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April 18, 2008



“If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
-George Orwell

"Muslims are the first victims of Islam.......To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him."
-Ernest Renan

"No stronger retrograde force exists in the world."
-Winston Churchill on Islam

"He who dares not offend cannot be honest." -Thomas Paine

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
–Albert Einstein

‘To fear to face an issue is to believe that the worst is true.’
–Ayn Rand

Let Fred do a fact-check on all of the above. At least that means he will have to actually read them.


PS. Fred.. in light of what Bill Maher said about the Pope.. is Bill Maher a racist?

A simple YES or NO will suffice.


You conveniently asked the question in a vacuum. How about laying out what Bill Maher said about the Pope so it's possible to provide an answer?

I'll presume that you have learned your lesson and that the above quotes are accurate. If any are not, it's on your head.

I do like the George Orwell quote. Everyone should re-read "1984".


I did a search. Are you referring to his calling the Pope a Nazi, or calling the Catholic religion a cult?

The first is apparently factually in correct, and the second . . . well, you who are familiar with my opinions know that I think all religions are cult-like, and I believe their impact on the world has been negative.

I don't think either of these opinions makes Maher a racist, but he's not going to win any Catholic fans.

Are you specifically referring to when Maher says that Catholicism is the BearStearns of organized pedophilia? I'm glad to see that the Pope has apologized for what his religion has permitted to happen to children at the hands of pedophile priests. There's always some anger in sarcasm, but it's tragic what has happened to kids that should have been protected by the Church. I also don't think this was racism on Maher's part, but very biting, sarcastic criticism that won't win him Catholic fans.

I suppose you think Catholicism is better than Islam. They both seem to have institutionalized pedophilia for many years. At least the Catholic leader is trying to change that, and a Judge in Yemen took a stand and permitted an 8-year-old to get a divorce from a man in his 30s (Sicko!!!).

How about everyone just gives up religion completely? The whole thing makes me nauseous.


There is no vacuum.

And if I have to break it down even further I will.

"Are you specifically referring to when Maher says that Catholicism is the BearStearns of organized pedophilia?"

No, I am referring to Maher calling the Pope a Nazi.. or is that one a Politically Correct N-word which can be used without reservation?

And what about Joy Behar mocking his accent?

We all know what happened to Al D'Amato when he did a Chinese accent on a talk radio show..

Maybe these example will help you understand why many people talk about a liberal bias in the Mainstream Media, which incudes Hollyweird.

It's Ok to mock the German accent of the head of over a billion Catholics.. especially since Catholics don't throw bombs or shoot people.. but if you do a general mockery of an "Asian" accent you
lose your job and are ostracized forever.

PS. I am no fan of the corrupt Alfonse D'Amato and I was glad to see him go. If only it had been for the right reasons. And there were so many..

Oh and what about Obama's boy Wrong mocking Italians and their "garlic noses" and calling the Crixicifion a lynching Italian-style??!!

Slick Barry is complaining about the "tough" questions at the ABC debate.. the loser.. I'd have asked him about his pastor of 20 years calling the Crucifixion a lynching Italian-style.

Let's have an open and honest debate about race, religion and gender, shall we?

True liberals will not like the outcome.. that's why they invented PC-speak.


I don't know what Joy Behar did but she's a comedian, and, in my opinion, an idiot. I don't pay attention to her.

Calling the Pope a Nazi isn't racist. It's just incorrect. If he was a Nazi that would be one thing. But Maher is just plain wrong. I thought I heard that the Pope had been in the Hitler Youth, but, if you were a certain age in Germany at a certain time, it would probably be suicide NOT to have been in the Hitler Youth.

Reverend Wright obviously needs a history lesson about his own religion and its most important event (the Crucifixion). The pagan Romans are not equivalent to the Italian Roman Catholics, and it's idiotic for him to suggest that it was an Italian lynching.

As for political correctness, I think it started because of the excess of offensive language, but, during the 1990s, it went to the other direction, where what you said became too sensitive an issue. This is the kind of thing that goes one direction, then the other, and eventually finds a happy medium.

We can still express ourselves in this country, even if it offends people, but Trace Adkins is right: The First Amendment only protects you from the Government. I have the right to call my boss a jerk. I can't be arrested for it. But I can lose my job. The First Amendment does not protect me from that.

