in global inflation—-something we are starting to see in China and VietNam which just devalued its currency.

12. And … to top it all off, Al Qaeda still operates with impunity in Afghanistan, something at which every American, especially Conservatives, should express outrage.

This is victory?



Forget, for the moment, about whether Bush lied or how much the gas costs at the pump.

Those are details that hardly any high school student will know fifty years from now.

How many teenagers today can tell us about the Gulf of Tonkin or recite the price of gas in 1979?

And 150 years from now, people will still be debating about exactly why we went to war in Iraq, just like there are those who still debate whether the Civil War was brought on because of the institution of slavery.

All those are topics ripe for discussion well after everyone who posts on this blog site have moved on to eternity.

Now, here is my observation:

Democracy is a hard sell.

Outside of the Western Europe and the English-speaking countries, the world is full of people who can remember the days before there were voting booths or parliaments or freedom of speech.

America has assumed the mantle of world's door-to-door salesman of democracy.

The places where we've closed the sale:

The Philippines
South Korea

The places where we didn't close the deal:


In either case, like a cantankerous sales rep, we cajoled and coaxed and begged and bribed and threatened and, in general, bombed the hell out of these countries.

Which column Iraq ends up on is for us to do something about and for the future historians to document.

And that is all that is going to matter 50, 100, or 200 years from now, when people look back: Did Iraq become a prosperous democracy or did it turn into an hellish sepulchre, a sad testament to the price of freedom?

Everything else (Bush lied, gas prices, how much money we spent on Iraq, how many dollars bought a pound) is a subject matter for the melancholy historian who revels in the details more than in the meaning and the significance.


Michael --

Thank you for telling it like it is on this topic. I assume the people on this blog will be more likely to listen to these truths when they come from you, rather than a . . . what am I being called now? . . . a "moonbat".

Emineid --

It's more than fodder for future historians. It's a tragedy we have to deal with now. Bush is a liar and colossal failure and we are paying the price.

Monica --

Why can't we examine 2004? You conservatives can't even get past events from the '60s like Chappaquiddick and Jane Fonda's trip to Vietnam.

I can't believe you are still trying to sell the spin on this war. The spin is over. Time to admit that Bush lied and, yes, thousands have died.

And it's absurd to suggest that criticizing Bush means that we want to lose the war. That's a typical neocon manipulation. This is the kind of idiocy that makes me so hard on you. I guess you don't care about the truth, as long as you keep making money with your spin here, on Fox News, and on TMG.



Dear Moniqa:

You are intelligent kaffir lady. Tell me, why do your people shout "Lie! Lie! Lie!" when we know that everybody lie. What is their problem?

We who venerate The Prophet (pbuh)can hardly believe their ignorance. Even when they do not lie to each other, they lie to themselves. What, as they say, is the big deal?

Boosh lie? I do not know, I do not care. That is for you Americans to argue and smack each other.

You are in Iraq now...NOW...That is the question. So what you gonna do about it? We see what you gonna do. You gonna argue Boosh lie. Boosh not lie. Boosh lie. Boosh not lie.

Moniqa, is it not amazing?

Mohammed (pbuh) teaches that while the children play in sand, the men must pick the dates. Men understand. They are not children. Children cannot ascend the date palm. That is for men.

Moniqa, are you the man they cannot be?

ps Emineid seem to understand your history, and the Democratic Woodrow Wilson who to "make the world safe for democracy" helped set the stage for two great world wars which have ended forever the Hegemony of Christendom.

Emeneid seem to be in reality. Can he be an un-believer?

pps: Although moderate, even I, the humble GringoBaba, look with satisfaction as the oil-thirsty un-believers pour their riches into coffers of the faithful. You infidels cannot even make your own energy. Instead, "Boosh lie!...Boosh not lie!" Even as the great Sheikhs buy the landmark Chrysler Building in New York, your media atheists turn away and argue aboout Boosh lie, Boosh lie, Boosh lie.

Moniqa, is it not strange? Are these lunatics? Or just kaffirs who embody najis?


Gringoman --

Do you climax after you write something like that?


from FrK

Gringoman --

Do you climax after you write something like that?

Posted by: FredK2929 | June 12, 2008 at 11:40 AM


And to think. The Prophet (pbuh) has granted your tribe special status as 'People of the Book.'

But you prefer to embody the najis of the unclean. In your darkness you misunderstand the Prophet (pbuh).

You think he meant your status to be People of the Dirty Book.

You have become more infidel than the Christian.


