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May 30, 2008



Perhaps we should be more focused on whether he is incompetent than whether he smokes. But thanks for devoting another essay on your web site to something completely irrelevant. Keep up the good work!


Fred, why is McCain's health relevant and Obama's health not relevant? And why has he just recently attempted to quit? If he does smoke why does he hide it from the American people? Is he ashamed of his conduct? And he has been a member of that goofy church in Chicago for 20 years but has anyone seen any pictures of him attending church lately? He seems to be avoiding his church like Bird Flu. There is a lot we don't know about Barry and the leftwing media seems content to cover up his history. What do we know about his political activities in Chicago over the past 15 years? Nothing, and the leftie media refuses to cover it. Don't we have a right to know the candidates?


With what we know about smoking and what it can do to your health, what does it say about someone who smokes? This knowledge has been out there for decades now and Obama has been a smoker now for 20 years? What was he thinking? He has a wife and small children, doesn't he care about their future?


Ever since they banned smoking on the premise (doorways, parking lot) of the hospital where I work, I have been able to walk into the lobby without holding my breath against the putrid stale cigarette butts.

At a time when city after municipality is banning smoking on public and business premises, what kind of an example would Obama be setting?

I reckon Obama has enough pulmonary reserve not to be too affected by smoking for the next several years.

But when he turns 75 and catches some community-acquired pneumonia, watch out!

We the People will be paying his private-room hospital bills while the doctors try to get him off oxygen, nebulizing the hell out of his lungs with albuterol while the social workers run around trying to arrange for home oxygen therapy.

Not only that, but the poor Bushes have been doing their best cleaning the White House from the stench of the previous occupants.

Only to have the White House turn into an ashtray (in more ways than one) when they leave.


Oh geez, I see this convo is going to be absurd. I'll catch you all on the next one.



Monca, look, it ain't just if Barra smoke. That might can be a nasty habit, I know. Might kill more black folks than they guns do. I know. Look a me. I stop. You know how I used to suck on them Salems for that cool, cool menthol?

But you got to find somethin' out, honeychile. What do my man Barra smoke?

In his book he say he used to do weed an' cocaine when he was young an' dumb, didn't have no direction yet, right?

Well, everbody say he don't do that stuff no more. Right? He say it too. You know he ain't no Rasta on the gunja.

So you see? A cigrette still better than weed an' cocaine. It don't make you no junkie.

Monca, you got to admit that, do you?


Monica is dead on - wear and tear is a sign of experience, whereas smoking is a leadership failure, a sign of personal weakness in judgement. Which is worse?

I have stated that I thought having a body person was strange, and it is particularly strange for Barack, a member of a race transcending slavery, who has a personal black servant. Who does he think he is, Imus? Besides this being a disturbing trend, is it not especially disturbing when the the candidate is Obama?

PS Someone please tell Monica to keep looking up.


[Note: As mentioned previously, GAB, to better reflect these American times, has inducted a new member, a girly man. Gringorella is of unconfirmed gender and will not be physically examined. (We trust, but do not verify.)]


Hi Monica,

(And thank you, gringoman, but I hope you're not getting fresh.)

Monica, you're not going to believe this, but I feel that gringoBro may be on to something. We really do need to know exactly what Obama is smoking. Really.

Monica, believe me, I don't mean this as a joke or as innuendo. Here's a point.

Obama does have an Indonesian background. He spent some formative years in that place. It's given him even some veneer of sophistication unlike what even we liberals expect from the 'hood.

Now stay with me on this. I haven't traveled like gringoman has, and he, well, sort of tipped me off on this. Monica, did you know they smoke spiced cigarettes in Indonesia? I know, it seems so strange.

They love their clove cigarettes, for example. Obama could have started at an early age indeed, with Djaram Black, Gutam Garang, Marlboro, Kretek Filter. You get the idea.

And this may be something quite different from what gringoBro calls the "nasty" stuff that Westerners normally puff. Wouldn't inhaling cloves instead of nicotine make a difference? Wouldn't it be, well, wonderfully exotic, and without the health dangers from Camels or Gauloises?

