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April 01, 2008



Would you believe I agree with Monica?

Oliver Stone is an irresponsible film-maker, toying with history, making it dramatic and marketable. "JFK" glorified a man who was apparently ruthless and paranoid. "Born On the Fourth of July" was not recognizable as a film version of the book, except both were about a man who came home from Vietnam paralyzed and protested the war.

I have concerns about what he will do with George W. Bush. He may take such liberties with the facts that people have sympathy for the horrible man who is the subject. I'd prefer that a more responsible film-maker took on the project.


Oliver Stone has absolutely no credibility except for people like Moveon.org and Al Qaeda. I'm sure the folks from Al Qaeda will be anxiously awaiting the latest propaganda movie from Stone. Stone is an egomaniac who enjoys re-writing history to fit his perverted and distorted political agenda. The folks from Hollywood will also breathlessly await Stones new movie and have an Oscar waiting for him, even before it is filmed.

Hollywood is scum and the crap that has been spewing out of there over the last few decades makes Fiddy cents songs look good.


If you look for them, the film industry still turns out quality films along with all the garbage. I don't object to all of Hollywood, but I do have a problem with Oliver Stone distorting history. He also does it artfully, which compounds the problem. I would be more optimistic if a better director took on the project. Please don't tell me Oliver Stone is going to write the script, too.


We have proof today that a vigorous national debt is good for the stock market!


Would you believe I agree with Obama?

"Obama, campaigning in Pennsylvania, criticized Countrywide for its role in the subprime mortgage crisis and denounced the millions of dollars the company's top executives will receive even as workers lose pensions and homeowners are forced to sell.

``What's wrong with this picture?'' Obama asked a crowd today in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. ``These are the folks who are responsible for infecting the economy and helping to create a home foreclosure crisis -- 2 million people may end up losing their homes.''


Q) And where is the Fed getting the money to bail out all these brokerage houses: $30 billion to Bear Stearns and $200 billion for the rest of Wall Street?

A) From the taxpayers (that would be you and me).

Hey, aren't the people who are running these investment banks to the ground the same people who are getting those huge year-end bonuses? What a scam!



I wasn't able to find "Born on the 4th of July" anywhere. What was different?

I actually met Ron Kovic because I was interested in improving conditions for veterans in Veteran's hospitals. Here is a link about him:



Satan's April Fool's Joke


Doesn't she look GREAT in pink!!!!


I saw the film versio nof BOTFOJ first, then, after it sparked my interest, read the book. It was a long time ago, but I remember being offended by the differences, particularly in how Stone overdramatized Kovics' relationships with his family. I recommend the book, but it started to dampen my enthusiasm for Stone. "JFK" didn't help.


Satan compared herself to Rocky today. (Guess, she didn't like MTM). I can't resist.



I just heard that Monica's radio show on westwood one has been cancelled. Anyone know anything about that

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On some of those points, Obama agrees with McCain (it is in his speech last week), and so do I. However I believe that the Bear Stearns bailout was a loan guarantee for Chase, not a direct use of taxpayer funds. Don't forget, the Fed can print money! Ultimately, though, we pay either through higher taxes to retire Treasury bonds or inflation.

As egregious as the fleecing of Countrywide by its CEO, the board of Washington Mutual decided to exclude mortage losses from the the bonus calculations of its executives! ("WaMu's Board Shields Executive Bonuses", The Wall Street Journal, 5 March 2008) The story has a happy ending for the mortgagees, we hope: Countrywide was bought by Bank of America.

All of this prompted Warren Buffet to observe, "John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo, aptly dissected the recent behavior of many lenders: β€˜It is interesting that the industry has invented new ways to lose money when the old ways seemed to work just fine.' ” (Berkshire Hathaway 2007 Annual Report).



Double ouch! I enjoyed the film, mainly because Sir Anthony pulled it off even though he is the most unlikely looking "Nixon" I've ever seen on the big screen. I'm a bit embarrassed, but I'm anxious for the next film.

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I stand corrected: The Wall Street Journal today carried an article about the Treasury's disclosure to the Senate Finance Committee on the Bear deal. It turns out the Fed lent $29 B directly to Bear and $1 B to Chase. These loans are backed by ... mortgage backed securities! (MBS) ... the very instruments that got Bear in trouble to begin with. So any loss in the sale of the MBS to pay the Fed back would accrue to the taxpayer.

This is fascinating. Meanwhile, Paulson wants to give the Fed more regulatory power. Something doesn't sit right here ... we are expanding government through a central bank that doesn't report directly to any other government branch or agency; i.e, they are outside the normal checks and balances system of the Constitution.

I wish conservatives would stop beating up on Obama and Clinton for a while and do what we were put on earth to do: inveigh against bigger government.



Ref --

I saw "Nixon" a long time ago. It didn't make a huge impression on me, but I wasn't offended by it either. I don't think that was the most heinous of Oliver Stone's films, in terms of playing fast and loose with the facts. At least it showed that Nixon was close with his daughters.



I agree with you about the Fed. I think we are giving it too much power.

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