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June 04, 2008



Monica, I had to run an emergency errand and I heard you on Gibson's show by accident. You sounded great. Looking forward to listening to you tomorrow night.


Go get 'em, cara mia.

Oh, and by the way, all those Laura listeners wondering whatever happened to conservatism, Republicans and even Johnny Boy, might want to ponder the following....

"....our own sovereignty is not for sale."

Ronald Reagan, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981


Ugh. Laura Ingraham is awful.


Congratulations to Laura Ingraham for being named "Woman of the Year" by Talker's Magazine. According to this article, it looks as if a lot of people enjoy her show.



If Laura Ingraham is how people choose to get their political analysis, they deserve her.

J. Pierpont Finch

The Laura Ingraham program can also be heard starting at NOON EDT over XM Satallite Channel 166.

J. Pierpont Finch

FREDK, You are a WEED here.

Ingraham is an intelligent attorney who comes from a conservative viewpoint. The last I checked, that is still legal in this country. But the results of the next election will determine whether or not such free speech rights continue. Based upon your past posts here, I must presume that you'd prefer such rights not continue.


Finch --

Just goes to show how limited your mind is. I am in favor of free speech . . . probably more than you are. If you lose your right to say stupid things, I lose the right to point out how stupid you are. Where did you ever get the idea that I am against free speech?

I agree with you that Ingraham is intelligent. I've sent her e-mails saying so. That is what is so disgusting about her show. She is too smart to be saying the things she says. It's degrading to her, her education, and to her listeners.

Listener 6


I just heard you for the first time as you were filling in for Laura this morning and I am very impressed and not surprised at all that she trusts you to sit in her chair and Champion the Cause of Conservatism via her microphone!!!

I have added a link to your Web Site at my Web Log, www.readmylips.tv (A Principled Patriotic Perspective).

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing you again tomorrow, at Laura's mic, as you Lacerate Liberal Left-WingNuts with your razor-sharp logic.

I hope it isn't against the "commenting rules" to share a post from my blog with you and your audience about the Presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate!? I believe this is a timely observation (if I do say so myself)!

Which Liberal, er, Democrat Will YOU Vote For???

I intended to write this article right after the Presumptive Republican Nominee for President, i.e. the Captain, was declared and the last runner, i.e. Huckabilly, dropped out of the race. However, I decided to give the Captain the benefit of the doubt and see how things turned out before making my opinions public. Now that several weeks have passed and the Captain has been traveling around trying to drum up support from the Conservative Wing of the Republican party in an attempt to bring the entire Party together in one giant Political Group Hug, my impressions have been confirmed and I must speak out!

My original gut instinct was that the Democrats had done something in this Presidential race that has NEVER been done before in the history of Politics in America! They have FINALLY managed to get a Democratic Presidential Candidate chosen as the nominee for the Republican Party!!! What this means is that no matter which Party wins the election, a Democrat will move into the Whitehouse!

As any TRUE Conservative knows, the Captain is more friendly toward and more comfortable among the Liberals than he is His Own Party, e.g. the Captain & Teddy, the Captain & Joey, the Captain & Russ, the Captain & Traitor John. Not long ago the Captain attacked the Republican Party (What Would Reagan Do?) in North Carolina for an ad they ran in opposition to two Democratic candidates for Governor. The ad rightly pointed out the connection between Jeremiah "I hate America" Wright, who was Barry's pastor for twenty years (Of course, he attended the services, but he didn't inhale, I mean listen!?), and the connection between Barry and these two candidates, who are Barry supporters. Conservative Americans do not want such Liberal candidates to get control of the State House and have every right to make the case that the candidates who support Barry, who supports his pastor, also support Barry's pastor by supporting Barry.

The fact that the Captain will not be critical of Democrats and point out the flaws in their ideology speaks volumes to Conservatives all over this Great Country in light of the Captain's critical remarks against members of His Own Party. The Captain CLAIMS to be a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution, but I fear he is, instead, an Infil-Traitor!!!

So, which Liberal, er, Democrat will YOU vote for???

Listener 6
[email protected]
www.readmylips.tv (Check it out!)

Account Deleted

Random economics notes:

1. - The Drill Here/Drill Now campaign has over 370,000 signatures. If you believe the energy problem is more a supply issue than a demand issue, and Congress is standing in the way of a solution, please consider signing the petition and passing it on to your friends:


2. - The following excerpt was released today by the Mises Institute, from Henry Hazlitt's seminal primer "Economics in One Lesson", which I think should be required reading for a high school degree:


Ron Paul, for one, cites Ludwig von Mises as one of his libertarian influences.