Maher can say what he wants, and you get to call him an a**hole in return. It's a great country in that respect.


Ok. Let me tunr it around then, Fred. Based on the premise you established would you say that Alphonse D'Amato unfairly lost his job when he did the Asian accent onb a radio show?

Do you also feel that it was wrong that Al Sharpton was put in the role of arbiter re. the Don Imus situation?

Were Imus' statements racist or were they merely tasteless?

If Al Sharpton was allowed to stand as judge and jury over Don Imus then who should stand as judge and jury over Maher?

Should Maher get off with a mealy-mouthed 'apology'?


And yes, Joy Behar is an IDIOT but what kind of an excuse is that?

The View is still responsible for what she says and does!! If she did that to a black individual we all know what the outcome would have been!!!!



Nice night out.. just came back inside after a walk.. had the following little though:

Clinton: I smoked weed but I didn't inhale.

Obama: I snorted coke, but I didn't sell.

All in good fun, Fred.

Nothing to worry about.. noone here would vote Obama any old way.. and whatever Fred does he won't be influenced by moi.



I'm pretty sure that D'Amato's fall was not solely and directly caused by the Chinese accent imitation. D'Amato was becoming a total corrupt joke at the end of his political career.

Don't even get me started on Sharpton. I can't stand him. He still owes the State of New York an apology for the Tawana Brawley lies. I haven't forgotten him in his sweats and medallions. I do believe that Sharpton is a racist because he unfairly targeted whites.

Imus's comments have to be looked in the context of talk radio. These guys are paid to talk for hours and to keep people's interest, and eventually they do that by shocking. That's why talk radio (in my opinion) blows. Imus's comments were just stupid, and I think an apology should have been enough for everyone. I mean, obviously the Rutgers women's basketball team are not "nappy-headed ho's".


Good. We agree on Sharpton. I'll say that both Maher and Behar are out and out bigots and racists since they both ridiculed the Pope for his religion and his race.

Pretty hard to refute this evidence I would say.

But hey, they're liberals. Therefore anything goes.. double standard.

All we Conservatives can do is to keep pointing these things out.

It is time we stop accepting these media-immanent torrents of insults.


If talk radio blows, Fred.. then what about talk televison?

Olberman, Behar, Maher.. the list is endless..


I am listening to the Monica Crowley Show right now.

Glad to hear you brought up Brigitte Bardot and the islamic menace in Europe which I agree is already creeping into this country.

This issue will not go away. By ignoring it we only allow it to get worse.

Here's what one brave Congresswoman from North Carolina is doing about it:


Jorge al-bin Bush must be fuming..


I'm listening to Monica too. She is talking about how it is NObama's "time to cry".


You missed it then. was about 20 min. ago.


I know that I've been a little rough on the libs this week, but Bill Maher's comment was one of the things that just pushed me over the edge. I think Bill Maher is very funny, but his latest comment was just pathetic.

Let me show you my world. While watching the debate, laughing at Hillary and NObama, I was so moved to read this transcript from Rush's website because it really described my thoughts on Bill Maher and his joke. As you can see, unlike the liberals who seem to be trying to get someone fired every week, we have better things to do.

Here is Rush's thought under "Why Liberals Hate Religion"

RUSH: They are afraid of you. They are afraid of the pope. They are afraid of anything coming from organized religion that has a belief in God, for a whole host of reasons. It makes them feel guilty; it makes them aware of their own shortcomings. I didn't hear what Bill Maher said because I don't watch his show, but I've gotten a lot of e-mails from people who were upset about it. If I were you, I wouldn't waste much energy on it. You're talking about another miserable human. He's obviously gotta be one of the most miserable people walking the planet. This man cannot be happy.

CALLER: That's what I was going to tell you, Rush, you know, we're not the bitter, angry people. The people who have Christianity and God in their lives, they're the ones that are happy. It's what I tell my kids and my daughter, I say, "Look at the idols that the liberals put up, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, all these people that are absolutely miserable." I tell my kids that, if you got God and values in this country, you can do anything. You know, and my church teaches me to pray for these people.


