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April 25, 2008



GNL (Gringonite Live) presents, MONICA AND PROG MAN

THE PEOPLE Prog Man, you're a progressive. Does that mean you support us?

PROG MAN Of course I do, you idiots! Who else would support you? The freakin' imperialists? Bushitler? Fox News?

THE PEOPLE Prog Man, be honest. Are we good enough for you?

PROG MAN Stop with the philosophy already! I'm the Ivy Leaguer, not you.
Show some goddamn class. Dump on Monica Crowley.

THE PEOPLE You don't like Monica, that sweet blue-eyed thing?

PROG MAN Sweet? That crusader against Bill and Hill, those two
brilliant champions of mutts like----I mean of people like
you? Sweet? That is right-wing! Did you hear me?
Right freakin' wing!

THE PEOPLE Prog Man, are you left-wing?

PROG MAN Shut your pie hole. Stop with these dumb-bat labels already.
They're just a diversion. Don't make yourself sound like wing-
nuts or moron conservatives. Beware the knuckle draggers.
Don't you know that Bush Lied, People Died?

THE PEOPLE But isn't Monica an Ivy Leaguer, like you say you are?

PROG MAN Like me? Not. Do I sound like Poison Ivy League? Me, right-wing,
with my class?

THE PEOPLE Prog Man, are you angry?

PROG MAN Here we go again. You still on the psycho crap, with a little
schizo thrown in? Now I'm an angry, hateful white schmuck?
That it?

THE PEOPLE Prog Man, nobody's calling you a smuck.

PROG MAN Wake up, dummies! Look at these conservative worms. Smell
their garbage. Will they tell you that Bush Lied, People Died?
You know what they are? Simpletons who can't even spell

THE PEOPLE What's that?

PROG MAN Never mind. (Why do I struggle for them?)

THE PEOPLE But you have to admit, Monica Crowley is easy on the eyes.
You're not sweating for her and trying reverse psychology?

PROG MAN Why are dumbbats coming at me with bourgeois Freudian
neo-con corporatist horse twaddle? I have always supported
total universal medical care for every single one of them.

THE PEOPLE It was in the NY Post, Prog Man. Something like 'Politics
and Trying to Get Some.'

PROG MAN And you are the victims of injustice and low income who I
struggle for.

THE PEOPLE Prog Man, you don't read the Post or the Daily News?

PROG MAN (How do I put up with them?) Haven't I told you what a real news-
paper is. You still don't believe in the Sulzberger Times? It's
still in business. In fact, I hear that "Pinch" will soon offer new
subscribers free capuccino.That's not all. There might also be
tickets to a new version of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES. I'm
told it will be updated for trannies, queens and the multi-racial.


PROG MAN I know, I know. You'll stick to the Murdoch and Zuckerman rags.
You enjoy fish wrap.(And I give so much of myself in their behalf.)
Why do I bother? Why?

THE PEOPLE Okay, Prog Man. Why?

PROG MAN Why? Why ask such a moronic question? Isn't it obvious?

THE PEOPLE Help us out, Prog Man.

PROG MAN It's because I'm good. Even my guilt is good. My guilt is
socially constructive. I am ethical. Decent. And basically
non-violent. I wouldn't even kill a filthy rat. I'm just, you know,
a righteous kind of homo sapien, full of....full of shattering

THE PEOPLE Thanks, Prog Man. But Monica Crowley----

PROG MAN Will you shut the mug up? Look, I sympathize with how you
suffer under the freakin' capitalists. You're so busy working, or
signing up for stuff, you have no time for subtle. I'll bet you poor
schlubs can't even parse. That's why you need me. See? I do
subtle. I do nuance. I expose the warmongers. I write the wrongs.
I collect injustice. I take from haves and give to have nots. I defend a
woman's right to kill her mistake. So you listen to me.
You listening?

THE PEOPLE Uh....Yes, Prog Man.

PROG MAN Monica Crowley---Republican dumb. Me---smart.

THE PEOPLE Oh, all right, Prog Man.'Monica---dumb. Me---smart.'



PROG MAN. Very good. Now you sound like The People of my dreams, ready to
seize power from the rotten haves.

THE PEOPLE Oh, Prog Man, really? You're not just saying that?

PROG MAN (in euphoria) Would I mislead you? The exploiters say, "Let us
reason together. Well, comrades and campesinos, I say unto you,
'Let us march together!'

[They go marching down a once yellow brick road that is all
spotted and mottled now. In the distance, fading but still
faintly heard.... "Monica---dumb. Me---smart"..... ]


You have an awful lot of free time, don't you, Gringoman?


Gman that was a True RIOT!!


The imagery here is truly frightening ... the hairy, large forearmed, neanderthal with his mantra. This may upset my sleep tonight.


Linda Daves, Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party is our new hero.