3. - Beware the Blue Dogs! This is a group of fiscally responsible Congressional Democrats who subscribe to the pay-as-you-go system of Federal spending. On the surface this is attractive, and they are giving Nancy Pelosi a hard time -- never a bad thing, but if spending is what Congress is doing rather than cutting then Blue Dog barking will yield higher taxes. The Presidential race may be more entertaining, but taking our eyes off Congress, where more mischief is possible, could be more harmful.




How about having the best of both worlds: enjoying the Prez sweepstakes and keeping an eye on the Congs? Pursuant to this concept, I pose the following questions:

1. Do you know or opine whether John McCain will add his signature to the 370,000 currently on the Drill Here/Drill Now petition?

2. Do you believe that the electorate has a right to know whether he will contribute his Hancock or not?


Soon as I am away for a few hours Fred the lib-KKK insults Her Monicaness once again..

I am glad that there are others standing up for her her on her own blog.

Fred.. you are a GUEST here.. but you continue to behave like a moslem in Europe..


She can CAN u anytime if she so chooses.. as I think Europe should do with the intolerant hateful islamic interlopers.

So you either shape up or you SHIP OUT!!

Be glad i am not in charge of this blog.

Monica has been quite ladylike - and WAY CLASSIER than u - to take all of this abuse u continue to heap on her on her very own pages.
But then you are a liEEEb.. uncouth.. woman-hating.. see Ted Kennedy.. see Clinton.. all u know is how to kill, neglect, insult and degrade women.

it's been said before.. if you have nothing good at all to say then say nothing at all.

Fred, do your **PARENTS** know the things u r saying to Monica IN HER VERY OWN HOUSE??!!

I really wonder.. i know ur parents must have more old-school class than to approve of how u treat a LADY!



Please tell us Fred.. WHY is she "awful" as you choose to describe her..? And why are you on her website for weeks on end..?


UG --

I'm not taking any lessons in manners or in not being hateful from you.

BTW, I'm not convinced that Monica Crowley even reads our entries here.

As I've also made clear, I'm reducing my exposure to your rants so, consistent with that, I'll be ignoring most of your questions for a while. Maybe you can show me how I should behave on this blog since you think my contributions are so inappropriate? Hmm?


I will respond to 2 things you say:

1. If you are going to bring up my family, then I never want you to ever go after me because I get too "personal" with you. Got it?

2. You? In charge of this blog? Or any blog having to do with a radio show? What a laugh. I've already made it clear that you are part of a lunatic fringe that no one outside of a rightwing blog like this respects. No one is giving you any authority anywhere.


Finally, my "abuse" of Ms. Crowley, as you call it (I call it criticism), is aimed at her because she is a wingnut (extreme rightwinger), not because she is a woman, and her analysis sucks.



BTW, I'm not convinced that Monica Crowley even reads our entries here.


In other words, he's not sure if he's being insultingly obnoxious to Monica, or just to everyone else here.


K-Fred.. it is a demonstrable fact that your family didn't teach you any manners.. they must be big libs like you.

Or are you the family rebel?



What I posted above should read:


Sorry. My mistake.

But everything else holds, concerning Monica's uninvited guest. He obviously can't figure out that 'differing' and 'obnoxious' aren't synonyms


Monica, I caught your schtick on the Laura Ingraham show, and had to laugh when you whined about Obama's "plagiarism" during a political speech.

I guess you've forgotten your own history as a plagiarist *in print, for money.* You wingnuts are nothing if not hypocrites of the highest order.


Good point, Renman53!

Ummah -- I'm paying attention to your comments about my family for the next time that you accuse me of getting "personal".

Gringoman -- You accusing anyone else of being obnoxious is a joke. That's really the pot calling the kettle an a##hole.


from FrK

Gringoman -- You accusing anyone else of being obnoxious is a joke. That's really the pot calling the kettle an a##hole.


You may be right, but unfortunately, the only one who agrees with you is you.

Careful. If Monica ever wastes a minute on your case, you can be shipped collect to Huffington. Or to the potty mouth progressives.

Who knows? Maybe it won't be hell, surrounded by your own kind.


I'm sure others think you're an a**hole, too.


We love Gringoman and his friends.

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