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April 11, 2008



Separated at birth.. what if McCain had a moslem "brother"?



What if you had a brother that was not a complete bigot? I'd prefer talking with him.


And here I thought K-Fred would appreciate my humor at the expense of Juan MexiCAIRn and I still can't get no love..

What is bigoted about showing a video that was on Al-Jazeerah, Fred? Your favorite station no doubt. Moslem discourse at its finest.

They're so cultured and intellectual, aren't they?

The eeemaaaahhm sure warrants an interview on npr with the effete and syrupy Leonard Liberalprate.

Whaddaya think, Fred? They've got plenty of America-haters on that wonderful tax-payer-funded organ of the International Left. They might not be able to get Osama [maybe in a few years if H. Obama gets in] but until then I think this eeemaaahhm would fit the bill rather nicley, don't ya think?

Such an ancient fountain of "cradle of civilization" wisdom..


They should also have him on the BBC so he can explain the superiority of islamic culture to a world-wide audience..

But why only on radio.. he is SO telegenic!

Could prove a real ratings booster for Katie Communic.


Maybe he can do this on Katie Kommunic:


Better than Tom Cruise on Oprah! Who said islam can't be funny and entertaining?!

You just have to know where to look.


Ummah Gummah . . . have you reached intellectual puberty yet?


No Fred, I haven't. I'm kicking liberal behind all over the place already.

I handle my logic like a fine blade.. cutting through the fog of liberal obfuscation and misinformation.

Just wait till I grow up, Fred.



Fred, you liberals may be in for a very rude awakening this November.. Obama put his foot in it once again.. the chinks in his armor are ghetting deeper..

This time he insulted white "you people" in Central Pennsylvania.. he doesn't seem to want that state :-)

And now in Cali.. "small town "white" people clinging to guns and religion".. Hitlery chipped in her knife calling him "elitist".

Aaaahhh this is going to be FUN!


Question: What does Winston Churchill have to say about it, Mr. Bigtime Churchill Expert?


BTW -- Obama is not my favorite. He has not proven to me that he is not an empty suit.

Either way, I see a victory. If (and I assume so far: When) McCain wins, I won't be too disappointed. He is, after all, Bush's arch-enemy, who should have gotten the nomination in 2000. And he was critical of Bush and Rumsfeld's disastrous war policies. There's some justice to his coming to power.

As long as Bush is gone. I will admit that I probably hate Bush as much as you hate Muslims, Ummah/Allah/Churchill-Expert, but at least he's just one person.


Buchanan was on Imus on Friday and I thought he gave a great analysis on the situation in Iraq.

Here is the "World Net Daily" article that Imus refers to:


Actually Fred I only hate them as long as they follow their violent screed.. I resent others coming into my beautiful Western Countries and screwing them up for the rst of us and trying to tell us what to do!

They wanna come here.. get to the back of the line.. say please and thank you and behave yourself and fit in with everyone else..

None of this "unbelievers" cr*ap in our lands! That's an outrage and if they insutl any one of us or worse.. they MUST BE EXPELLED!!

We do not need them. They need us.


Wait . . . we need Muslims? Or we need more Churchill quotation books so people don't misquote him to suit their philosophies? Please clarify.


K-Fred.. more Koolaid is on the way for you.. We'll send u a milksheke too..

Keep up ur liberal obfuscation since you can't deal with the facts, Freddy-boy.

You've been exposed.


Actually, YOU'VE been exposed . . . as someone who will say anything to support his views, even if they are not true. And you compound it by refusing to admit that your Churchill quote was not said by Churchill. You can't even admit error.

Is your real name "Fox News"?

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