Buchanan/Daves '08


Yes this could be one way to go.

On April 26th, 2008 at 10:18 am, GaMidnightRider said:
I am going to do a write in of my vote.I am going to do like Lewis Black said and write in Ronald Reagan.


Great, more callers who are angry with McCain. Here is what Michelle Malkin has to say.


This is the part of Ann Coulter's website I want you to see:

"Republicans: With no presidential candidates to support this year, - now is the time to donate to the North Carolina Republican Party "


Last year at this time, I DONATED my pennies to a candidate I RESPECTED. No way, will I EVER send money to support the RINO; the thought of voting for him is bad enough.

Just received a fundraising letter from the Republican party today. I'm sending it back in protest. No way will I support this lame organization. I want to be the party of Linda Daves, Mitt Romney and Duncan Hunter, not the party of Juan Mexicain and Lindsey Gramnesty.

We want candidates with backbone, like Linda Daves, not backstabbing weasels like Juan Mexicain.

Buchanan/Daves '08


Your performance this week on TMG was really lame. Referring to Obama as a myth was craven and stupid, befitting someone from Fox. Remind us all again of how great the REAL GWB has been for the last 8 years.


People still watch McLaughlin?

J. Pierpont Finch

I'm having trouble deciding which is more annoying:

- Listening to Shrillary Clinton's voice say anything, or

- Listening to the Shrill Eleanor Clift trying to make her point on the McLaughlin Group program.



Finch --

Don't watch the show then. Most of us aren't.



The media is accusing certain people of taking Reverend Wright's sermons out of context, so I listened to a WHOLE sermon and I had a few problems with some of his points:

He says:

" We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon and we never batted an eye. Kids playing in the playground, mothers picking up children from school, civilians, not soldiers, people just trying to make it day by day".

I argue that we didn't just decide to develop an atomic bomb and drop it on innocent people. We were attacked and we entered into a war with a ruthless enemy. It is my understanding that Hitler was trying to develop an atomic bomb, so we had to develop one first to stop him.

My point about the chart showing how many civilians were killed by country is that the "evil Americans" killed less innocents with an atomic bomb, than the enemy did without one. I'm not a military expert but I wonder if we might argue that we saved more innocents by dropping the bomb than if we had fought a long, drawn out war. Don't forget Hitler was torturing, starving and exterminating a whole bunch of people while he was fighting the war. By ending the war quickly, we not only saved the lives of those people, but also the lives of soldiers on both sides and innocent civilians.

People keep criticizing us for the Japanese internment camps during WWII. I pointed out that we were not the only people doing it by showing the picture of a camp in Canada. How many times have you ever heard of a Japanese internment camp in Canada?

I gave the guy a chance, but I can definitely see why the "learned journalist from the NYT" refers to him as a "wackadoodle".


M/M --

The issues you raise have been the subject of debate for years, and will continue to be so. Did we have to drop the bomb? Did we actually shorten the war with Japan and save American lives? We're not going to be able to answer those questions here.

The war with Germany was over by then, so dropping the bomb on Japan had no effect there.

I think the reason we don't hear about internment camps in Canada is simply that we don't live there. I didn't know about the camps there, and it's certainly an interesting historical fact, if true. It still doesn't make what we did right.

We are more outraged when our own country commits such atrocities. We don't like to think of our country doing that. So we look back in disgust at what we did. That's why we are so outraged by things we've done in Iraq. It's the United States committing acts that would disgust us if someone else did them, such as Abu Ghraib.

That's why I keep repeating that we should not become what we are fighting against. We should not become terrorists ourselves when fighting terrorism.



If I mixed up my facts on WWII, I apologize. I despised studying about war in school, and I have not had the time to fill in the gaps of my knowledge.

I get so frustrated with people like Reverend Wright who constantly put down this country, but fail to credit it with all the positive things we have done. People constantly bring up the Japanese internment camps, but how often do they credit us from learning from that incident. After 9/11, we didn't round up Muslim Americans and put them in internment camps. In fact, many people, myself included, continued to do business with them the day after the attacks. (Sorry UG).

I actually agree with you about Iraq. I was opposed to going to war with Iraq, but how could we stop it?


M/M --

Our congressmen and senators could have questioned our reasons for going to Iraq, instead of just going along out of fear that voting against giving Bush the authority to go to war would make them appear unpatriotic to voters. By pandering to us, they let us down.


All this hostility to and/or fawning over Monica means that she is having an impact on the process.

She is usually correct in her evaluations and analysis.

She is not obnoxious like Ms. Clift, and her arguments are grounded in fact and reason rather than the blind partisanship we come to expect from Mr. Buchanon.

I myself find her attractive because she has the looks AND the smarts to get her point across with class, grace and good manners.

Keep up the good work Monica!

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