I don't get you at all, Gringoman. I don't find your humor funny. You hide behind all these stupid characters. How about coming out of character and actually engaging, or are you just a coward?

Forget it. I know the answer to the last question. You are a coward, and you don't have the intelligence to find the courage to engage in any actual debate.

Have fun continuing to hide behind your characters. It must be easier than you than actually be real. But I for one find you perfectly pathetic.

Account Deleted


It is a delusion of American foreign policy that any country was ever “injected” with or “sold” democracy by the United States. Presidents who used this fallacy to justify overseas action, rather than reserving American power and prestige to protect the interests of the United States, expose their hubris and their ignorance of other cultures. The nature of democracy requires that it be desired and built, with constructive internal conflict and resolution, internally. Intelligent foreign policy must reject the seduction to package and “sell” our Constitutional system. The product approach to democracy ends up devaluing it, and the uptake is improbable.

The argument that bad policy today (deceptive public servants, inflation, economic suffering) do not matter as long as we end up with democracy in another country ultimately results in a weakened nation that can neither defend nor educate the high school student who forgot a specific battle or policy. Our most sacred obligation today, every day, is to build a better future for these children by assuring that our decisions and principles are never compromised and that we are always true to our principles (Conservative principles!). The obligation is no less sacred whether our kids remember what we did for them, but by doing so we ensure their future and the future of democracy itself.



Although you call yourself a conservative and I call myself a liberal, I continue to agree with you. The areas where we seem to disagree are tax policy (and the problem for me there is that I don't find the subject very interesting) and abortion (where I think we have a few points that we are in agreement on, such as preventing unwanted pregnancy in the first place as a major goal).



George Bush, with his formerly socialist (if not Trotskyite) advisors, may be a very big exception for Republicans.

Or do you not see liberal fingerprints all over this? Would you not take it back to Woodrow "Making the World Safe For Democracy" Wilson, then onward to FDR, and onward further to JFK?

......in JFK's GREAT inaugural speech, he stated that the USA would "bear ANY burden" and pay ANY price, to assure the triumph of freedom anywhere on earth.


When i read the kind of foolishness by the likes of Fred but also the MSM and now the Supreme Court.. I truly wish that all Western countries could be divided proportionately among the libs and the Regular-thinking folks.

Of course the libs would resist that screaming and clawing.. they'd HATE to lose those productive cash cows they love to despise and while they extract funds from us for their free-spending ways..

yep.. hearing that we are giving FREE heart transplants to the terrorists at Gitmo is likely to give me one instead!!

They are using MY money to give FREE medical care to these vermin!!!

Can their countries of origin be taken to task to pay for this??!!

These countries give money for mosk and madrassas all over the West and they can be made to pay for terrorist upkeep!!!

Hey Fred.. and Ted the Red.. this is JUST FOR you.. SCREW ISLAM!!!!


Thanks for that one, UG. It makes my job so much easier when I make the argument that you are just a bigot whose opinions should be disregarded.

You are part of the lunatic fringe. Your opinions are not respected in any way outside of the comfort of a blog like this. Thanks for the Father's Day gift, moron!


One day Fred.. and I truly hope that day will never come.. but it cvame already for all of those who cfalle dme a "racist" and a "bigot" when I told them that this enemy who bombed us in 1993.. as STUPID as they are they are just as determined and they will try again and my dear friends I am afraid they will one day take down the World Trade Center.

Well. I was right in 2001.

And NO, Fred I get NO satisfaction from that.

I'd rather be a "paranoid" "racist" that a DEAD LIEBERAL.. or tro see my liberal friends dead.. yes, those very friends who alll apologized to me the days after 9/11.. BECAUSE I KEPT ***PREDICTING*** it!!

Gohh darn carrots since the "spam filter" will ban mosty any other expression!!

WHEN do u liberlas GET INSIDE your braindead heads that NOONE like me takes pleasure or profit in WASTING our time to ALARM the IDIOTS like YOU that the HOUSE iS ON FIRE!!!

THINK about it Fred!!

We have BETTER thinbgs to do but we KNOW we won't be doing them once islam is the rule of the land!!

Remember this: World War Two was over after six years!!

The jihad has been going on for 1400 years.

Please you liberal FOOLS.. GET A ***CLUE*** !!!


Fred YOU are the moron here. If it weren't for our WILL TO FIGHT and DEFEND our Freedoms you wouldn't be celebrating Ftather's Day.


Idiot. And that is the most polite way I can call you an ignorant clown here without running afoul of the "content spam filters".

Gringo.. can you help me.. WHAT is there NOT to GET for these clueless liberals??!!

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