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April 18, 2008



Fred, I KNEW you'd like it!

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I care about the greatness of America. A great nation, founded on Judeo-Christian principles, educated and cultured, the last protector of the rights of man, does not remain great by calumny against whole other peoples or nations.


This is something I read on Jihadwatch:


Let's see, now.

Where's Geert Wilders? Ah, yes, his government is prosecuting him for linking violent jihad to Koranic doctrine and protesting the Islamization of Europe in a movie.

Where's Susanne Winter of the Austrian parliament? Ah, yes, she's under indictment from her government which could put her into prison for two years - because she spoke out against the Islamization of Austria.

Where's Frank VanHecke of the Brussels parliament? Ah, yes, he was beaten up and arrested by his own Brussels police at an anti-Islamization rally - and is now being prosecuted by his own government to strip him of his EU parliamntary membership and all rights to be politically active.

Ah, and where's Brigitte Bardot? Ah, yes, she's on trial for the fifth time for "inciting racial hatred." She's charged with writing a letter to Sarkoczy, protesting the Muslim invasion of France and what it has done to their culture. Bardot faces a hefty fine of $22,000.00 and a "suspended" two month incarceration - for writing a letter.

France's Muslim population, only about 8% of the total French populace, has already killed free speech there, via last year's rioting.

I do not know what the percentages of total populations in the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium are. I do know that it does not require a majority to subdue and subjugate the rights of free men. All it takes is a violent minority and a lot of spineless elected officials who would rather punish the true patriots than fight the aggressors and oppressors.

Europe is lost. What now, America? We have 7,000,000 Muslims living here now. That constitutes about 2 1/3% of our population. How long until the organized en-masse violence begins in earnest here?


And this writer didn't even get into the situation is Germany and Great Britain.

And all these lovely chickens will be coming here to roost if we don't re-examine our liberal ideas re. immigration and "religion of peace".

Ditto for the border fences.. BUILD THEM!


If Michael thinks I am harsh.. try checking the comments on Debbie Schlussel.

She just had a report that Bush is giving the "palestinians" another $500million mortgage package while the infrastructure here at home is collapsing all around us.. they are calling for his head on that board.. traitor is one of the kinder things they're calling him

And those are NO liberals over there..



I was moved by Rush's comments because he was so positive and anti-Maher. Bill Maher made a comment many people find offensive, but Rush inspired me by the way he was moved by the beauty of the songs played at the Welcoming Ceremony for the Pope and by the Pope's positive thoughts about this country and his message of hope .

Rush is showing me that I have a choice. With so many opportunities in the world to surround myself with beauty and positive inspiration, I don't need to have Bill Maher in my life at all. To tell you the truth, Rush can be pretty funny too, and he finds the most creative ways to "stick it" to the "dour, humorless, racist, sexist" on the left.


Of course you don't have to have Maher in your life. You don't even have to have HBO.

We all have choices about what we wish to be exposed to. For instance, I'm not sure if I've even heard Rush Limbaugh's voice since the 1990s. He has nothing to offer me.



I really enjoyed the Mitt Romney top 10 list.

Bill Maher is a pantload even when he makes comparisons he can't get them right last time he compared The Pope to a chain of day care owners. His premise if the owner of the day cares had a child molestor in their employ they would be arrested well not exactly they have liablity that changes from state to state and if they did due diligences and did background checks they probably wouldn't have anything but their reputations tarnished...so when he says the Pope would go to Jail in that case it does't work. The comparison doesn't work in many ways Priest are not employes The Pope doesn't own the Church. I used to think Bill Maher,had some smarts but not so much anymore it is so easy to tear apart all his arguments. But then he is singing to his choir and they are not bothering to use any critical thinking on their part either. I guess he is funny in some low brow snarky way?


Well, I'll say one thing about the Pope, unlike that great religious leader, Al Sharkton, at least the Pope apologized. Maybe, it is not enough for some, but at least it is a start.

Ree, I have nothing against Bill Maher and I certainly don't want to Imus him, but I think the he needs help. His jokes are just not that funny. In the spirit of bipartisanship, I think the Republicans should help him out. This is what we think is REALLY funny:




Any I hope all the Republicans remember to vote for Hillary in Tuesday's primary because we definitely DO need more debates.


Dressed up and alone, that's not fair! Wait a minute...excuse me, I caught myself. Can't a guy have some fun?


As I've said before, there aren't too many funny conservatives. Ann Coulter thinks she's a laugh riot, but her jokes are pretty lame.

Is it because conservatives don't like to laugh?



We added your blog to the blog roll on imus times check it out.




I don't think anything should happen to Bill Maher if he has fans they should get to watch him. It just seemed like a lot of cheap shots in a row at a target that the Politically Correct Crowd could careless if you make fun of The Pope. Says alot doesn't it, it isn't about content, it is about who can say what about who. We have been making Bill Maher jokes on Imus Truth all weekend, he did supply some of us with some good material.

Jack Flynn

We get a clearer perception of truth when it collides with error.

Not an exact quote, but it is John Stuart Mill's observation regarding liberty and the importance of hearing opinions that are contrary to our own.


The ACLU has weighed in on the Texas polygamy case:


Based on the discussion I've seen on this blog, some of you will support the ACLU's stance, and others will not.

Usually it's easy for conservatives to band together, but I don't think that will be the case here. As I've said before, one of the problems with being a liberal is that liberals can't even agree with each other. Now you will all get a taste of what that is like.


