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April 23, 2008



It is simple in theory, but more difficult in practice. Barack's total act is a
fast hitting blitz of "good vibes" to catch up the unwary. He perches himself on
a pedestal of barely seen favors for his friendly political acquaintances. In
this blur, he has had little time to contemplate the actual substance of what he is
attempting to do, let alone come to the conclusion that he should step aside for
someone else to lead and forward a cogent plan. If they have a plan, he can
use the same plan! Why not? He is caught up in the spirit of this happening, and
is not showing "unity" at this time. No-oh, "O" will not go.


There is absolutely no reason why Hillary should drop out. The suggestion is ludicrous.

In the old days, the decision who the candidate would be was actually decided AT the convention. If that's what's required this year, let it be.


No, its "Yes we can!"
And the Democratic unity is already tasking place I might add. The Penn turn out is evident of that.


Acceding to fate for O should be as easy as "One, two, three". But instead of seeking Wright for spiritual guidance, he should go see a Rabbi.


Look who is under fire Tom Friedman..geeze when will these people grow up?


REF BB I don't know what neck of the woods you live in the Democrats are split down the middle.


My friends.. all this talk has given me a nightmare scenario.

What if the Big O actually DOES step aside and Hitlery offers him the veep slot?

The Dhimmicrats are masters of the backroom deal and the only way I can see them winning is a Unity Ticket Hitlery/Obama.

This will not only give them a surge in voter excitement but also in fundraising.

It would be realtively easy for the party bosses to make Obama the "heir" to the Throne after Hitlery's term.

Who knows they may even make a deal where she only serves out one term and then steps aside for the Big Empty-O.

Mexicain will beat either of them pretty handily and even the Dhims can see that writing on the wall.


Oh I forgot to mention that They can't do it the other way around due to Hitlery's age and even Obama can wrap his numb skull around that concept..

And the Dhims get to avoid riots in Denver. Friends, I hope that someone on our side realizes the danger this Dhim Unity ticket would pose for the Republicans and therefore the Nation.


Can you IMAGINE the damage they can do if they win the White House when they are already close to having a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate in combinatgion with the majority in the Congress?

JUST IMAGINE Hitlery and O appointing judges!

You will see rivers of blood in the streets of America!

I heard just today that Elliot Shpritzer, the departer guvnor of NY State had been working on a plan to release the most violent felons back into society by the thousands..

The Dhimmicrats may not be truly about real Unity but if they can combine the "Black Vote" and the "Woman Vote" with the "Ignorant Youth Vote" and the "guilty liberal White Male Vote" they may just be in a position to do unprecedented damage to this country.

The question won't be when will the terrorists deliver a deadly and devastating blow of unforeseen proportions but HOW SOON will they do it.


Who let Eliot Spitzer out of his padded cell?


Hey, if anybody has an extra money to support an ad run by the NC GOP. (See the ad on this link.)



MM, Spitzer was working on that when he was still governor. Call it Divine Intervention taht the scandal stopped his hand. Among the lives that were saved could well be yours - if you live in NYC - or mine or even Fred's.


Remember Led Zeppelin..?

Oh Oh Oh OH Oh Oh..
You don't have to go-O..


From a better time.. when even politics had real soul:

And did those feet in ancient time,
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold!
Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of Fire!

I Will not cease from mental fight;
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land

May these beautiful words inspire you all to greatness, friends!

Each and every one of you will need to be GREAT in your own way.. if our future is to remain free..


That's the soundtrack that plays in my mind every time I read one of Hugh's pieces.. It's tremendously helpful that's all I would like to say.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Hugh Fitzgerald and Robert Spencer and all the great writers and commenters who are helping keep my spirits high..

If only to know that... WE ARE NOT ALONE!


You could also make an effort to be "great", UG, or at least better than you are. That means opening your mind to something other than your own fears, anger, and prejudice. That doesn't mean sing Kumbaya (which I'm sure was going to be in your response), but maybe you should spike your Kool-Aid.


I don't drink Koolaid, pal. I drink beer and Jack. No Crown Roayl for me, thank you very much.


K-Fred you still speak like a true and unrepentant liberal.. dooo-goody-two-shoes.. the blood of our troops is on the hands of those who would restrict their actions in the battlefield.


I may be a true and unrepentant liberal, but I'm not responsible for our troops' blood being spilled.

If I had my way, we never would have attacked a country that did not attack us and had nothing to do with 9/11.

However, if we were going to go in, we should have done it right from the get-go. It was a war hawk like Rumsfeld who wouldn't listen to the generals, and wanted the war run like a discount store. Not enough troops went in. We didn't attack the enemy when and where we had the chance. We declared victory before the war was won.