So don't you think we have to know what exactly it is that Barack is putting in his mouth?


Heey.. good job on the "Father" Pfleger rantings.. ironically Pfleger in German means caregiver.

This guy needs some intensive care of his own.

Are those people in thew pwes cheering him on white?

Proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

By the way on "n"pr they had the moron t. Smiley on for an entire hour with the new preacherman from Trinity.. same as Jeffrey Wrong.

Obama seems to like and agree with all three of these nutcases.

And I thought New York was chock-full of liberal nutjobs.. even Fred K9 seems to be rather sane compared to what I've been hearing out of the Chicago "clergy".

IMHO they're all a bunch of undercover imams sent to undermine America.

What does GringoBro have to say about Pfleger the wannabe Black Guy?


Constant repetition of a tired cliche is a mental disorder.



What I think 'bout Father Pflaker? Man, that dude blacker than Big Bubba Clinton ever been. You see how he work up those black folks in they pews? That dude be Reverend Wright in white face. Barra Obama got him some baaaaaaaad azzes around him. Know what I sayin'?

But you really want to know 'bout Father Pflaker? Here's what you do, my man. Axe Curtis Sliwa, the guy what got six gonads. He know the streets like a sexshully transmitted disease, an' guess what? He even know Father Pflaker.

Yeah, that ain't no lie. He know him from Chicago. He call him the "Mighty Whitey."

No lie. Go on, Mistah Oomah. Axe Curtis Sliwa. He tell you.


Hey Freddie.. liEEEberalism ***IS*** a mental disorder!!!

It bears repeating.. so after me.. liEEEberalism ***IS*** a mental disorder!!!


No, UG. Repeat after me: You are part of the LUNATIC FRINGE and your opinions mean nothing away from the comfort of this blog.


Yep. So much for the lamestream media. Gleichgeschaltet.

Opinions, dear child.. opinions will change.. they're changing in Northern Italy already where they've got election posters showing Native Americans with the caption: "They allowed immigration. Now they live on reservations".

Like I said opinions may change - facts do not.


It would be nice if there were facts conveyed on Fox News.

Account Deleted

Sarah has to be aware that this would derail her high volume support from Conservatives throughout the Southwest,

where border security and illegal immigration are the #1 problem issues that has got them to feel that something must be done about it.

But even more important to them is to stop politicians like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and George Bush who in 2007 tried to push the

left leaning, liberal, and anti-American Kennedy-McCain Immigration Reform/Amnesty Bill.

Because this guys political views and the policies that he promotes are like screws loose for the people of the Southern border state of Arizona, and the US in general!

The fact that he's been able to win 5 times
tells you that he's got some really big $$$ and political connections.

But look at what just happened in Massachusetts for there to be some hope!

The left leaning, liberal, and anti-American Kennedy-McCain Immigration Reform/Amnesty Bill was drafted in 2007.

The bill was defeated in the US Congress in that same year, but will always be pushed as long as McCain is in the US Senate.

The bill in 2007 had a very costly projected $$$ 3-5 trillion $$$ ( could have been more like $$$ 7-10 trillion $$$ ) cost for US taxpayers over 20 years.

That would have given at least the estimated
11,000,000 illegal/aliens/immigrants in the US at the time, Amnesty and the fast track to US Citizenship.

Plus any amount more of them on top of the 11,000,000 estimated amount, that actually were in the US at the time that the bill was drafted.

For example, after passing the bill if there were actually 20,000,000 illegal alien/immigrants who came out of the woodwork in the US,

to sign up for the Kennedy-McCain Amnesty/fast track to US Citizenship program, and not just the
estimated 11,000,000 at that time,they would have all according to the bill that they drafted and pushed hard for,

been eligible for
the Amnesty and fast track to US Citizenship program too, and the cost of the bills program would have then been more like $$$ 7-10 trillion $$$ over 20 years!

They would have also been able to bring 1,000,000's more of their relatives to the US as their legal US guest residents!