On another note: I've been re-enjoying Charlton Heston's hammy performance in "The Ten Commandments". Just because you disagree with an actor's politics doesn't mean you can't enjoy his work.

So, go treat yourself to an Ed Asner or Sean Penn movie, folks!


No way I have the stomach o watch a Sean Penn movie. The guy has absolutely no brain. He's a rich Hollyweird boy. he was born into his job being the son of Irving Penn.

There is something he has in common with Dhimya.

Probably why he resents him so much. Bush is another side of the same medallion.

It's called nepotism.

Ditto Hanoiu Jane. She lucked into her career and then she has to stick her anti-Americanism into the faces of all the "bitter" people who "cling to their guns and their religion".

Segue to:
You wanna talk about people clinging to their guns and their religion, Oprahbama.. try talking about HAMAS.

See how liberalism hasn't changed since the days of Hanoi Jane? They are still arrogant know-it-alls who think their sh*te don't stink.


PS. I am NOT putting money into the pocket of any liberal actor or performer.

Even if you rent the movie they get residuals. Then they give money to all kinds of kook causes and organizations.

Like did you know that Shamnesty International gave an award to a movie that glorifies homicide bombers? the movie is called Paradise Now. I do not recommend viewing it becaus eyou do not want to give income to terrorists in any way. But you can read about it.

They are showing a suicide bomber on his way to commit his evil crime. They never show the victims. Well I have seen websites that show the victims of these islamic homicide bombers.

That's all I need to know.

This movie is the toast of all the leftist fringe in Europe.. as they are constantly wrestling the center to the left.

No Thank You to that!


So, UG, you can't even rent and enjoy a fun movie like "Elf" because Ed Asner is in it?

Do you boycott "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" because Sean Penn is in it?

If so, it's your loss because those are fun movies.

I don't deprive myself just because I don't like an actor's views. Why should I stop enjoying "Planet of the Apes" just because Charlton Heston changed his views from a civil rights activist to an NRA nutjob talking about "white pride"?


I saw fats Times along time ago.. and Bad Boys too. No need to see them again. Maybe on regular TV so I don't give them ratings via cable.

Things are getting very serious and we all have to put our money where our mouth is.


I'm not interested in doing that at the expense of my experience of the arts (whether high art or low art).

My son has never seen "Planet of the Apes", and I'd like to rent it and watch it with him. I'm not going to deprive him of that experience just because I think Heston became a jerk at the end of his life.

I'll even watch "Lethal Weapon", despite Mel Gibson's exposure as a first-class moron. The three sequels and "The Patriot" can be skipped for reasons other than his obvious problems.


What's wrong with Mel Gibson now? he's refreshingly UN-Hollywood. And he was great in Braveheart and the Road Warrior Trilogy.

He is currently working on a movie about the Turkish genocide of a million Armenians.. Something which will cost you your life if you dare mention it in Turkey.

I think he's rather brave for a rich Hollywood guy.


Brave enough to go drunk driving and say a few interesting things to the police officers after he was arrested:

"F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

"Are you a Jew?"

"What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?"


I'd sday that wasn't brave at all. But you're right on his anti-semitic outbursts.

In light of the fact that he's currently working on a movie abolut the Turkish Genocie on the Armenians his behavior is even more puzzling.

I would have to agree that the alcohol loosened his lips and out came something that was already there.

ON THE OTHER HAND.. Sean Penn and Jimmy Carter go to the Middle East and give moral compass to local terrorists and dictators.

It can easily be assumed that these actions serve top embolden the enemies of Isarael and are therefore quite likely to cost Jewish lives.

While Mel Gibson spoke hurtful words, it is still words. Carter and Penn are throwing sticks and stones not only at Israel but their very own country as well.

They are thus simply more 'sophisticated' about their anti-Semitism.

That much for perspective.

But then noone ever criticizes the anti-semitism coming from the Left.


As for the 'sugartits'... Get OVA it!! It was tasteless for sure and Old Mel was drunk.. I've heard racier comments than that coming out of the mouths of drunk women.. and some of them were not shy with the hands either..

So the hell what? You realize they're drunk and you try to make light of the situation and get out of it while saving everyone's face.

Surely the neaxt day they wake up and feel so embarrassed about last night. If they can even remember...

It's the liberals in their damned attempts at regulating thought and action who have been busy regulating speech.

It's called Political Correctness.

The islamic enemy of ours is constantly using it to prevent us from having a meaningful debate re. islam and the consequences of allowing the followers of this sect to settle among us in our Western Lands.

Why can we NOT have an open and honest debate AMONGST OURSELVES without input from any mohamedans about this topic?!

It's called self-determination.

So let's start getting over it already, sweetheart.


Fred, since you're rightfully critical of Mel Gibson's drunk 'Jew remarks' please tell me what do you think of Amiri Baraka's (formerly known as Leroi Jones) potry that contains lines such as:

'hey Jewboy where you running with that Yarmulke on your head?'

There's more, so much more of this type of material in this 'poet's' oeuvre but I think that one is exemplary for the general attiutude of this guy.

He was incidentally made 'Poet Laureate' of the State of New Jersey.

What a great liberal state New Jersey is!


I'm not familiar with his poetry. Context is extremely important in poetry (it would be a mistake to judge a line out of "Howl" without reading the whole thing), so I'd have to read it. And I'm not that interested so I probably won't.

It's not worth your time to defend Mel Gibson, even the "sugar tits" line.

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