The lesson: Go to war as a last resort, but, either way, if you go to war, do it right. Listen to people who are trained to know how to win wars. Politicians with absolutely no war experience are not equipped to micromanage a war. We should have learned from Lyndon Johnson's experience, not repeated it.

Yeah, I may be a liberal; it doesn't mean I like losing. Don't blame the blood of our troops on me.



Just in from Obama "No You Can't" make me drop out..followed by a Hell no I won't Go.

That's right operation Chaos right on track...burn the mutha down. Hillary pulling the guts out the Democrat Party 10% I'll show you what I can do with 10%... and Obama holding the match, I don't need no stinkin votes I got delegates.

McCain's own state put in the virtual fence for 20 million tax payer dollars and it doesnt' work..I think it only covers 28 miles? anybody got the details on Homeland Insecurities, inability to even secure a section of our southern border?



You seem to be having an unhealthy, possibly even dangerous, influence on our leading Monica-baiter. You've got him declaring, in effect: Go to war only as a last resort, and then only if you intend to win!

OMG! It could be right out of an ordinary Freeper at Free Republic.

Ummah, what kind of mindspray are you using on this guy and his nuanced sensitivities? Careful, soon you might have him plagiarizing Michael Wiener Savage.


I don't get your point, Gringoman.


Good point Ree,

If McCain is so anxious to discuss issues, the fence would be a great place to start. The only politician who seems to be able to build a fence for us is Conservative Republican and Vietnam Veteran Duncan Hunter.

Patrick Buchanan wrote a column about THE FAILURE of Homeland Security to build a fence for us. As he mentioned in that column, we were once the country that put a "man on the moon" and now we can't even build a fence to SECURE our borders from terrorists and illegal gangs.


I don't get your point, Gringoman.

Posted by: FredK2929 | April 24, 2008 at 02:04 PM

FROM GMAN: No sweat. Keep trying. He who seeks will find.

ps If you still don't get it, Ummah might generously offer assistance.



The left is going to lose why because they attack McCain on his strengths instead of his weaknesses. I don't feel sorry for them, they played "Identity Politics" with the highest office in the land at stake and look where it has gotten them...I keep hearing the self comforting talk on the news cable programs...oh the Democrats will pull together when the nominee is choosen NO they won't and the Leadership is talking about June and I think the animosity is so intense now it is to late for humpty dumpty to be put back together again. They talk about Obama being tripped up again I think there is a "situation" already lined up it is all about timing. Still she has votes and he has delegates..says alot doesn't it "this isn't what is best for the Dem Party or the Country" This is about POWER grabbing.



Howard Dean Runs the Dem party well that says it all right there.



Can you imagine what this country would be like if Howard Dean was elected President?


Arianna Huntington must want our business (good luck with that). Here is a cute article written by Steve Young that credits Sean Hannity with HillRock's big win on Tuesday. Nice article, but we cannot forget about Rush's brilliant "Operation Chaos" campaign and those brave Republicans who actually went out and voted for HillRock.

This is what Steve Young says; it is funny:

"The man who swung the big bat that produced the winning margin in Pennsylvania, sending the Obama crowd home dejected was one of Clinton's former worst nightmares. None other than that horrid vast right wing conspiracy all wrapped up in one hunk of Fox manhood.

Little ole Sean Hannity."


If you want an even funnier laugh, read the comments section where the liberals tell us what they really think of Sean and Rush. They sound SO bitter.



Is that respect I'm smellin oh Sean Hannity I know what your cookin:) I love the one comment Sean Hannity is a verable terrorist is that code for I hate free speech for anyone that doesn't share my idealogy?

Hillary Clinton come on down...casey's at the bat.


With apologies to Monica ,


Sean said that Steve Young is a fan and the article shows how highly many of Sean's fans think of him. I started listening to Sean right after 9/11 and he (and Bill O'Reilly) were a great comfort to me. I picked Sean up again after NBC traumatized me with their incredibly biased coverage on Don Imus. When they fired Imus, I e-mailed Sean, not expecting anything to happen and I was shocked when he ran the story, so I kept listening out of loyalty and because I like his show.

The left is creating a conspiracy when there is none. Sean is not part of Operation Chaos and he is not campaigning for Hillary. When Hillary was the frontrunner, his theme was the "stop Hillary express" and he would find points to campaign against her. When Obama took the lead he started the "stop Obama express" and found the Rev Wright story and the Bill Ayers story. All this shows is that Sean is not afraid to discuss controversial stories that obviously resonate with the public.

No one is talking me into voting for anybody. I agree with talk radio people on many issues.


Rev Wright has 3 big gigs coming up. The National Conversation on Race is happening, whether we want it or not.

I think we should have a National Conversation about Sexual Abuse and how to improve the system for abused children.

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