So, I stopped watching the debate because I started reading a really cool column Rush posted about how inspired he was by watching the Pope. Rush took the column down, but in it he was describing how moved he was by Pope's speech and by the Opening Ceremonies for the Pope at the White House.


Conservatives have much better things to do than think about Bill Maher.


Monica is dying for everyone to see how HOT Mitt looked during the radio and televison correspondence dinner.



Sorry it was before 3 PM.

Re. people getting people fired.. why does Isiah Thomas still have a job? Knicks fans are fuming..

Seriously though, I beg to differ. I want to see that talentless twit Maher fired.

I'm tired of only one side getting their sacrificial lambs slaughtered for them.

Let Maher work a real job for a change. See what life is like for "bitter" Americans.

The way Hollyweird works I am pretty sure he'll get at least a Reality TV show out of it.

Account Deleted


Why are we back to Bardot? An understanding of French culture, her history with the Maghreb, and what happened in the 'banlieue' (poor suburbs) recently where there was violence because of alledged police bias against immigrants, should put this in persepctive. This is nothing more than the realization that France fines people who incite rioting. It is like the debate we discussed as school children, "What are the consequences of shouting 'fire' in a crowded theatre?" What Bardot did was equivalent to calling blacks in this country by their perjorative name. So are we decrying imperfect freedoms in Europe? Or are we commending and defending Bardot for verbal attacks against Muslim culture? If The Muslims didn't eat sheep, would she raise her voice (her objections were directed at the 'offenses' against the animals)? Perhaps she fears a shortage of brebis ...

Following her logic, we might expect her to show up in Texas to object to the cattle abattoirs serving the American culture ... oh wait, the Americans helped make her into a sex icon.


Michael, you're way off base on the Bardot issue.


I was merely commending Monica for her very elucidating points on the subject in one of the segments of her show today. I am glad she tied this into our own situation where speech restrictions have been creeping in as well. She also talked about the potential damage a nuclear device detonated in either DC or NYC could cause. AND she followed that one up by stating there is only one "religious" group who is trying to secure these weapons and set them off in one of our cities.


Maybe you should have listened to Monica break it down for you. You can always pick up the audio stream later when it's on the site.

As for Bardot.. maybe she got into it initially because of the barbaric way that moslems behead sheep and bleed them to death.


But when she experienced the full unbridled vitriol for "offending" a moslem practice she realized that France is facing an unrelenting tsunami of islamic aggression on a number of fronts.


You cannot compare the moslems in France to American blacks.


The moslems are in France on their own free will.


A will they are intending to impose on France by the way.


Why I am beginning to feel I am talking to Fred here..


"LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Chinese-Americans rallied outside CNN's Hollywood office on Saturday to demand the firing of commentator Jack Cafferty for calling China's goods "junk" and its leaders a "bunch of goons and thugs."


"Speaking about the U.S. trade deficit with China, Cafferty said: "We continue to import their junk with the lead paint on them and the poisoned pet food and export, you know, jobs to places where you can pay workers a dollar a month to turn out the stuff that we're buying from Wal-Mart."

China has been under scrutiny as it prepares to host the Olympics in August. Criticism of its human rights record and unrest in Tibet have received widespread coverage, leading Chinese leaders to accuse Western media of smearing the country."


M/M: "So, I stopped watching the debate because I started reading a really cool column Rush posted about how inspired he was by watching the Pope. Rush took the column down, but in it he was describing how moved he was by Pope's speech and by the Opening Ceremonies for the Pope at the White House"

The Pope's visit means nothing and will not result in anything concerning the spiritual life in America. Nothing will change in America after he leaves, period. The Pope doesn't even discuss controversial doctrines of the Catholic Church, they are papered over. His main mission was a pr mission to "heal" the sex scandal in the Catholic Church which makes the Mormon situation in Texas look like a church picnic. The Pope is a hypocrite and certainly doesn't represent Protestant Americans.