But you have to be careful how you word your attacks on that and all of his loony left wing policies,

because the first thing they'll do in response is try to label you as a racsist, bigot, or something like that,

and also give you the whole left wing liberal Democrat, fake phony fraud RINO-CINO George Bush, John McCaine, and Lindsey Graham type;

"not politically correct accusation treatment".

So you have to plan what you're going to
say and then how you'll respond to their multiple choice of pre-planned

comebacks and difficult to get out of politically correct accusations,

with something very good that they don't
expect, that also gets the majority of the Independents, Republicans, and Conservatives in Arizona and the US,

to see through their politically correct rhetoric, and start believing in and supporting your side of the issues, and your Conservative candidacy.

Stick to the issues and don't dishonor
him with personal attacks and you'll have gotten past one of the main traps,

that his campaign will probably have set, and is counting on for you to fall into!

How ironic that a Republican Senator who has too many times shown himself to be a left leaning liberal moderate Republican RINO-CINO,

who was teamed up with ultra liberal Teddy Kennedy to pass such a left leaning, liberal, and anti-American illegal alien/immigrant/immigration bill.

Would be endorsed by a widely accepted so called Conservative Republican spokesperson/leader right after the amazing and highly needed victory in Massachusetts, by a Conservative Republican, who then soon thereafter, also is duped into supporting John McCain!!!

I saw that she would end up being a George Bush $$$ type RINO-CINO and US sellout not too long ago. She's going for the big corporate $$$ type RINO-CINO GOP support and endorsements.

Along with the always present huge personal profits $$$ when you sell out the US and its people to the big corporations, like George Rino-Cino Bush did during his 2 terms as US President.

Scott Brown is probably just misguided and falling for the the 2 phonies Palin and McCain.

He probably feels that McCain is a war hero so of course I'll endorse him.

Or the big corporations $$$ got to him already and have tricked him into this!

I say tricked because I have never even read about him yet, and I am giving him the benefit of the doubt at this time.

I promise you He will be getting a copy of all of my commemnts about the left leaning, liberal, and anti-American Kennedy-McCain illegal alien/immigrant/immigration/Amnesty reform bill.

But Scott Brown was saying that he was all against that kind of anti-American, left wing, liberal, Democratic, and bad economic immigration policies!

What's up with that


Here is a list of some of the unbelievable damaging, Anti-American, USA destroying, unsecure borders/illegal alien/immigrants/immigration give it all away US politicians legislation;

that has been done to our country when Bill Clinton was president and John McCain was the border state of AZ US Senator and a leading outspoken US Senator!

1. Section 245(i) The Amnesty of 1994 – a temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens.

2. Section 245(i) The Extension Amnesty of 1997 – an extension of the rolling amnesty created in 1994.

3. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NA­SCARA) Amnesty of 1997 – An amnesty for close to one million illegal aliens from Central America.

4. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA) of 1998 -- An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti.

5. Late Amnesty of 2000 – An amnesty for illegal aliens who claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens.

6. Life Amnesty of 2000 – A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty that legalized an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens.

Thats Amnesty people!!!

That was given to 3,000,000 illegal alien/immigrant criminal invaders through US legislation!

All of the children born to these 3,000,000 illegal alien/immigrant criminal invaders,

and all of the children born to the 15-30,000,000 undocumented illegal alien/immigrant criminal invaders

while they were allowed to stay here for so long by our wonderful, masterful, highly ethical, reliable, and responsible politicians,

who are always watching out for the US-American peoples best interest,

were given automatic citizenship on the spot, thanks to our wonderful, masterful, highly ethical, reliable,

and responsible politicians who are always watching out for the US-American peoples best interest !!!


Savage says that he should leave us all alone with his unappreciated liberal wandering ways, and to go and open up a Buick dealership, so that we can all be happy!

John McCain, We all like and care about you because of your heroic bravery when you fought for this country.

But really, can you do us all a big favor and let one of the Conservative Republicans from Arizona fight for your states right to be a normal American state,

and not a Mexican-Central-South-American-foreign national enclave/stronghold/invasion platform from within our own once great country!

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