Account Deleted

So Monica said one "religious" group is out to set off a nuclear bomb in DC or NY? Really? I did not listen to the radio show, nor do I have time to listen to three hours of streaming. I will take your word for it if it is true, but I hope it is not. I hope Monica is not following down the mistaken path of inflamming xenophobic fear as other conservative media personalities do. I hope she is making fine distinctions between Muslims who want to kill us and those who want to live peacfully with us; between illegals in this country who came out of ignorance, and were or are victims themselves, who are now working two or three jobs to feed their families, and those who came and live as gangsters and parasites; between liberals who are anti-American because they hate our way of life and those who love our country but who may offer different ideas out of sincerety and a desire to converse productively.

I am beginning to think radio was the worse thing for conservatism. No, I withdraw that. Reagan used the radio wisely. I don't think he ever thrashed an entire faith. I don't believe Monica would either.




The Free Republicans are supporting Brigitte.


That would make sense. Who do these interlopers think they are that they can shut up a Native French woman who has paid millions in taxes.


..while they and their kin rob French Citizens and call them racist names and burn and trash entire neighborhoods.. They feel entitled to rape "uncovered" women. It is called "tournante". As in taking turns. They are depraved and disgusting and I hate how they act as if they were our overlords already.

We will have to react with more force than we have so far if we are to get this under control.

On n'a pas besoin des mousoulmaniacs.

Account Deleted

Thank you M/M for researching that. It seems Bardot also "outspoken[ly] attack[ed] ... gays, immigrants and the jobless..." plus her "attack[ed] ... homosexuals as 'fairground freaks' ", condemned women in government [no Hilliary here!]" and denounced interracial marriage [no Obama either] in addition to her criticism of Islam ... which she denies she targeted in her book. So we are rushing to the defense of someone who now denies she targeted Islam or North Africa?

To make matters interesting, France prohibits Muslim girls wearing a scarf (hijab) in school, and the same may apply to kippas and crucifixes. I wonder if those who are quick to point out France's incurssion on free speech are also critical of what seems to be an attack on the free expression of religion. [France rightly or wrongly justifies this under the prinicple of secularization of public education.]

And here, according to Wikipedia is the provenance of France's Muslim population:

# Algeria 1,550,000
# Morocco 1,000,000
# Tunisia 350,000
# Turkey 315,000
# Sub-Saharan Africa 250,000
# Middle East 100,000
# Asians 100,000 (mostly from India and Pakistan)
# Converts 40,000
# Illegals & awaiting regularisation: 350,000
# Other 100,000

Clearly more than half come from former colonies and protectorates. Blame the French Foreign Legion.


It is my understanding that the number of sexual abuse cases in the Catholic priest scandals was a small percentage, so I tried to find some data to support this point and I found an article about what is happening in our public schools. I don't know if these statistics are accurate, but I hear about sexual abuse in public schools ALL THE TIME.


"So we think the Catholic Church has a problem?" she told industry newspaper Education Week in a March 10 interview.

To support her contention, Shakeshaft compared the priest abuse data with data collected in a national survey for the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation in 2000. Extrapolating data from the latter, she estimated roughly 290,000 students experienced some sort of physical sexual abuse by a school employee from a single decade—1991-2000. That compares with about five decades of cases of abusive priests.

Such figures led her to contend "the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests."

Account Deleted

And to make matters more interesting, take a walk around the Eiffel Tower these days and you will notice a preponderance of African immigrants from other Francophone countries: Zaire, Ivory Coast, Senegal, etc.

Hmmm ... how far is BB is willing to take her purification of France? This could be interesting ...


How am I supposed to answer that? I am not her spokesman. Where do you get this "Purification" of France thing from?


So in your opinion it's ok for moslems to shut up BB via the courts while they have violent demonstrations in every center of Europe with cries of jihad and posters carrying slogans like "Europe is the cancer nukes are the answer" and things like "islam will dominate"?

So if that's how you think you might as well latch on to the Obama campaign..


FYI: Not every immigrant from Africa is a moslem. Many Africans are running AWAY from islam and the social and economic devastation it leaves in its wake.


Michael.. I have read a lot of the KKKorag and it is chock full of vile and hostile gibberish that will make your head spin..

I do not consider that a "faith" I see it clearly as an imperialist irredentist cult bent on world domination.

I am frankly a bit surprised how Micheal can have such a benign view of islam in face of all the evidence to the contrary.

Furthermore.. so what re. who is around the Eiffel Tower. As long as they aren't breaking the laws and undermining the French State and therefore all of Europe I have no issues with that.

And I deeply resent the implication.

Kind regards



I've looked at about 15 stories, this one from Ireland, and nowhere is it mentioned that she attacked immigrants, homosexuals and the unemployed. What the articles says is that she is being find for saying this:

"In the letter she says: "I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts."


People are upset about this because anyone of us could easily say this. There is a clip of Hillary, which I can't find on YouTube that sounds exactly like this.
Imagine Hillary saying "I am fed up with being under the thumb of this administration which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts."

I don't know what France's laws are about prohibiting religious symbols, but people on the right do care about religious symbols and freedom of religious expression. We are constantly fighting the left's attempt to secularize our society, and prohibit our freedom of religious expression.

We are concerned about the Brigitte Bardot story because we are concerned that is our future.


Maybe Michael lives and works on Capitol Hill or for one of the many law firms and lobbying companies that are in the employ of the Saudis..?

Those are the only "republicans" I know who have such a benign view of islam.

Like James BaKKKer III.. such a good friend of Israel that one!


Full right M/M i do not want to be silenced like they are doing to BB.. she can pay these fines but Mr. and Mrs. Normal can't.


Ps.. I did hear she also attacked gays which I do not agree with or condone.. but isn't it ironic that only the moslems keep taking her to court?

They are all about using and subverting our institutions..


UG --

To answer your question to me: I think that talk TV blows, too.


M/M --

I don't know what Rush is talking about. I don't like religion because it has had a negative impact on the world. Since I don't believe there's a "God" I don't see why I should put up with it. Religious people should leave me alone, and I'll do the same. Believe me, I will leave religious people alone because they are waaaaaaay freaky.


At least you're consistent, FK. IMHO Talk TV blows a whole lot more than radio. I've never heard anything nearly as dumb and idiotic as The View anywhere on radio, not even Radio America or npr.


Fred, I bet you like this one..

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors", Plato.

In that spirit: ROCK THE VOTE


I know a Republican T-shirt slogan:

Vote or die [get taxed to death]


Cool quote, Ummah.

Account Deleted

UG and M/M,

The reference to BB's other diatribes came from the article that M/M researched. The point about Africans was this: precisely because the blacks are not Muslims where does one stop when attacking "foreign" influence on the traditional life that one wishes to preserve?

If BB deplores the dilution of pure French culture by outside influences, she is sliding down the slippery slope the bottom of which is the exclusion of anyone not meeting government's definition of what it means to be French, not just Muslims but blacks too.

The question becomes not how a country can shut its doors on entire population - not all Muslims are terrorists, but how it can protect her citizens and her interests. Our defending Bardot or snickering at France because their laws and rights are different, does not win us friends in France or elsewhere.

If the argument for vigilence is not culturally based, but rather a matter of national security, the answer is to root out and destroy preemptively those who seek to destroy us, without offending 1.4 billion people in the process by gross generalizations. This is something the Bush administration failed to do as Al Qaeda still exists. Therefore, I submit that the conservative press and commentators should be much hard on Bush rather than using a sex kitten from the 60's to amplify a point not worth making. And we should demand of McCain a plan not just for Iraq, but for the total defeat of Al Qaeda.

And UG, my friend, your suggestion that I have a financial motive to make these comments is, I like to think, unbecoming of you and insulting to me. But I take no offense. You should know by my undiplomatic comments that I would never survive either as a lobbyist nor in Washington. If you are interested, my bio is elsewhere on the Internet.

My concern, my only concern, is that conservatism, and by extension America--because she needs a healthy vibrant conservatism, does not succomb to the days of the politics of fear that made it a minority influence for so long. We are a majority because we nutured ideas that were immutable by their flawless logic and extended principles embedded in our history to all people fairly and equitably.



Michael, why do you care so much about how many moslems we offend?!

They offend us every step of the way..

The time for the kid gloves has long passed.. the time for iron shirts, pitchfor4ks and torches is coming fast.

Have you any idea what moslems are doing inside all European countries these days??!!

They simply do not belong among civilized people.

Have you looked at the crime and the rape statistics in Europe?!

These people were supposed to be there as guests and they sure aren't behaving as such.

Therefore: OUT!

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